Lesley part 15.


Lesley part 15.After her recuperative bath and a cup of tea, Lesley headed for home. She thanked Rob for a wonderful day and night, and giggled when she told him she was all ‘sexed out’. Rob laughed at her, and said she had done well…..’for a beginner’.”Don’t you forget, sexy Lesley, you’re going out on the town tonight….find a young buck, some young stud!…haha””I know…I’ll phone a friend at work…see if she can go out with me.””No..no..no..go on your own…you’ll be fine, I’m sure that in the first bar, Prince Charming will be there to whisk you off to his palace. Hahaha. I’m right you know…haha””I’ve never went out on my own before…….””Well….tonight’s the night girl….you get yourself dolled up, and I’ll pick you up at seven, and run you into town. I’m going to the casino with some friends and you will be getting all the attention, a sexy, fit bird like you deserves. Now, no arguments…Robs always right!!!” “I’m getting more than enough loving I need from you though…I don’t want any more…””Lesley….I’m an old man…you need youth…you need some fun in your life before life passes you by. Get out there girl…grab it by the short and curlies!” “Oh ok. I’ll be nervous as hell though…I’ll look like a tramp…or a prostitute.””No you won’t…if any body asks just say your waiting for a girl friend who hasn’t turned up” “What should I wear?” “As little as possible…it’s a warm night…summer dress…short…thong…frilly, summery blouse…no bra. Get a little gel in your hair…spike it up a little…make you look raunchy as fuck!!…hahahaha” “You are terrible…” She laughed, punching him playfully. “Right. Settled. Get yourself off…spoil the k**s, and I’ll pick you up seven. There’s a new wine bar opened on the river…I’ll drop you there. You can always ring me if there’s a problem. Now….unless you want me to bend you over that chair and fuck you for an hour….GET GOING. Haha””Oooh I might be tempted” she cooed at him, as she walked towards her car, flipping her dress up to flash him her naked, knickerless backside….”Lesley Lesley Lesley. You are one sexy bitch. Haha” Rob was all smiles as Lesley drove away in her clapped out old car, knowing that tonight she was going to get nearly as many cocks in one night, as she’d had in her entire lifetime. He got his mobile out of his pocket and rang Jim. —-Lesley drove home and gave herself an hour before ringing her dad to come round for lunch. She lay down on the sofa and tried to have a sleep….she felt exhausted. It wouldn’t come. Every time she felt as though she was going to drop off, she lurched awake again. She gave up….deciding to fight it. She’d try before she went out tonight. She rang dad, who wasn’t far away anyway, as it happened, and soon they were having a hastily put together meal. The k**s were all excited about a film that grandad was taking them to see later, where they were going to have popcorn and everything and why wasn’t she going with them…..she felt guilty again about lying but her dad covered for her saying ‘mums got a big date’ and the k**s went all goo eyed….’have you mum?’ To which Lesley went red with embarrassment and changed the subject. Six hours later Lesley was all ready for her big night out. Her afternoon, though, had been at times, trying. Dad had given her a bit of an interrogation as to what was going on….new hair…new clothes…clothes, unlike any she’d ever had before. Neglecting the k**s, oh god …that was the biggie, she thought. He’d said they were asking questions…questions as to why mum was never there. She obviously felt awful. He’d said all he wanted was the truth….was she seeing someone….just tell him. She couldn’t, really, do that. She couldn’t say…’ Dad, in the last few days I’ve been fucking my patient Rob…I’ve fucked his friend…I’ve flashed my tits pussy and arse at numerous men and women…I’ve been fucked by two lesbians and eaten them out…I’ve given a blow job to a boy on his stag night…and dad….I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.’ She couldn’t tell him that because quite simply it would kill him. If he found out that his slut daughter was every bit as cock mad as his wife had been…he would just plain and definately…die. So….she lied. She told him she was working to earn some extra money to pay for her holiday. He shrugged and got the boys ready for the pictures. Robs blast on his car horn signalled Lesley to pick her bag up and get in his car. Rob saw her exit the house and lock her front door. He was immediately impressed with her appearance. Her red and black hair all spiked. Deep red lipstick, nice makeup…for a change. She’d obviously talken her time. An off white frilly blouse, very summery and billowy. A black skirt quite loose, and short…maybe 4″ above the knee…and it was slit to the waist with about 4″ of play in the overlap. This would show plenty leg when she walked and would clearly show the hold ups she was obviously wearing. The 4″ heels she was wearing were not something she looked comfortable in. Practice….he thought. “Well, you are the sexy lady, aren’t you?” “Ive got all dressed up for you….I’m hoping you are just teasing me….you know….me on my own…it’s a wind up isn’t it…Rob…tell me your just playing….””No no…I’m off to the casino…you’ll be just fine….30 mins from now you’ll be struggling to remember my name…haha.”Lesley was now worried. She was so convinced that Rob was going to be with her, that she had subconsciously blocked all thought of going into bars on her own. “I’m not sure about this at all…Rob”. She was nearly pleading. “You’ll be just fine girl…if you get stuck just ring me and I’ll be there asap. Now….come on….let’s have a smile on that face. AND…if I may..I do say…your looking very very lovely, and very very sexy…lift that skirt to one side and let me have a look…….wow…..you are prepared, aren’t you. Look how that materials stretched tight over those pussy lips…fucking hell girl, I might have to cancel my seat at the table, and take you home and fuck you all night again…hahaha, let me touch…fuck, it’s hot in there girl, and…so fucking moist…I love the word moist…yum yum. Haha”. His finger was deep in Lesley’s cunt and she built her hopes up she would end up back at Robs within the hour….He kept driving into town, removing his finger from her sticky sex hole, and licking her juices from it. “Just think…some lucky bastard will be plunging his weapon in there tonight Lesley…eh…you looking forward to getting some new cock tonight….of course you are…what a silly question.””I’d rather it was you, Rob. It’s just not my thing…going into strange bars on my own…I’m not comfortable with it. Ok. I’ve done what ever you’ve asked…and loved it..I won’t lie…but…this…it’s şişli escort like I’m a hooker…and I’m not…I’m not…I’m just me…Lesley. ” she was nearly in tears. “Now…come on girl…be brave. Tell you what. Right..now listen. If your not having fun within one hour of me dropping you off…ring me and I’ll pick you straight up…take you to the casino, then back to my place. How’s that?…mind if that happens, it’s more of the same from last night…I’ll be doing tour arse again…and cocking you all night…so….is it a deal..or not?..I’ll take you straight home now otherwise. I don’t want you doing or being something or somewhere your not happy with. So..what’s it to be?” “Ok. Rob…I’ll try. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything….I’m just nervous.””That’s the style girl…you’ll have a whale of a time…..right we’re there. Now, get out here…let the doorman see me, then you go straight to the front….no queuing for you girl. Your a celebrity. Haha. Here’s £50. Not that you’ll need it..there’ll be men desperate to buy you a drink. Haha. Phone me if you need too” He gave her left nipple a squeese as he kissed her on the lips, then whispered in her ear….”go get yourself right, royally fucked, Lesley, my friend. Get some notches on the bedpost. Haha”. As Rob had told her…. no queuing for her. Straight in, no fuss, no problem….Rob, she thought, he sure knows a lot of people. Rob drove round the back of the venue and parked his car in the secure car park, reserved for privileged patrons and friends of the owner. She was right, of course, Rob knows many people. And most of them owe him favours…big, costly favours. He walked into the upstairs balcony bar, overlooking the bar Lesley was in, via a secure coded door. He took his place at a reserved table, that would give him full viewing facilities of the area Lesley would be in very shortly. He sent a text on his iPhone, and ordered a bottle of house red. Downstairs he watched his little slut friend try to fight her way to the bar. She had been right, of course, …she wasn’t comfortable with this bar malarkey….not comfortable at all. She didn’t realise, at all, that Rob knew this, and it was all just part of his grand plan….the grand plan, designed, solely, to get her fucked, and, quite likely, get her repeatedly fucked, so repeatedly, that, in fact, she would never forget the night that she took on her first gang bang. Lesley thought about the next hour. Formulate a plan. A plan to kill time, till she could ring Rob and he would pick her up, as agreed, and then spent the night together. She decided that the best thing to do, was get a bottle of wine, find a table and just ‘people watch’…she liked that. She walked towards the bar which was about 4 deep with people waiting to be served…the place was packed. She wasn’t used to such busy modern bars, and her idea of getting a table might take a while too. She was standing, waiting, inching her way forward, people were vying for space, she didn’t seem to be making much headway..She thought it would take the best part of an hour to get served, she went from getting a bottle of wine to a glass. A tall man wiggled in front of her, and she was completely boxed in, taking away from her the choice of direction of movement. It just seemed that time stood still. Her phone beeped. She managed to get her hand into her bag, retrieving her phone and reading the ‘are you ok’ message from Rob. ‘Can’t get served…very busy’ she relied. ‘Lol…persevere’Ten minutes later,,just as she was about to be served, a hand cupped the right cheek of her backside and gently squeezed. She jumped. She looked left at the man next to her but his hands were both on the bar. She turned round slightly, as much as the space would allow, when she heard a whisper in her ear…”hello Lesley…remember us?…. Isn’t this a nice surprise. Wey hey.” He whooped and hollered…. Slapping her bum playfully. “Jim…isn’t it?… Youre Ryan’s friend…the stag party…is it all here?…well I never…what a surprise. She got turned around, and 6 young lads in there early 20’s all starting shouting “hello Lesley” together, making all the evening revellers turn towards the noise and look at her. She blushed. “What are you lot doing here?” She gullibly asked. “We are partying on down….Lesley…partying on down” Jim replied in a singalong voice….his hand still on her bottom. He snapped his fingers together as if he’d just come up with the best plan ever invented….”join us for a drink or two sexy….will you? Be a sport…you can show us all the places to be seen at…hahaha….Ant and Decs got a bar here somewhere haven’t they? Come on Lesley…say you will…be a sport…pretty please…” All the lads laughed. She couldn’t see Ryan. “Where’s Ryan?” “He’s gone for a piss….say you will! Say you will!” A chorus started…..”say you will….say you will…say you will”Oh ok then….just for a while…I’m meeting Rob later” she lied. They started dancing together and slapping high fives and shouting ‘yes…yes…yes…yes. All right!!!!!!” The madness of youth, she thought, ‘oh well, it’ll kill some time’ then she could ring Rob and he will save her. Rob, watching from the balcony, drinking his wine, had no such thought patters. Jims hand was still resting on her backside, and Lesley’s brain never comprehended asking him to move it. One of the other, as yet not introduced, stag nighters got upto the bar and ordered a jug of a concoction of rocket fuel sounding drink, with seven glasses. One said there was a space by the window, and they all piled over to a recently vacated area, where they all could just about stand without being pushed. Ryan arrived back, looking quite the worse for wear….”Lesley…woo hoo!!! How you?… I’m ratted….fucked..I am…you look fucking sexy…..giz a kiss….” He through his arms round the stunned Lesley and smacked his lips onto hers, forcing his alcohol breath straight in her mouth. She didn’t respond but didn’t push him off either. His hands went straight to her backside, pulling her into him and then wobblling the cheeks of her arse in his hands…letting his friends see how she didn’t slap him away. She let him take this liberty thinking it was only because he was drunk. She allowed his tongue into her mouth, and even responded a little, feeling his erection pressing into her. He put her down eventually, and they all cheered. A glass was pressed into her hand, and a chorus of ‘in one’ went up and every body downed there drink in one gulp…except Lesley. She stood like a lemon…not knowing what was expected. “Come on…Lesley. Play the game…IN ONE!!!!” Thirty minutes later the jug was empty. Jim, Ryan, Pete, David, Lee and Mack all had the empty shot glasses on there head. Lesley şişli escort bayan looked at them and laughed…. The dregs of the glasses were running down there faces. Like they gave a shit. Lesley had joined in the game but she refused to put the glass on her head. Her hair…..she argued. They laughed. They had had four drinks each, and Lesley’s glass, strangely, had each time, been the fullest. She hadn’t noticed. She had in fact had more than double the measures of the boys. Robs idea….of course. She was feeling no pain. They stayed for one more jug, as per Robs instruction, then left for a more seedier bar….a bar they made Lesley think had been her idea. She was well tipsy by the time they staggered out of the wine bar…all thoughts of escape, evaporated. She had one arm linked on one mans arm and one on the other…Mack and David she thought…names were a blur. They danced along the street towards the next bar, people, looking and probably wondering what a gang of young men were doing with an older drunk woman.! Lesleys linked arms made her unable to stop the two hands that were exploring her backside…all she did was giggle, saying things like…’stop it you two…heehee” they…of course…didn’t. The drinking games, with consequences, started in the next bar. Surprisingly, Lesley didn’t lose many to start with. She didn’t understand the rules, anyway,Mobutu she was happy not to lose. Mack lost the first round and he had to drink a pint in one. He nearly managed. Second round and Ryan lost…he had to pay for the next round. It was all good fun and Lesley was having a good laugh. She checked her phone for messages, but there were none. Another shot glass was forced into her hand as another hand played with her bum. She didn’t mind….or care really….the hands were sort of….part of the evening. She lost the next round…Her tongue was in Jims mouth, wrestling with his tongue …..but not wimning. The forfeit, she was told, was to kiss the bestman…Jim….for one minute….using tongues. Oh well…..Jims cock had felt bigger than Ryan’s, she thought, pressing and grinding into her tummy. She had giggled…thinking how, that was two men’s willies she had felt in the past hour, pressing into her. The kiss ended and they all cheered. Jim whispered into her ear….”Thank you…that was fucking great…I’m as hard as fuck now…all your fault Lesley” he smiled at her and kissed her again, slipping his hand up between them and squeezing her sleeper pierced nipple. It was hard. “I’d love to fuck you!” Jim whispered again and then rejoined the group…high fiving and laughing and cheering.Lesley’s head was swimming. Part with a rush of alcohol….mostly with signals from crotch to brain. Her nipples were like bullelts and looked to be trying to poke holes in her blouse. Jim was at the bar, ordering, and talking on his mobile at the same time. A drink was past to Lesley by David, she thought,,which was which she couldn’t think. …she knew Ryan and she knew Jim…the others were…others! The voice said…”Jim says that’s called a ‘knicker dropper’ he said to tell you he hoped it worked” he laughed and gave her a kiss on the cheek, rubbing the end of one of her nipples with his forefinger…’they’re hard” he winked. Lesley sipped this drink and tried to taste it, but her taste buds were numb and it seemed very strong and very like Pernod. She didn’t like Pernod, but was afraid of the consequence not drinking it. So she did. She lost….sipping was banned. A cardinal sin…worst of the worst…sent to the gas chamber…or…the forfeit….flash your knickers for the lads, and maybe…just maybe…they would let her live…”hahahaha.” Rang round the packed bar as the lads were really getting there thoughts concentrated on Robs plan of seducing Lesley back to there hotel room. Jim pushed into the middle and said “Lesley., all you have to do is lift your skirt up and show the lads your knickers…that’s all, then, we forget about your really crap drinking skills…haha….up…up…up… Haha….yes…that’s it…crowd round lads, for fuck sake, this is our show…not the whole fucking bar…look at that boys…wow..see the camels toe…fucking hell, what a dirty cow you are Lesley…fucking hell!” Lesley’s heart was racing ….she must be on autopilot, she thought, because her brain was only following instruction and couldn’t formulate positive decisions herself. She was aware of her hands being above waist height and the material of her dress was in her hands. She felt a hand on her bare backside and a finger run up the cleft of her pussy…her damp pussy. Her heart raced faster. They shuffled there little group into the corner of the loud disco bar. Nobody paying them much attention…just another drinken stag do….one of many. The only person watching was the tall man in his sixties….sipping a rum and coke and….smiling. Lesley had let her hands release her raised dress when she felt the hand on her back guiding her towards the corner of the room. Her empty glass was taken from her hand and a bottle of water was pushed into it. She felt relieved. She was so pissed. “Now, where were we…oh yes…you were paying penance for being a wimp” they all roared with laughter…”wimp…wimp…wimp…” She said she’d paid up….not her turn anymore….they weren’t having any of it….’Our rules, Lesley, our rules…hahahaha.” Ryan piped up…”Lesley…show the lads ya nipple wedge…it’s so fucking sexy…go on…show em ya nipple…” “Fuck off…you….it’s packed, I’ll get arrested” she giggled, not realising she was swearing. “Don’t be daft…in this place!… Your more likely to win the lottery than get nicked…hahaha.” Shouted one of the other lads. Jim said….”Would Rob want the lads to see your tits Lesley?” It all went quiet as the lads waited for a response. Lesley felt her fingers undoing her blouse. She was standing with her back to the bar and the lads were shoulder to shoulder with her. They were all so close she could touch them all if she wanted without moving. She undid one, then two, then three. The fourth one was tucked into her skirt. A hand on either side of her took one side each, of the now unbuttoned blouse, and opened it, exposing Lesley’s A cup breasts, with her perfect hard nipples, one bejewelled, to the six sets of hungry eyes. Jim reacted first, and cupped the small mound of breast with the pierced adorned nipple…gently tugging the nipple by the sleeper. She felt a hand slip inside the split in her skirt and run over her stocking tops. A voice in her ear said…”Open your legs.”…her feet parted. A hand slid under her thong and a finger dissapeared into her soaking sex. Her eyes closed as her body went into pleasure mode. The finger in her body was played to the tune of the mecidiyeköy escort bayan thumb on her clit. Fingers tweaked her nipples and suggestions filled her ears. There were promises of cocks, cocks, and…..more cocks. Lesley had her first orgasm at 930 that evening…in the bar. Her last one was at 730 the next morning…in the hotel shower.In between, she had been taken from the bar, marched to a taxi rank, and driven to a cheap hotel which was entered by keycard. There was no reception…all was automated. Designed for cheapness. The room had 8 beds in it and they pushed three together. ‘A fuck stage’ someone quipped, to roars of raucous laughter. The lads were stripped naked in no time, and Lesley looked on in awe at all the naked young flesh in front of her. The next six hours was a blur of cocks, saliva, sweat, shouting and cumming. Hands had stripped her blouse and dress off, leaving her stockings and thong on. They had her suck them all off, one by one, swallowing as she went…showing the same skills as Ryan enjoyed the previous evening, licking there balls while throating there cocks. They slapped her tits, and arse and… even her clit, she rode the waves, and they didn’t stop. The first cock in her body was driven in doggy style while she cleaned Ryan’s cock up after he had shot the sixth deposit she had swallowed that evening. Jims cock was probably the biggest and thickest of the lot of them, but being the first in there. She couldn’t be sure. He fucked her hard and fast and another cock was shoved in her mouth. She came for the umpteenth time and let her face bury in the mattress as she gripped and wanked the cock that had been in her mouth. When Jim came he spun her round and shot all over her face…calling her a slut and a cunt and nothing but a fuckpig. Strangely this egged her on. She loved being insulted. She groaned and scooped the cum up and looked into his eyes and licked in off her hand. Jim said..”Rob said to ask you if you still want picked up early””Not yet” she giggled with the dirtiest laugh imaginable. “Ok, he says he’ll pick you up at 8.in the morning. He expects you to be very very dirty”. She replied….”Ok….who’s next ” and she pushed herself to the edge of the bed and let her head lie over the edge and raised and widened her legs. A cock was pushed straight down her throat and a cock hit her cervix simultaneous. That’s how it remained for quite a while until each young man had either filled her mouth or filled her sloppy cunt twice that evening. They rested for a while, and Ryan even fell asleep. The stink of sex filled the room and Lesley’s pussy was sore. Her jaws ached and she needed sleep. There was a trickle of mixed juices leaking out of her sex hole, and one of the lads stuck two fingers into her, and scooped the mess out of her and fed it into her mouth. She lapped it up…smiling. “Do it yourself….” Someone said. “Www what””Scoop the cum from your cunt and eat it….that’s what sluts do…!” “Ok…heehee” Mack, she thought it was, was the first to recover, and he got hard watching the 49 year old slut virtually fisting herself tiring to get all the cum out of her body…He got her to ride him cow girl style, and played with and groped her tits at the same time. She growled in his ear to do her harder…squeese her tits…make her scream. His cock was as hard as he could ever remember it and he gripped her hips and forced her down on his cock as he slammed up into her. She felt movement behind her and the cock in her stopped thrusting and stayed still. She felt a finger probe her arse hole then a warm feeling as some oil was inserted into her dirty hole. “Rob says you like to be fucked up the arse, you fucking old slut cunt…is that right?”Marks cock started slowly ploughing her again…coaxing a positive answer. A tiny voice whispered “yes…I think so…”A finger was now stretching her sphincter muscle and pushing the oil deeper into the passage. “Sorry….didn’t hear you….do you want me to fuck your arse, you dirty old cunt..””Yes…please…do what you want…I need to cum again…please”Macks cock went still again, as she felt Jims cock head ease into her bum hole. Five minutes later she had a cock fully imbedded in her throat, her cunt,and her arsehole, she had a cock in each hand and as she was face down, she couldn’t see the now awake Ryan, holding an iPhone, streaming it by face time, to a man sitting in his house, drinking a glass of malt whisky. Ryan was speaking to the phone..giving the watching man a running commentary of what was happening, thanking him for the use of his woman for his stag night. He told the listening man that he had a lot of plans for his new wife to be, and he just hoped she was half as dirty as this woman in front of him who had 5 cocks to play with. Jim shot his cum into her back passage and slapped her arse repeatedly as he came. Spent, he took over the iphone and Ryan took his place in Lesley’s ass hole. It was Ryan’s first time, but he’d already cum twice this evening so he lasted a good while. Jim told Rob that she was every bit the slut he’d said she was, and they hoped he’d invite them back one day….maybe, he’d bring a bus load…they’d both laughed. Over the next hour they all shagged her well stretched hole, all coming inside her..all abusing her by slapping her arse. When, David, the last one, pulled outs her with a ‘plop’ they all stood behind her and looked at the sight in front of them. She was nearly asleep with exhaustion, her backside was raised in the air, her head on the mattress and her arms trying to support her. Saliva and cum ran out of her mouth, her cunt and ate hole were both gaping, and a steady stream ran from both holes. All the lads had cum at least 4 times and Lesley at least ten. They all had there phones out, taking pictures of her and fimomg the juices running out of the sluts holes. Jim was getting hard again and rolled her onto her back. She was groaning about being to tired she needing to sleep. A voice from Ryan’s phone on loud speaker said….” Hello Lesley…how are you enjoying your evening?” “Rob…rob…is that you…where are you? I’m so tired””Your doing well my little slut. I’ve been watching you. You’ve had an awful lot of cock….have you cum much?” “Mmmm God Rob it’s never stopped. Heehee. These boys get it up and up and up..heehee. I’m so tired now though. I want to go to yours now I’m so sleepy.””Not long now girl..I’ll pick you up in another couple of hours. You just spread your legs for the boys and suck more cock…I’ve been watching you, Lesley dear…your such a success. I’ve never known a girl like cock as much as you. Your probably even worse than your mother. Hahahaha.”Lesley failed to realise the insensitive comment Rob had just made as a cock split her cunt lips and a slimy cock hit her tonsils. “She heard the words from the phone say…”that’s it…suck that cock you fucking slut….ya mother would he soooo proud…hahaha”She tightened her jaw round the hard cock and let her tougue lick his ball sack….she came…….!

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