Daughter in law


Daughter in lawWhen I met my daughter in law for the first time I knew we would be friends forever. We just bonded immediately.About 15 years after she married my s_on we were out shopping. We had the whole day to ourselves because my husband and s_on went to a baseball game. I had always had a fantasy about being with her sexually. She is very beautiful with an amazing body. We finished shopping and went back to my house. The guys wouldn’t be home until late that night.We were sitting at my kitchen table when she said ” can I ask you something that may be completely out of line or inappropriate? I know I can ask you anything but this may be too much.”I said ” honey you can ask me anything and I mean anything.”She said ” we are such great friends but I have been having feelings that I never had before, Maybe because I am getting older and want to explore new things but I just can’t stop thinking about it.”I said ” come on Maggie you know me too well, just ask. What are these feelings your talking about?”She said ” The feelings are about you.”I perked up.She said ” I have been having sexual feelings about you.” Then she just sat there with a frightened look on her face saying nothing.This was the perfect opportunity avcilar escort so I took it saying ” Maggie sweetie I feel the same and have for a long time.”Her mouth dropped and she said ” really?” I shook my head yes.Then I said ” and you couldn’t have brought this up at a more perfect time with the guys gone and no k_ids around.”In a meek voice she said ” that is exactly why I did. I was hoping that if you felt the same we could do something about it today.”I stood up and put my hand out. She took my hand and I lead her to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and she sat next to me. I put my hand on her face then leaned in kissing her softly on the lips. We kissed softly for awhile my hand stroking her cheek. Our kisses got more passionate. Our tongues played back and forth. I put my hand on her bare thigh sliding it up the inside to her shorts then under her shorts almost to her pussy. She sighed in my mouth our tongues still playing. She touched my breast. I kissed her harder and in an instant I was lying on top on her. We tugged at each others clothes trying to get them off. I got one of her beautiful tits out and sucked on it hard. She got her hand down my shorts and rubbed my hairy pussy. Her şirinevler escort finger slipped in between my pussy lips. I was already wet.She pushed deeper between my pussy lips to my opening. She wiggled her finger inside my hole. By now we both were down to just our panties. I pushed her away getting between her legs. I had to get to her pussy. I spread her legs and put my mouth wide open on her pussy. I bit and nibbled at her cunt. She cried out and I pulled her panties to the side exposing her partially trimmed pussy. I licked at her cunt my tongue running from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. I could smell her wetness. I pushed my tongue deep inside her hole. In minutes she was cumming. Her wet velvety pussy walls tasted so good. I didn’t want to stop and didn’t until she shoved my head away and jumped on me. She pinned me on the bed sticking her pussy on my mouth as she dove into my pussy. Licking sucking and fingering me fast and hard. I licked at her dripping cunt as she ate my cunt furiously. In minutes I was cumming and cumming hard.She kept eating me as I came again. I tried to make her cum but she had me shaking so much all I could do was hang on to her ass and bury my taksim escort mouth on her cunt. I screamed into her pussy as I came over and over.Finally she stopped. She laid on top of me our naked bodies pressing against each other. We kissed our mouths wet with our cum.I spoke first saying “oh my gosh Maggie I love you so much. That was incredible.”She kissed me softly on the lips and said ” I love you too Mom. That was more than incredible. I don’t remember the last time I came like that. Do you think we could do it some more?”We both began to laugh. Then I looked at the clock and said “hell Maggie we still have about 5 hours maybe 4 to be safe.”With that being said we attacked each other. Our hands and mouths all over each others naked bodies. She had me on my back and spread her spread between mine. She began rubbing her clit against mine. Oh my gosh. She went faster and faster. I could feel my insides boiling up. I held her beautiful tits pulling at her nipples. She did the same to me. I couldn’t believe how fast I started to climax and once I did she came too. Our cunts swallowed each other and we went on and on. Then I squirted really good.She jumped off and yelled “shit Mom I didn’t know you could squirt.”I couldn’t speak at that point and she dove mouth first onto my cunt licking the juices off and out of me.We spent the next few hours making love cumming and even masturbating together at one point.And as they say the rest is history. We are still at it today any time we can.

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