A Cop, A Cutie, and A Hot Pink Ticket


A Cop, A Cutie, and A Hot Pink TicketOfficer Rick Cordan sat in his vehicle on the I-77 turnpike. He watched the road ahead of him as he looked for speeders.It had been a long boring Tuesday night. Only a handful of vehicles had passed him, and none of those drivers were going over the speed limit.Suddenly, a blue 2013 Civic sped past him! The driver was doing an 80 in a 65!At long last, some action!Cordan switched his vehicle into Drive, turned left, and pursued the driver.He turned his car lights on before switching on the police car’s lights and siren. The siren blared as he chased the driver.The driver immediately pulled over to the right side of the road.Cordan pulled his car to the side of the road and parked it. He reached into the dashboard and grabbed a pad that contained several pink tickets.Yes, he admitted it. He enjoyed having power over other people. He enjoyed being able to make others do as he wished. If he caught someone breaking the law, he would make them pay dearly.Cordan climbed out of his vehicle and walked over to the blue Civic. The driver’s window rolled down. He stared at the driver inside of the vehicle.The driver was a young blonde woman with blue eyes. She was very cute, and her body looked just as appealing as her face.”License and proof of insurance, please,” he said.The young woman quickly handed Cordan her driver’s license and insurance card.He smiled as he stared at her license. The driver’s name was Amanda Vanter. And she was barely legal.”Turned 18 yesterday, eh?” he asked.”Yes,” she replied.”It’s a good thing that you did,” he said. “Anyone under 18 isn’t allowed to be out here at this time of night.””Is that why you pulled me over?” she asked. “Because you thought I wasn’t legal?””No,” Cordan remarked. “You were going 80 in a 65.””This is a 65 mile per hour zone?” she cried. “I thought it was 80!””There are no 80 mile per hour zones in this state, Miss Vanter,” he said.”Wait, really?” she yelled.”Miss Vanter, I’m not stupid,” Cordan said. “You might think the speed limit should be 80 miles per hour, but it’s 65, and it’s clearly posted on this highway.””Oh, my God,” she groaned.”Stay right there,” he told her. “I’ll be right back.”Cordan returned to his vehicle. He checked the license records to see if Amanda had anything on her driver’s record. He grinned when he saw the results.He quickly walked back to Amanda’s vehicle.”Miss Vanter, your record indicates that this is your fifth speeding ticket in the last 3 months,” he said. “I’m going to have to request the bureau suspend your license indefinitely.””No, please!” she yelled. “I can’t afford to have my license suspended! I need it!””The law is the law, Miss Vanter,” Cordan declared. “And I have to follow it.””Please, don’t!” Amanda yelled. “I need this vehicle! I can’t afford to be without a license! I need it! Please!”At that moment, Cordan smiled. The big moment had arrived.”Hmm, well, I think there is one thing that you can do to help me forget about this,” Cordan responded.”What is it?” she asked.”Get out of your vehicle, walk over to mine, and you’ll find out,” he declared.”You’re going to arrest me?!” Amanda shrieked.”Just do as I say, and everything will be alright,” Cordan replied.”But…””Hey, do you want to keep your license or not?” Cordan yelled.Amanda nodded.”Then get out of the damn car and walk over to mine!” he demanded.Amanda obeyed. She climbed out of her vehicle.Amanda was wearing a pink top and had on a short black miniskirt. Her blonde hair was wrapped into two pigtails.Yep. Amanda was 18 years old, and she looked every bit like it.Amanda walked over to Cordan’s vehicle. The police officer followed her there.He smiled as he pulled out a pair of silver handcuffs.”Look, officer, please!” she yelled. “I can’t go to jail! I can’t! My father would kill me, and…””Just shut up and listen to me!” Cordan yelled.Amanda immediately became silent.”You’re a beautiful young woman,” he declared. “Too beautiful for prison. Now I’m cuffing you, but trust me. That’s not what those handcuffs are going to be used for.”At that moment, Amanda realized canlı bahis what was going on. She smiled.”Oh!” she exclaimed. “So… what do you like, officer?””Put your hands behind your back, and you’ll find out,” he said.Amanda obeyed, and Cordan cuffed her.Cordan opened his vehicle and pushed her into the backseat of his police car. She stared at Cordan as she waited for him to make the next move.”Sit back,” he said. “I’m going to show you what I want to do.”Officer Cordan grabbed Amanda’s top and ripped it right off of her chest, exposing her boobs.Amanda’s boobs were double D’s, and they were very real.Cordan tossed Amanda’s top onto the street, grabbed her boobs and played with her pink nipples. She moaned as he massaged her boobs.After a few seconds, Amanda’s nipples became erect as she became aroused.”Turn around,” Cordan instructed. “Stay on your knees, but turn so you’re facing away from me.”Amanda obeyed. As she turned around, her miniskirt crept up her ass. Cordan grabbed the garment and pulled it up all the way so he could see everything that was underneath it.Cordan stared at Amanda’s pink panties. They were covered with red and blue flowers and had a light purple trim. Amanda’s pussy lips were visible through her thin cotton panties.However, Cordan wasn’t content with them being somewhat visible. He wanted them to be entirely visible.Officer Cordan lowered his hands and ripped the panties right off of Amanda, exposing her ass and pussy. Amanda shrieked as she heard the RIP that accompanied Cordan’s lustful actions.Cordan tossed the ruined panties aside, lowered his mouth to Amanda’s cooch, and began to make out with her pussy lips. Amanda moaned as the dirty police officer sucked on her pussy.Cordan stuck his tongue into Amanda’s pussy and began to munch on her juicy twat.Amanda cried out as he made her orgasm. Her warm and moist cum gushed out of her pussy and into the police officer’s mouth.After a few seconds, Cordan pulled his mouth away from Amanda’s cooch.”More!” she yelled. “Please, Officer, I want more!””Oh, you’ll get more,” he declared, as he pulled out his police baton. “You’ve been a very naughty girl, Amanda. And I’m going to show you how naughty you have really been.”Cordan raised his baton and smacked Amanda’s ass repeatedly. She screamed as he whacked her cheeks, leaving red marks all over her ass.As Cordan smacked her ass, Amanda’s pussy juices began to drip down her legs and onto the car seat.”Now let’s see how loose you really are,” he remarked.Cordan smiled as he inserted the baton into Amanda’s pussy as much as he could. He moved it back and forth, flicking her clitoris as he pressed it against the walls of her moist pussy.Amanda moaned as the police officer fucked her pussy with his baton.”Now it’s my turn,” the police officer declared, as he removed the baton from her cooch.Cordan unbuckled his belt and pulled his zipper down. He quickly dropped his pants and boxers to the ground as he freed his fully erect cock.Cordan grabbed Amanda’s hair and spun her around, pushing her face towards him. She gasped when she saw his eight-inch cock.”Holy shit!” she cried. “They really are that big!””Yes, they are,” he remarked. “So what do you want to do now, my dear?”Instinctively, Amanda kissed the tip of Cordan’s cock. He moaned as her warm lips pressed against his pink pleasure center.At that moment, Cordan grabbed his cock with both hands and shoved into Amanda’s mouth. She began to suck on it, pressing her wet tongue against the police officer’s highly sensitive cock.Cordan groaned as Amanda, the barely legal 18 year-old woman, gave him a blowjob.After two minutes of sucking, Cordan removed his cock from her mouth.”Alright, that’s enough,” he told her. “Now let’s see what it feels like in there.”Cordan grabbed Amanda’s hair and pushed her onto her back. He lifted her legs up into the air.”One thing to remember in life, my dear,” he said. “Always bring a spare.”Cordan pulled out another pair of handcuffs from his right pocket. He removed the flip flops from Amanda’s feet, tossing them onto the street. bahis siteleri Then he snapped the handcuffs onto her ankles, ensnaring them and ensuring that her legs remained spread.”Now it’s time for some tougher discipline,” he declared.Amanda remained in the missionary position as Officer Cordan pushed his cock into her virgin pussy.She gasped as Cordan entered her, and he immediately recognized that this was her first time.”Hmm, so you’re not so naughty after all,” he remarked. “Well, perhaps I can show you what being naughty is really like.”At with those words, Cordan began to fuck her quickly. Amanda moaned as he moved his cock against the walls of her pussy.She screamed as he picked up the pace, rubbing her harder and faster.As Amanda’s orgasm reached its peak, Cordan pulled out of her.”Now what?” she gasped, as she breathed heavily.Cordan pushed her back and sat down on the car seat, angling himself until he was inside the police car. He moved Amanda towards the exit until she was facing away from him.”Alright, on my lap,” he said.Amanda complied as she lowered herself down onto Cordan’s cock. Then she began to bounce up and down. Her miniskirt bounced up into the air along with her as she rode Cordan’s cock.Cordan grasped Amanda’s boobs, twisting her nipples as she rode his cock.Amanda shrieked. The pleasure and pain mixed together created a bizarre yet fantastic sensation.”Further, further!” he ordered.Cordan wanted Amanda to feel every inch of skin. He wanted her to feel each piece of his giant cock inside of her tight pussy.Amanda bounced up and down, screaming until the sound of Cordan’s bouncing balls matched the volume of her sexually ignited moans.Suddenly, Amanda was tossed off of him.Cordan picked her up and dragged her back onto the backseat of the police car. He turned her around so that she was facing away from him. Her ass was pointed in his direction.Cordan grabbed Amanda’s ripped panties off the car floor and raised them in front of her face.”Not a sound,” Cordan ordered.Cordan shoved the panties into Amanda’s mouth, gagging her.”Trust me,” he said. “You’re going to scream really fucking loud.”He smacked her right cheek with his right hand, leaving a clearly visible handprint there. Cordan smacked her ass repeatedly as he prepared her for what was about to occur next.”Now… the climax,” he declared.Cordan slowly pushed his cock into Amanda’s pussy and began to fuck her from behind. Cordan liked it rough and that was exactly the way he was going to give it to her.Amanda moaned through her panties as the dirty police officer pushed his cock deep into her pussy and fucked her doggystyle.The officer grabbed Amanda’s boobs and played with them, twisting the nipples as he fucked her.Then he grabbed onto both of her cheeks and moved them back towards him, pushing her moist pussy against his fully erect cock.Amanda screamed, unable to hide the fact that she was enjoying this discipline, this pounding, this fucking hot sex.Cordan stroked her clit as he fucked her, making sure that he hit her G-spot. Amanda screamed through her panties as Cordan pushed her over the edge.Her excitement made Cordan pound her even harder and faster than ever before.Cordan gasped as he lost himself in the moment. The climax was about to occur.Amanda let out a loud scream, and Cordan was done.Cordan screamed as he felt the semen in his cock shoot upward.He pulled out of Amanda and grabbed hiscock as a stream of semen squirted out of it. He moaned as he covered her miniskirt, pussy, and ass with his warm cum.Amanda breathed heavily as she attempted to recover from the orgasm that the dirty police officer had given her. It was something she had never experienced before.It felt so wrong, but it also felt so right.Cordan grabbed his baton and collected all of the cum that was on her miniskirt, ass, and pussy.Then he spun Amanda around and yanked the panties out of her mouth. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and began to make out with her.Once their lips and tongues had separated, Cordan raised his baton up into the air.”Open,” he ordered.Amanda güvenilir bahis complied, and Cordan pushed the baton into her mouth. He forced Amanda to drink and swallow every last drop of his warm cum.Once she had finished, Cordan took the baton and rubbed it against her clitoris. She moaned as her cum poured slowly out of her moist pussy.Cordan raised the baton up to his mouth and swallowed her warm cum.”Wow, Officer,” Amanda said. “I’ve got to say. You made me very happy.””Just doing my job, Miss Vanter,” he answered.Cordan pulled his pants and boxers back on and pocketed the baton. Amanda stared at him, motioning to the cuffs that were around her hands and ankles.”Don’t worry, I’ll free you shortly,” Cordan said. “Just got to check the area first. Make sure no one was watching our little… encounter.”Cordan walked over to Amanda’s vehicle. He bent down and grabbed something. He concealed the item in his jacket before he walked back to her.”All good,” he said. “No one needs to know you were speeding. That incident, and the one that followed, will remain a secret between us.””Good,” she answered.”Alright, you’re free to go,” he said.Cordan released Amanda from her handcuffs, freeing her from his captivity. He handed her a spare jacket, and she put it on.Amanda slipped her flip flops back on and reached for her panties. She stared at the torn up item before she showed them to the officer.”You know, if I had known police officers were this aggressive, I would have worn a thong instead,” she said. “These were pretty cute panties too.””Tell you what,” he said, as he took the panties from her. “I’m keeping these panties. If you want them back, here’s my number.”Cordan handed Amanda a piece of paper with his number written on it.”I’m sure we can find a way to work things out,” he said.”Thank you, Officer,” she said.”Have a good night,” he replied. “Drive safe.”Amanda got into her car, started it up, and drove off. Cordan smiled as he watched her drive.Unbeknownst to Amanda, the officer had removed the license plate from the back of her vehicle. He smiled as he tossed the girl’s license plate into his vehicle.Nope, he wasn’t done with the hot 18 year-old just yet.Cordan climbed back into his car, started it up, turned his police lights and siren on, and forced Amanda to pull over to the side of the road.Cordan smiled as he grabbed his pad of pink tickets and approached Amanda’s window. He told her that she didn’t have a license plate on the back of her vehicle.”But I swear I had a license plate on the back!” she cried.”You know this isn’t the first time I’ve pulled you over,” he remarked. “I can let one mistake slide by. But two…””You can’t be fucking serious!” Amanda screamed.”Very well, if you insist,” the officer remarked.He prepared to write out the ticket. However, he knew that Amanda would cave.”Okay, fine!” she screamed. “What do you want?””Get on the hood of your vehicle,” he said. “I’m going to have to do a body search. For security purposes.”Amanda obliged.”You know, I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker,” he remarked. “So let’s see what you can do in front of the camera.”Cordan pulled out a video camera and masking tape from his vehicle. He hit the RECORD button as he taped the camera to a tree.”Now where were we?” he asked.He grabbed Amanda’s hands, placed them behind her back, and handcuffed her.Then he dropped his pants and boxers. He took his boxers and wrapped them around her eyes, blindfolding her.”Don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll make sure to send you a copy so you can see what’s happening. But for now, I just want you to feel what is about to happen next.”Then he lifted up Amanda’s miniskirt, exposing her swollen ass and delicious pussy. Cordan pushed his cock back into Amanda’s pussy and began to fuck her again.Amanda screamed as Cordan fucked her. She didn’t like getting a pink ticket, and she was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that she did not receive one.The pink ticket was Cordan’s favorite thing. Whenever he met a cute woman, he knew that it was the key to seeing, touching, and pounding something that was even pinker than the tickets he had.Cordan always made sure to keep his pink tickets nearby. Because whenever a hot 18 year-old woman like Amanda came by, they were perfect for nearly every situation and all kinds of fun.

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