Corina Chapter 17


Corina Chapter 17
I have fun with my sexy little wife and her friend!!!

Corina let me take her nightie off and stopped me when I started to rub her very wet slit. She said I wasn’t supposed to touch her pussy for a month and smiled at me. I pushed her on the bed and told her there was no way I could last a month without her pussy. I said I was not going to last the night even and she giggled up at me. I smiled at Corina and told her to just lay there a minute because I had a surprise for her. I went to the side of the bed and reached under the bed for the blindfold. I waved it around slowly and Corina giggled and said it looked like it was going to be fun. I went over and put it on Corina and asked her if she could see anything. Corina smiled and said she couldn’t see anything and I laid her back down on the bed and got her where I needed her to be on it. I told her not to touch the blindfold and just lay there.
I pulled all the rest of the stuff out from under the bed and took the long straps in my hands and tied my smiling wife with her arms wide out to the bed. Corina still had the blindfold on and she smiled and said I was really kinky tonight. I picked up the wide straps and put one on one of Corina’s ankles and she gasped when I put her leg up to her forearm and strapped her leg to it. Then I went over to her other leg and did the same thing with her spread out wide and asked her if she was comfortable. Corina smiled and said she was like rubber and it didn’t bother her at all. I tied her to the bed with the other straps with my wife spread open wide. I kissed her and then whispered in her ear I would be right back. I covered her with the blanket up to her neck with her feet sticking out strapped to her forearms tied to the bed.
I went out of the bedroom shutting the door behind me stood at the door. I acted like I called someone and talked quiet enough saying to come over now and then I said ok. I wanted Corina to hear me slightly and Traci came out of the other bedroom and she was completely naked. I went right up to her and kissed her as sexy as I could and she returned it with a small moan. I reached down and her thighs spread slightly and I rubbed her slit and clit and whispered in her ear. I whispered I wanted to fuck her soon and she had to get Corina to have me do it. I softly told her I wanted to be fucking her soft pussy in the next week so she has to talk Corina into it. I was rubbing her wet slit and clit and she whispered ok with a soft moan. I said I would be back in about five minutes to explain everything to her.
I turned and opened the door and went in and shut it behind me. Corina was trying to get loose and she was getting nowhere with it. I went and kissed her open mouth and said I needed to get her looser and really ready. Corina looked worried and asked me what was going on and I kissed her again. I pulled the blanket down and got on the bed. I crawled up and kissed Corina’s perfect tits and sucked on her nipples and bit them lightly to make them hard and erect. Corina kept asking what was going on and I just told her she will like it a lot. I moved down and kissed her stomach on the way and then nuzzled her thighs a lot. I kissed all around her kitty making sure not to touch it directly and marveled on how the juice would flow up and out her pussy hole slightly whenever she tensed up.
Then I moved up kissing my way over her stomach and paid a lot of attention to her tits. I finally reached her mouth and kissed her with passion and she was acting scared. I smiled and got off of her and then the bed and went to her ear and whispered it would be better if I leave her kitty loose so she would like it more. Corina told me to let her loose right now and she was struggling with her bonds. I told her just to have patience and she would be really happy she waited. Corina started begging me to let her go now and was getting louder and acting more angry. I covered her up with the blanket again and told her she was ready and I would be back soon. Corina was really upset now and I went out shutting the door and Traci was still standing there waiting. I had brought out the rubber cock with me and took her hand and led her to the living room and explained everything I had on my mind to her.
When I was done Traci smiled and said she would do everything I told her to. I had the rubber cock under my arm trying to warm it up and Traci took it and I watched her slide it up her juicy pussy. Traci smiled and said it would be warmer inside her and it would warm it better. I kissed her long and deep and reached down and stroked the rubber cock in her pussy. Traci moaned and I whispered in her ear I have wanted to fuck her for so long and she really needs to push Corina to make me. I whispered it will never happen unless Corina tells me to. I said it was time to make Corina have a good time and Traci smiled.
I snuck down the hallway and knocked on the door like someone was here. Then Traci made it sound like we made our way down the hallway and I opened the door. I quietly said I was glad he made it and Traci said you are a cute one. We waited a couple minutes smiling at each other and Traci exclaimed out an oh my god and then what a nice cock. Then she said after you get done I want to try it out for a ride myself and she giggled. Then she quietly said she wanted to watch and I said ok. I opened the bedroom door and Corina was really trying to get out and she had herself curled up on her neck and shoulders. I whispered to go slow at first and went over and pulled Corina back down on the bed. The way she was tied up her pussy was pointed up and open and I kissed her mouth and she tried pulling her face away.
I told Corina she was really going to enjoy this and held her face and kissed her and she was shaking a lot. When I pulled away she started begging me to stop and Traci got up on the bed and smiled at me. Traci slid the rubber cock out of her pussy and then slowly slid the tip of it up Corina’s very wet slit and rubbed her clit with it softly. I softly told Corina that I found someone that was about the size of Morgan and I just can’t wait anymore. Traci put the rubber cock at Corina’s hole and pushed it in past the head and Corina was shaking really hard. All Corina said was oh my god Ted and Traci pulled it out and then slid it in halfway. Corina’s mouth was open wide not making a sound and Traci pulled it back and then slid it back in even farther. Corina was quivering and I watched Corina’s kitty holding it tightly when it slid all the way out. Traci then swirled it at Corina’s waiting hole and then did the slow long dive all the way in and I could tell Corina thought it was a stranger’s cock fucking her.
I whispered in Corina’s ear that I thought this was so sexy watching her getting fucked and Corina groaned and started jerking around gurgling as she had a very strong orgasm. Her pelvis kept pumping up trying to get all of that cock inside her and Traci smiled at me and I chuckled. I then said it looked like my wife liked a big cock just like I thought and Corina just kept trying to thrash around with her orgasm. We both watched Corina finish her orgasm as Traci kept the last two inches from going in. Corina was gasping and would quiver and jerk every once in a while as she was trying to catch her breath. I kissed her open mouth with passion and Corina gave it back just as good now.
Then I heard a deep hum and Corina’s body jumped and I knew that Traci turned on the vibrating. I looked down and Traci was sliding that vibrating cock up and down Corina’s quivering slit and would rub the clit more each time it got up to it. Corina’s legs were really shaking and Traci worked that vibrating cock inside and the outside of Corina’s kitty. Corina would let out an oh god once in a while and would moan loudly all the time now. Then just like the plan I had Traci buried it deep inside vibrating stronger and kept it there. Only the end was out and I had my boxers off and was rubbing the lubricant all over my hard cock.
I got on the bed and over Corina and Traci let go of the vibrator and it started to slide out. I used my stomach to hold the vibrator in and Traci got off the bed and went around to the side. Traci started playing with Corina’s tits and nipples as I kept the vibrator in and lined up my cock to Corina’s asshole. I tried to push in twice and slid up to the vibrator and lined it up for the third try. I pushed my pelvis down to her upturned hips and felt the head of my cock slide past her sphincter and the head was in. Corina gasped and loudly said stop and I just held it right there looking down to her blindfolded face. I kissed her open mouth and Corina tentatively was kissing back softly. Then she moaned and I felt her ass loosen its grip on my cock and I pushed in farther and held it again.
Corina would take a deep breath and we would kiss again and when she moaned into my mouth again I pulled back a little bit. Her asshole tightened up trying to hold my cock and I held it there again until it let loose again. Then I sunk all of my cock into her upturned ass and Corina moaned again. I held it there and whispered in her ear that I think it takes more than one cock to satisfy my sexy wife. I started fucking Corina’s ass and she was moaning louder with each stroke of my cock. It was only a minute or so of me fucking her ass and Corina exploded into a mind blowing orgasm. Grunting and loudly yelling fuck me her pelvis kept pushing up to me and I felt her asshole contracting on my cock over and over again. I started to cum and shot spurt after spurt into my wife’s ass while my body was holding the vibrating cock deep in her pussy.
Corina was gasping and shaking hard while I slipped out of her asshole and got off of her. The rubber cock was pushed out with the last of her spasms and it lay vibrating on the bed below her upturn pelvis. Traci picked it up smiling at me and waved goodbye and left the room with it and shut the door behind her. I got up and unstrapped one leg from her forearm and let it down on the bed. Then I took the strap off her wrist and went over and did the same to the other side. Corina just lay there catching her breath and not saying a word and I shut off the light. I got into bed and snuggled up to her and she curled up away from me and I snuggled up to her from behind and held her kissing her back. Corina wasn’t saying anything and I laid there wondering if she hated me for doing that to her.
I whispered I loved her and if I hurt her I was sorry so much and would never do anything like that again. I just laid there holding Corina and she still didn’t say anything. It seemed like about ten minutes and she slowly turned and curled up to my chest and kissed it lightly. I just held her tight and Corina whispered that it hurt and I told her I was so sorry. I said I did everything I read to make it better for her and told her I was sorry for messing it up. Corina laid there for a minute and whispered that it hurt so good and she kissed me. I didn’t know what to say so I just lay there with her in my arms. Then she asked me where the vibrator was and I told her Traci took it with her when she left.
I asked Corina if she really thought I was letting another man fuck her and she giggled. Then she smiled and told me she did until the vibrating started and knew it wasn’t another man. Corina said she always wanted a vibrator and I needed to make sure Traci doesn’t take it home with her tomorrow. Corina asked me how big it was and I asked her how big it felt. Corina said it felt huge and I asked her if it hurt at all. Corina smiled and said it never hurt and she really thought I had a man with a big dick fucking her for sure. I asked Corina if it made her mad thinking I was letting someone fuck my wife and Corina smiled at me and shook her head no. Corina whispered she loved me so much she would do anything I wanted her to do if I told her to do it.
I kissed her with a lot of passion and told her she was like a dream to me and all I wanted to do was love her forever. Corina smiled at me and I felt her hand on my soft cock and I smiled back at her. Corina asked me if I enjoyed everything that happened tonight and I told her it was really awesome. Corina asked me if I was mad at her for not letting me fuck Traci and I said I was happy fucking the woman I loved. Corina giggled and then asked me to be honest with her and asked me if I wanted to fuck Traci. I smiled and said Traci is really sexy and I would be a fool to turn it down and I said nothing would ever happen unless Corina was involved some way. Corina smiled and asked me if I fantasized about a threesome with Traci and her. I told her I could never handle both of them at the same time. I said it was hard enough to satisfy one of them so two would be impossible for me. I said I know I’m not a real stud and I would just end up cumming way too quickly.
Corina thought for a second on that and asked me if she told me to go fuck Traci now would I do it or would I say no. I said it was impossible to fuck again tonight and Corina giggled. Corina smiled and said little Teddy was starting to get hard now. I said if I got hard again I wanted to fuck my wife after that rubber cock fucked her. I said it was the closest I have got her to fucking another cock and I would want to feel how it made her kitty. Corina smiled and said little Teddy wanted to be inside a nice wet warm kitty pretty soon. Corina asked me why I didn’t want to just tell her to fuck someone and I said the game wouldn’t be fun and I wanted desire to control the game. I asked Corina if someone she knows or has met ever made her desire to fuck them since she met me. Corina smiled and said yes and I asked her why she didn’t fuck them. Corina giggled and said because she loved me and didn’t want to cheat on me.
I smiled and said after we have been together for a while that desire will make her cheat on me sooner or later. I said I have gotten rid of cheating by setting her free to fuck anyone she desires to fuck as long as I keep getting all I desire from her. Corina thought about it for a second and asked what would keep me from cheating. I smiled and said my wife will learn to trust my love for her. I continued saying my wife will trust me enough with the game and she will tell me to have sex with another woman or I never will fuck anyone else. Corina asked me if I wanted her to tell me I was free to fuck anyone I wanted. I told her nope. If she wanted me to fuck someone she has to tell me to do it and when and where to do it. I said I didn’t want freedom because I wanted my wife to be involved in every step of my sex life.
Corina was thinking and she asked me why she should have freedom and I shouldn’t. I said I wanted our entire sex life to be everything she desires because a man will fuck almost any woman. But a woman is a lot pickier and she would have a lot more control to keep it right. Corina giggled and said it did make some kind of sense after all. I asked Corina if I told her to fuck Morgan what would she do. Corina smiled and said if I told her to do it she would get up right now and go naked to Morgan’s apartment and fuck his brains out. I said that did sound fun but I want her to desire it and not have to be ordered to do it. I said with the game and notebook I will learn so much more about her desires and what makes her horny and lose control.
Corina was softly stroking my half hard cock and asked me what if she gets really wild for a while and fucks a lot of guys. I asked her if she was getting weaker and was thinking of fucking someone else now. Corina said it was interesting and with the game we will have to wait and see. Corina asked me how many times she fucked was too many in my mind. I said if it reached a thousand fucks that might be too much for me to handle. Corina giggled and said she couldn’t do that unless she was fucking nonstop for a year. I told Corina I figured if she decided to fuck other men that once she started that in the three months the number would be from ten to twenty men. I smiled and said a few of them would be good enough to fuck her a lot more times even. Corina giggled and said it sounded funny that I wanted her to fuck other men.
I kissed her lips and said in my fantasies my wife gets her brains fucked out and she has a lot of orgasms from other men. I smiled and said from how she acted that the men that have bigger cocks will give her the best orgasms. Especially if they fuck a long time with those big cocks just driving her crazy with orgasms. Corina asked me why I thought a big dick would be better than a normal one. I sighed and said in my mind she would be stretched so tight she would be able to feel every bump or vein that stuck out on his cock. I continued and said she would feel every stroke better as her little kitty would hold on tight to the bigger cocks as they moved in and out. Corina giggled and said I may be right and I asked her if she was thinking of finding out. Corina smiled and said time will tell. Then giggled and said the notebook will tell in the end.
Corina said it felt like little Teddy wanted to play again and she rolled over on top of me. Corina put my now hard cock in her wet and loose hole from the rubber vibrating cock and smiled at me. Corina asked me if it felt like I imagined it would and I said nope. I said it felt like she was stretched but it didn’t have the feeling of it really. Corina asked me why it didn’t and I said the fake cock didn’t fill her full of cum like a real one would. I said if she was fucked by a real one and the guy did it right she would be a lot looser and be swollen more. Corina giggled and said it sounded like I had it all thought out. I smiled and said if she decided to that I would notice it right away and would let her know I thought she got fucked. Corina smiled and said maybe one day and I said she promised even if she didn’t decide to do it that at least once I get to watch her fuck another man at the end of the game.
Corina giggled and said she would at least do that for her not so shy Ted now. Corina wiggled her hips on my hard cock and whispered for me to tell her my wildest fantasy. I said it might be too wild for her to know at this time and Corina smiled at me. Corina said nothing was too wild to hear after what I did to her tonight with my little game. I acted embarrassed when I whispered she gets filled all the way and Corina asked me what I meant by that. I said she would be riding a really thick cock and another man would be in her butt with another man standing in front of her while she had his cock down her throat.
Corina giggled and said it sounded like I wanted her to be a sex maniac. I said not a sex maniac really but a wife that really loved having sex and enjoyed it all the ways she was capable of doing. I said my sexy wife would have no problem fucking at least three or four guys at one time and would be fantastic at it even. Corina smiled and said I made it sound fun and I asked her if it sounded like something she would at least try. Corina giggled and said only the notebook would know for a while. I laughed inside as I listened to her sound like she wasn’t getting fucked while I knew and watched her getting fucked in the sexiest ways. I smiled at her and said I was just working on getting her to do what she desired doing. I said the fake cock was about the size Corina told me it was in her hand in the pool. I smiled and said she had no problem with it fitting in her tight little kitty and she seemed to like how it felt. Corina said maybe it was sexy being tied up and taken like that way. Then she said the mixture of pain and pleasure really felt sexy and being helpless made it even better. She smiled and compared it to a kind of soft **** and said I made it really sexy.
I asked her if she would have been mad if I really had a man fucking her and she smiled and said there was no way she could have stopped it once she was tied up. I smiled and said maybe one day I will have two or more guys **** her and asked her if she thought it would be fun. Corina just giggled and whispered maybe she should find out.

Continued with Chapter 18

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