Expert CockSucker PussyEaterPT2


Expert CockSucker PussyEaterPT2
“You are a natural born cocksucker, Charlie,” my wife said, as she finally pulled the spit-covered rubber dick from my tortured throat, giving my face a wet smack for good measure with the meaty appendage. “I had no idea what a fucking whore you were. I hate to think your talent for giving head has gone so long unexplored. Now it’s time to up the ante a little, my pet.”

She moved down between my legs and bent over, her mouth only inches from my raging boner, the angry purple head swollen and glistening with pre-cum. Teasingly, she flicked the head of my cock with her tongue, tasting my cum and driving me insane. She grabbed my shaft and squeezed the head of my dick, making my pee slit open slightly. She drove the tip of her tongue into my slit, causing more pre-cum to leak from my tortured tool.

“Please Mistress,” I begged. “Don’t tease me anymore. Suck my cock.”

Sarah stood up and raised her stiletto heel to my crotch, the spike digging into my ball sack. “You’re in no position to ask for anything!” she demanded as she ground her heel into my balls and whipped my stomach with the riding crop.

“Your satisfaction will be in satisfying me,” she continued. “Do you fucking understand you pathetic little cunt?”

“Yes Mistress,” I whimpered, the pain in my balls making me completely forget about the plug still imbedded in my ass.

“Good. Now get down off that bench and get on your knees,” she commanded as she again unbuckled my wrist restraints.

I did as instructed and she refastened my wrist cuffs. Sarah pushed me in the back and I crashed face first into the floor, unable to use my restrained arms to cushion the fall.

“Keep your face buried in the carpet, slut,” she ordered, “but lift that pretty little ass of yours up here so I can play with it.”

I was now in the very vulnerable doggy position. Sarah pulled my panties aside and removed the butt plug from my ass. I felt the cool breeze from the overhead fan blow down my now gaping asshole, half wishing the plug was still buried in my empty rear. I had quickly learned to enjoy the feeling of having my ass impaled on a fat toy.

“Before we go any further, I think its time you learned some basic ass-slut hygiene,” she remarked. I heard her rummage through her bag of toys and she pulled out an enema bag. She inserted the tip into my rectum and squeezed the contents of the douche bag into my ass. I immediately felt the urge to evacuate my bowels.

“The clerk at the novelty store recommended this. When she saw all the ass-fucking paraphernalia I was buying, especially the strapon harness, she knew immediately what I had in mind. She said all new ass sluts needed a thorough cleansing. I expect you will prepare yourself daily from here on without my assistance. Your ass is mine and I demand it be clean and ready at all times. Hold it for 5 minutes, faggot,” my wife commanded as she sat down and finished her wine while watching the porno play out on the TV.

I struggled to hold the warm fluid, beginning to cramp with the strain of the exercise.

Pulling me to my feet after the most excruciating 5 minutes of my life, Sarah ordered, “Go sit on the toilet and flush out that nasty hole of yours.”

I sprinted to the bathroom as fast as I could in the fuck-me pumps and unleashed the douche into the toilet, struggling to wipe my behind with only limited use of my hands.

Upon returning to the study, I found my wife standing, a studded condom now rolled onto her menacing strapon dildo as she slowly stroked its enormous length. I also heard a low humming noise and noticed that Sarah had inserted a vibrator into her love box behind the huge strapon. As she stroked the rubber dick, the friction caused the vibrator to move slightly in her pussy, stimulating her clit.

“I am going to fuck you in the ass now, slut,” my wife said, as she forced me down onto the floor, and positioned herself behind me. “That’s right, I’m going to use this big black rubber cock to fuck you till you can’t sit down. I’m going to make your ass mine and I’m going to love every minute of it.”

“Please Mistress,” I squealed. “I can’t take all that. You’ll kill me.” To be honest, I did want her to fuck my ass, but I really didn’t see anyway that big black dildo was going to fit in my tight little butthole.

“What a fucking way to go then,” she laughed. “Not only will you take all of it, you’ll beg me to fuck your tight virgin hole, you disgusting pervert. Now let me hear you beg for it,” she ordered as she rubbed the big dildo against my exposed crack.

I tried to pull away, but she grabbed my hips and held firm. “I said beg for it, slut!” she screamed as she positioned the huge head at my gaping hole.

“Please Mistress,” I began, realizing I had no chance of escaping the inevitable. “Please be gentle when you pop my ass cherry.”

“That’s a little better. But I will take your ass however and whenever I want,” she said as she leaned her full weight against my butt, the head of the giant strapon slowly forcing its way into my tight sphincter.

“Oh shit that hurts,” I exclaimed as she pushed harder, inch after inch of that horrible rod disappearing into me.

“Arghhhhhh, ” I screamed.

“Shut the fuck up,” she barked as she grabbed a pair of panties from her bag of goodies and stuffed them into my mouth to muffle my screams. They must have been the panties she was wearing all day because I detected the distinctive smell of her sex on the soiled panties.

“Now you know how much I hurt when I found all that porn on your computer,” she cackled. “You brought this on yourself, bitch,” she said as she rammed the entire tool into my aching ass.

I nearly passed out from the pain. Sarah held me firm with the entire length of the massive pecker buried in my hole, reaching down between my legs and giving my balls a firm squeeze.

“You are my little bitch now, Charlie,” she said. “Your ass looks so good filled with my big black cock,” she purred as she spit on my ass, the wetness running down my crack and around the rubber dick.

She slowly withdrew the rod till only the head was still inserted then rammed the cock home, impaling me again on the giant tool. With no further hesitation, she began to fuck my ass in earnest. Her pace increased and I felt the rubber balls bouncing against my own with every forceful thrust. She smacked my ass hard with the riding crop as each deep stroke bottomed out in my burning hole.

“Oh fuck yea,” she moaned. “I love stuffing my big cock up your tight ass. Take it bitch. Take Mistress’ hard boner. I’m gonna fuck that ass hard. Your pussy is mine slut.”

The pain slowly subsided and I became aware of an incredibly erotic sensation as the strapon rubbed against erogenous zones deep in my ass that I never imagined existed. I began to meet my wife’s thrusts and struggled less and less against her onslaught.

“That’s a good little whore,” my wife commented as she pulled the smelly panties from my mouth. “You like that big dick in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” I moaned, no longer needing to lie. It was still incredibly uncomfortable and humiliating, but I was beginning to enjoy the sensation of the big dick sliding in and out of my tight hole.

Sarah withdrew all but the head of the penis and remained motionless for several seconds. Craving the cock, I moved backward to get more dick buried in my ass.

“You want my cock bad, huh slut?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress,” I pleaded. “Please fuck me with that huge cock. I need your dick buried in my ass. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like the pathetic little whore I am.”

My wife grabbed my hips and continued to pummel my ass. She fucked me with long, slow powerful strokes and then changed the pace to short, fast thrusts.

“Oh yes Mistress,” I groaned. “Your cock is unbelievable. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking my horny little man-cunt with your massive rod. Fuck me. Fuck me harder!!! I’m such a fucking slut for your big dick.”

She was relentless. I could feel the big rubber nuts bouncing off my own balls with every powerful thrust. She was like a woman possessed as she drilled by tortured hole grinding the huge rubber dick deep into my ass and hitting unexplored spots that made my little man-clit leak with pleasure. I knew the fucking combined with the vibrator in her pussy was getting her off too, as she was moaning and panting with ecstasy.

Unexpectedly she pulled the giant phallus from my stretched ass and ordered, “Stand up, faggot. Put your feet together and bend over like a good little bitch because Mistress wants to ride that hot hole while she’s standing up; the better to really plow your slutty little man-pussy.”

She spread my ass cheeks and reinserted the wet tool. I fought to maintain my balance in my high heels as the assault on my butt continued, her pelvic thrusts generating wicked power that drove the rubber pecker deep into my bowels.

“You fucking love that, don’t you slut?” my wife laughed.

“Oh yes mistress,” I struggled to reply. “It feels incredible to be impaled on your mammoth member, as you stretch my ass. You are fucking me so good!”

“You are one sick puppy, Charlie,” my wife spat out, half in disgust and half engrossed in the power she was now wielding over her submissive husband. “I think I could get used to dominating your slutty ass and making you my personal little bitch. Are you my bitch, Charlie?” she asked as she gave my ass a hard whack with the riding crop.

“Yes Mistress,” I exhaled. “I’m your slutty fuck-bitch and my ass is yours whenever and however you want it.”

“Damn fucking right,” she barked. “And right now, I want you on your back so I can watch your face as I deep-dick that tight little hole.”

Releasing my wrist constraints, she pushed me down on the carpet, grabbed my ankles and prepared to fuck me in the good old missionary position. She hiked my ankles up on her shoulders and pushed down on my hamstrings, opening my ass to her oncoming assault.

“Open your eyes and look at me as I take that sweet ass,” she ordered. “I’m going to make your little clit squirt like a faucet as I pound your hole into tomorrow.”

“Go ahead, faggot, play with your little clit as I make your hole my bitch,” she commanded.

I reached down and gave my hard cock a few tugs, knowing it wouldn’t take much for me to shoot my load all over my belly and chest as she continued to screw my ass. Looking into Sarah’s eyes as she fucked me mercilessly, I saw a fire of passion and dominance that I didn’t know she possessed. She was clearly assuming the alpha male role in our relationship and the look of pure lust on her face told me she was enjoying this as much as I was.

“That’s it bitch, show me how you pleasure your pathetic little penis as I violate your hole. Show Mistress what a wimpy masturbating faggot you are.”

Sarah was so out of character, I firmly believed she was losing it. I never imagined she could be so raunchy and never fantasized she could be so dominant and aggressive.

She rolled me over onto my side and plunged her cock deeper and deeper into me, her stamina incredible as she fucked me raw. “I am going to fuck you in every position you can imagine, and maybe a few you never knew existed, bitch,” she continued. “You wanted variety in your sex life? Well shithead, I’ve got a few ideas that will make your head spin and your ass beg for mercy.”

I was only seconds from shooting my load. She sensed I was close and she pushed me onto my back. “Shoot your stinky little sperm all over my big cock, slut,” she ordered as she withdrew the giant fuckstick from my ass and ripped the soiled condom off. “Show Mistress how much you enjoyed your first anal fuck by coating my boner with your sissy-sauce.”

Just hearing her talk like that, made my cock jump with excitement. With two quick jerks, I erupted, shooting the biggest load of my life all over the giant black rubber dick.

As my orgasm receded, Sarah took total control, “Alright, bitch, now lick my cock clean. Eat your own cum off my fat tool and make sure you get every last drop.”

Without complaint, I knelt in front of my incredible Mistress and hungrily slurped and swallowed every drop of warm, sticky jizz I could find. She grabbed my head and forced the dildo down my throat.

“Suck it slut,” she barked. “Swallow all that cockcream.”

Finally she pulled the strapon from my mouth. “You’re not done yet, bitch,” she said. “With your mouth full of your own faggot cum, I want you to eat me out one more time. Practice makes perfect and you have a long ways to go to perfect your pussy-eating skills.”

She removed the vibrator and straddled my face again and for the next 15 minutes I brought her to several more orgasms as she ground per wet pussy against my tongue. Periodically, she would slap my forehead with her big strapon, and encourage me with her nasty talk. Only after her legs started to quiver and I thought she was going to pass out from pleasure did she roll off my face and sit on my chest, straddling my body, her rubber rod laying across my chest and resting against my chin.

Sarah grabbed her fat toy cock and gave my face a few playful whacks, “That was so fucking hot, Charlie,” she began. “I’m still mad as hell at you, but I think we can work this out. Just in case you haven’t figured it out, from now on, in the bedroom, I’m in charge. I make the rules and you do what you are told. Got it?”

“Yes Sarah,” I replied.

This time she smacked my face hard with the rubber dick, no playful love tap. At the same time, she reached down and gave my balls a hard squeeze. “What did you call me?”

“I’m sorry Mistress,” I stuttered, my face stinging and my nuts aching.

“In the bedroom, you will refer to me always as Mistress. I can see that one ass-fucking is not going to train you sufficiently. That’s OK though, I’ve got some other ideas of how to keep you under control. I’m going to take a shower. Be a good little bitch and go fetch me some dinner. After I get my strength back, I’ve got some even bigger surprises to try out on you.”

“Oh, and Charlie, while I’m eating my dinner, I want you to review the video of our fuck-session on your computer, and make a list of five things you can do to improve on your performance. Remember, you are my slut in training, and I want you to have some very specific goals to work on. For example, I want you to shave all your pubic hair, making your dick and balls perfectly smooth. But leave your asshole hairy. I just love drilling your hairy little hole. After ordering dinner, you can use the bathroom down the hall to shave yourself.”

As I dialed for takeout, still dressed like a cheap whore, my abused ass throbbing, and the taste of my own cum still lingering on my tongue, I wondered if by bigger surprise, she literally meant she had a bigger strapon. As my cock stirred to life, I hoped she did. And later that evening after I shaved myself smooth, Mistress didn’t disappoint me.

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