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Beverly was my girlfriend we had been dating for a little while and I had her over for the weekend we had a nice day shopping and stuff but then we came home and she said she wanted to have sex…I was totally up for it but she had that look in her eye that night like she wanted to do something nasty to me she got me naked and got me on the bed “I’m going to stretch out your asshole for you!” She stated “Get on your hands and knees!” She commanded I obeyed I was a little nervous as to what she might do but also a little excited too she got some k-y lube from the nightstand the stuff I use when I ass fuck her guess she wanted a little payback I was in for it tonight she started with two fingers stuffing them up my asshole roughly I groaned and she said “Shut up bitch I haven’t even started yet!” Her hand slapped the cheeks of my upturned bottom and I groaned some more when my ass was red enough for her she went back to working her hand into my anus two fingers became three then four then her knuckles entered me and she spun her hand around to stretch me wider I was biting the pillow at thin point and she told me to relax then jammed her hand into me it disappeared up to the wrist and I moaned loudly into my pillow as she opened her hand wide I could feel her fingers feeling the walls of my colon then she made a fist and drew it back slowly I cried out as her hand slowly emerged from inside me when her knuckles were at my anal ring she began to rotate her fist back and forth back and forth slowly then faster until her hand was a blur in my asshole when she was satisfied she removed her hand completely it came out with a pop she took a picture of my asshole gaped wide then she made a fist again and punched her hand into my asshole I grunted from the blow she pulled it out and punched it in again over and over like a mad woman driving deeper each time until her elbow was at my anus I was screaming into my pillow at this point my abused ass was screaming in pain but it was also an incredible turn on to be taken by her this way then I felt her arm wrap around my waist across my hard cock pinning it to my body I thought Uh Oh what now? “Hold still baby!”

She breathed out she was breathing heavy and I could hear the passion in her voice low and throaty I dug in bit the pillow as she forced her arm inside me deeper it went beyond her elbow and continued on up not stopping until her entire arm was up my ass I felt her shoulder rubbing against my butt cheeks her hand was so far up inside me I felt like she could tickle my tonsils if she wanted to…I passed out for a few minutes and when I came to she said now lets fuck you this deep and she pulled out her arm then plunged it to the shoulder out then in out then in I was in complete surrender at that point she could have killed me and I would have let her it was so intense she opened her hand and was feeling around inside me I felt my organs being fondled it felt strangely wonderful! I was masturbating furiously and she told me to cum actually demanded it I obeyed and came buckets all over my pillow she left her arm deep inside me till I finished then she removed it took the pillow and smeared my face with the cum it was in my eyes up my nose in my mouth I was drowning in my own sperm she rubbed my face in it saying “Eat your cum my bitch eat it now! I opened my mouth licked the cum from my lips and pillow till it was clean then she removed it smiled and said “Now it’s my turn fuck me now!” I got a raging hard on and pounced on her but she rolled on top and took control again riding my cock while squeezing my balls she said “Don’t cum till I tell you to!” I tried my hardest not to thinking about math equations and other things while she had her fun she looked so hot with her tits bouncing merrily that it was hard not to cum she came herself a few times then said “Cum NOW!” and I did a blast of cum released from my still squeezed balls she milked them dry while still bouncing high I heard her ass slapping my thighs as she landed finally she collapsed on top of me kissed me hard on the lips and climbed off my cock she moved up my body until her pussy was above my face “Open your mouth!” she commanded I opened wide after she slapped my face one time then she evacuated her pussy into my mouth filling it up with my own cum “Swallow it Bitch!” she demanded I obeyed and gagged a bit as my viscous fluids ran thick down my throat when I had finished she ran her pussy over my face then made me eat it clean when she was satisfied I had cleaned it out she got off me and went to take a shower I followed her into the bathroom and she rewarded me with a nice soapy showering we cleaned each other as we kissed each other I got hard again and we had some fun shower sex slippery sliding fun shower sex…nothing like it!

Then she got an idea and turned me around and bent me over and she soaped my asshole real good and her hands were soapy too then she slipped her fingers of both hands into my anal ring she pulled from both sides stretching and widening my anus I moaned loudly as she slipped both her soapy hands inside me pushing against each other she stretched me further and further until she was ready to proceed then she put both her arms together and made fists from both hands I could feel her knuckles through the skin of my stomach and she pushed forward slowly until she was into me to the elbows I was in the throes of an orgasm as I had cum from jerking my cock as she was entering me the load hit the wall and ran down thickly she saw it and laughed and applauded clapping inside my ass with both hands I could feel the water from the shower running into my wide open hole she turned me so the stream was directly flowing into me it filled my anal cavity and flowed out I must have looked like some crazy fountain standing there like that she continued to push outward and moved even further into me until both her arms were inside me to the biceps my asshole was destroyed I would need a butt plug to keep my crap inside me walking around after this but I was helpless to stop her I just prayed she didn’t decide to climb inside me full body that I could not handle no way! Finally she was satisfied with her stretching as I could go no further and removed both her arms but before she completely too them out she had both fists inside the ring and she rotated them slowly then removed and punch fucked me with both fists this time OMFG I was getting abused my asshole was gaped so wide I could hear an echo as she laughed into it then she let me purge the water from myself before turning off the shower she dried me off I was exhausted and I fell onto the bed and passed out she went out for awhile and let me rest when I awoke I was sore but my asshole was closed that was good I went to the bathroom and examined myself it looked okay though it was way bigger than it used to be in fact it looked kind of like a girls pussy I was amazed and took some photo’s of it which I posted on a website that promotes this king of thing pleased with myself I got a beer and sat on a soft pillow on the couch I watched the ballgame until she came home she plopped onto the couch and kissed me passionately when she let me up for air she said she had had the time of her life doing that to me and she would do something special for me so I would have some fun too I could not wait to see what she had planned but it would have to wait until I recuperated a bit I was in no condition for sex and she knew it I got my fun the next night tying her up I had all sorts of fun with her pussy and asshole and she was more than a little bigger in both holes by the time I was through she loved it though and came buckets for me…What a girl she was I married her shortly after this happened she was mine and no others I made sure of that…Lots of great sex on the horizon cant wait for our anniversary…

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