Cat The Businessman #1


Cat The Businessman #1Victorious: Cat The Businessman #1″Tori?”Cat turns her head towards the staircase curiously.”Torrrrrrrrri?”It’s coming closer, and Cat turns her whole body, facing the staircase.”Tori!”Trina comes stomping down the stairs, yelling her s*ster’s name. She freezes on the stairs, seeing Cat staring at her from the sofa, a smile on her lips. Trina recovers herself, descending down the rest of the stairs.”Oh. Hey Cat. Where’s Tori?” She questions, looking away dramatically and fluffing her hair.Cat purses her lips, shifting on the lounge to glance around. She shrugs after a moment. “I don’t know.” She says simply. She smooths out her brightly coloured dress, examining her hands against the vibrant material with interest.A look of disbelief crosses Trina’s face. “You don’t know?”Cat nodded fervently, wiggling her fingers in front of her face. Cat remembered coming here for something… something for school, and she remembered Tori swearing and checking her phone. She didn’t like it when Tori swore. She didn’t like it when anyone swore. It was just so harsh and… dirty. And then Tori left while Cat had been distracted with a bowl of goldfish. They were just so shiny and cute, it’s not her fault Tori disappeared. She’d been sitting here for a while, just looking around. It felt like a doctor’s surgery. Waiting and waiting, and feeling a little uncomfortable, and you want to leave, but you came for a reason, so you can’t leave! Just a little longer.She’d perked up when she heard Trina’s voice. Trina was nice. Ever since they took that trip to Bakersfield together, and Trina had bought her some Freezy Queen ice cream, and they sang that song. Cat smiled at the memory; it was a fun day, even if she’d been terrified for her life sometimes with Trina’s less than skilful driving.Trina tapped her foot impatiently, studying the dreamy redhead. “You’ll do. Come on.” She grabs Cat’s hand, pulling her up, and Cat stumbles to her feet, woken from her reverie.”I will?”Trina dragged her upstairs. She was going to tear Tori a new one when she got home. Tori knew she was supposed to be here in case Trina wanted anything! It’s the whole reason Tori was born; Trina had asked her parents for a personal assistant, and that was Tori. You’d think she’d be more grateful. But Cat seemed willing enough. She tugged Cat into her bedroom, motioning her towards the bed.The room seemed to spiral, Trina’s face looking out from everywhere. Happy Trina, sad Trina, even a vampire Trina fixed their eyes on Cat. The walls were plastered with pictures, a kaleidoscope of Trina’s staring their way out. Cat sat on the bed dizzily. She turned to face the real Trina, only to see the older girl stripping her top off, a dark blue bra underneath. Cat furrowed her eyebrows, confused. She watched curiously as Trina crossed to her wardrobe. If Tori had gotten the talent in the f*mily, Trina had definitely gotten the body, possessing more curves than a racetrack.Cat had always had an eye for beauty, even if some people didn’t agree with her on what beauty was, and she liked the contrast of the dark blue bra against Trina’s skin, the way the flesh above seemed ready to spill out. Cat often got teased for things like this. She was hopeless at public pools, or the beach, because she’d get distracted by an interesting bikini, or a sprawling tattoo, and then people would look at her strangely and cover themselves, like her eyes were x-rays. But they weren’t, she wasn’t trying to look into them, just at the pretty things they covered themselves in.She canlı bahis didn’t understand… people like to be looked at, don’t they?Trina didn’t seem to notice, taking it for granted that of course people would want to look at her, and she felt flattered that Cat seemed to realize this, since so few people would actually just admit her superiority. She had no qualms about stripping, or being nude; ‘give the people what they want’ was her mantra, and what people wanted was her, obviously.She pulled a magenta blouse from the wardrobe, slipping it on.”Whaddaya think?” She beamed, doing a spin for Cat. She frowned in response to Cat’s shrug. “Huh. Oh!” Trina’s face lit up, the older girl raising her hand, “I know!” She unbuttoned her pants, working the tight material down with an effort. Curves came with a price.Stripes. Her panties were striped; a mixture of pastel and dark colours. Cat noticed this with interest, watching Trina intently. Cat’s own underwear were striped, except her bra was polka-dotted; she could never decide what she liked better – stripes or polka-dots, so she just wore both. They made Cat smile, because it was like she had a secret, one where no one got hurt, but they didn’t know that she was different under her clothes; that she didn’t match. She liked that kind of secret.The stripes made Trina look like a tiger, a rainbow tiger, Cat mused, because her thigh muscles were all taut and smooth and toned. She could stalk someone well with those legs, never even make a sound when she pounced, and Cat observed the play of muscles underneath the tan skin as Trina moved. Cat was actually very interested in anatomy, in the way people worked, because it seemed so much like magic, and she tried to make sense of it, but she couldn’t look at pictures. They were gross… people on the inside, with all the muscle tissue criss-crossed like shiny pink worms, the pale butter of fat streaking them, red and blue vines curling along. They made her feel not so good, to think of all these things pulsing and pulling and sliding inside her. But she liked the way they looked all covered in skin, like a ripple from underwater. They made her feel funny then, disguised as they were. They made her want to touch, to feel those muscles moving, and to feel those veins throbbing. Touch but not see.Cat was disappointed as Trina slid a skirt on, a busy pattern that hurt Cat’s eyes replacing the stripes and smooth skin – it was rare she got the opportunity to study so shamelessly, even rarer when the recipient of her attention didn’t seem to care.Trina turned to Cat, grinning, sure of her hotness. “Good right?” She nodded, waiting for Cat’s affirmation. “I got these at-“”I liked you better without them.” Cat murmured, chewing her lip.”The other outfit?” Trina said incredulously.”No… Without the clothes.” Said Cat simply, her voice innocent.She was just stating the truth. She liked seeing Trina without her clothes. She was beautiful, and Cat liked beautiful, especially when she knew they were beautiful underneath. Some people were pretty on the outside, but they were poison on the inside. Cat didn’t like them. They lied. To look at them, you’d think they were nice, but they were black inside, and it wasn’t fair of them to trick her like that, to use her love of beauty against her. Trina may be conceited, but she was nice to Cat… nicer than a lot of people, anyway, and Cat admired Trina’s confidence in herself, whether that confidence was warranted or not.A smirk crawled across Trina’s face. “I know, I’m hot, right?” She pulled bahis siteleri the magenta top off, tracing a finger over her stomach, making the muscles flex and ripple. Finally, someone who understood how good Trina was, how very much better she was. Honestly, sometimes people had her questioning her talent… even her looks! It was sacrilege…How could people not see how great she was?She was surprised when Cat stood, coming over to her, Cat’s rich brown eyes intensely focused on Trina’s abs. Cat’s gaze flicked up to Trina’s eyes, and Trina was unsettled to see what she recognized as desire. Cat wasn’t gay… was she? Trina didn’t even think Cat was aware of what she was feeling, the girl was so naive.”Can I touch?”Trina nodded suspiciously, her muscles flexing automatically when Cat’s fingers brushed reverently over the taut skin of her stomach. Trina wasn’t gay. Or straight. She wasn’t anything. She was just Trina, and what Trina wanted, Trina got, whether the person who was wanted knew it or not. She just hoped for the day when cloning was legal, because only then would she have found her perfect match. But deep down she knew – the world just couldn’t handle that much awesome.Their loss.Cat was having a ball. She never got to touch anyone, or look at anyone, for anything like this amount of time – they always stopped her, or moved away, or hurt her with words and made her feel small. Trina was nice – she was letting Cat be Cat, because Cat can’t be a dog, she can only be Cat, but people don’t see that, they want her to be what they want, and maybe that was what she liked about Trina – that Trina was too involved in herself to worry about anyone else, to find fault with anyone else. She didn’t care. Everyone was equally inferior to her.”Having fun?” Smirked Trina, amused at Cat’s ch*ldlike stroking of her skin, Cat nodding in response to her question.Cat really didn’t know what she was feeling, and Trina would be lying if she said she wasn’t flattered by Cat’s attentions, even if Cat herself didn’t know what they meant. Cat was a sweet k*d; for one thing, she didn’t argue with Trina, and she always agreed to whatever Trina said. If Trina had found Tori, chances were she wouldn’t have agreed to come watch Trina try on clothes, whereas Cat hadn’t said a word against it. Well… only against the clothes part of it.Trina’s skin was smooth and warm, and if Cat pressed hard enough, ran her fingertips across the skin in the right way, she could feel the little ridges of muscle, and they didn’t seem gross this way. They seemed like one of those good secrets. Cat trailed her fingers higher, mesmerized as she felt the bumps of the ribs. One, two, three – like railway tracks or speed bumps. She stopped at the bottom of Trina’s bra, feeling the flesh change, start to swell and push outwards. It was a different kind of skin, a different kind of flesh, softer and springier, but Cat knew not to touch there. It was a bad place. You don’t touch there for fun. That place was for business, and Cat was not a businessman.”You like touching me, don’t you Kitty Cat?” Purred Trina, a mischievous look in her eyes.Cat smiled in response. “You’re soft but hard, like an iced fruitcake. Icing all soft, but the cake is hard. Doesn’t feel as nice though.” She prodded Trina’s ribs again, feeling the flesh between the ridges of bone spring back against her finger.”You know what’s really soft?” To be honest, Trina had tuned out for most of Cat’s analogy, just focusing on the word soft. She did the same in plays, just waiting to hear the güvenilir bahis words that preceded her lines, her spotlight.Cat’s eyes lit up, “What?””My lips.”The red-headed girl nodded, moving her hand to touch them, but Trina took her wrist, stopping the younger girl. “It’s more fun if you touch them with your lips.”All this touching was getting Trina kind of hot and bothered. Though she may have the figure of a Greek statue, she’s not made of stone, and Cat’s light, exploratory touches had teased her. She didn’t wait for Cat to respond, instead taking the smaller girl’s chin and tilting her face up to meet hers. Cat’s lip-gloss was sweet, and Trina made a mental note to ask her what it was afterward. The younger girl gasped at Trina’s forceful kiss, Trina smiling into it. Trina knew she was a damned good kisser. She suspected, anyway.They were soft. Really soft. And they made her tingle. She liked tingling, it was like fizzing without the bubbles. Cat was shocked at first, but Cat always lands on her feet, and she found herself responding, even though she wasn’t entirely sure how in her brain. Her lips seemed to know what to do however, and she wondered what they’d got up to without her to know such things. Trina was right; this was more fun, and Cat wished she’d touched Trina with her lips before, because she wondered how her skin would taste, whether it would taste like warm and smooth, and if warm and smooth even had a flavour.As it was, Cat suddenly found Trina’s tongue in her mouth, pushing past her lips, assured of her acquiescence. It was like gum, but you couldn’t chew it, you wouldn’t want to chew it, but it was minty, Trina’s taste, that is, and Cat noted with interest that when she touched Trina’s tongue with her own, it made it better, and Cat could taste her more. It confounded Cat that behind Trina’s lips lay this slick, minty muscle that could be used so well. Cat never thought of Trina having a tongue; of course she realized that Trina had one, she’d just never looked at her and thought, ‘behind her lips is a tongue. It tastes like mint and makes me tingle.’However, she knew that thought would occur frequently now. Trina’s hands slid around Cat’s slight waist, and Cat made a soft sound. This kind of touching was funny… it made Cat feel all hot and bothered, made her mind more flighty than usual, made her knees tremble and feel weak. It wasn’t… it didn’t make sense, people had touched Cat before, on the shoulder, around the waist, on the legs, but Trina’s hands, Trina’s slender fingers stroking Cat’s waist, holding the girl… it was more than just a touch, it meant more than what it was. Cat didn’t know why exactly, but she knew she liked it, liked how it made her nerves alive and her breath feel hot and molten. Trina pulled away finally, slightly out of breath, Cat making a soft mewl of disappointment.”You like that Cat?” Asked Trina, smirking. She knew the magenta-haired girl had liked it, how could she not? She was Trina Vega, who could resist? She’d felt it in the way Cat had pushed against her, the way the girl had made soft sounds in the back of her throat. Trina was turning herself on with her skill in making the younger girl moan.A soft, muddled sound of acquiescence found its way out of Cat’s mouth, and Trina brushed a lock of ruby hair away from Cat’s face, smiling at the effect she’d had. “Wanna keep going?”A smile spread across Cat’s face, her eyes lighting up. “I wanna be a businessman.” She said in a husky voice, Trina raising her eyebrows at Cat’s randomness, understanding when the red-head’s hands moved onto her bra, cupping the firm, ample flesh.Trina smiled, “Okay then.”She pulled Cat towards her, tangling a hand in the girl’s soft, red velvet hair before bringing her lips to Cat’s sweet ones.

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