fun at the club

fun at the club
We had booked online for one of the fun party nights at the club after our first visit to the spa. We had had a great time but most importantly you had enjoyed yourself and your confidence had meant you wanted to explore more. We had both spent the day letting you try on all kinds of sexy outfits till we found the perfect one for the evening’s fun, we had decided on a Basque with half cup bra top and peep hole panties with stay up stockings. The stockings were an extra as you had sexy Fuck me boots on too.
We went in to the Bar and got a drink had a look around to see how many people were already there and then sat at a table sipping our drinks. I could tell you were nervous but as I put my arm around you I could also tell you were very turned on and your nipples were sticking out for all to see. My hand slid down and my finger slid between your thighs as we sat there and I was rewarded with a very wet finger as I withdrew it. I slid it up to my mouth and sucked it clean whispering to you that I was glad your pussy was already so wet as it was going to get well used tonight.
As we sat there taking in the people and the atmosphere a couple came over and asked if they could join us at the table, we smiled and introduced ourselves and began chatting as the place filled up for the evenings fun, Music was playing and we drank our wine as we watched the new people come in to the club. Being a Saturday there were couples and single girls only and no single men which was a nice change of pace.
We were talking to the couple at our table when our friends we had met at the Spa day on Monday came in and headed straight for us she had a sheer black dress on revealing everything and her partner John like me had a shirt and trousers on, she looked great and came straight for me and gave me a big kiss as her partner did to you. She also whispered in your ear that she was glad you had come and gave you a kiss too.
We introduced them to the other couple at our table and we all chatted about what we had all been up to, the new couple seemed extremely excited by our activities and I could tell by his look the guy wanted to join us for some more fun. This appealed to me as his partner was very cute with a hot body and sexy tits on show for all to see.
As the music went on and the drinks started to flow John asked the girl if she wanted to dance and as he took her to the dance floor her partner came closer to us and asked what we were planning for tonight. Sarah his partner smiled and slid her hand on to his crotch and said that as you were new to this that we were going to make sure you did everything you wanted tonight and everything I wanted you to do too. He smiled at me knowing this meant lots of fun was planned for the night.
I said why don’t you both come along and find out at which point you slid your hand down under the table and began to rub my cock. Sarah said yes come with us tonight and join in the fun. I smiled at him and he said yes he would love to so would Kate his partner.
I said I could see that from here as he turned around we could see John with his hand on her ass squeezing hard pulling her in to his hard cock as they danced. I suggested that we all grab some drinks and go to the cinema and watch a film or 2 to get warmed up and we all moved off the cinema was quiet and we all sat together boy girl boy girl, and as the sex started on screen our hands began to wonder over each other. All you girls had hard nipples and they were all on show as we sat in the big chairs watching the films but I was concentrating on your pussy as my fingers slid in and out of you as we enjoyed the film and the fun going on around us.
You were enjoying the attention and also enjoying what was happening next to you and I saw you watching as John was doing the same to Sarah as I was to you. Kate was sucking her hubby off too as they sat next to us and you watched her go for it as I brought you to the first of many climaxes I had in store for you that night. As I removed my fingers from you Sarah leaned over and grabbed them sliding them in to her mouth and sucking your cum from them as John continued to slam his hand deep in to her wet pussy.
You stood up and with your hand still on my cock through my zip which you had undone as I played with you, I felt you guide my hard cock deep in to your soaking wet pussy. As you faced the screen I put my hands around you grabbing and pinching your hard nipples as you rode me hard grinding your wet pussy lips apart with my hard cock. The others were busy pleasuring themselves as we were and it wasn’t long before there were lots of moans coming from our area.
After a while when we had all enjoyed some naughty fun we got up you girls still with your hard nipples showing from your sexy outfits and you especially with your puffy wet pussy lips protruding from your peep hole panties and us men all topless now we went back to the bar your pussy I knew was soaking wet and my fingers were sliding between the crack of your ass as we walked through the busy dance floor to the bar. It was a lot busier now and several couples were on the dance floor sexily dancing and playing with each other as the music and lights moved them.
As we all closed in to get more drinks I asked where you would like to go next. You whispered in my ear as you grabbed my cock and I smiled back at you grabbing your hand and we headed to the dungeon where the fun was going to take place. As we went in there were four couples already there and a few others we moved to the sex swing room and it was empty so not waiting to be asked I grabbed your hand and led you to it pulling you in to position and adjusting your feet in the stirrups once I had finished I looked and admired my work your legs were up high and parted by the stirrups and you lay there open for pleasure. John and Sarah came to the half door which I had closed to start with to stop others until I was happy coming in. I strapped you in at the wrists and ankles, and adjusted the height so that my cocks would slide in to your pussy nice and smoothly and also spread your legs as wide as they would go.
This done I started to strip off I looked at John and Sarah and said do you want to join us to which they nodded and as I opened the door they hurriedly started to strip too as they came in closing it behind them. I grabbed Sarah’s hand and led her to you and as she started to tease you with her tongue and hands she began to suck your hard nipples next running her fingers between your wet thighs and sliding them deep in to your wide open pussy before bringing her wet hands to suck clean. John and I stood there stroking our hard cocks as we watched you get teased and toyed with by Sarah and loved every second of it.
I could see by this how wet you were and was looking forward to sliding in to your hot wet pussy. You were purring with pleasure at the attention from Sarah as we looked on enjoying the show. The door was closed but there were at least 6 people watching as she made you cum two or three times before we moved in. John grabbed her hair and kissed Sarah whose mouth was coated in your cum as I walked to your head and grabbing a hand full of hair pulled your open mouth in line with my cock. I then thrust my hard cock in to your mouth and began to fuck your throat hard and you were helpless to do anything except suck me having your hands and legs restrained as you lay there.
John slid his fingers in to your pussy and began to pump hard making the swing rock as he did so and I knew he could feel the juice pouring from you as his hand went deeper and deeper Sarah stood there watching stroking and teasing his rock hard cock, I smiled at them and nodded as I fucked your mouth and watched as I let her feed him in to your wet pussy, it was very horny to see you getting used like this and my cock was close to exploding in your mouth as I watched Sarah pump him in to your soaking wet pussy.
I leant over lowering my mouth on your swinging nipples and biting them hard as you swung back and forth as I did this I could see John sliding in and out of your pussy stretching your lips as he did, and as I watched Sarah leant down and began to lick at his cock and your clit as he slid from you coated in juice each time. Sarah slid one then two fingers deep in to your ass it was a great feeling as I she could feel him slide in and out of you from inside your tight butt.
It didn’t take long for you to come. John was not far behind you and I could see him tense as he filled his condom with cum as he stayed inside you with Sarah still licking and sucking at your clit as she fingered your tight ass at the same time. Seeing this I shot my cum deep down your throat. I held your head deep on me so you sucked every drop just as your pussy was doing to John. Sarah pulled john from your wet pussy and peeling the rubber from his cock she dropped to her knees and began to suck him clean just inches from your dripping pussy. I moved to your pussy and began to clean it up now that John had slid from you and enjoyed licking and sucking your soaking wet pussy. John and I once we had finished with cleaning you up and allowing Sarah to complete her duty too carried her to your head where we sat her over your mouth as you were strapped down and helpless and told you to lick her till she came this you did with great enthusiasm and it was only a matter of seconds before she was screaming out with pleasure as she came hard on your face.
We all sat there catching our breath as you hung there dripping cum from your well fucked pussy and mouth and we all decided it was time for a change of scenery, but where to take you next. ???

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