Caribbean Encounters & More


Caribbean Encounters & More
I couldn’t believe my luck. I had finally convinced my wife to leave the responsibilities behind and take a well deserved vacation. Just the two of us this time. We were heading for an adults only resort in Jamaica and I was excited. The resort was noted for luxury, dining and its au natural areas. Beth was smiling as we descended into Montego Bay. She was aware of the resort , but it was not her first choice. She loves the beach and the pampering, but she is not as thrilled with the exhibition as I am.

Life has changed for us since we were married 16 years ago. Beth has chosen to stay at home and that to has become a challenge with the three c***dren and civic responsibilities in our small community. Beth loves it all and is devoted to our family. My internal medicine practice is rewarding and demanding.

As with most couples, the responsibility has made spontaneity almost nonexistent. When we were dating and first married, the sex was frequent and exciting. We used to think of ways to stimulate and surprise each other. We loved the outdoors and making love in the mountains or on the lake was common.

Beth had once taken me out of town to an open house and surprised me in the upstairs bedroom by showing me that she wasn’t wearing panties under her skirt. We had sex while the builder was greeting people downstairs. Intimacy has become much less common and almost scripted. We share time together only after all other responsibilities are satisfied.

I had encouraged her to consider a trip for the two of us. She wasn’t sure when or how we could get away. Finally I had arranged a babysitter and chosen a week without conflict. It was ready to be booked and I presented it to her for final approval. She reluctantly agreed after I reviewed all the reasons that we needed to get away.

Beth and I met while I was in residency. She worked in the laboratory and we spent many evenings and nights together examining blood, urine and sputum. Still love managed to blossom and we were soon an item. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She and I are the same height at 5’10”. She is well muscled and has a figure to die for. Her dark hair and blue eyes are mesmerizing. Her most outstanding attribute however is her mind. She is brilliant, creative and uses it to advantage. I was soon head over heals in love and lust with her. I could not believe my luck that she was interested in me.

After our arrival in Montego Bay, we made our way through the airport and survived the trip to the resort. We checked in, showered and made our way to dinner. After a sumptuous dinner and bottle of wine we walked back to the room and fell fast asleep.

I awoke the following morning and worried that our first evening at the resort might mean that we had really lost the spark. Where could we find it if we couldn’t find it here? Beth awoke in a great mood. She slept in the nude on vacation. She gave me a kiss and went to the bathroom.

I watched as she brushed her teeth and her hair. She has a small but perfectly muscled bottom. Her legs are defined and taut. Her breasts are perfectly sized…larger than most and slightly dependent. I love the way they sway when she walks or brushes her teeth. She smiled at me not knowing what I was thinking and slipped on a modest two piece suit before we left for the morning.

After a quick breakfast, I led her to the beach via the pool. Not wanting to go too fast I decided that I should start on the “prude” side of the resort. We were disappointed that the pool was small and crowded so early and that all the chairs were occupied or saved. We continued to the beach and relaxed in the sun.

After a few hours, we walked to a small hut that served light meals and drinks. As we sat down, a gentleman, who had just left the bar, said hello and asked if we were enjoying ourselves. I was certain that he was employed by the resort, but Matt was just being friendly. We told him that we had just arrived and he joined us and began explaining the resorts features and activities.

Matt was about 10 years older than me. He was fit, tan and around six feet tall. It was obvious that Matt felt at ease with strangers as we talked about the resort and the weather. He asked if we had been to the nude side yet and went on to say that the resort was fantastic, but it was the nude side that made it a fantastic resort. He said his wife was there now and invited us to stop and visit with them later. After some more small talk, he excused himself and left for the pool.

We got up to leave and Beth announced that she was ready to visit the nude side of the resort. I smiled and explained to her that when on the nude side, one had to be nude.

“Wasn’t that why you brought me here,” she asked with a big grin?”

“That was one of my reasons,” I laughed.

We strolled to the pool. Matt was certainly right about this one. The pool was an immense freeform structure with a large shaded swim up bar at one end. Several people were there but it was by no means crowded. Beth kicked off her flip flops and asked if I was ready. I nodded.

“Who’s first,” she asked?

I hesitated and looked around. It was obvious that everyone was watching the new couple.

Waiting no longer she said, “I guess it’s up to me,” and unsnapped her top.

She then turned her back to me and removed her top. She gave me an encouraging smile, slipped off her bottoms and jumped into the pool. I removed my trunks and followed.

I was enjoying my wife nude in the pool while others were watching. Beth then announced that she was thirsty and we made our way to the bar. I sipped my drink on the barstool, but Beth remained in the pool up to her shoulders. By the second drink she was next to me on her barstool. After several more, she became quite animated and was very much enjoying herself.

We spied Matt and a lady on the far side of the pool and decided to join them. We sat next to them and soon began chatting with Matt and his wife Eileen. Eileen was older in appearance but was a very lovely lady. She was slim, fit and tan. After an hour of drinks and conversation, we excused ourselves to go to the room for a nap.

We made it to the room just in time to attack each other. I was hard and she was wet. Very wet. Afterward we dosed off and awoke in time for a late dinner. We showered dressed and made our way out for the evening.

Beth looked fantastic as we enjoyed dinner and we talked of the day and our new friends. Afterward we strolled along the beach hand in hand. We finally made our way to a lush and secluded garden area that abutted a golf course. We made our way to a bench overlooking a green and watched the sunset. Beth kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for insisting on this trip. She had forgotten how nice our time together could be. She said she had a wonderful day and was looking forward to an exciting week together.

Beth then slipped out from under my arm and knelt in front of me. We both looked around and though it was not yet dark, saw that nobody was nearby. She lowered my slacks, looked into my eyes and reached for my erection. She slid it into her mouth. Beth was firm and fast. I lasted longer than I did that afternoon, but not by much. I came into her mouth as she moaned and fondled my balls.

She lingered for a long while before sitting next to me. I searched under her dress and found that she had neglected to wear her panties tonight. She was very wet and climaxed quickly as I gently massaged her clitoris. I muffled her moans and squeals with a long wet kiss. After adjusting ourselves we sat next to each other until we could no longer stay awake and then we walked to the room..

The following morning I worried that she might be embarrassed by her actions the day before and might not want to return to the same pool. She came out of the bathroom and we applied sunscreen to each other. As I donned my trunks, she slipped on her cover up and announced that she was ready.

I looked at her in shock as she frowned and said, “there is no reason to put on a suit that will come off in five minutes is there.”

My concerns were definitely unfounded.

After arriving at the pool, she was nude and in the water in seconds. I was stunned but followed. After swimming we sat in some chairs and enjoyed the sun. As we talked, Beth commented that the nude side wasn’t anything like she had thought. She expected men to stare and ogle her, but what she found were friendly and well adjusted people who just happen to be naked.

A volleyball game was forming and they were looking for players. Beth refused but encouraged me to play. What I thought would last a short while continued for over two hours. I kept watching my nude wife enjoying the sun and watching the activities.

After a while she walked to the bar for a drink. I would have never dreamed of seeing my wife walking through a crowd of people in the nude. What a difference a few days can make. Contrary to her observation however, there were many eyes following her as she made her way to and from the bar.

As she made her way back she saw Matt and sat down beside him. They talked for over an hour. She was actively participating although at times she almost seemed to blush.

As I watched them talk a pang of jealousy hit me although I noticed that I was now sporting an erection. It made it difficult to play volleyball, but the pool gave me an excellent vantage point to watch my wife. After the game broke up Beth looked at me as if I should join them. I decided to stay in the pool and after a little while she joined me and discovered my predicament. We decided to head to the room for a nap.

After my shower, we got into bed with Beth sliding next to me and placing her leg over mine. She was caressing my chest and nibbling at my ear. It was obvious that she didn’t want to sleep. She found my erection.

“So you enjoyed the game this morning did you,” she asked.

I smiled sheepishly.

“Was it the game or something else dear? You seemed to enjoy watching me more than the game. Was that what gave you the boner hun? Would you like to talk about it a little? I can’t help you with it if you don’t tell me about it.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. My wife was never one to share fantasies or initiate experimentation, but she was taking control of this encounter. She was slowly rubbing her dangling breasts across my bare chest and asking direct and pointed questions. She was straddling my knee and rhythmically massaging herself but she showed no signs of pleasure as she looked into my eyes and into my deepest secrets.

“So are you a voyeur” she asked.

I smiled and said “it was fun to watch.”

She wrinkled her nose and very firmly said, “that isn’t what I asked. Do you get more enjoyment from watching or participating?”

“I enjoy both,” I repeated.

She nearly cut me off.

“Would you rather make love to me or watch me enjoy the company of another?”

This was my first hint that tonight was different. Suddenly my penis became engorged. I lay before her stunned and quiet.

“You want to come to a resort and enjoy the nudity. You don’t really enjoy exposing yourself, and you get most excited when I’m exposed. You swear you aren’t interested in other women. I think I know what you want but you have to admit to me. You have to admit it to yourself,” she continued.

“Remember that time that I went topless in Mexico? It was so intense that we had go back to the room to relieve you so that you didn’t embarrass yourself with an erection at the pool. I notice that you like it when other men talk to me when I’m naked. You loved it when I went for the drinks today didn’t you?” Beth was in my face and pressing against me as she spoke.

She then slowly ran her body up mine, got right in my face and asked, “If you get off watching me exposed in front of others maybe you want to watch me with others. Are you a voyeur?”

I was getting very excited. She was rubbing her bare body against mine, taking care not to stimulate my genitals. She was taking control and she was asking me to answer questions to which I knew the answers but was afraid to answer. I looked into her eyes and felt her breast and the warmth of her crotch on my knee.

“Yes,” I replied

“Yes what,” she asked?

“Yes, it would excite me,” I said.

She rose and placed her breasts in front of me and placed my hands over her chest.

“Would you like to see another man do this to me?”

I hesitated and she brought a breast to my mouth and I gently sucked in a nipple. It became hard instantly. She moaned and pulled my head tightly to her chest.

“Would it give you pleasure to watch another man do this to me,” she continued?

“Very much so,” I replied.

“Would you really enjoy watching another man caress and fondle me? Could you really enjoy that,” she asked?

“I would love to try,” I said.

“How far would you want this to go,” she asked?

“I’m not sure. It would depend on the circumstances,” I nervously answered

“What circumstances,” she asked?

She was now rubbing her chest and groin more firmly into me and I could sense that she was concentrating on her clitoris. She wasn’t groaning but she was ending her questions with audible sighs.

“Who and where? It would also depend on you and how far you want to go with this,” I answered somewhat distracted by her movement.

“My dear husband! We are here because you want to be here. I am perfectly happy being your wife and never having another partner for the rest of my life. Remember our vows? However, if you would get pleasure from watching me with another, I will try to understand. This is something that you want to do and that is why we are here and that is why I have been lounging in the nude at the pool while others stare at me. I need to know what you want to do how far you want to take this.”

I sensed that our conversation was about over and I wanted desperately for it to continue. It was like an erotic confession.

“I’m not sure how to answer so that I don’t offend you. I don’t want to suggest something that would upset you,” I answered.

“I appreciate an honest answer,” she said smiling down at me.

She gave a pensive look and paused.

“Would you like me to do this to another,” she asked as she leaned forward and gave me a sultry, wet kiss that lingered.

She was pressing her chest into mine and rubbing the back of my head with her hand and my leg with her vulva.

When she stopped and looked at me with a questioning smile, I said, “yes, that would make me very excited.”

“Are you finding this exciting too,” I asked

She looked at my shoulder, still smiling and I could feel her heat added to mine. She grabbed my very erect penis and firmly but slowly began stroking.

She looked into my eyes and said, “yes.”

I kissed her again. When she broke it off she was pulling my penis upward firmly before slowly releasing.

She looked at my penis and then looked back into my eyes and asked, “would you want to watch me do this to another man?”

“Oh God Yes,” I blurted!

She continued to stroke me.

“What if he wanted to cum in my hand,” she cooed?

“That would be very exciting,” I moaned.

“Would you really do that for me,” I asked pleadingly?

She smiled and kept stroking ever so slowly and firmly. I felt myself getting close to cumming in her hand. She sensed this and released her grip slightly.

“What if another man wanted more than my hand? What if he wanted something like this?”

She bent down and engulfed my cock with her mouth in a single motion. She moved up and down a few times before returning to meet my eyes and slowly stroke me.

“Would that be OK,” she asked in a sultry voice while staring into my eyes?

“Oh God yes,” I said feeling a rush of excitement.

How could she know that I had thought about this image many times while we had sex? I was breathing much faster and harder now.

“Calm down sweetheart,” she whispered.

“You need to slow down so that you can finish this conversation with a clear head.” She was almost laughing as she finished the statement all the while looking into my eyes and stroking me.

“What if he wanted to finish in my mouth? Would you want him to cum in my mouth honey?” She squeezed my cock a little more firmly for emphasis.

“I would love to see and hear that,” I said. “Oh God, I am so close!” .

She kept smiling and controlling the pace. She was nodding her head with each stroke and watching my expression very closely.

“What if I get so excited that I want more? What if I want him inside of me? What if I am so wet that I can’t stand it anymore and I do this?”

She raised her hips and straddled me. She rose up just enough to switch hands and slowly guide my cock into her and lower herself until I felt the heat of her labia at the base of my cock. She was as wet as I have ever felt. She slowly glided up and down my engorged penis. Her breasts were swaying and she gave me a wet kiss. I was barely able to keep from exploding.

She asked again, “what if I want to do this? Could you enjoy this? Could you really enjoy me giving myself to another man like this?”

She was in another place now. She held her head down as she methodically ground her hips and pubis into me. I felt the swell rising and I knew I was no longer in control. With the thought of my wife pleasuring herself on another man and the thought of my wife enjoying the same fantasy while she continued to mount me, I began to orgasm. I couldn’t stop it. I began fucking her and as I grabbed her ass and added my own efforts, I heard her breathing change to an intense staccato pant. She was beginning to climax.

“Oh my God,” I mumbled! I came so hard I thought I would pass out. She was right with me and became almost possessed. She began moaning and almost crying.

Afterward we lay there quietly her head buried in my chest. I was still erect and she was moving ever so slightly. We were both thinking and wondering what the other thought.

“Well, could you,” she asked without looking up, but giving me a little more intense rock with her pelvis. I pushed back and together we restarted the act.

I held her tightly and closed my eyes and said, “Yes!” She groaned and we both climaxed again thinking about the same thing.

We awoke early in the evening. Hazy from our nap, we smiled and kissed. In the shower we washed each other and readied for dinner and an evening in the Caribbean. I kissed her deeply and looked into eyes.

“I enjoyed this afternoon. Thank you for that,” I said.

She smiled and hugged me back. “I think I should be thanking you Mister,” she said.

I confessed that I have had this fantasy for as long as I could remember. She smiled and shook her head. “You used to be so protective and sometimes you were even jealous. How can that be?”

“I’m not sure Beth, but it’s all I can think about sometimes. It always involves you. I’m always involved and seem to have some measure of control. It would break my heart if you were unfaithful. Do you have any fantasies that you want to share?”

She wrinkled her nose and said, “let’s save that for another vacation dear. I am having enough trouble prying yours out, but I think I am enjoying it as much as I enjoy my own.”

“What brought this lovable new b**st out of you today,” I asked?

“Well I have been trying to understand your excitement at watching others see me in the nude. I took a stab at the root cause dear. Did I get close,” she asked

“Bulls eye,” I said!

“I thought so. I could feel you respond when I kept upping the ante,” she beamed

“Why did you pick today to test your theory,” I asked?

“Well we are well away from home, friends and family. We are at a beautiful resort in the Caribbean and there are a couple hundred naked people running around. I thought it time to get a little naughty,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Sounds nice,” I said. “How naughty have you gotten,” I asked cocking my head to the side?

She blushed and looked away.

“Look how much fun we had when I became honest,” I said reassuringly.

We both smiled.

“Not very.” It’s hard for a girl not to notice so many naked people and penises. How could I not get excited when we are lying around nude and everybody is looking and grinning? The sex is great too Hun,” she added.

“Anybody in particular catch your interest dear,” I asked?

She smiled and looked away.

“I talked to Matt while I was getting some drinks earlier,” she admitted.

“I wondered what took you so long,” I said with a smile.

“He is really nice and wanted to make sure we were comfortable at the resort. He and his wife come here every year. They love it. He asked why we chose to come here since it was the first time for us and I told him that it was your idea. I was a little uncomfortable about it but it seemed fine to get so personal since we were both sitting there absolutely naked. I went for more drinks and stayed to talk for awhile while you were playing volleyball.” Beth became more relaxed as she talked of their conversation.

“I remember,” I grinned.

“He and his wife have an open marriage and we talked about that for awhile. He asked a lot more about us. He and his wife are counselors. To be honest, he is the one that suggested to me what your fantasy might be,” she said becoming more confident.

“The more I thought about it the more excited I became. That’s when I came a got you and “pulled” the truth out of you.” She made eyes at me and gave me a quick kiss.

“Wow! You covered a lot in such a short period of time. I was watching you and I could tell that he was taken with you. Did Matt express an interest in you?” I felt a little jealous twinge as I asked this.

Beth smiled and said, “he made a proposal.”

“Go on,” I said.

“He told me to find out what your darkest fantasy was about and to let him know if he could help,” she said with a sly grin.

“What did you say to that Beth,” I asked?

“I smiled and thanked him, but I didn’t think we would get as far as we did as fast as we did,” she confessed.

“What do you think now,” I asked?

She said, “I think we should go to dinner and enjoy the evening dear. Let’s see what happens. We have a few more days left in our week you know.”

With that she gave me a wicked little smile and a big wet kiss. We left for dinner walking closer than we had in years.

For dinner we chose a French restaurant in the resort. As we made our way to the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice that Beth wasn’t wearing her bra. A gentle pat on her rear seemed to confirm that she had forgone the panties as well. I was exhilarated. How could her lack of underwear excite me when a few hours ago she was nude at the pool for anyone who cared to look? It was the thought that counts and she was letting me know that she was still in the game.

Who was this new woman that came along with me. I had always feared the outcome if she ever discovered my fantasy. It wouldn’t take much of an expert to find the evidence on the hard drive. Instead she had pried the fantasy out of me and was enjoying it with me.

The meal was excellent as was the wine. We somehow managed not to stuff ourselves although we finished the wine, a lot for two lightweights like us. We stopped in the piano bar and ordered drinks.

Matt and Eileen followed us into the bar and asked if they could join us. They too had dined at the French restaurant and watched us leave. After some small talk, Matt asked Beth how her afternoon went. We both blushed at his question and knowing grin. Beth admitted to him that he was right on target with his prediction.

He and Eileen have worked as ther****ts and marriage counselors for 15 years. Matt said that he had heard it all. He said that the majority of what he sees are depressed women and angry men. The majority of patients with sexual dysfunction have a very simple root cause. They dislike their spouses.

Matt assured us that we were normal and indeed a refreshing example of what honest and open minds can bring to a relationship. We talked for two more hours and finished several drinks.

Our conversation became much more personal. Eileen explained that Matt was the first to suggest sex outside their marriage. They had both had numerous encounters prior to their marriage. She was bisexual whereas Matt was strictly heterosexual. She also implied an interest in other activities that were outside the norm.

Beth was just tipsy enough to take it all in with a big grin. She asked so many questions of a personal nature that I was embarrassed for our guests at times. Matt and Eileen answered each one, although Eileen was more reserved and became evasive when Beth asked her exactly what her other interests were.

Around 11:00pm, Eileen got up said it was time for her to go. We assumed that was the end of the evening, but Matt sat back down and said she had an engagement and that he was wanted to continue our conversation.

Matt was a pleasure to be around. He had a very pleasant manner and wasn’t the least bit threatening. He said that he found our experience to be invigorating and he would like to delve deeper if we didn’t mind. Beth enjoyed talking with him and I certainly enjoyed the effects of his therapy thus far.

We talked about our relationship. How we met, how long we dated, our experience before marriage. He asked about our afternoon and agreed that it was better than he had anticipated. He later confided in us that he found Beth extremely attractive. Beth beamed at the compliment.

He then asked if we both enjoyed the day and the new revelations that it uncovered. I certainly had and Beth replied that she had enjoyed the day tremendously and felt closer to me than she had in years. He then made an offer to help us take our new relationship as far as we wanted. We sat arm in arm listening and answering his questions. We agreed to discuss it further the next time we were together.

Beth and I strolled around the village and then to the beach. A thin crescent of moon was just rising from the ocean. We kissed and she sat on my lap. I gently lifted her skirt and felt for her clitoris. I was amazed by what I felt. She wasn’t just wet. The viscous fluid coated her upper thighs and extended to her right knee.

She was embarrassed by my discovery and said, “I hope you aren’t upset that our conversation with Matt had this effect on me.”

I held her tightly and kissed her. I assured her that I was so very happy that she knew about and shared in my fantasy. I gently brought her to another orgasm while we sat watching the waves and the moon.

The next morning we awoke early and walked before breakfast. We were getting ready to go to the beach. Beth wore a two piece suit that wasn’t the least bit revealing. I was concerned that wild wife of yesterday had vanished in the night.

Beth smiled and hugged me. After a kiss she told me that she enjoyed yesterday very much. She also said that she was worried about the effect that this would have on our marriage. She could not stand the thought of that. She said that she enjoyed the fantasy and our frank discussion with Matt and Eileen, but that she wasn’t sure we should take it further.

“Last night I was even thinking of Matt as a sexual partner. That scares me Steve,” she admitted. “I was even intrigued as to Eileen’s interests,” she added. “That’s simply not like us.”

I listened carefully and then I agreed, “nothing should ever become so powerful that it threatens our relationship.”

She held me and said, “if we were to bring someone else into our bed, it could never be undone. We would have to live with the consequences.” “Last night I felt the desire to do things I swore I would never do,” she confessed.

“To be honest I was surprised when Matt’s predictions were so accurate. I enjoyed what it did for us yesterday and I want that to continue, but I just can’t see us taking it from fantasy to reality.” She was nearly in tears as she spoke.

I held her and said, “first and foremost I love you. No fantasy will ever change that. I apologize that my fantasy has caused your concern. We can forget it ever happened or keep it as our fantasy. I will be happy as long as you are my wife and lover.”

“How could you ever accept me having sex with another man,” she asked?

“I feel like sex with another man would be much like us using a vibrator during sex. If treated like an inanimate object, it could be fun and enhance our sex life. The only concern would be if you developed feelings for the object,” I explained.

She had never thought about it that way. She had never thought about using someone for sexual gratification. She smiled as she thought.

“Could you really watch me do the things we do together with another man,” she asked.

The bulge in my suit answered for me.

Beth reconsidered and donned a bikini. We strolled hand and hand to the beach and found the beach not yet busy. She set down her bag and book, looked at me, smiled and took off her top. I again felt a stirring and watched as she slipped off the panties and sat in the lounger. I followed suit and sat next to her before my erection became too obvious.

We enjoyed the sun and breeze while we talked. The other guests began arriving and making small talk as they passed by. After a few hours and a few umbrella drinks we went for a swim and then decided to visit the pool to rinse off the saltwater and have some lunch.

Matt and Eileen were at a table and asked that we join them. Matt and I were enjoying Beth’s assets and she was obviously aware of our attention. She wasn’t quite comfortable, but she didn’t protest. After lunch Eileen went to their room for a nap. We went to the pool with Matt and soon began another in depth conversation.

Matt began by asking about our fantasies. He asked Beth what she thought about during sex and when she climaxed. She was embarrassed but happy to participate. She said that nothing she thought about ever approached her husbands fantasies. Matt persisted and suggested several possible scenarios.

She had often thought about being induced to masturbate or have sex in front of a group of people. The thought of **** disgusted her, but if she were coerced in some way she could get very excited. She said that she didn’t ever want a huge penis. A boyfriend in college was very large and she had several painful encounters with him. She did admit that he was very long. She thought that sex with someone with a penis of large girth would be exciting and something she would consider.

Matt then began questioning me about my fantasies. I had always found the thought of a well endowed man having sex with Beth to be exciting. I had often fantasized about interracial sex for Beth, sometimes with more than one partner. I also had thought about her being the reluctant participant and agreed that coercing her into sex would be very exciting. We both agreed that homosexual and bisexual encounters held no appeal for us. I always was present for her flings and in some way held a measure of control.

Matt was smiling broadly as we finished our conversation. I felt certain that he would try and present himself to be the first for Beth. To be truthful I would have been fine with that and I think Beth would have made him a very happy man.

He asked us if we had talked about taking the fantasies to the next level or were we happy to enjoy them as mere fantasies. We remarked how we were talking of that very subject this morning. Beth was the first to speak and say that we thought we were ready to at least try to act on one of these thoughts. She admitted that we really didn’t know how to proceed. Matt smiled and said he thought he could help.

He told us that he and Eileen had followed a similar path several years ago and both were very happy that they had taken the next step. He said that finding the right partner and safe situation was very important because we would find ourselves in vulnerable circumstances and that many could try and take advantage of that. He implied that he and Eileen had suffered a few such experiences.

Matt then surprised us. He stated that he found Beth to be very sensual and that he had trouble controlling his own arousal. He said he felt drawn to Beth and to us as a couple and wanted to watch our relationship evolve. He felt that if he were to help us that we must develope a trust of each other. He said he felt that it would be in everyone’s best interest if he were not involved with us sexually, at least at first.

I was surprised at that. I was certain that what he wanted most was to bed my wife. He actually wanted to help steer us through the evolution of wife sharing. He left to join Eileen and we agreed to meet for dinner that evening.

Beth and I were so excited we decided to leave the pool and take a nap ourselves. As she slipped her panties back on I glimpsed the glistening evidence of her excitement. As we talked about the conversation and our admission to Matt that we were ready to have sex with someone outside our marriage, we barely made it to the room. We made love that was more intense than our first time. She came twice before we turned on the vibrator.

I watched as Beth dressed for dinner. She wore a sundress that reached her mid thigh and sandals. Nothing else. The sundress would have been risqué for her prior to our trip, but now she was wearing it with no bra or panties. She looked beautiful. I had been attracted to Beth because she was beautiful without trying. Little makeup and basic fabrics and she was hot. She added a gold necklace, bracelet and her wedding bands.

We strolled to dinner and found Matt and Eileen. We enjoyed a dinner of pasta and wine. Then to the lounge for more drinks and the conversation flowed from pleasantries to the more suggestive.

Finally Matt got to the point. He said that he had initially thought that a trip off the premises would be the best for our first time. He said that it was early in the week and people might notice strange behavior and began talking if we attempted to find a friend at the resort.

He and Eileen were discussing which of several nightspots would work the best when an old friend recognized Matt. Matt realized that he would be the perfect choice for our initial experience. He was a little older and actually had experience in similar relationships. Matt explained that he had befriended a couple he knew at another resort and all of them still kept in touch.

Alan he said was friendly, warm and discreet. He smiled and added that the word was that he was well hung…especially in girth. Beth wiggled in her seat.

“You mean he is at the resort,” I asked?

“Yes,” answered Matt. “We are due to join him at the piano bar in 15 minutes.”

“Tonight,” stammered Beth!

“Don’t feel rushed Beth,” Matt assured. “Eileen and I will be joining him for drinks and to catch up on old times. You can choose to go or not. If you choose to go, it would be like friends introducing a friend. After a nonthreatening evening you can decide whether you would like to proceed or not. The choice is yours.”

We looked at each other and then at Matt. He sensed our hesitation.

“Why don’t you spend some time here alone before you make your decision? If you decide to join us, make your way to the bar. If not we will see you at the pool tomorrow,” he stated with ease.

We smiled as they left. We then held hands and looked into each other’s eyes.

Beth spoke first. “I think this is happening too fast. We haven’t met this man and we are discussing his penis and me having sex with him.”

“That’s fine Beth,” I assured. “This did come up quickly and I was taken back too. However it would be a meeting without expectations.”

After a while I asked, “were you ready to have sex with Matt”?

Beth looked up and nodded.

“Do you think it is because you know Matt and enjoy his company,” I asked?

Beth just stared at me almost in disbelief that we were having this conversation.

“We were concerned that sharing you would endanger our relationship. Perhaps someone we don’t know would be better than someone we know and like. Remember, it’s only for our gratification,” I said as Beth nodded in agreement.

“Another thing Beth, Matt seems like he has our interest at heart. I expected him to try and take you first. I think we would have let him. He feels this is the better way. Maybe we should trust that feeling.”

We left the lounge and walked slowly to the piano bar. I held Beth’s hand and noted it was clammy. As we entered I reminded her that we could leave at anytime. We walked up to Matt, Eileen and Alan and were greeted warmly.

“Please join us,” Matt offered and introduced us to his friend Alan.

Alan was shorter and a little older than Matt. He had a welcoming smile and warm features. He shook Beth’s hand and we joined them for drinks. The conversation went haphazardly but did not include anything sexual. After a nice evening we parted and agreed to meet the next day. It all seemed so normal except that we were thinking of asking him to fuck my wife.

After leaving Beth remarked that he was as nice as Matt and that she had enjoyed the evening. We went to bed and cuddled.

I thought Beth was asleep, but then she asked, “are you really sure that you want to do this? Do you really want to watch me have sex with Alan or someone else?”

I thought for a long time before responding, “it excites me more than sex itself.”

We met up with Matt the next morning at the pool. He asked if we enjoyed our evening. After a few Bloody Mary’s we asked what we should do next.

Matt smiled and asked, “did you find Alan an acceptable partner?”

We didn’t know how to respond to such a strange question.

He looked at us and said, “the first time is very important. A misstep could ruin the encounter and ultimately the fantasy.”

“Have you decided to share Beth with another man,” he asked with a serious expression?

“We are certain that we are going to try,” I hedged. Beth nodded slowly.

“If you are certain that you want to proceed, I can help you with the encounter,” he said.

“How will we proceed,” I asked?

He raised his hand and said, “you must trust me with this.” “Remember, you can stop anytime you wish.”

We agreed to proceed under his tutelage. We were to meet for dinner at 8pm. We left the pool and returned to the room. We did not have sex and we were afraid to say much else.

Beth showered and dressed. She wore a summer dress that was anything but revealing. I noticed that she had a bra and panties on as well. As she was almost ready, she put on her necklace.

She then took off her wedding rings and started to place them in the safe. I stopped her and asked her to put them back on. She looked confused as I told her how very much I loved her and how I appreciated my wife doing this for me. She smiled, replaced the rings and gave me a hug and a kiss.

We met Matt for dinner. We were surprised that he was alone. As we ate, he explained that we were to return to his suite and Alan would meet us there.

He looked at Beth and said, “this is very important to your husband. You must do as he asks. He will ask you to do sexual things with another man. You are free to refuse but that will be the end of the encounter. Your husband will be very disappointed and I would no longer help you with your sexual adventures. “If you do as you are told, you will know passion and pleasure like you have never known before, and a powerful fantasy of your husbands will be fulfilled.”

As she was nodding her understanding he turned to me.

“This is something that you want your wife to do. It is for your pleasure that you are asking her to use another man for sex. You must tell her exactly what you want her to do. You may find that as she becomes aroused that she stops listening to your desires and becomes concerned only with satisfying herself.”

“This is the optimal result although it may be painful for you to watch. She may do things to him that you are not allowed to do. She may respond more explosively to him than she ever has to you. Trust me, you will attempt to reach this point the rest of your life. You must not stop her if she reaches this point. If you do she will never trust you again and I will not be able to help you any further.”

“Are you ready to proceed with the evening,” Matt asked?

I looked at Beth and she was nodding her willingness to proceed. Matt looked at me and said, “you are about to ask your wife to satisfy herself with another man. Are you willing to proceed?”

“Yes.” I replied.

He looked back to Beth. “Do you understand what is about to happen?”

“Yes I do,” she responded.

“I will meet you at my suite in 10 minutes. Please come to 1820 and wait by the door,” he instructed.

He left us alone and quiet. Time seemed to stop, but then it was time to find his suite. We walked slowly to the building and found the door. We waited by the door as instructed. We heard no sound from within.

Several minutes passed and nothing happened. We thought we had made a mistake. Suddenly the door opened and Matt instructed us to enter. Matt’s disposition had changed since we agreed to proceed.

Upon entering we found a large living area with a comfortable sofa. A dining area adjoined the room and beyond that was the bedroom. He did not offer to show us around, but asked us to have a seat. He went out on the patio and came back in with Alan and Eileen. Eileen sat on the arm of the sofa and Alan leaned against the bar.

“Is everything as we discussed,” Matt asked?

“Yes,” I replied

“Excellent! I have discussed your intentions with Alan and he is willing to proceed,” he continued.

“How would you like to start,” he asked as he joined Eileen on the couch?

“Do you have any music,” I asked?

He turned on the audio system and returned to his seat. A slow song played and I took Beth by the arm and began to dance with her in the center of the room. Halfway through the song I asked her to dance with Alan. She looked at me nervously and then turned to look at Alan standing at the bar. She let go of me as she turned back to look into my eyes. She turned and walked slowly to Alan.

They began to dance. Beth appeared awkward at first, but then began to dance closer and placed her arms around Alan’s neck. Alan was the perfect gentleman and danced closely, but made no inappropriate motions.

After the song ended they both looked back at me. I now felt nervous and awkward.

“Please continue to dance,” I pleaded. I noticed my voice crackling.

They began dancing again and I noticed Beth grin a little as she realized that I was nervous as well.

“I would like for you to kiss Alan too Beth.”

Beth looked at me in disbelief. I nodded slightly and she turned back to Alan. She looked down and then she looked into his eyes and kissed him. She continued dancing although I was certain that she was trembling too. She continued to kiss him as they danced another song. The kisses and became more open and passionate. They embraced each other tightly.

When the song ended, Beth looked back to me. She had an uncertain expression. I walked to her and held her close. The music continued, but we didn’t dance.

“Are you OK,” I asked?

“I think so,” she replied sheepishly.

I knew that we were in foreign territory. I was trembling and finding it difficult to talk. My wife was staring into my eyes. I could tell that she was trying to comprehend my emotions. Whether she should continue or stop. I was very excited and wanted to continue. I wasn’t certain how Beth felt or if she would take this much further.

“I am scared Steve,” she admitted.

“So am I Beth. I am also excited. I can’t believe this is happening. I really want watch you do more. Are you OK with that?”

Beth swallowed very hard. She looked at Alan and shook her head a little.

“I just don’t know what you want me to do Steve. I want to make you happy. I want to make your fantasy come true. I just don’t know what you want me to do.”

I smiled at Beth and gave her a deep kiss. We hugged for a long time. She leaned back a little and looked at me again. I reached around and found the zipper of her dress. She shook her head as she stared at me in disbelief.

“You are really going through with this aren’t you,” she said.

“I really want this to happen Beth,” I sighed.

I continued to lower her zipper. The dress followed and soon it was in a heap at her feet. My wife didn’t move for a while. She kept staring at me and I could tell she was trying to decide if she would continue.

I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. I released it from her shoulders and pulled it over her arms. I tossed it over the barstool. Beth made no effort to cover herself or to hide her breasts by pressing closer to me. I was surprised that she didn’t. I started to slip my hands down to her panties. She met my hands and stopped me.

“Not just yet Steve,” she said pleadingly. “Give me a little time.”

I looked at Alan and he was intently watching our interaction. I kissed Beth again and slowly turned her around until she was facing Alan. I gently nudged her forward two steps until she was face to face with Alan. I leaned forward and kissed her ear,

“I would like for you to give yourself to Alan,” I whispered.

I felt her take a deep breath. Beth reached around Alan’s neck and pressed her breasts into his chest. She kissed him deeply. Alan became more at ease and began to become more involved. He began to fondle her breasts and caress her nipples as they kissed. Beth broke off the kiss and Alan lowered his head to her chest. He kissed her areola and sucked in her nipple. As he came off I could see that it was glistening and rock hard.

Beth began to lose her rigidity and allow easier access to Alan. She glanced at me to as if to ask for direction. I smiled a nervous smile. I was aware of my erection and it was becoming uncomfortable.

“I would like to watch you undress Alan,” I said quivering.

She looked at Alan and pulled his Polo shirt out of his slacks. He helped her as she guided it over his head. She began to fumble with his belt and he assisted her again. Once his belt was undone and his slacks unzipped she hesitated. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed their bare chests together. I knew that this excited her and I heard a little moan escape from her lips.

Alan was well muscled and had a rather hairy chest. He was rubbing her back and it was easy to see that he was enjoying this and becoming excited.

Beth released him and resumed the task of undressing Alan. She lowered his slacks. He kicked off his loafers as he stepped out of the slacks. He stood before her in his briefs. He reached for her panties, but she pulled away shaking her head.

“Not yet,” she breathed with a smile.

Beth looked back at me again and smiled.

“Please keep going,” I moaned

Beth reached for the waistband and pulled it lower in front. As she did this, she reached inside and felt for his penis.

“Oh My,” she purred

She lowered his briefs and he stepped out of them. He now stood nude before her. Beth released his penis and looked at it carefully. She encircled it at the base and slowly stroked it toward the head. Alan rose to his toes and moaned as she did this.

“Did I hurt you,” she asked with a knowing look in her eyes?

“Oh No,” Alan blurted.

Beth continued to slowly stroke his cock. She began to fondle his balls with the other hand and Alan began to look uncomfortable. Occasionally she would press against his perineum. Alan rolled his eyes and looked at the ceiling. I knew exactly how he felt as I had experienced her experienced hands many times before.

Beth looked over to me. She was smiling this time.

“I don’t think our friend can take this much longer honey. I need to know what you want me to do.” Beth was becoming more at ease now.

“I always love it when you go down on me Beth.” I felt a lump in my throat as I spoke the words.

“Are you sure about this hun? I don’t think he will last very long,” she cooed as she continued to stroke him.

“Oh Please,” I nodded.

Beth turned back to Alan and led him to a barstool. She lifted him by his penis and guided him onto the seat. He sat on the stool and scooted forward. She spread his legs at the knees and lowered herself before him. She looked back at me standing behind her now.

“You better come here or you might miss this part,” she directed.

My wife turned her full attention to Alan’s cock and balls. She stroked him slowly toward the head and then she reversed direction and lowered her mouth to the head. As her hand pushed forward, her mouth engulfed the head. She released him with her mouth and pulled back exposing saliva and his precum.

“MMMM,” she moaned.

“Oh My God,” he returned.

She began to suck him in earnest. She started slowly and gradually picked up the pace. Beth’s mouth is amazing, but her hands are equally talented. She began to jack him off and bob up and down simultaneously on his cock. Her other hand was massaging his scrotum and perineum.

Alan’s cock was glistening. He was certainly thicker than me, but just as long. Beth’s lips were stretched around his cock tightly.

Alan began to buck against her. He placed his feet on the ring at the base of the stool and one hand on the bar for support. He grabbed the back of her head with the other. My wife was treating his cock like a piston now. Her hand was a blur and her mouth wasn’t far behind.

Alan began to moan loudly. He announced he was about to cum. I wanted to see more. I didn’t want this to end yet. Beth obviously had others ideas as she continued to pick up the pace.

Alan began to climax into Beth’s mouth. She held on as he bucked wildly. He was moaning and mumbling. As he came, Beth moaned and screamed around his cock. She tried to take it all, but she gagged slightly and a glob of his semen flooded out and dripped onto her right nipple and then to her knee.

Matt finally calmed down. Beth slowed, but didn’t stop nursing his penis.

“Oh My Gawd that was great!” Alan tried to sit up but Beth continued to suck his cock slowly and deeply into her mouth. She moaned as he pulled away.

Beth finally released his penis, and sat on her heels. She looked down at the floor. I moved to her side and held her by the shoulders.

“Thank you Beth. I love you,” I whispered.

She glanced at me and I saw the remains of Alan’s climax all over her face. Beth looked so sexy. She rose and went to the toilet. There was an uneasy silence. What do you say to the guy that just received a blowjob from your wife or the couple that witnessed it?

Eileen fixed some drinks. As Beth emerged she looked a little shaken.

“Are you OK Steve? Are you happy,” she asked?

“Oh Yes Beth. That was so erotic.”

“What do we do now? Are you ready to leave,” she asked.

“That’s up to you Beth. I don’t think we are quite done yet,” I said.

She took a big gulp of her drink and we sat on the couch together.

Alan left for the toilet. Amazingly he was still sporting an erection. Beth and I looked at each other and grinned.

“I don’t think he’s done yet. That’s for sure,” she said with a chuckle.

After we had finished our drinks, I asked Matt and Eileen if we could use the guest bedroom. They smiled and led the way. Beth and I entered behind them. I pulled down the bed and Beth laid on the bed.

“I want to go down on you Beth,” I said as I hovered over her.

I reached for her panties and this time she let me remove them. As I pulled them away from her a thick string of crystal clear mucous stretched from the panties and fell to her leg. I opened her legs and looked at her vulva. My wife was so wet and lubricated, it took all the restraint I could muster not to have sex with her.

I leaned over and began to lick and suck at her labia. She began to moan and rock her hips. I probed her with my tongue and entered her for the first time. She was so wet and excited I could tell it would not take her long. I found her clitoris and began to lick and suck it. Beth climaxed almost immediately. She had never came that fast as long as I had known her. I struggled to stay with her as she rocked her pelvis with the orgasm. I continued to gently caress her clitoris with my tongue as she came down from her climax.

I glanced around the room and noticed Matt, Eileen and Alan at the head of the bed, just beyond Beth’s field of vision. Alan was still nude and Eileen was stroking his erect penis. She was dividing her attention between Alan and us. As I continued to stimulate Beth’s clitoris, I noticed Matt bend over and recover Beth’s panties. He examined them carefully before putting them into his pocket.

Alan moved next to Beth at the side of the bed. Eileen released his penis and touched Beth on the shoulder. Beth was startled from her post orgasmic haze. She smiled when she saw Eileen and then realized Alan was next to her. She moaned and reached for his erect cock as I continued to go down on her.

I watched my wife fondle and stroke Alan as I stimulated her orally. I felt like I could almost climax with just the stimulation from the sheets beneath me. Beth became aroused again and she was soon guiding my efforts with a hand behind my head. She never released Alan’s penis, but she would stop stroking him at times. Then she would realize what was happening and firmly pull his penis or massage his scrotum.

Alan was fully erect again. I was amazed at the size of his penis. He appeared as thick as a beer bottle. Beth could not close her hand around it. She began to respond to me by grinding her pubis into me. She was writhing in bed and moaning. Alan was getting excited and edged closer to the side of the bed. Eileen gently raised Beth’s head and guided her toward Alan. Alan smiled and placed his upper knee on the bed next to my wife’s head.

Beth opened her eyes and realized what they had in mind. She moved her torso toward Alan and guided the head of his cock into her mouth. She stroked him slowly and sucked the end of his penis. Eileen was gently rubbing the back of Beth’s head and watching us intently. Alan began to moan loudly and Beth reacted predictably. Beth often goes over the top when I climax. She will begin to climax almost immediately.

As Alan continued to moan loudly and guide her head with his hand, Beth began a massive orgasm. She pulled my face into her tightly and rocked her pelvis so that her clitoris was at the center of my attention. She was screaming and moaning around the end of Alan’s cock. She started to suck and pull his dick with abandon as she climaxed. The orgasm lasted longer than I had ever witnessed. It didn’t end quickly like usual, but lingered and slowly dissipated.

I continued to gently suckle her labia and clitoris until she begged me to quick.

“Oh My! Stop, Stop! It’s too sensitive,” she begged.

I stopped and watched as she came down from her peak. She was still fondling Alan.

“That was so intense,” she squealed as she rolled to her side and brought her knees up and together. “I can’t take it anymore.”

She scanned the room and realized that Matt and Eileen were still present. She looked at me, now kneeling at her feet, and at Alan to her right. Alan and I had very erect penises. I was about to burst I was so excited. I lay beside her and held her. She turned to me and smiled. We kissed.

“Are you happy that your little fantasy is coming true dear,” she asked with a wide eyed grin?

“It’s incredible Beth,” I answered.

She looked over to Alan who had joined Matt and Eileen. She returned her gaze to me and widened her eyes.

“Do you want to stop here or do you want me to screw him,” she asked bluntly?

I was taken back. I had never heard my wife use the phrase before. Then again it should not have surprised me in light of the changes that had taken place that night.

“Well,” she continued.

“I would like to see you take him inside of you Beth. I love you and I love what you have done for me tonight, but I want to see you climax with him inside of you.” I was almost shaking as I spoke.

She smiled thoughtfully. She reached for me and held my penis.

“You really like this don’t you Steve,” she asked as she began to stroke me?

“Oh please be careful,” I begged. “I’ll come too quickly if you don’t stop.”

“Don’t you want to cum honey,” she giggled?

“No, not yet,” I said with urgency. “I want to wait until later”

“How much later sweety,” she continued?

“Later,” I said.

“You want to watch some more don’t you,” she cooed as she brought me to the edge?

“Yes, Yes I do!” I was squirming as I answered.

“What do you want me to do hubby,” she asked as she pulled me firmly and almost took me past the point of no return?

I moaned. I was fixated on my impending orgasm. I didn’t know if I could hold out any longer.

“You got to tell me what you want, or I might do the wrong thing,” she squeezed me for emphasis.

I couldn’t speak. My head was throbbing…both of them.

“Do you want me to fuck Alan,” she demanded?

“Steve, you’ve got to talk to me babe. What do you want me to do for you,” she repeated as she became more forceful. She placed her other hand behind my head and looked into my eyes as she continued.

She again brought me to the edge and let me slide back.

“I want to watch you and Alan have sex Beth. I want to watch you fuck. I want to watch you lose control and cum on his penis.” I was almost incoherent with lust.

“OK Steve,” she said as she released my penis and gave my scrotum a little pat. “That’s what we’ll do then.”

She was grinning broadly as she rolled over and held her hand out to Alan. Alan approached her on the bed and tried to roll her onto her back. Beth resisted.

“Hold on tiger,” she said still grinning. “I’m going to take that big boy my way, OK.”

Alan nodded. Beth got up and patted his ass. She motioned toward the bed and he complied. He laid down on his back next to me where Beth had just been. I immediately felt awkward and started to get out of the bed.

“Hold on dear,” Beth said as she stopped me. “I want you to enjoy this.”

I kneeled on the opposite side of Alan as Beth climbed onto the bed, kneeling on the other side. She placed her hand around his thick penis and stroked him a few times before looking at me and winking with a sly smile.

“Just lay back and relax while I use this thing,” she was beaming.

She then lifted her right leg and placed it over his hips. She was straddling him now. She never released his penis and it almost appeared as if she were using a pommel to mount a horse. She held his penis against her vulva as she rocked back and forth. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“I hope you enjoy this as much as I will darling,” she said looking at me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My wife was going to do it. She was rubbing herself against her cock. Alan held still, but he was smiling broadly.

Beth looked at me for a moment. I knew she was thinking, considering her options.

“Do you want him inside of me Steve,” she asked?

Oh Yes, I pleaded!

“I want you to put him inside of me then,” she demanded.

“What,” I said in disbelief!

“I want you to hold him and place him in my vagina so that I can lower myself onto him,” she explained.

“Why,” I begged at this sudden change in plans. This wasn’t part of my fantasy.

“Because I am asking you to,” she snapped. “Look. I have done so much for you this week. I want you to grab his cock and hold it next to me so I can fuck him.”

I was amazed at my brazen wife. My mouth was dry and I was nervous. I looked at his penis in front of her. I reached over and held it upright. Beth smiled and raised herself up. I have examined countless men, but the feeling was awkward and erotic at the same time. Beth leaned forward and kissed me. She placed her arms around my neck and stabilized herself. She held me tight and then broke the kiss.

“Put him inside of me,” she whispered.

I kissed her again and she extended me her tongue. I placed the head of his penis at her opening and slid it back and forth a few times. She sounded very wet and she moaned into my mouth. I placed it at the opening of her vagina.

“He’s there,” I said.

Beth let out a sigh and began to lower herself onto his penis. She kept her arms tightly around my neck and she kept kissing me very deeply. She stopped after a short descent and raised up slightly. She moaned and repeated the maneuver, this time a little deeper.

Finally I felt Beth reach bottom and heard her let out a low moan. She released me and placed her hands on Alan’s chest and began to slowly raise up and then slide back and grind her clitoris against his pubis. My wife began to move a little faster.

“Oh my gawd Steve, he feels like he’s turning me inside out,” she moaned with a heavy sigh!

I moved to the end of the bed and looked at her. It was an amazing sight. Her vaginal opening was stretching to accept his penis. As she withdrew, the opening would almost evert and follow his penis out.

She began moving more rapidly. Beth dropped her head and then began to grind against him without rising. I knew she was about to cum. She loved the feel of a penis deep inside her while grinding her clitoris against the base. She began to moan and threw her head back and forth. Her face became engorged with blood and her expression was distant. She was climaxing on him. She was doing it for me.

Beth finally slowed and collapsed onto his chest. She began to stroke his penis again with her vagina. Alan was still aroused. He rolled her to her back and got between her legs. Once again his cock entered her and she responded by thrusting upward to meet him.

Alan began to fuck her with an intensity I have never felt. It was like he was attacking her pussy. He was lost in his thoughts. Beth was enjoying this, and had her hands on his ass and her knees next to her head. She was letting out little squeals as he continued to piston her. He began to grunt and bellow that he was going to cum. With that Beth began screaming that she too was cuming.

Alan collapsed onto Beth and they were breathing heavily. I felt Matt and Eileen leave the room. I stood by the bed and watched for a long time. Beth looked over Alan’s shoulder and then moved slightly. Alan must have sensed our silent communication as he slipped to the side to allow my wife to move out from under him. Beth looked at me as though I might be upset, but I gave her a loving smile. I collected her clothes and handed them to her and she dressed. As we left I thanked Matt and Eileen and we returned to our room.

On the way back, Beth asked if I still enjoyed my fantasy. I kissed her and told her that she had just given me the most erotic night of my life. I asked if she was OK and she said, “yes, just a little sore.” We walked hand in hand to the room.

We undressed and got into bed. Beth hugged me and placed her head on my chest.

“You look tense Steve. Could you use a little release, she cooed into my ear.

“It won’t take much,” I warned her with a grin.

She smiled a wicked smile grabbed my penis and began jacking me fast and furiously.

As I began to orgasm, she got next to my ear and asked, “did you see the size of his cock?”

I have never came so hard in my life. I made a huge mess of my chest and her hand.

“My, weren’t we excited,” she chuckled as she examined the mess.

We held each other tightly and drifted toward sleep.

“What do you have planned for our last four days,” Beth asked?

“I have a couple of ideas,” I said with a grin.


I awoke late the next morning to find Beth in the shower. She was getting out as I entered the bathroom and greeted me with a tentative look in her eyes. She looked even more beautiful now than before.

“Did you get off last night as much as I did,” I asked with a grin?

She let out a sigh of relief and said, “Oh God yes! I was so turned on that I worried that I upset you.”

“You were fantastic Beth, but I’ll bet that Alan had a better time than either of us,” I said

“I really doubt it,” she said as she turned her head a little and winked at me.

We went to the pool after breakfast. I wasn’t sure how to react when we saw Matt and Eileen. They waved us over. I looked at Beth and caught her blushing intensely when she made eye contact with our friends.

“How did you two sleep last night,” asked Eileen?

“We did just fine,” I answered.

Beth was still blushing and looked nervously my way as I answered.

“Eileen and I enjoyed the evening immensely,” Matt said with a beaming smile.

“It was better than we could have imagined,” Eileen added while patting Beth on the knee. “It was so much better than our first time. Thank you for allowing us to be there.”

Beth looked like a deer in the headlights. She was obviously uncomfortable with such an intimate conversation so soon after last night.

I apologized and said “Beth and I haven’t discussed the details of last night yet.”

Matt looked at us for a long while and then with a serious look he said, “you two need to talk about this soon. Last night was a sudden change in your relationship. You both wanted the events to happen, and I’ll bet that you both are still tremendously excited about it. You need to let each other know how you feel.”

I interrupted and said, “we have talked about it Matt. Just not enough that we feel comfortable talking about it with others yet.”

“Oh,” Matt said with a frown. “I was hoping that Eileen and I could help you overcome some of the awkward emotions that can arise after a evening like we all shared.”

“Is Alan staying at the resort,” Beth finally mustered the courage to ask?

Matt smiled. “No Beth, Alan was a guest of ours yesterday. He lives nearby but he will not be visiting the rest of the week.”

I wasn’t sure if Beth was disappointed or relieved as she looked away at the horizon. Matt finally broke the silence and asked if we had enjoyed the evening’s adventures. We both nodded and I said that it was almost overwhelming. Slowly we began to talk about what had happened and how we felt about it. I told them how I had felt uncomfortable directing their actions early on. I also admitted that I enjoyed it when things began to happen spontaneously.

Beth listened carefully and said that it was helpful to have me as an icebreaker. She knew that I was OK with what was happening since I was asking her to go further. She added that she just lost control after awhile and forgot that they had an audience. After they had finished she felt a small burst of humiliation that didn’t subside until we returned to the room.

I then brought up that I felt that Matt had changed during the course of the evening. Gone was our friend and confidant. A much more aggressive and uncaring person had evolved.

Matt had listened and nodded understanding. He smiled and reached for our hands before speaking. “We all changed roles last night guys. After we had learned of your fantasies and desires, Eileen and I planned last night’s adventure.”

Over the next half hour we heard how he had taken everything in to consideration. My need for control and to share Beth with another. He also realized that I wanted Beth to enjoy herself and even take control back. He considered Beth’s need for coercion. He was delighted when Beth responded so very well and lost herself completely in passion.

Matt admitted that Eileen had recommended Alan. She had known him for some time and felt that he best met our requirements, physically and otherwise. Eileen added that Alan had asked to see Beth again before we left the island. Beth looked up at her and smiled.

“I was so scared that I would run into him sometime this week,” Beth blurted out with a sigh of relief. She then grinned and added, “he was quite the gentleman Eileen.”

Matt looked at me and asked if I had any feelings of jealousy. I admitted that I did but that I found it intensely exciting. He was relieved and said that if I didn’t admit I was at least a little jealous, I was either lying or not in love with my wife.

Matt then posed the big question. “Was once enough or do you wish to continue?”

Beth and I looked at each other in astonishment. We had not considered that yet.

Matt sensed our unease. “Some couples can have this adventure and that is enough forever. Others will repeat it rarely and only as circumstances permit. Others, once introduced, can’t hardly wait until the next encounter. It’s up to the two of you to decide.”

“Well, it’s not something we can do at home,” Beth thought out loud.

I agreed and admitted that had we not been on vacation, last night would have never happened.

“Can you imagine if our friends and family knew about last night,” Beth asked with a wide-eyed grin?

There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

“Will Alan be coming back to the resort this week,” Beth finally asked?

Matt got very serious and sat forward as he spoke. “Beth, I know that you would feel more comfortable with Alan or someone else that you had previously been intimate with, but that would not be in your best interest. I would advise against asking Alan to join the two of you for the immediate future. It would be very easy for you to become enamored with Alan or any other sexual partner. That is something you want to avoid. Eileen and I have learned this the hard way.”

We saw Eileen nod and look at Matt after this statement. Girls are taught at an early age that sex and love are bonded together. Where the body goes, so goes the heart. The comfort that you would feel for Alan could result in what you feared most, a rift in your marriage. As difficult as it sounds, the best way to continue is to meet and enjoy strangers in a safe environment.

Beth appeared stunned. How would she ever repeat last night. It took every ounce of courage and determination to bring herself to meet and undress in front of a perfect stranger. Beth and I held hands and listened as Matt and Eileen told us of their first adventures.

Beth was the first to ask the obvious question. “What should we do next?

Matt smiled at us and suggested that we accompany them to a club that they often visit.

“A Jamaican swingers club,” I frowned?

I had heard enough about Jamaica that I was reluctant to leave the resort. Poverty and endemic diseases were rampant in Jamaica. Sexually transmitted diseases were common, especially the deadly HIV and Hepatitis.

Matt smiled and assured me that they would never visit just any old Jamaican club. “There is widespread poverty in Jamaica Steve, however there is also phenomenal wealth here. Investment bankers and their institutions are common here for many reasons. Jamaica is considered a tax haven for investors. Off shore accounts are common for those with legal problems at home. All in all it provides for an interesting mix of characters.”

“Many Americans, Europeans and even some from Latin America find themselves assigned or retired to Jamaica for a while. These people are away from home and eventually, as with you, they want to enjoy themselves. A few finer clubs have emerged to cater to this crowd. That is what I am talking about.”

“I can assure you that no one in this group is willing to take a chance on the diseases that you have mentioned. As you know, these diseases are common in the islands. These clubs are open only to discerning people by invitation only. Any locals that are invited or employed by the clubs are subjected to rigorous and regular examinations. As much as you can relax and be at ease anywhere, you can at these places.” Matt sat back and took a drink as he watched our faces for reaction.

“What kind of clubs are you talking about,” Beth asked “What kind of things could we expect?”

“Several different clubs are available Beth,” Matt explained. “There is a swingers club much like you would find at home. Another caters to the islands gay crowd. Our favorite is The Encounter.”

“The Encounter is a club that defies simple description. It is certainly a place where people go to engage in sex with others, or to watch others have sex, or to have sex with your partner while others watch you. In that sense it is a swingers club. It also has a number of theme rooms and it can accommodate just about any fantasy that has ever been enjoyed. The club employs individuals to assist in the theme rooms.”

Beth and I were in shock. We had never heard of such a place and we weren’t sure that it would be legal.

Matt grinned and anticipated our reaction. “When a group of affluent individuals decide to enjoy themselves in a country with such abject poverty, who do you suspect would object? The local constabulary and judicial system are compensated very well to insure that the premises are safe and private. Otherwise they are very happy to leave them alone.”

Beth was becoming very interested in this conversation and that made me even more excited.

“What kind of theme rooms are there,” she asked?

“There are many that you will find interesting,” Eileen interrupted. She explained that on main floor was a large lounge surrounded by an open central area and several rooms. Some rooms were private and small. Others were quite large. Some had windows for observation.

As Eileen continued her description, I noticed that Beth was hanging on every word.

“Upstairs are the theme areas. There are areas for those who enjoy bondage. Another area is for those who enjoy submission and slavery. One area is specifically designed for interracial play. It’s called the jungle room and has a zebra over the entrance. There are areas made to look like schools and hospitals. There is even a strip club for those who want to show off a little.”

“How many are there,” Beth asked.

“Depends on the night and the season. High season like this usually brings in 100 or 150,” Matt said.

I was amazed. “There are that many investment bankers in Jamaica,” I asked?

Matt smiled and assured me that The Encounter was well known throughout the Caribbean.

“People fly in from near and far to experience the encounter,” he said with a grin.

“What does it cost,” I asked?

Matt smiled and informed me that when you come as a guest of a member, only a nominal fee is needed to cover food drinks and essentials. He assured me that this would not be a problem.

“Would you consider bringing us,” Beth asked?

Matt and Eileen looked at each other and laughed. Eileen said that she had already called to tell them that we would be arriving that night. I took a deep breath and looked at Beth. She was shaking her head in disbelief.

“How did you know that we would agree to come,” she asked?

“Just had a hunch,” Matt giggled. “Let’s plan on going early so that you can get a tour before the rest of the crowd gets there. We’ll leave just after dinner. I’ll have a car waiting at 7:00pm.”

I left to use the restroom and Matt followed.

“You OK with this,” he asked?

“I think so Matt. I’m not sure what we are getting into really. We are trusting your judgment.” I was looking carefully into his eyes as I spoke.

“You know you can always leave if you get uncomfortable,” Matt added.

I smiled at the reassurance. Matt reached into his trunks and pulled out a plastic bag.

“Here,” he said. “I know you are the doctor but I think you will appreciate this tonight.”

I looked at the bag and immediately recognized the contents.

“Viagra? I really don’t need this Matt. To be honest, lately I have had trouble trying to hide my erection. With everything that’s happened I don’t think I’ll need these.”

Matt looked at me and shook his head. “You will appreciate the effects later. Steve, you will see a lot of new and exciting things tonight. Beth will too and she will want for you to enjoy them with her. It will be erotic. It will also be stressful at times. It will be more fun if you can get it up several times tonight. You want to quit because you are sore, not because you have erectile dysfunction. Take it from a friend Steve,…it’s safe and you will thank me later.”

“I know it’s safe Matt. I prescribe it every day. I just didn’t think I would need it for awhile.”

He smiled and recommended that I take it just after dinner. We finished our business and rejoined the ladies. Matt and Eileen soon left to do some shopping and left Beth and me to ourselves.

“Can you believe this has happened so quickly,” I asked? “When we got here I got off watching remove your suit in public. Now I have hardly noticed that you have been nude the entire morning.”

“What do you think about tonight,” Beth asked? I could tell that she was worried about my response.

“Sounds like an adventure,” I grinned.

“Are you sure about this,” she asked in a serious tone?

“After last night I feel closer to you than ever. If we don’t like it we can come home,” I said with certainty. I was certain that Beth wanted to visit the club. I felt she was giving me a chance to reconsider.

We spent the entire afternoon at the pool except for a short walk along the beach.

“What part of the club do you want to try,” she asked.

“I’m not sure. Guess we’ll have to try them all,” I said teasingly.

“Any part catch your fancy,” I asked.

“It all sounds naughty,” Beth grinned.

We showered and prepared for dinner. I enjoyed watching Beth as she got ready. I imagined Alan at her breasts and wondered who would be there tonight. When it was time to dress, Beth put on a strapless dress that stopped about four inches below her labia. Her vulva was in plainly visible as I bent over to grab my shoes. She slipped on a pair of sandals and announced that she was ready.

I had mixed emotions. I never thought I would see the day that she would beat me getting ready. Then again she only had a dress and sandals on.

“Packing light tonight,” I said with a smile.

“Eileen old me to take only what was necessary because it will be less to keep track of later,” she admitted with an intense blush.

“Eileen will be very proud of you tonight,” I grinned.

We met with Matt and Eileen for dinner. Matt stared at Beth for a lingering moment.

“Do I look alright,” she asked.

“You will be the belle of the ball my dear,” Matt said reassuringly.

After dinner we made our way to the car and Matt drove us into the mountains. After about 30 minutes we approached what appeared to be a large stone building. It looked much like a clubhouse for a country club. We were escorted to the door by our hosts and greeted by our first names. Upon entering it appeared to be an empty lounge. We were given a drink and then followed Matt and Eileen for the tour.

We spent little time on the main floor. A large dance floor had a large ottoman in the center. The dance floor was surrounded by several doors. They looked like bathrooms until I realized that there were at least ten of them. Some had windows and some of these had cushioned benches in front of them. We looked into a couple of the rooms.

Matt showed ushered us into a group room. A large king bed was in the center and four smaller beds were along the walls. The nightstand was full of condoms and lubricant. The windows had blinds and these were controlled from the inside. Matt explained that a group would use this room. He explained that if the door was open, newcomers were free to join. He showed us a couple’s room that was much smaller and had a twin bed. A large window allowed an excellent view to those wanting to observe. Only a sheer curtain was available to close if some privacy were desired. He smiled and suggested that we should try this room at sometime in the evening. “We all enjoy putting on a little show don’t we.”

He had us stand inside the room and turned on the light. After shutting the door we looked out the window and realized that we couldn’t see out. I walked outside and looked in and Beth was clearly visible. Matt explained that it was a nonthreatening way to expose yourself. I decided to remember that room.

We ascended to the second floor on a steep circular staircase. Matt followed us with a broad smile on his face. I smiled too when I remembered the way Beth was dressed and the view with which she was treating him.

We entered the dungeon and met up with Eileen. She was talking with a couple. Several restraint devices were in view. I grinned at Beth and she rolled her eyes at me and smiled. Around the corner was an area devoted to slavery. A podium was in a corner with a post in the center. Manacles were attached to the post. I wasn’t certain if it was for punishment or pleasure. We walked through a room with a jungle motif as well as another with a desert décor. Next to this was an area made up convincingly like a jail. There were cells and a group dining area except that the tables had chains and padded tops. On one wall was a cobweb of chains with other chains and cuffs attached to them.

This was certainly an unusual club. We were greeted by an attractive dark skinned lady who spoke with a lovely Jamaican accent. She was dressed in a navy business suit and high heels. She invited us to join her. Matt explained that she would explain the rules of the club. We were taken to a small office and offered drinks. As she left to get them I looked at Beth and noticed she was flushed.

“Are you OK,” I asked?

“Yeah, just in a whirl,” she sighed.

I noticed her dress had inched up a little in her distraction. I gently felt under her short dress and found a very excited girl. I looked at my fingers and saw the evidence of her excitement.

“Well can you blame me,” Beth blurted out squirming in her seat when she realized what I was doing? “Didn’t that stuff get you excited?” She was blushing deeply.

Before I could reply, our host returned with the drinks and joined us. She got a full view of Beth’s excitement. She looked at Beth and smiled demurely.

She said that she was sure that we would have a wonderfully erotic visit at The Encounter tonight. She had just reviewed the guest list and recognized some of her favorites that were going to be there tonight.

She reviewed the rules of The Encounter. Many we expected. No means no. If someone requested that you use safe sex practices, you must oblige. Rudeness, lack of respect and v******e were prohibited. Others we had not thought about. She advised that we were guests of the club and that we were invited to make application to join if we desired. She added solemnly that it was a very selective club and warned us not to expect automatic acceptance. Otherwise we would not be welcome unless we came as guests of a member. No photography is allowed except by the clubs official photographer. She assured us that all photos would be kept in the clubs archives and never shared or published. She went on to advise us that we were not to mention anyone or any activities seen here. She sternly warned us that discretion is mandatory. Any breach of this would be result in lifetime banishment from the club. She then excused herself and wished us a wonderful evening.

Beth and I returned to the main floor and wandered through the large dance area. We sipped our drinks and searched for our hosts. More and more people were arriving. It was as diverse a group as I had ever seen. Young and old. Subtle and extravagant. Dark and light. Tall and short. Fat and thin. Ugly and drop dead gorgeous.. You could find just about anything you wanted. Beth was scanning the crowd too. We chatted with several of the members. We exchanged first names only and spoke in general terms. Everyone was friendly. We had several drinks and enjoyed listening to the conversations. It seemed just like a normal social event except we knew better.

Beth nudged me and pointed to the stairs. We walked up the spiral stairs and entered the theme park. There were more people in this area and they were far more active. Everyone was still dressed but several couples were swaying to the music and kissing. We wandered around and found Eileen in the bondage room. She was talking to a tall man with a leather suit and a crop. She introduced us to Master Paul. Beth giggled as he gave her a hug. She had just enough to drink to enjoy herself.

“This is just like a big Halloween party,” she whispered in my ear.

I nodded in agreement but added, “that will certainly change in a while.”

“Are you enjoying yourselves,” Eileen asked?

“We certainly are,” Beth said with a laugh!

“Have you found anything that has caught your fancy yet,” Eileen asked raising her eyebrows suggestively?

“I have seen a lot that’s tickled my fancy,” Beth giggled. Eileen just smiled and listened. “My husband wants to bed me behind a one-way mirror with who knows who watching. I think he wants to chain me to the wall in the jail too. Lord only knows what he’ll do then. I think Master Paul is cute.”

Eileen looked down her nose and warned us to avoid Master Paul for a while. She then smiled broadly and said, just k**ding. “He’s mine you know.”

Eileen told us about a slave auction that was to start in a few minutes. We listened in amazement. She explained that a member will volunteer to be a slave to be auctioned for the evening. The proceeds were to go for some worthy cause.

“What does she have to do all evening,” Beth asked?

“Well, whatever the person who purchased her desires,” Eileen said with a grin.

We watched the auction with a crowd of onlookers. A beautiful lady of about 40 was led to the podium and placed in manacles so that her wrists were just over her head. She was dressed in a loose white dress.

“This is Cindy,” the auctioneer announced. “What am I bid for her?”

“What can she do,” someone yelled from the back? The auctioneer asked her owner to approach the podium.

“Can you speak to her attributes sir?”

“She is a handsome girl…a handful for me. She cleans and cooks. She is lovely and is always willing to please her owner. She will take you in her mouth, vagina or anus. She is especially talented at the oral pleasures. She often appears to climax during sex, but you can never tell with slaves.”

The auctioneer thanked him and once again asked for bids.

“Let’s see what we are biding on,” another man yelled. The lady looked truly frightened and scanned the crowd hopefully.

“Very well,” said the auctioneer. He removed the dress by loosening the belt and slipping the gown to her feet. The lady was nude and tried to hide herself, but it was impossible.

The bidding started and quickly went to $1500. Bidding seemed to stall. Another voice called out asking to see her ass and pussy. The auctioneer forced the embarrassed lady to expose herself.

“That’s a lot of money,” another man yelled. “Can we see her perform?” The auctioneer looked at the owner and he nodded approval.

The auctioneer asked his assistant to approach the podium. He unchained the trembling lady and handed the chains to his assistant. He lowered his trousers and presented his cock to the slave and ordered her to please him. She knelt in front of him and gently reached for his penis. She swallowed him and began to rapidly stroke and suck him until he was moaning. She raised her head and kept stroking him.

“Am I pleasing you sir,” she asked?

“Keep sucking slave,” he demanded.

She went back to work, her hands and head a blur of activity. Finally he pulled away. She looked up for guidance, but it was not offered. He nodded to his assistant and her hands were replaced in the manacles.

“I can assure you,” he bellowed, “that she is excellent in oral servitude and that you will not be disappointed.”

The bidding continued until it reached $2800. She was soon sold and led off the podium by her smiling owner. As they left, I saw her buyer slap her owner/husband on the back and thank him.

Beth leaned to my ear and said, “I wonder if they ever sell male slaves around here?”

“That will come later,” Eileen replied. Beth was embarrassed that Eileen overheard her.

“What are you in the mood for Beth,” I asked. She pulled my arm and we headed toward the other side of the building.

Soon we arrived at the jail. Beth hugged me and cooed that she had been a naughty girl. Maybe she needed to see what happened to bad girls in the jail. The club was definitely becoming more heated now. Couples were running around in towels. Here and there you could see fellatio and cunnilingus being performed.

A woman was chained to the cobweb wall in the jail. Her partner was kneading her breasts. He was joined by another couple. The woman dropped to her knees and worked her way up to the chained woman’s clitoris. You could see her jerk suddenly when she hit the spot. The man climbed the chain wall and presented his cock for the woman to take and she engulfed its entire length. We watched in silence as the woman was overcome with two orgasms before the girl stopped going down on her. She and the chained woman’s spouse kissed passionately while the woman was bobbing up and down on the man’s cock. She was unable to use her hands, but it appeared as though she was doing fine without them. The man braced and moaned loudly as he came into her mouth. I was sure he would fall from the cobweb of chains, but he managed to hang on and finally removed his dick from the woman’s mouth. Her partner began to slowly knead her breasts again. Another man presented himself and was welcomed to enjoy the chained woman.

Beth rubbed against me. “We have to go,” she said.

”Where,” I asked concerned that she was upset! I had never seen anything like this and I didn’t want to leave.

She looked at me with lust filled eyes. “I have to have you Steve. I’ve got to have you or I’m going to die.”

“What do you have in mind,” I asked?

“We have to find a place to play,” she whispered. “I’ll be right back.”

She excused herself and left for the toilet. I was left with an intense erection, thanks to the scenes I had just witnessed, my sex crazed wife and the little blue pill given to me by Matt. It then dawned on me that Matt had disappeared shortly after our arrival and I had not seen him since.

I continued to watch the newcomer to the cobweb as he positioned himself between the woman and her chains. He roughly licked and sucked her tits and fondled her introitus. He finally dipped down and placed his penis at the opening of her vagina and entered her. He fucked her with abandon. She began to cooperate and had just enough chain to hold him as he continued to ravage her frontally. He quickly began to grunt and yell that he was cumming. She responded with intensity and soon she was moaning and climaxing with him. Her husband was watching and gently held her ass as she fucked the stranger until they both were spent.

I was shocked out of my awe by Beth’s hand on my shoulder. She was smiling and asked, “did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh my god Beth, did you see that.” She nodded with wide eyes.

“Want to get a little for yourself big guy,” she cooed?

With that she stepped back and showed me her new attire. She had exchanged her dress for a towel in the women dressing room. She opened the front to give me a quick look at her gorgeous body.

“Well,” she said, “do you want some of this or do you want me to strap myself to the chains?”

“Later,” I said. “Let’s start a little more slowly. Do you want to try and get a private room on the main floor?”

” Nah,” she said. “We’re up here, let’s live a little.” She pulled me by the belt and said that she had found a quiet little nook near the jungle room.

She pulled me to a couch near the wall in the jungle room. It was easy to find but wasn’t in the open. The room was rather dark, like the bottom of the triple canopy I guessed. She quickly laid down on the couch placing the towel down first.

“I want you to make me come like the lady on the chains,” she demanded. “I want you to go down on me until I beg you to stop.”

I looked around and saw no one nearby, although voices were everywhere. I left my clothes on and proceeded to kiss and suckle her breasts. I slowly edged toward her mons. Upon my arrival, I dove into her opening. I then pulled back to her clitoris and began to rapidly flick it with my tongue. I entered her with two and then three fingers and stroked her firmly as I continued to suck and stimulate her clitoris. She was excited. Her excitement was betrayed by the slickness of her opening. She was soon writhing and moaning with her first orgasm.

How could a woman change so quickly? I had decided that she was this way all along and that we had just unwrapped her on this trip. I continued to nurse her clitoris and probe her deeply. She never let’s me continue this normally, saying it’s too sensitive, but I was hearing no protestation now. Just as she was starting to respond again, I felt her startle.

I looked up and realized that we had been joined by a tall black gentleman. His face and chest were painted in white patterns and he had a something through his nose. He was barefoot and carried a long slender spear. He had a long slender conical device over his penis and it was attached by a string around his waist. It reached to his chest and looked very awkward. He did not speak but stared at us and stroked the base of his penis. He grunted and slowly hopped to her side near her head. Beth turned to look at him and then back to me. Her eyes were wide and questioning. He did not approach her, but watched us and fondled himself. Beth glanced back at me and laughed.

I decided that he was an employee of the club and relaxed a little. I went back to her opening and continued where I had left off. She watched him and his penis. She closed her eyes and began to move slowly. I could tell she was again able to relax and concentrate on her pleasure. As she began to move her pelvis into my mouth and moan, our native friend began to grunt and step closer to her. She opened her eyes slightly and watched. I could see that the young man was getting excited. His now erect penis was now visible below the cone. He moved again and was now within reach of Beth. We made eye contact and I motioned toward our friend. She looked at me with a strange look.

“I think he wants some help,” I whispered.

“Are you sure,” she asked with wide eyes?

He again grunted and jumped next to the couch. He began to furiously jack off and then he stopped. He grunted and stared at Beth.

“See what I mean,” I whispered again?

She looked directly into my eyes as she reached for and found his erect penis. She examined it carefully and removed the cone, letting it drop below his scrotum. I dropped back down to her pussy and began to suck, lick and probe more vigorously. I could watch over her mons as she continued to slowly stroke him. She began to meet my strokes with her pelvis.

Our friend began to grunt and pump. Beth moaned and began to jack him off as fast as her arm could fly. The black man crouched over her as her hand was a blur on his cock. Beth was moaning and writhing again. She began to cum. She was climaxing very hard and it lasted a long while. She was unable to continue the pace with our friend and he sensed a lost opportunity. He began to fuck her hand and eventually had his hands on hers as he pumped her hand.

As Beth recovered from her fog, she could see what was happening to her hand. She looked at me for direction.

“I think Jungle boy needs to get off dear,” I said with a grin.

“Can I,” my wife asked?

“I would love to see that Beth,” I sighed

Beth stopped him and sat on the edge of the couch. She never let go of his engorged penis. She gave me a look and I got off the couch and stood to the side of our lucky friend.

“I want to give him a blowjob,” she said with a wicked look.

“Please do,” I pleaded.

She stroked him firmly and slowly toward the glans, causing him to raise to his toes. She hesitated for a short time while she glanced at me. She turned back to our new friend, lowered her head and swallowed his entire penis in a single pass. She hesitated at the bottom, brought it out and then using her hand and mouth as only she can do, Beth gave him a blowjob that he will never forget. He was soon trying to pump her face, but she maintained control. She slowed the pace a little and glanced at me. I encouraged her by holding her shoulder and moaning how sexy she looked. Our young friend couldn’t last much longer. He began moaning and leaning back. Amazingly he learned some English as he announced that he was about to cum.

“Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Oh fuck,” he yelled! He erupted into her mouth. His cock became a spitting black snack that was a challenge for my wife to manage. He began bucking wildly. She tried her best to stay with him, but the snake sprang free once or twice and spit onto her face and even into her eye. When he finished, he grunted, turned and disappeared. Apparently he had forgotten his new language. I looked at Beth and we smiled at each other. She was a mess. She had his semen all over her face, in her hair and one eye, dangling from the corners of her mouth before dropping to her b**sts and then onto her legs. She had a dreamy look in her eyes. I had an erection like I had never felt before. It had been a most erotic sight.

Beth looked at me and asked if I needed some relief. I laughed and told her that I was in desperate need of relief, but that I thought she needed to visit the ladies room again. I used her towel to wipe most of his cum from her face and breasts and then covered her. As we turned to walk to the ladies room, it became obvious that we had attracted a small group of onlookers. They smiled as we passed. Beth became more flushed as we walked but managed to smile. We found the ladies room and Beth went inside.

A short while later Matt tapped me on the shoulder and asked how we were doing.

“Very well I think,” I replied.

“That’s pretty much what I had heard too,” Matt grinned. “I’m sorry I missed the show,” he added.

“I think there will be more to come Matt,” I reassured him.

Beth emerged from the dressing room all smiles and greeted Matt. I asked what she was up for now, and she flashed me a sexy smile and reminded me that it was my turn. I held her by the shoulder and reminded her that I was enjoying this as much as she. Matt asked us to follow him and led us to a small alcove off the jail area.

“This is the toy room guys. Just about anything you could want or imagine is in here.”

There was a fenced-in office area in which a young black girl was sitting. It looked like the tool crib of a factory I had once worked at while in college. She will be glad to check out anything you want to try. Behind her was a wall full of vibrators, dildos, whips, cuffs and collars. It looked like a well-stocked adult store. Matt pointed around the room. There were several sitting areas and mats on the floor. There were also several areas with small rounded machines in the center of the mats. I had seen these somewhere before, but could not place where.

Matt pointed and said, “those are the Sybians.”

I had seen these on the internet. They were very expensive devices for female masturbation. The reviews were that they were noisy, but provide intense stimulation and gut-wrenching orgasms. Matt explained that you could check out the attachments and help yourself to the machines. Beth looked a little apprehensive.

“But it’s Steve’s turn for a little fun,” she said as she grabbed my ass.

“Trust me Beth,” Matt assured her, “he will enjoy himself as much as you do.”

He led us to the girl in the office. She displayed the various attachments. Large, small, medium and dual stimulators as well as a pad with only a small nub that was obviously for clitoral stimulation. Beth looked each one over carefully. The largest appeared way too big for her. She chose the larger of the medium sizes. Each was wrapped in plastic. The attendant explained that they were carefully sanitized after each use.

We followed Matt to the most secluded area and sat next to a machine. We looked around and realized that this was a very public area and several people smiled as they walked past. Matt removed the cover and connected the attachment to the Sybian. He picked up a remote and demonstrated the functions. Beth’s eyes grew wide and she watched the phallus vibrate, twist and turn.

She smiled and once again and said,” but it’s Steve’s turn and I don’t see how this will work for him.”

Matt smiled and explained that while it was she that would get off on the Sybian, I would derive the pleasure of her company in the process. He said that any man will confirm that a woman in the throes of orgasm gives the best blow job and does things for a man that she ordinarily wouldn’t think of doing.

Matt gestured for her towel and she relented.

“Why don’t you help her on the Sybian Steve,” Matt said gesturing assistance.

I was concerned that she would need lubricant as the phallus was quite large. It was smoother than a normal penis and was about 6 inches long and 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Once again I was pleasantly surprised as Beth was saturated. As she straddled the device and slowly lowered herself, she supported herself on my shoulders and I guided the phallus toward her vagina. Once it had entered her, she slowed and rocked slightly. She gently rose a little and then descended once again, each time taking a little more of the phallus into her. She looked at Matt and me as she worked the device slowly into her. Matt had taken his place on the couch and was watching intently. Finally she was able to take the entire phallus within her and rested on the machine. There was a small protrusion at the base of the attachment that contacted her clitoris.

Beth breathed a sigh of relief as she looked around and rocked on the Sybian slightly. Matt handed me the remote control and instructed me in its use. I started at the slowest speed with the vibrator feature. Beth cooed and rocked forward as she felt the sensation on her clitoris. I slowly turned up the intensity until she waved her hand at me. As she began to enjoy herself, I added the phallic motion function. This causes the phallus to turn and thrust slightly. Beth’s eyes opened wide and she looked at me in astonishment. I took this as encouragement and increased the motion intensity. She began rocking and moaning slightly.

Matt suggested that I offer her something else to play with. I moved to the front and looked at my wife as she was getting laid by a machine. I caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples. She held on to my shoulders as she rocked with the machine. I stood in front of her and her arms fell to my hips. I undid my belt and dropped my slacks. Beth pulled my briefs down and grabbed my fully erect penis. She held me firmly by the penis as she rocked back an forth, not so much stroking me as she was supported herself as she rocked on the machine. Beth began to moan louder. I knew she was close to climaxing when she leaned forward and engulfed my penis. She began sucking me with abandon. She was pumping me with her right hand and massaging my scrotum and perineum with the left. The sensation was intense, but the sight and sound of her as she neared orgasm was overwhelming.

This continued for no longer than 2 or 3 minutes. Beth began to moan and scream around my cock in her mouth. She was beginning to climax. The tempo of her rocking increased until she was almost uncontrolled. She was sucking and pulling me so hard that it almost became painful. She was using my penis to pull and rock herself on the machine. She exploded in orgasm and began screaming with my cock in her mouth. She was jacking me very hard and fast. I was close to losing control. As she neared the end of her orgasm, she looked up at me and then my penis with determination. I knew she was disappointed that I didn’t cum with her, but now she was going to take care of that.

She began sucking and jacking with both hands until I was close to erupting. Just as the first waves of my orgasm hit, she added something I

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