A helping hand


A helping handCome on, it’s 6pm already! He mumbled to himself as a car pulled into the driveway of the shop. Everyone had already gone home and he just needed to finish closing up so he could go home too.The car was pissing coolant everywhere, “Hey! Your car is leaking all over my driveway!” He said, half jokingly, half annoyed. Sheepishly, she pulled herself out of her car and began apologizing. He gave her the once over to see if she’d be worth the trouble… D, possibly double D, nice shape, a little padding here and there, and a decent ass… I wonder if she realizes that she’s popping out the top and that skirt is riding up? He thought to himself.”Welcome, we’re about to close but what can we do for you?” He said with a fake smile.”My car just started leaking, it got a bit hot, hopefully you can help me out” She responded with a sad smile.”Ok, let’s write you up for a diag, so tomorrow morning we can see what’s causing your problems and go from there””Um, ok. How much will this cost?””Starts at $120, and depending on the service needed, could go up from there.””Ok, well, I’m sure you hear it all the time, but I’m kinda broke… my bf just kicked me out of our apartment so I’m kind of living in my car too.””Well, if we put the car in for tonight, you’re going to have to find someplace to stay, I can’t let you sleep inside your car inside the shop, too dangerous with all the chemicals and equipment.And the tears start…. damnit man, why’d she have to start crying? He thought, maybe if I leave the car outside, she can sleep in it and we can get to work in the morning. Still a bit dangerous, but I can’t lock her inside the shop either. Here goes nothing he thought, “Well, I could possibly leave the car parked outside, in front of the shop. The lot is gated, so you should be safe, but you won’t really be able to get in and out of the lot without jumping the fence. So I’m not entirely sure what you’ll do about food or restroom.”She put a hand on her stomach as if the word food somehow just pierced her abdomen. “I haven’t eaten since yesterday,” she said, “I think I can manage another day.”What the actual fuck, he thought, now I can’t leave her out here to starve, what if she’s dead in the morning? Panic set in, he didn’t want to lose his job by having his boss find a dead girl in the car the next morning. “Hey listen, I’m about to go grab something to eat, why don’t you join me, you can get cleaned up and I’ll drop you back off at your car before 10 with some extra blankets and stuff I have at my place.””Ok, thank you!” She said, as she wiped the tears şişli escort from her eyes. He started locking up as she grabbed some things from her car. After locking the gate she followed him to his car. It wasn’t anything special, an older model Toyota Corolla, the damn thing ran forever and never let him down, so he would always do his best to keep it clean and tidy. A couple blocks away they pulled into a Mexican restaurant and got a booth for two in the back corner, away from all the drunks making a ruckus at the bar watching the game. It was a cozy booth, so they started conversation. Turned out she caught her now ex-bf cheating on her with her best friend, apparently, since they’d started working together, they were fucking each other every chance they got at the copymat they worked at. Worst of all, she just changed jobs and hadn’t received her first paycheck yet so she had nothing. The food came, thank God, he was becoming interested in her stories and needed a distraction. He ordered a corona with his meal, she ordered a mojito. The food was good, conversation kept up, and more drinks were needed to keep the glasses from being empty while they talked.Damn, I’ve had too many drinks, I can’t be driving around like this. “I’m so sorry, I talked your head off and we just kept drinking, I’m so sorry!” She kept repeating. “Look, I live like 3 blocks from here, let’s get your stuff out of the car, you can take a shower and get changed at my place then after the buzz has worn off, I’ll take you back to your car for the night.” “Ok, thank you!!” she jumped for joy from the buzz and the attention she was being given. He didn’t mind, as she jumped her big tits just bounced all over the place, barely being contained in the shirt she was wearing. He tried to walk a little ahead of her the whole way so he would keep staring at her tits or her ass, but she figured it was a game in her buzzed state and would playfully skip ahead and wait for him. Between the alcohol and the view, it was getting harder and harder to hide is hard-on.Fumbling to get the door open with her pressed against him jokingly telling him to hurry, he finally gets the door open and she rushes in, oohing and ahhing as she makes her way in. “I’m sorry my place is a mess, I’ve been working more hours and wasn’t expecting anyone over so I haven’t really cleaned up,” he said as he picked up a couple used dishes from the table and put them in the sink. For a guy, he kept his place pretty neat, a couple car magazines on the coffee table, a couple plates on the dining room table, heck the bathroom şişli escort bayan was pretty spotless except for a little spilled toothpaste on the sink. Getting a towel from the closet he hands it to her and starts to show her how to use the shower controls. A quick peck on the cheek from her throws him off as she says thank you and closes the door on him. He can hear the shower running so he plops down on the couch, turns on the tv… some show about food…. boring… he closes his eyes and before he knows it, he’s in dreamland…. He can see her big tits bouncing around, her lightly tanned skin is perfect, her cute ass just begging to be fucked. Oh, he dick feels so good, almost as if she’s sucking on it without even touching it… the perfect dream, he starts to think, damn, she’s so hot I’m about to blow my load in this dream. Wait, I can’t do that, that’d be embarrassing. His eyes pop open, as they adjust for the dimly lit room he notices a head, bobbing up and down in his crotch… the sensation from his dream was real. She was sucking his cock like a pro. She was getting about three quarters of the way down on his 7″ cock, holding and kneading his balls in one hand, while the other stroked the shaft as she slid it in and out of her mouth. “Daaaaamnnnn…. that’s so good,” he let’s out between his moaning. She looks up and gives him a wink as she continue to work. It didn’t take much longer, her mouth was wet and warm and her hand action, twisting and stroking was sending chills through his body, as his balls tensed up she pulled his cock out of her mouth with a popping sound, never stopping her strokes and he began to shoot rope after rope of cum on her chest. A few squirts and body spasms later he came back to consciousness to see her smiling at him, completely topless wiping his cum onto her skin and licking her fingers.”I wanted to thank you for being so nice to me, for helping me out, I know you could have said no to even receiving my car. You could have left me on the street tonight, but you didn’t. So I figured I could at least take care of you in the only way I can right now.” She said as she sat on her heels looking up at him.He was lost for words and the alcohol wasn’t helping… now he was even hornier. He picked her up off the floor and tossed her on the couch, she was already naked so her beautiful ass and pink little pussy were exposed. “Be gentle,” she said, looking at him over her shoulder as he started to lick her juicy pussy. Swirling his tongue around, darting it back and forth across her clit. Each time he struck mecidiyeköy escort bayan her clit it would send a shock-wave though her body to which she would respond by thrusting her ass out more. Dripping wet she begged him to eat her more and more, pushing his face into her pussy and ass with her hands, grinding herself against his tongue. He couldn’t take much more of this, his cock was standing at full mast, begging him to make use of it.He stood up, she looked at him with a reassuring nod, and he slowly sunk his hard throbbing cock into her pussy. From the licking and playing her pussy was just perfectly lubed so he could slide his manhood all the way in with one stroke. He was in heaven as she moaned with every inch that slid in. “Oh God!!” she squealed as his cock was buried all the way to the hilt. Slowly she gyrated her hips as he enjoyed the feeling of his entire cock being engulfed by her tight pussy.”Damn, your pussy is so tight, it feels like it’s milking my cock and I just barely put it in!!” He exclaimed. “I don’t know if I can last like this!””It’s ok, just please, fuck my pussy and squirt all your cum in me… I need it so bad! Your cock feels too good I’m already going to cum if you shoot your hot cum in me!”2 minutes of hard pumping, balls slapping against her juicy clit was all he could take. As he released his load with a groan she began to grind and spasm as her orgasm rolled through her body. “Don’t move!” she cried between body spasms. His cock began to go soft as she began to relax and her pussy began to release its tight grip. A slight sucking noise and his cock came out with a satisfactory sigh. His cum began to flow out of her pussy and down her leg as she tried to regain the strength in her body. As she stood up on wobbly legs he began to laugh, like watching a baby deer stand for the first time. Somehow she’d managed to grab a throw pillow and tossed it at his head as she too began to laugh at the difficulty she was having standing. He stood up and grabbed her hand as she pointed to the bathroom. He walked her over and she started the shower. As he was walking out of the shower he felt a hand on his shoulder turning him around. “Thank you, for taking care of me.” She said as she kissed his cheek. “Join me in the shower please, I don’t know if I can stay standing by myself.” He did as he was told holding her from behind helping her wash off. Soaping up her big tits and rinsing them off he gently teased them and sucked on them. Her moans were getting him aroused again… but maybe that story is for another time. ;)** Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I realize it’s long and probably not all that great. I’m looking forward to constructive criticism. Please don’t just put that my story sucked without telling me why and how I could make it better. Thank you!! **

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