Affair with a married woman- weird

Affair with a married woman- weird
I’ve been divorced for about two years and was having reasonable success at a local upscale restaurant. eh single women knew the incomes required ot eat/drink there. Most of the gals were about 26, dressed nice and weren’t into games
One Tuesday I sat at the bar and as I was finishing my lunch I noticed a stunnig beauty about 5 chairs looking me over
I also noticed a ring on her hand. I didn’t pursue it but she kept checking me out
There wasn’t any other girls left so what the hell
I slid over. “I’m Derek”
“CAndace” she smiled
we chatted and I bought her two driks. She was easy to get along with. She was about 5’&’. died blonde hair, sexy skirt and a thin gauze top
At one pont I stopped talking at looked right at her ring
She noticed and looked right back at me
“Is that a problem?”
She suggested I follo her to her place
She got into her Mercedes and I follwed her
She lives in a place that is nearly a mansion
Seh lead me upstairs and there wasn’t any playing around
She began undressing and laying her clothes on her dresser
I took my clothes off and we turned to each othr
She is even prettier naked, a rarity
He tis are firm and medium. She has taqn lines and her stomach is flat. Her hair is long and she has a great smiel
I lay her back on the bed and started right into her muff
I kissed, sucked, licked, blew for about 20 minutes, gviving her 3 orgasms
As i moved in she smiledd. Her pussy is incredible, wet and tight
I tried to long stroke her but she was so stunning I came right away
We both lay back and panted.
All of a sudden this massive man came in the room
“So you like fucking my wife Huh?He shouted
I was stunned. She didn’t make any moves
He was about 6’5” and 230 lbs. About 20 lbs overweight
He was wearing a robe that wasn’t tied and he was naked underneath
“Having a good time?” he askedShe just lay there and looked at me
This a****l came over to the bed and grabbed the back of my head. He had me by my hair. He pulled me right into his crotch
I still didn’t say anything.
He ran his finger around my mouth and then ran his dick around my lips. He was vey thick
He opened my mouth and slid his member in. I was scared
“Suck it” he demanded
I’ve never had a guy in my mouth. This was completely new. He ahd a strong masculine smell, like he hadn’t showered
I wasn’t sure what to do.I just wrapped my mouth around his huge dick and he still had the back of my head
“Ahhh, that’s a good bitch. You see that honey, I’ve got two women this afternoon”
He grabbed me harder and started fucking my face
“If you want me to come you had bettter play with my balls” he shouted
I reached up and played with his balls like I like it
I could feel him growing as he filled my face
He groaned and started pumpong gobs into my mouth. It tasted terrible, I let it dribble out
“Swallow that stuff bitch”
I tried to keep it in my mouth
As I looked over she smiled as he relaxed his grip
He let go and I collapsed b the bed
He lay behined me and slid close, spooning style
“Oh yeah” as he rubbed his hand all ver me “You got a good one this time honey
This a****l explored every inch of my body as if I was a college girl
He scooted right behind me and I could feel his juk as he began stroking me from behind
He was rough as he ran my full length. I couldn’t believe I was growing. He blew in my ear as he played with my balls and stroked me
“Yeah, lets’ get some of the pre-come”
He grabbed the liquid off the tip and kept stroking me
She watche me. Her face was even with mine as he played with me
I couldn’t believe it as I squirted all over. He had stroked me to come
“Yeah, we got a live one” he barked. He kep t playing
Tehn he slid his hand further back and rubbed my anus
It actually felt good but I was tense
“Let’s get some of your juice honey. She spread slightly and he got some of my come and her juice from her pussy\
He tok his wet fingrs and ran them right into my butt
I was horrifed
Whye don’t you get down there and please her while I get pleased”
She slid under my face and spread. She was still full of my liquid
He pushed my face down into her pussy and I began licking her with my stuff in her
“Oh yeah,” I bet this is a virgin ass”
He pulled his finger out and positoned so he could fuck me
I was certain this a****l was too big to fit in my ass
He spread my cheeks and he shouted of rme to keep licking his wife. She was digging this
AS he ran insid eme I gasped
He was only in an inch and he was splitting me
As I squirmed and tried to tell him he was too big he kept pusing. Half of his harness was inside my anus
He finally pusehd all the way in and bagan fucking me
“Lick that pussy” he shouted
She started bucking and groaning as thsi a****l started groaning
“Wow, this one is tight honey”
I fel thim grow and he quickened. Finally he made big thrusts as he emptied in my ass. At the same time his wife was coming
We all collapsed. For the first tiem I felt like I had freedom of movement
I slowly got dressed as these two watched
She got up and came over
“Would you like to come back?” and she kissed me on the lips
“Hey let me get some of that sugar” and the a****l got up and came over. He kissed me on the lips just as she had
Eventually I pulled away and headed to the door
“You know where we live” they both exclaimed
I got home, showered and poured a stout drink
What the hell just happened, I thought to myself
Still, my mind kep tracing back to their parting remarks
“You know where we live”
I still don’t know if I going back

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