Lesley just needs some love.


Lesley just needs some love.Lesley Charleston hadn’t had a lot of luck in her life. She wasn’t a beautiful woman or have a great figure. She was just average. She got by. At 49 she had probably her best years in the wind. But she never got down. She had twin boys who were 10 years old. They kept her busy, especially when you took into account she worked full time as a care assistant in a nursing home. Her husband had left not long after the twins were born, she was alone. Her dad helped but he was an old man and couldn’t do much. She didn’t get much time to herself and had no time to date. She couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had even had a date, and it was just a memory since she had sex. She was 5’4″ 105 lbs small breasts, not much bigger than an A cup. She was always smiling and she really deserved a break. Her friends had organised a trip to Spain for her 50th but she had to organise c***dcare and raise some money for the trip. What she could really do with right now was some sex. She was tired of the same routine with her dildo and vibrator. She masturbated 2/3/4 times a week using the vibrator in bed and the dildo in the bath. She had had a good sex life with her husband but he was scared off by the responsibility of k**s. He was the last person to make love to her. Years ago. She had her name down on a register to do extra shifts at various care facilities in the community for a year, but could never fit them in, even though she could do with the money. The email she was looking at was to visit a recently discharged 64 year old man twice daily for a month. The address was about a mile from where she lived. It was also on her way to and from work. The money would pay her spending money for her birthday trip. She rang the agency. The details were doable. She could visit at 0730/0800 and again 1800/1830. That’s all it was. The gentleman had fallen down stairs and damaged his shoulder, the work was only checking on him making sure he was getting a meal. The k**s were organised into after school club and dad would take them to school in the mornings. Lesley was excited that maybe her luck was changing. She arrived at the gentlemans house at 0725, she prided herself on being early. She checked her paperwork and noted the name. Rob Brownlee, 64, damaged bone in right shoulder. She knocked at the door and waited. The door opened and a very spritely gendleman who didn’t look anywhere near 64 answered. Lesley introduced herself and Rob Brownlee invited her in. The introductions made, Mr Brownlee told Lesley that he really didn’t know why they had organised care for him as he was quite sure he could manage on his own. Lesley explained that it was just a precaution and the care policy was there to protect him. For thirty minutes she explained what she would be doing for the next four weeks. He was still a bit miffed that they thought he needed care, but he resigned himself to it, telling Lesley that at least it would be nice to have an attractive young woman looking after him. She blushed and said thank you. Rob had had his breakfast so she set off to work. She was finished early at the care home and the traffic was light on her journey home. She pulled up at 1730 30 minutes early. She knocked at the door and Rob answered just in his dressing gown. ‘Hello Lesley your early I’m just out of the shower, come in I’ll put the kettle on.”Ok mr Brownlee thank you.’ ‘ oh call me rob”Ok’. Lesley thought rob was very handsome. He was about 6′ and had silver grey hair cut short and looked in good shape. He put the kettle on and turned to get two cups out of the cupboard. His gown swung slightly open and Lesley was afforded the site of a swinging flaccid cock which looked as big soft as her ex husbands cock was hard. Rob saw what happened but didn’t say anything. It hadn’t been intentional but he thought she was looking. He made the tea and they chatted for the half hour Rob quizzing Lesley about her life. She didn’t tell him much but he got the impression she was struggling. She made him an omelette even though he said he could manage. Rob stood at the kitchen table and had a good look at Lesley from behind he took in her figure and thought she was a nice tidy who would do nicely for a bit of fun. Tits were on the small side, but had a nice arse. He wondered what she would look like standing there naked with just an apron on. His cock thickened slightly. He decided to sit at the table, before his cock got too hard. It would be embarrassment all round if his hard cock popped out of his gown. Lesley put the egg dish on a plate and turned round to go to the table. The fork on the plate slipped off and hit the floor. Oh I’m so clumsy’ she said. She put the plate in front of Rob and got him another fork. She had to get on her knees to receive the fork and nearly banged her head when she saw the semi erect horse cock just 3′ from her face. She quickly got up and wasted the cutlery and put it in the drawer. Keeping turned away from rob she was mortified. Rob guessed what had happened but again said nothing. Regaining her composure she sat with him while he ate. He said his shoulder felt a little sore today, which it did, he wasn’t lying. Leslie offered to give him a massage which he agreed to. When he finished his meal she washed his plate. And went round his chair and proceeded to gently massage his pained area. Rob was still a sexually active man, the size of his cock was legendary with women his age. He hadn’t fucked a woman 15 years younger than him for probably 25 years. Her touch was good. The relief almost instant. She made another cup of tea and sat down. Rob asked her what her boyfriend did for gazipaşa escort a living, suspecting she didn’t have one, but he needed it confirmed. ‘No I don’t have time for that at the moment Rob, I’m far too busy with work and k**s’. She smiled. The sight of that cock had made her thong panties damp. ‘Oh that’s a shame Lesley. All work and no play will make Lesley a dull girl’. He quipped. ‘I’m ok really’. ‘Well, take my advise, your a long time dead….get some fun in your life before its to late. I’m sure there’s a man for you who could make you happy’. Lesley blushed as she thought ” there’s a horse cock just a few feet from me now that could make me scream like a lunatic”. ‘Ok I’ll bear that in mind. ‘ with that she took her leave. Promising to be there in the morning. Rob had had to stay at the table when she left. He couldn’t stand because his cock was rock hard. When the door closed he gripped his member, marvelling how he could still get it so hard at his age. It was 9″ long and he could just get his hand around it. He thought about having a wank but decided to leave it. He was going to try to fuck the little carer tomorrow. He recognised all the signs. Tough life, no time, k**s, not had a cock for ages, probably wanked every night with a rabbit. He’d seen these signs all to often, and when they saw old Robs cock they all want to try it. Lesley got home and went straight to her bedroom. The k**s were outside playing football. She stripped her uniform off and lay on the bed. She slipped a hand into her thong through the jungle of hair and slipped three fingers straight into pussy. She was soaking. She retrieved her 6″ dildo and battered her needy gash. With her other hand she squeezed a nipple through her bra, making her eyes nearly water. Her eyes were closed and that monster was still swinging in her vision. She felt her climax coming and she really pistoned the plastic cock in and out of her messy gash. She pulled the pillow over her face to muffle a scream that shook her very being. 15 minutes later she was having her bath trying to gather her thoughts. She really had to behave herself, he was a patient for god sake. She trimmed her pubic hair right down then got a new razor and sc****d all the remaining stubble. Her ex loved her shaved. It hadn’t been been touched for years. So why the fuck was she doing it now. She convinced herself she was only doing it to please herself. Something in the back of her head doubted her. Next morning she was up early. The k**s had stayed at her dads and she had had a restless night. She had diddled her pussy twice more before going to sleep, only one thing filling her thoughts. She wondered how any woman could take something that size…but they do, she had heard the girls at work talk about a black nurse who was well hung and some of the girls had done him. The biggest she had had was 6″ and her ex was only 5″. Her dildo was 6″ and her vibrator the same. ‘ fuck what am I thinking ….this is mad.’ But she couldn’t explain to herself why she was wearing a new tiny thong, matching bra, and stockings, under her uniform. She had had to wipe her pussy twice before putting the thong on. She sprayed some nice perfume on and set off for Robs. Rob had had to have a cold shower his cock wouldn’t go down. The little slut would be here soon and she was going to get the thrill of her life. She wasn’t really that pretty, but he was determined to see how much of his cock he could get down her throat. He wondered if she would take it up the arse but decided that was maybe for another day. He preferred his women with a bit of tit, and she didn’t have much. Still her body wasn’t bad and he looked forward to getting his hands on her. He had decided to wait until she got there and then get in the shower and pretend to have slept in. Lesley pulled up outside Robs house, checked her hair in the mirror, took a deep breath, and exited the car. Her gut was churning. Rob heard the door knock but ignored it. Giving her twenty second before he knew she would come in. Lesley wondered if rob was ok. She knocked again, then opened the door and walked in. She heard the shower running and shouted out ‘hello Rob, it’s me, Lesley’ No answer. She walked through to the bathroom and the door was open. She could see Rob washing himself with his back to her. Lesley thought phwa that’s a bit of ok. 64. Looks more like 44 from here. His muscles were still well defined and he had a strong looking back. She just stood there mesmerised. She was transfixed. Her mouth was open to speak but nothing came out. Rob turned around. ‘Hello Lesley is it that time already. I must have slept in.’ His cock was in a semi aroused state and must have been 7″ by then. Rob had taken half a Viagra. He didn’t use them but he had a feeling about this one and he had to be ready. Lesley just stared at his swinging cock, it was massive , and it wasn’t even up. ‘Earth to Lesley…is there anybody there’. She heard her name and snapped out of her trance. She garbled something incoherent and said she would put the kettle on. Then dashed out of the room. Rob knew he had to seize the moment and was out of the shower in a flash. He wrapped a towel round his waist and walked into the kitchen. Lesley had her back to him, but heard him walk in. ‘ my Lesley, you do smell nice,’ he lied. Cheap perfume, ‘ did you put that on for me?’ He teased. ‘No no I wear it every day’ ‘You weren’t wearing it yesterday.” She blushed deeper than she had ever blushed in her life. He sat down opposite her. This was the moment. ‘ Now Lesley, my girl, I can see your a little bit flustered. There’s no need gündoğmuş escort to be flustered around me. I’m your new friend. Now I think what got you in your state was you’ve seen that Robs got a big willy,…..am I right. It is big isn’t it. And it still works which is a godsend at my age. Now….have you ever seen anything like it? Come on now girl, be honest’Lesley couldn’t speak. She should never have come. She should have phoned in sick. She just looked down at her cup. Rob knew he was on a winner. ‘ Now Lesley. Tell me. When did you last have cock. My guess is a while ago, because your far to busy. Am I right. Oh I know I am right.’ Her head was still bowed. ‘ now I’m going to have a guess here. You saw my big cock last night. Twice if I’m not mistaken. Did it get your knickers wet…I’ll bet it did. Sure got my cock hard knowing you saw it. Now girl, take a deep breath and tell me what you did when you got home last night…..did it involve you playing with your pussy’Lesley looked up finally and held his eye as best she could. ‘ I masturbated…..3 times’That’s better girl, at least your talking. It’s good to talk, isn’t it.’? Now, what old rob is thinking, Lesley went home, diddled herself with some toy, thinking it was Robs hard cock that was ploughing her cunt….is that right? ‘. Lesley grimaced at the word cunt, but said nothing. He went on. ‘ I’ll take that as a yes then.’ He stood up. ‘ now what I am going to do Lesley my young friend, is, I am going to count in my heat to twenty. After that I am going to drop this towel. If you want to run…run now. I’m starting now’. Lesley’s head was screaming run run you stupid bitch. Her legs wouldn’t lift her. Rob cheated and after 15 second the towel fell to his ankles. His cock sprang forward and stood at 9″ rock solid. The Viagra helping him slightly. Lesley raised her head and looked open jawed at this magnificent specimen in front of her. ‘Now Lesley, I’ve given you the opportunity to leave, and your still hear. Please nod your head if you want to stay’. She nodded. ‘ ok that’s good. Now Lesley, what I want you to do now, is stand up for me please. NOW’. She stood slowly. Now Lesley, I’ve been watching you these past view visits to me and I’ve got to say you have a fine body on you. I would like, if you don’t mind, for you to pull the zip of your uniform down. Do it now Lesley. I haven’t got all day. Lesley was in meltdown. She was hearing words as if they were on TV, not being spoken to her. She lifted her hand up and tugged the zip of her uniform until it flapped open. ‘ good girl now that want difficult was it. Now Lesley, I want you to hold it open so I can get a good look at your body. ‘Lesley’s hands took hold of each side of material and opened her uniform exposing her lingerie encased body. ‘ My my Lesley. You do dress well for work Lesley don’t you. Suspenders. I’m really impressed. Now I’m thinking here, correct me if I’m wrong , is it possible, that you’ve put those suspenders and that lovely matching thong and bra on especially for me. If you don’t answer I’ll take it as a yes.’ No answer. ‘ So now I’m thinking maybe you came here today thinking that you would like something like this to happen. Again no answer means yes’. No answer. ‘ Right Lesley what I want you to do now is take the uniform off and give me a little twirl.’ Lesley shrugged out of the uniform, very conspicuous of her predicament. She turned around slowly and stopped so he could ogle her backside.’ now Lesley that’s one cracking little arse you have on you there. I love your thong…wish they’d had them in my day. Ok Lesley turn around. And then take off your nice bra. Do it slowly’Lesley obeyed him to the letter. She turned around and then unclasped her bra taking it off very slowly, exposing her small breasts to this man. Rob took in the delights of these pair of very small tits. Just a couple of fried eggs really….huge nipples mind, and by God they were hard. ‘ Right Lesley, what I want you to do now is turn around again, then bending forward I want you to slowly pull your lovely thong down to your ankles, then stay like that. Ok’Again she did as she was told. She could feel moisture running down her leg. She bent over and held the pose. ‘ Well Lesley what a sight to behold. I swear I’ve not seen a finer specimen in twenty years. Stay ther for a minute longer.’ He moved forward and brought his hand up and layer it on her right cheek squeezing gently. ‘ you know Lesley I think you and me can have a lot of fun in the next four weeks.’ He moved back a few feet. ‘ ok stand up and turn around its time for my eyes to feast on the part of your body that is making that wonderful smell in here ‘. Lesley was mortified that her body was giving her away so easily. She stood and turned to him. ‘My my Lesley it looks to Rob, that little Lesley here has shaved her cunt hairs off for him is that right. No answer is the affirmative.’ Again no answer. ‘ now Lesley I want you to pick your panties up and bring them over here and give them to me. When your over here I’m going to let you touch the thing that’s brought you here. Before you do I’m going to give you one last chance to leave, because if you don’t you know what’s going to happen.’ She picked up the thong panties and put them in his hand. He lifted them no his face and breathed in the smell of her womanhood. ‘ Lesley I just hope you taste as good as you smell. These thong panties are mine now. Ok? Now touch my cock. It won’t bite. Lesley’s heart was about to explode,,as she raised her small hand to touch this huge weapon. She slid her hand on it and marvelled at its rigidity. ibradi escort It was like a small baseball bat. Lesley loved sucking cock, she was actually quite good at it. But this scared her. She took it in two hands and slowly wanked it. ‘ your doing good Lesley. Now what I want you to do now is lie on the kitchen table here and I’m going to let you get your mouth acquainted with my cock and I’m going to finger you. Is that ok. We aren’t going to have a lot of time for you to really suck me just now, because I’m quite excited about getting into your smelly cunt. I’ve been looking forward to this moment, and I think you have to. Now just to clarify things you really are going to have to speak. I want you to repeat after me. ‘”Rob will you please fuck my smelly cunt” ok now say it. ‘Lesley was so out of it she said in a monotone voice ‘ Rob will you please fuck me in my smelly cunt. ”Good now lie on the table and I’ll let you get acquainted……..that’s good, now open wide’. Lesley opened her mouth and rob fed the first couple of inches into her. She felt at the same time his fingers sliding over her wet messy gash. She closed her mouth onto his pole. It was massive and her jaw struggled to cope. He inched another couple of inches in and it hit the back of her throat. She had less than half his cock in her mouth. She had taken 6″ into her mouth before but this one was so thick. He gently nudged her tonsils and told her to take a deep breath. She did and he pushed, getting another inch in. ‘ Good girl, we will make a good slut out of you yet. Now just get used to what’s in your mouth now and that’ll do for just now. I must say Lesley you have the wettest cunt I’ve seen for years. Some of the dry old sticks round here would love a cunt like yours. Now I’m going to finger fuck you so it might be I good idea if I take my cock out of your mouth….don’t want it bitten into a normal sized cock now do we.’ He pulled his cock out of her mouth and noticed all the saliva on it. That’s a good sign, plenty of lubrication. She’ll take more. He changed position and ran his fingers over her shaved mound. ‘ I’m really pleased Lesley that you shaved your cunt for old Rob, I love the feeling. And this mass of flesh is just a marvellous sight. I might just have to taste you. Now Lesley what I want you to do now is lift your legs up, and hold them wide open…..ah now that’s perfect’. Rob dipped his head down and attacked her pussy like a man possessed. He was an accomplished pussy eater, and this attack was to get her to cum quickly then keep her on that plateau. The more she cums the more she will want. He lashed her farm clit to her arse hole, she wouldn’t be expecting that. For five minutes he kept this up, then stopped licking her arse and inserted a finger into her tight hole. She felt the finger and clamped her muscles tighter round the thing invading her anus. She forgot about that because he was rolling her clit in his teeth. She could never imagine having so much pleasure and it just poured out of her…she felt this dam burst inside her and he started plunging four fingers into and she did something she had never done before. She squirted. It felt like she had peed herself, but it was coming out in jets. 4/5/6 spurts hit robs arm as he continued to nearly fist her. She started to calm down, and rob thought she needed to rest. ‘ Well Lesley something tells me you enjoyed that eh. I’m soaking here. This tables a river of cum. Have you squirted before? ”No no never…I’ve never cum like that before. That’s amazing.’ ‘ oh we haven’t started yet girl. Now pass me your uniform and I’ll dry this table’ The table dry, he told her to get on the table and kneel on it and lean forward. When in position he stooped slightly and began a 10 minute period of ass worship. He was very gentle with his fingers as he slid his thumb gently into her anus and played with her clit with the others. He probed her arse with his tongue. She was whimpering like a baby but they were tears of absolute pleasure. She couldn’t believe the pleasure derived from an old man licking her arse hole. She was cumming and cumming. 4/5/6 she couldn’t tell they were rollling into each other. Ron stood up and brought his hand down on her bare arse with a loud crack. That sent her into another orgasm “crack” another one ” crack” and again. Six times he slapped her arse, three on each cheek. She was still in the kneeling position, accepting anything Ron did to her. ‘ ok Lesley, did you enjoy that’ …..she couldn’t speak. She could hardly breathe. There was another puddle on the table but it was a mixture of sweat and cum. ‘ Lesley , you’ve been here over an hour now. Your not getting paid. Have you no work to do?’She still was struggling to breathe. ” no no I’m off all day”. “So what do you want to do? Stay here and get your arse rimmed. And your cunt fisted. Your arse smacked, Is that what you want Lesley. Because if you do your going to have Rons big cock in all your holes. It’s gonna be in that sweaty smelly cunt, it’s gonna be down your throat, and then it’s going to be in your dirty hole and believe me it’s going to hurt….but also, believe me when I tell you. At the end of your four week visits your going to be begging for more. You’ll have come more times in four weeks than you will have in all your slut life. You will have more cum in your body than ever before. One thing though. I don’t understand the word “no”. If I say do something you do it with out a blink. That’s the rules Lesley. You will be my slut and I will fuck you every way I can and want. Is that understood?’ Lesley looked him in the eye and held his gaze for a few seconds “I’m staying I want to be your slave” ” Good little slut…now where to you want your first load of Rons spunk…you get your one and only choice”. ” In my smelly slut cunt sir. If that’s alright with you”. ” That’s perfect, now bent over that table and spread your slut legs. Let me at your cunt”TO BE CONTINUED’ ‘

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