Chance Encounter in Georgia

Chance Encounter in Georgia
“I swear you are the absolute worst James! I came all the way from Ohio because YOU wanted to rekindle our relationship. I swear I should’ve seen you pulling something like this. You stand no chance to rekindle our relationship.” I was sitting in the bar he told me to meet him in, and now he was telling me he couldn’t even show up?!
I was young and naive and should’ve known better. It was a total James thing to do to stand me up. I just didn’t want to think he’d do that if I traveled all the way to Georgia for him. I took a deep breath and exhaled angrily. I was not about to turn around and head home, so I ordered a drink.
I looked around the bar. There was a guy a few seats away from me. Other than that the bar was empty. I suppose that isn’t uncommon for a Thursday night. He smiled and said, “Sounds like someone is missing out on a good, loyal woman”.
I chuckled a little. Smiling at the nosey stranger I said, “Yeah, well I’m used to it. Should’ve expected it from him the minute he asked me to come down to visit. He has never been known to do right by me.”
The man moved closer. Sitting in the seat next to me, he said, “Where are ya from anyway?”
He was now close enough for me to analyze him a bit closer. He was a bit older than me, mid-thirties, I was twenty-one. He was an attractive, medium brown hair, green eyes, cleaned shaved man. He seemed genuinely interested, so I partook in the conversation he was trying to make by responding, “Ohio. How about you, are you born and raised here in Georgia.”
“Yes, ma’am. I’ve moved around and been all over the world, but somehow wound back here.”
“Well, it’s a nice town you have here in Ellijay. If one good thing comes out of this trip, it’ll be finding such a cute southern town.”
“I’ll make you add meeting me to that list. How long are you in town? Oh, I’m Adam by the way.”
I smiled at him. The thoughts ran through my mind. I was debating if I should just move on, or give into his flirting, I chose the latter. I replied, “You got until early Sunday morning. I’m Ellie.”
“What a pretty name. I have until Sunday, but I only need until morning.”
I rolled my eye. I thought, Great, another guy who thinks he’s all that. I seriously can’t believe I fell for his charm. I should’ve known he only wanted in my pants.
He must’ve been able to read my thoughts, because he quickly clarified his statement to me, “I’m not that type of guy. I know you must be thinking I’m just waiting to take you home.”
“You’re right, I am thinking that. I’m not big on one night stands.”
“I don’t do one-nighters. I am way better than that. I’m not trying to sound ignorant either.”
“So, you expect me to fall for you without getting in bed in just a few hours?”
“I never said that.”
I rolled my eyes. He tried to backtrack on his words, but I was defiantly digging my feet in a bit and playing a bit harder to get to. I finally relented and let my guard down again.
We spent the next few hours drinking and chatting. Our conversation flowed so naturally, I felt like I had known Adam for years. When the bartender called out that it was last call, he offered to walk me to my hotel. I felt so comfortable with him, I agreed.
We walked side by side down a few country blocks. Adam slowly, and casually reached for my hand. I didn’t pull away, and happily accepted his hand in mine.
Adam was respectful. Once at the local Inn, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and wrote his number on a card at the desk. I asked if he’d like to come up to my room to talk more. He smiled, agreeing to come up with me. I returned the smile to him, grateful our night wouldn’t end to soon.
I opened the door, walking in and convincing him to do the same. “Make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a water? Another drink?”
Adam smiled and said, “No. I’m good. Thank you though.”
He sat on the chair next to the bed, and I sat on the bed directly across from him. “You know my bad love life story, what about you. I probably should’ve asked your relationship status before now, I guess I didn’t think about it though until now.”
He smirked, and said, “No worries. I’m single as well. Have been quite awhile. I guess one may say I fall in love to quick and eagerly, but never found a woman to return the love.”
I smiled, giving a half hearts laugh I said, “Well, I guess that makes two of us. Always giving love, finding the little good, and giving people the benefit of the doubt.”
“Sounds about right. Hopefully both of our lucks change for the better. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of always being alone.”
I gave him a knowing smile. After a moment I said, “I think it is. I think this trip was worth it, because I met you.”
“Really?” He sounded surprised, yet not that surprised on how I felt.
“Yep. I guess you’re right, I did fall for you without you sleeping with me.” I said. He just gave a light hearted laugh in response.
I got up from the bed. I walked over to him and leaned in for a kiss. He pulled me in close to him. My legs straddled his lap, and pressed my body against his.
His hands wandered up my back inside my shirt. He removed my shirt with one yank. He tossed the shirt on the floor. He stood up with me in his arms, and placed me on my back on the bed.
As he got on top of me, I said, “I thought you didn’t do one night stands?”
“You’re not a one night stand. I can tell this is going to be much more than that.”
I smiled up at him. Thinking to myself for a minute, than verbally speaking my mind, I said, “I feel you’re going to be more than that too.”
We stood still for a moment, just as it felt the time had stopped too. My body tucked underneath him. His eyes gazed into my brown eyes, looking deep into my soul. I waited his next move, I craved his lips upon mine.
I didn’t have to wait long. He tucked a few strands of my wavy auburn hair behind my ear, and leaned in for a kiss. I kissed him back, eagerly wanting more. His lips fell from mine to my neck. My right hand combed through his hair, caressing and holding the back of his head against my skin. Gasps and heavy breathing filled the room.
His left hand cupped my right breast, and his lips fell off my neck to my right breast. He kissed and sucked my right breasts, and than gave the same attention to the left breast. He went back and forth between my breasts until I erupted in an orgasm from his touch.
As I came off my orgasm high, he took off his gray t shirt. He tossed it on the floor. I undid his belt, and shoved his jeans down to his knees. As I worked on his jeans, he was busy removing mine. I took my jeans from the bed and threw them into the pile on the floor. He removed his jeans the rest of the way and tossed them on the pile as well. I happily wrapped my arms back around him.
Our lips locked into a long kiss, and our hands explored the other’s bodies. We lay on the bed caressing each other, the moonlight dancing on our bodies through the window. His hands slowly spread my legs apart, and his fingers slid into my warm and wet love canal.
I broke our kiss, gasping, “Ahh,” in response to his fingers sliding in, “that feels so good.”
Adam was clearly into hearing my pleasure. I couldn’t help but feel grateful to finally have a real man pleasing my body. He wasn’t being totally selfish and just taking what he needed, he cared about my enjoyment too.
I took advantage of our kiss being broken, and went down to reward and thank him for taking note on making sure I was enjoying myself. I removed his boxers and stroked his cock in my right hand. I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth, but heard him protest. Adam said, “Don’t, turn around. Let’s lay on our sides and do sixty-nine, that way we can both have fun.”
Is this man for real? What have I been missing? I truly wasted wayyy too much time on little boys that just wanted to get off!
I happily agreed to his request. I wasn’t about to turn down a chance to be pleasured even more by this guy. He truly was great at knowing just what I wanted.
Once I changed my position, neither of us wasted time giving the other just what they wanted.
His tongue licked and caressed my clit before suckling upon it a little while. I tried to focus on sucking his cock, but he just felt so good, I stopped multiple times to moan in pleasure. Most of my moans were responded to with a, “Yeah? That feels good huh, baby.”
It did feel good, but I wasn’t able to vocalize my words, just moans and returning the favor.
After several minutes of orally pleasuring each other, he told me to stop. I was confused by this request, but did and laid in his arms.
“Didn’t you enjoy what I was doing?”
He had gotten on top of me by this point again. He kissed my neck before responding, “I loved it. I just didn’t want you making me cum.”
I smiled up at him. That’s when I felt him, he had slid himself inside my pussy when he had finished speaking.
“Oh, you feel so good inside me.”
He made slow strides, going a bit further inside with each one he made. His hand stroked my face and traveled down to caress my breasts as well. His hand fell even further until his thumb was able to massage my clit while he thrust himself into me.
My head was tilted back on the pillows, and my hands gripped the sheets. It was pure bliss, my body had never felt anything this amazing before. I was getting lost in the moment. It wasn’t long before I was jolted back to the present moment when I burst into an orgasm, “Ah. Yes! Yes! Oh, yeah!”
Adam had slowed his strides during my orgasm. Once my orgasm had passed he had leaned in for a kiss, never breaking his stride. He thrust himself inside a few more times and released his load inside me.
We laid wrapped in each other’s arms facing each other. Our lips locked into another kiss. I hadn’t felt such a love connection in such a long time, and all I knew was I didn’t want to leave his arms… ever.
I told him, “I had never enjoyed sex so much before. You really know how to treat a lady.”
Adam grinned and said, “I had good teachers. You were amazing too.”
I gave a small chuckle. “Guess you could say I’ve been told what men like a few times.”
He took no time to say, “Well I’m not a boss in the bedroom, you just do what you feel like. I will never take advantage of such a great girl.”
“I have no limits. Even though I just met you, I feel so good in your arms and trust you with my body.”
He kissed me and pulled me closer to him. His cock was pressed against my leg. It was hard to miss the fact that he was already getting hard again. Some may find that unpleasant, wanting to rest, but it thrilled me.
I pushed him back onto his back, and climbed on top of him. I was dripping my wetness from between my legs onto him. I said, “Seems to me that neither of us can get enough of the other.”
He responded, “I’d have to agree with that.” He placed his hands on my hips. He guided himself to the entrance of my cunt, but I denied him entry.
I smiled at him and said, “You’ve already felt that hole, how about you try my back door.”
His face showed me how thrilling that sounded to him. After a few seconds he asked, “Are you being serious?” I nodded in response.
I got off, and got on all fours. He got behind me and pressed his cock against me. He slowly pushed himself into my glory hole. He filled my ass with his cock, and began to thrust.
I moaned and groaned in joy of him being in me once again. He held me close to him. He was much more rough and harder than he had been in my love tunnel, but I loved it just as much.
He continued to pound my ass, but shoved his fingers into my cunt as well. I was now being fucked in both holes and it felt so good. I couldn’t wait much longer, and exploded in an orgasm, “OH! Fuck yeah! Ahh!”
He pulled his hand out of me. He pulled my hair back, tugging it gently back. He said, “You like that?”
“No, I love it.” I said with heavy bated breath.
He didn’t say a word, just kept making strides in and out of my back hole. After a few more long, slow strides, he grunted a few times and came again.
We lay there once more just looking in each other’s eyes. “I don’t ever want to leave your arms.” I said, catching even me off guard.”
Adam was kind, and didn’t miss a beat. He pulled me closer, held me tight, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you go. You must try to sleep though. I’ll hold you all night, and we can talk more tomorrow.”
“I don’t want to talk tomorrow. I just want to make more love to you.”
He laughed and said, “We can do that too, I promise.”
I smiled as I nuzzled up close to him, breathing in his scent. I drifted off cuddled up in his arms, feeling like I had just gone to heaven. This trip was turning into the best thing I ever did, even if it had started out like the worst trip I ever made.

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