a break from the event

a break from the event
He would have looked at me, in a way that made it clear that he wanted me, I would smile make a slight nod at the door then walk off, away from the crowded event hall, after a short while he would join me, not exactly hidden but not visible either. He would lean against me, letting his hands explore my body, his warm hands moving up along my corset grabbing my breasts firmly, making them “pop out” fully exposed, he would squeeze them and play with them while holding me against the wall.
My leg would be in between his, and i would use it to caress his bulge, while my hands went up under his shirt, my cold hands giving him goosebumps.
Then he would look at me, and with a slight hint of shyness, he would ask me to give him head, i would say yes, I love it, love the feeling, love the way i can make him feel… we would change our position, now him against the wall, and me on my knees in front of him. Licking, sucking, tickling the best i know, using nothing but my mouth. I would make him moan and shake from the pleasure of my tongue caressing his hard member, his moans would mix with mine as i moved my head slowly back and forth, making sure every inch got the attention it deserved. He would look down, tell me how good it feels, then i would open my eyes and look him in the eyes while continuing, and even smile while going deeper. Then only short moments before he would have filled my mouth with his warm cum, he would pull out, wanting more!
Help me up, then make me face the wall, i would make it easier for him and just remove my skirt, making it easy for him to get what he wanted, he would just pull down my wet panties while holding me against the wall, then pull my lower body against him so he could enter without any problems. I would have a hard time not getting too loud, feeling him entering me and keep going hard and fast, his hands on my hips so he could control it better. My warm tight wet pussy would just swallow him up again and again, covering him in my juices, while i would be begging for more. He would slow down, press himself against me, and every time he pulled back he would almost pull it all the way out, and when he went back in he would make it go as deep as possible, teasing me, keeping me at the point where i couldn’t control my body, that would try and speed it up, but he wouldn’t have let it! He would have one arm around my chest, to hold me still, and the other arm going down between my legs playing with my over sensitive clit, I would be so fired up that I would be “helpless” against him, so close… Then he would whisper to me, in a eager dominant voice “Do you want me to let you cum…” I would nod, trying to keep myself quiet “That’s not good enough.. I want to hear you say it” He’d whisper it so gently yet so demanding, I’d tell him how badly I wanted it, how badly HE made me want it and he would answer with “Then be a good girl and cum for me” as he would grab my hair and pull my head back, and then going even harder than before, He’d pull my head back just close enough to tell me “Shh.. no screaming” For some reason that would do it for me, using every last bit of self control on not screaming, I would cum, my whole body shaking from it, and my muscles would start pulsating, forcing him to the point where he couldn’t hold back much longer. He would pull out, spin me around, and make me get on my knees, but it would be too late, my shiny satisfied face and big naked breasts would make him go off before he could get to my mouth, covering me in his warm semen, face, neck, shoulders, breasts. I would get myself back to looking decent, while he would look at me, maybe even feel a little bad for his white shower, only because he didn’t know I love it like that! After I was ready to go back out and mingle, he would give me a cheeky smile “So.. are you gonna be around for the next few days..”

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