A Mid-Week Treat for my Wife


A Mid-Week Treat for my Wife
My wife has always been a very sexy, fun, sensual woman. She dresses to impress at all times and is forever ready to flirt and to enjoy attention from men. My wife remains a true cougar at heart. She loves men in their early to mid-twenties, and she never has any difficulty in getting all the attention she craves.

Lately, my wife has been under tremendous pressure at work, there have been massive changes that have required her to put in long hours with loads of stress. Work has put a damper on her time to enjoy sensual pleasures.

A few weeks ago, I was online late at night while my wife was still at the office. I was responding to messages on one of the swinger lifestyle sites we belonged to when I came across a note from a 23-year-old guy my wife had hooked up with a few months ago. He was free and wanted some fun. I began to reply telling him that she was swamped at work, so we were not playing now. Then I had an idea. Tyler was showing online, so I opened a chat session with him. I explained how stressed out she is and asked if he might be free the following Wednesday night.

Tyler said he thought Wednesday would be great for him and asked what I had in mind. I told him that I wanted to give her an excursion from her routine. I asked if he could be at hour house around eight and he confirmed. I told him I would email to follow up. I then placed a hot date listing looking for guys between 21 and 25 for Wednesday. Over the following days, I was inundated with replies of interest from men. Many were over the age I was seeking, and many others were not in line with the body image I wanted to surprise her. I began to communicate with several of the guys who met the image I was seeking. I told them I wanted to give her five or six guys for a night of fun and pleasure. Most the guys were good with the plan, and I narrowed my final list down to five, all with strong muscular bodies, light to no body hair along with nice thick meaty cocks. I also got each of their sizes and ordered each of them a Chippendales outfit.

That Wednesday I, thought my plan was going to crash. My wife arrived home and was not wanting to go out to dinner with me. She finally agreed, and she got dressed in a sexy outfit, but it took some time to convince her to go. Our regular threesome friend stayed hid until we departed. He would let the guys in and give them the outfits to wear and then have them all sitting on the back lanai around nine when I would get back with my wife. It turned out only three of the five guys showed up, but that is usually the way it goes with meeting anyone from a swinger site.

When we arrived home, Dave had candles lit, and wine poured. MY wife seemed confused but went along. I walked her to the lanai, and the sight of Tyler and three other young strangers clad in only short, tight shorts, cuffs, and bowties brought a gleam to her face. I led my wife by the hand to the outdoor sofa. I sat her in the middle of the four guys, with two guys on each side. She was blushing but offered no resistance. I went over and sat in one of the side chairs and then said: “guys, have fun, and make my wife cum hard.”

Despite the sofa being crowded and full, each of the guys got their hands on my wife. I watched as hands moved up her short dress and down her top. All four of the guys had quickly grown raging bulges in the thin, skin-tight shorts they were wearing. As my wife’s dress was lowered to display her tits and pushed up over her hips, the thong she had on was pulled off her legs. A thick meaty dick was put in front of her face. She opened her mouth and sucked it in as another guy got on his knees and began to eat her pussy.

It became difficult to figure out exactly who was where. Bodies became inter-tangled together. Any uncertainty the guys might have held in playing in physical contact with other guys had been long discarded. It was now a pile of five naked bodies intent with sexual bliss. The guys had a fantastic ability to cum and to continue. My wife was brought to multiple climaxes.

It was after eleven that night when things began to slow. My cock was so hard I thought I would burst. My wife was depleted laying amid the guys. One by one the, guys got up and dressed then said goodbye and left. I took my wife into our bedroom and put her on the bed, still covered in cum. I got undressed and lay in the back of her. I slid my cock up inside her ass with no resistance. David had taken his clothes off also and lay in front of my wife. He slipped his cock inside her wet pussy as we both fucked her until each blowing our load.

The next morning was a little rough on my wife getting up and having to be back in the office early. She called me around lunch and thanked me, telling me how much she needed that last night.

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