Mom needs son’s help


Mom needs son’s help
The Evanses never missed a church sunday. Vanessa and John felt that church was a very important part in raising their two k**s, Jack and Annie. Jack had just turned 18 and Annie was almost 19. Jack had just started highschool and his older sister was well into her second year in college. Vanessa and John wanted their family to stay together so they bought Annie a car so she could drive herself to school about 45 minutes away and still get home every night. John was a very conservative businessman with a nice six figure salary so the family was well off. They lived in a lavish home outside of Buffalo.
Vanessa could be an example of the perfect suburban housewife and mom. She worked part time at her friend’s barber shop, and the rest of the time she was just a regular housewife. Although being very attractive at the age of 41, she had never cheated on her husband during their 17 year marriage, but she did get urges every now and then. Her own conservative parents had taught her to keep a lid on her sexuality which right about now, was about to burst. Troughout the years she had a dark secret which only her sister Lisa knew about. The secret was that she always wanted to be in porn. To her, there was something very exciting about being fucked on camera for everyone to see. Every time she went across a magazine stand and saw a playboy, she would be jelous of all the girls being shot nude. She did try to bring it up to her husband once, asking him to take pictures of her but it freaked him out and she never brought it up again. She would never let herself cheat on him, but for some reason getting fucked on camera was not cheating in her book. Every once in a while at work, she would be approached by various pornographers and all kinds of other photographers, but she always turned them down. She tried to shake off this urge but it never seemed to go away, until one day she decided to contact a man who gave her a business card. The k**s were at school and John was at work. She got comfortable and poured herself a glass of wine to relax. Her fingers shaked from nervousness as she dialed the number. A woman picked up the phone: “Risque videos, this is Janice speaking how may I help you?”
Vanessa tried to keep her voice calm. “Hello My name is Vanessa, can I speak to Mr. Ross please?” “Not a problem I’ll put youright trough.” About a minute later: “Hello This is Mr. Ross”
“Hello Mr. Ross, my name is Vanessa Evans. I cut your hair last sunday and you gave me your business card. Do you remember me?” “Oh sure hello Vanessa how are you?”
“Not bad, I’ve been thinking about your proposition and I have to say, I am interested.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that, now what we need from you Mrs.Evans, is some nude photographs. No offence to you, but this is just how we work, I was impressed with your face, but we have to see the body as well…. I hope you understand.” “Oh sure no problem.”
“Now if you want I can have you come into the studio and we’ll have one of our photographers take some shots of you, or you can have somebody you know, like a friend…. take pictures of you and you can just stop by sometime this week and drop them off.”
“Yeah I’d take care of the pictures myself and drop them off later, I’m not sure if I even want to do this yet Mr. Ross so I’ll have a friend help me and I’ll stop by , how’s tomorrow?”
“Oh sure that’s fine with me I’ll be in the office, any time from 8-6 will be just fine.”
“That sounds great. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“And remember Mrs. Evans, we wont bite…it’s all up to you and not to mention there’s some nice money for you too.”
Vanessa chuckled “I assure you Mr. Ross It’s not about the money but it won’t hurt. Thanks for taking my call and I’ll see you tomorrow.” They said their goodbyes and hung up.
Vanessa now had to find someone to take pictures of her completely naked. She thought about it for a good half hour and couldn’t come up with anyone she would feel comfortable with. Her friend who owns the hair salon has had some experience with cameras but that would be just too awkward, and she told her stories about her sexual experiences with women, so Vanessa was kind of freaked out about that. She knew her husband would divorce her if she asked him and since he was the only one she would let it get sexual with, she had to find someone who would not get turned on. All in all the whole experience could not be sexual. She thought about asking her sister, but she was worried about her reaction. She kept thinking and thinking and couldn’t come up with anyone. The time flew by and she noticed it was already 430. Jack opened the door and came in the house. He threw his bag into the closet and said hi to his mom, kissing her on the cheek.
“Honey, pick up your bag and put it in your room, this is not a zoo!”
She sipped on her coffee and smiled proudly. Jack scoffed “All right mom!”
He grabbed his bag and ran upstairs.
Vanessa gasped as it hit her. Jack is the perfect photographer. He was always a camera nut since he was 10 years old. They had recently bought him a brand new digital camera for christmas. She was always close with her k**s and felt like she could tell them anything but this wasn’t just any regular thing. She had to think of a way how to approach her son with this. She knew he wouldn’t get turned on by her, since moms are probibly the last people young boys would get turned on by….so that made him the perfect candidate. Her urge to fullfill her lifelong dream was to strong, so she decided to go on with it. She walked out of the kitchen and was about to go up the stairs when Annie and John burst into the door. They greeted her and kissed her on che cheek. John immidiately went into the basement to start his daily workout session and Annie ran off to her room. She continued up the stairs and knocked on Jack’s room: “Come in!!” He yelled. She walked in while he was working on his camera.
“What’s wrong with the camera sweetey?”
Jack kept working on it as he said half heartedly:”Nothing mom I’m just cleaning the lense.”
She sighed with relief and sat down next to his computer chair on his bed.
“Sweetey I have to talk to you.”
Jack put the camera down noticing this was serious. He had hoped he wasn’t in trouble because usually these “talks” were caused by his shenanigans.

“Honey I know this is kind of wierd, and I know you watch porn alot.” Jack’s face flushed red. “It’s ok honey I’m not mad at you for that. Everyone loves pornography, even your mom and dad.” Jack was shocked “You do?”
“Well your dad not so much anymore, we used to watch some movies when we were younger, but I still like porn just as much as ever.”
Jack couldn’t believe his ears. He never dreamt his mom would be into porn. “Ok, so?”
Vanessa took a deep breath
“Well, It was always my dream to be a porno actress. I’m not saying it’s what they do in porn, cause I would never want you or Annie to head down that road but I’m old and I’ve lived my life, and now I’d like to experience something different.”
“Mom are you serious?” Vanessa just nodded.
“Let me get this straight, you want to be in a porno movie? So why are you telling me this?”
“We’ll the movie company who wants to employ me would like to see some sample pictures of me….naked. Would you mind taking some pictures of me sweetey?”
Jack was taken back by all this. He didn’t know what to think. “But mom what about dad!”
Vanessa shushed him”Shhh not so loud.”
Jack whispered back “But what about dad and all our friends.”
“Dad doesn’t have to know, only you and I know and nobody we know watches porn so I think I can get away with it.” “When do you wanna do this?”
“We’ll I have to have the photos ready by tomorrow so now would be perfect.”
Vanessa got up walked over to the door and locked it. Jack looked her over, she had a tight white T shirt on and jeans. He put his camera back together and put his cock flat on his stomach trapping it between his stomach and the belt on his jeans, he didn’t want his mom to get freaked out over his erection.
She sat on the bed. They were both very nevrous. He started taking pictures of her just sitting there casually. She smiled at the camera as he kept shooting away. Jack could see the outline of his mom’s bra under the tight tee shirt. Vanessa crossed her legs and put her right hand on her right thigh. She then leaned back on the bed and spread her legs a little bit. She took off her shirt and unclasped the bra in the back. Jack’s cock got flooded with blood as his mom’s brests came into view. Vanessa saw the look on his face and was suddenly embaressed. She covered her breasts with her arms and put her hands over her face.
“Oh god I’m so embaressed.”

Jack put the camera down and sat next to his mom on the bed and hugged her. “It’s ok mom, I’m cool with this if you are.”
She uncovered her face and looked at her son. “Thanks sweetey this means so much to me.”
They hugged and smiled at each other. “Ok, please continue I’ll be ok”
Vanessa uncovered her breasts once again. Jack started snapping away. He noticed how uncomfortable his mom was with the whole thing so he decided to take lead.
“Ok mom just grab your breasts with your hands and squeeze.”
She did as she was told. He then told her to mash them together and to put one of her nipples in her mouth. When he said that she looked at him with a smirk. “Where’d ya learn that?”
He just shrugged his shoulders and then she smiled at him. She sucked her own nipple in her mouth, almost bursting out with laughter. She managed to hold it together and continued. Vanessa knew she had to have some pictures of her legs and vagina, and as much as she hated to do it she just had to. “Are you ok with me taking my panties off?
Jack just nodded as he kept shooting away. Vanessa got up slipped her shorts off and slowly started to slip her panties down her thighs, her bush comming into view. She really wanted to impress Mr. Ross, so she did it seductively having no idea what she was doing to her son. She kicked her panties to the side and sat back down on the bed. Her bush was covering her slit and Jack couldn’t really get a good shot. “I can’t get a good shot of your…you know.”
Vanessa sighed. “I know….what do you want me to do?”
Jack sat down on his chair again and scratched his head for a second. He knew what was best but didn’t know if either one of them was prepared for that. He looked at his mom sitting there nude on his bed her legs slightly apart.
“Why don’t you just lean back and spread your vagina.”
“I don’t know honey, are you sure you’re ok with that?” He just nodded. Vanessa scooted up and put her feet on the bed. She spread her lips apart exposing the pink insides of her pussy to her son. He started snapping away. He even caught a peak of her asshole but not a good one. He got very close and started shooting her pussy. Vanessa tried her best to keep her pubes out of the way. “Hey mom?” Jack wanted to get a nice shot of her butthole. “What is it now?”
“Well I think it would be good to get a few shots of your behind.”
She just nodded thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal after she just showed him where he first came out of. She got up and turned her back to him flexing her butt cheek muscles. He took a few shots and then said “I meant your butthole.”
She looked at him not sure what to do. That would be a big plus if Mr. Ross could see it but she hadn’t shaved back there in a long time, on top of it all she had recently gone to the bathroom only wiping her ass with baby wipes. She decided to go for it. She bent over her son’s bed and pulled her buttcheeks apart leaving him with a great view of her most private area. “Don’t get to close honey I did a doody a couple of hours ago.”
Jack didn’t care one bit about it. He purposely got in close to get a good whiff of his mom’s asshole, which made his cock even harder, if that was at all possible. He realised he had run out of room on his camera.
“That’s it mom, I’ve taken 48 shots. I’ll have to empty these out on the computer to make more room if you want me to shoot some more.”
Vanessa slid her panties back on and started tying her bra.
“No that’s ok sweetey I think that should do it. Now…… here’s the guy’s email adress, can you please send those to him as soon as possible he has to have them tomorrow.”
She was standing next to Jack just in her underware making it hard for Jack to concentrate. She made sure he sent them and said
“Make sure you save those in a folder that nobody can find. We might have to use those again. And honey, thank you so much for doing this it means the world to me. I’m glad you’re able to be liberal about this.”
She was kneeling next to his chair while holding his hand and smiling at him warmly. Jack just smiled back and said: “No problem mom I’ll always be there for you.”
Vanessa got misty eyed and hugged her son. She kissed him on the forehead and said good night.
The next day she was off from work. She got up at 11 am and checked her phone. There was a missed call from Mr. Ross’s office. She immediately called the secretary back.
“Hello may I please speak with Mr. Ross.” The secretary sounded young.
“Mr. Ross is unavailable at the moment, Is this Mrs. Evans?” “Yes it is.”
“Oh great, Mr. Ross was very pleased with the pictures you sent him last night. He sees a lot of potential in you and has asked me to make a request in his behalf. He wants you to shave your pubic hair some but not completely. The reason for that is he would like to see how you perform in an actual test scene just to see if it comes natural to you, now I must warn you this is very important, after all it is just sex but not quite. Not every attractive person can have sex on camera and make it look natural.”
Vanessa’s heart was beating. She couldn’t believe they were accepting her. She was also very nervous about jumping right into it all.
“Oh my god that’s great but is there any way I can shoot the scene on my own with a friend, and then send it in. I believe I’d be much more comfortable that way, I mean it is my first time and being in a room full of people and camera men that I don’t know would just make me very nervous.” The secretary didn’t see a problem with it.
“That would be fine Mrs. Evans, just make sure you get the video to us by this time next week. If you want I can have Mr. Ross contact you.”
“That is unecessary I will have the video ready by this time next week and thank you.”
“No problem Mrs. Evans, we’ll talk to you soon.” “Good bye.” She hung up the phone.
Her hands were shaking. In her mind, her son Jack was the only one with who she would be comfortable shooting this sort of scene. She felt that having sex with her own son would be innocent enough and would not pass as cheating on her husband. It would be an innocent game between the two of them, although in the back of her mind she knew it was dark but decided to repress that feeling. All she had to do right now was talk her son into it and find somebody to shoot the scene. The first person that came to her mind was her sister Lisa. She was the only one that knew about her love of porn and wanting to be in a porno. She called her cell. “Hello!” Her sister answered. “Hey sweetey what are you doing?”
“Oh nothing, I’m at the store getting some groceries.”
“We’ll I don’t know how else to say this so I’m just going to say it. Remember that one secret obsession of mine.” “Sure I do, and I also think you’re crazy.”
Vanessa giggled on the phone. “Well I know it’s crazy but I decided to go trough with it.”
“What do you mean, go trough with it?”
“We’ll I met this guy at the barber shop who runs a studio that shoots these kinds of movies. He gave me his card and I called him a few days later, telling him that I was interested. He wanted me to send him some nude photos of myself, and now he wants me to go one step further.” “Go on!” “Well he wants me to send him a sample movie of me having sex.”
Lisa was always against her sister going trough with this but she did find it kind of kinky. She always thought her sister was an attractive woman, she was never attracted to her in a sexual way, but as young girls they used to run around naked trough the house while their parents were away. They even saw each other have sex with their boyfriends in high school, and even made out with each other once for a group of cheering drunk guys.
“Wait a minute back up a little bit, what about your marriage I mean you could ruin your life for ever, not to mention lose John.”
“Don’t worry about that, these will only be on the internet nobody we know will get a chance to see them.” “Well you do what you have to but don’t come crying to me later.”
Lisa was only 2 years younger then Vanessa. She had a husband and 3 k**s of her own.
“We’ll I already need your help, that’s the reason I’m calling you.” “Ok anything you need!”
“Well I’ve found the guy that’s gonna be in the scene with me but I just need somebody to shoot it.”

Lisa giggled on the phone like a little school girl. “Well sure I’ll shoot the scene, It’s not like I haven’t seen you have sex before. By the way who’s the guy.” “Jack.” “Jack from the salon?”
“No not him he’s gay……………..My Jack.” “Your son? My nephew Jack?”
“Mmmmhmm, it’s not like he couldn’t use the experience, besides it’s very innocent plus we’ll blur his face out of the scene.”
“Wow you keep surprising me more and more today. Ok fine. Does he know about this yet??”
“Well the nude photos I sent to them were taken by him so we’re done with step one.”
“My my my, is he in for a little treat.”
“Oh shut up It’ll be strictly for the movie. I’m not a slut who enjoys fucking her own k**s”
Lisa didn’t want to piss her off, she was having to much fun with this. “I’m just k**ding, relax. So when are we doing this.”
“Well John will be staying at work for the night and Annie is sleeping over at her friend’s house, so why don’t you stop by around 6 tonight.”
“Ok I’ll see you at six you little vixen. Mwah!!”
At three she went to pick up Jack from school. She was thinking about how to start the converstation. She was so nervous and didn’t know how to start it, so as soon as he got in the car she hit him with it. “Hey mom!” “Hey baby. How was school.”
He was about to start talking about his day but she cut him off.
“The studio wants to see a tape of me having sex!!! There I said it.”
Jack was taken aback. He knew his mom would eventually end up fucking some guy on camera but he wasn’t sure if he could handle taping it.
“Ok mom relax it’s no big deal. You want me to tape you having sex with a guy?”
Vanessa just shook her head. “No honey, you’re going to be the guy….I mean if you’re ok with it of course.”
A surge of blood started to flood Jack’s penis. His heart started racing. He glanced over at his mom who was wearing a rather short cut sundress and glanced at her legs. He was so excited but he couldn’t let her know. He decided to play it like he’s surprised.
“Wow mom, well I don’t know….what would dad say about this?”
“Will you forget about your dad?? He can’t know about this. He’s working tonight sweetey and Annie is sleeping over at Mike’s house so it’s perfect. Please say yess pleeease!!”
Jack didn’t need to be begged in order to lose his virginity to his gorgeous mom.
“Ok mom no problem. But I don’t have any experience I think you should know that.”
“Oh it’s ok honey I’m not expecting you to be the best lay of my life, just a quick fifteen to twenty minute scene so these guys can see that I’m a natural. The tape has to be at their office in five days, so we’ll have to cut it and edit it all quick.” “Mom I don’t want to be in the scenes, well not my face at least.”
“Oh sure sure, we’ll blur your face out, do you know how to do that on the computer???”
“Sure not a problem. How are we going to shoot it though?”
“Well this might come as a shock to you but it’s the only other person in the world that I’m comfortable with. Your aunt Lis’ is gonna operate the camera.”
He couldn’t believe it. His hottie aunt was going to see his hard cock devouring his mother. He had always jerked off thinking about the two of them. He also jerked off while thinking about her daughter Amy. This was almost to much for him. He felt like his cock was going to burst out of his pants. He couldn’t wait to get home. Vanesa was worried about his silence.
“Is that ok with you honey…are you worried about your aunt seeing you naked, ’cause she’s seen your pecker plenty of times when you were young, it shouldn’t be a big deal.”
Jack finally spoke.
“Oh no mom it’s no problem at all. I must admit I am a little bit nervous though, but It shouldn’t be a big deal.”
She smiled at her son and thanked him. As she pulled in the driveway she noticed Lisa’s car was already there. She turned to Jack and kissed him on the forehead.
“Thank you so much baby this means the world to me.”
Jack grabbed his bookbag from the back and followed his mom inside. Lisa greeted them both and hugged Jack. “It’s all cool I already explained it all to him, he’s a big boy.”
Lisa wanted to make some light of the situation”Well we shall soon see!!”
Jack smiled shyly as he looked over his aunt who was wearing a dress just like his mom.
Vanessa took a quick shower and Jack followed right after. The three of them met up in the kitchen. Vanessa had dried her hair and put on some makeup while Jack was in the shower. He walked into the kitchen to a sight of his beautiful mom wearing the sweetest smelling perfume. She had on the same dress but this time she had high heels on.
His aunt Lisa asked “So ….where are we going to do this?!?”
Vanessa wanted to stay away from the windows.”It’s probibly best if we shoot it in the basement, I don’t want neighbors from across the street peeking trough my bedroom window. You ok with that sweetey?” She looked at Jack, who stood there very nervously. He just nodded.
“Jack you ok sweetey, you look a little flushed?”
Vanessa walked over to Jack and sat next to the chair by him. She put a hand on his forehead checking for fever. “He’s a little hot. I think he’s just nervous.”
Lisa agreed. “It’s ok sweetey just relax it’s gonna all be over soon.”
Jack wasn’t responding. He looked like he was going to cry.
Vanessa took his hand in her hand. “What is it honey?”
Jack finally spoke to his mom “Mom I’ve never even kissed a girl. I don’t even know what to do, let alone how to ….you know……do you properly.”
“Ok honey, let’s do a practice kiss so it doesn’t look half bad when we start shooting.”
She moved the other chair in front of her and told Jack to sit there. She moved her lips towards his and connected them. She pushed her tongue towards his lips as he opened his mouth. She started to make out with him but something wasn’t right. He was just slobbering all over her and there was spit comming down her chin. She broke the kiss and said
“Slow down a little bit, don’t push your tongue down my throat…no girl likes that. Plus stop drooling so much.”
They tried it again to no avail. He was doing the same thing pretty much. Vanessa broke the kiss again and before she started to talk Lisa interrupted her.
“Jack….just watch your mom and me kiss and then do the same thing with her after.”
Jack got up from the chair and Lisa took his place. She locked lips with her sister and they started to make out smoothly. Their tongues clicking with perfection as both women started to quietly hum. They broke up their smooch and Jack immediately planted his lips over his mom’s again. This time he was much better. Their tongues clicked in sync and the kiss lasted on a bit longer. Vanessa actually enjoyed this one but it was nowhere near as good as her sister’s. She broke the kiss and said
“Ok let’s get down to business, I want to get this over with as soon as possible.”
Lisa started to get up and walk towards the door, Vanessa followed but Jack just stood there. They turned around and went back to him again. “What’s the matter now sweetie?”
Jack softly spoke. “I don’t know how to say it mom, but I’m to nervous to get an erection!!!”
Both women sat back down in their chairs. They looked at each other with a puzzled expression on their faces. They weren’t quite sure what to do. Vanessa figured that the kiss alone would be enough to get him going but she was now worried. She had to make sure the boy was ready before the camera started rolling.
“Lis’ what do you think we should do?” She asked her sister.
Lisa just shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, show him some breast or something.”
Vanessa pulled the top of her dress to the sides exposing her beautiful firm breasts.
“It’s ok you can touch them.”
She took Jack’s shaking hand and placed it on her bosom. She started massaging her own tit with his hand. Lisa pulled Jack’s shorts down to see if this was having any effect on him.
“He’s still flaccid. What’s wrong Jack….don’t you think your mom is pretty?”
Jack answered:”No aunt Lis’ I sware I had a boner on the ride home when I was looking at mom’s legs….I don’t know what it is I guess I’m just really nervous right now because we’re almost close to shooting.” Vanessa didn’t know what to do.
“V, I can bet my life if you take your panties off that’ll get him going.”
Vanessa just shrugged her shoulders and stood up. She pulled her dress up and slid her panties down to her knees. She sat back down and slid the panties all the way down to her ankles. She leaned back against the chair and spread her legs. Her recently shaved pussy felt a small chill from the cool kitchen air. Lisa was impressed with her shave job.
“WOw when did you shave?”
“Just this morning, the people at the studio suggested I do that…..Ok now Jack.” “Yes mom?”
“Kneel in front of me. Now take your finger and put it inside of me.”
Jack knelt down and put a finger over her mound. He slipped his index inside her and staretd to finger her. Lisa was watching his cock which was now beggining to come to life. Vanessa spread her pussy lips so he could get a good look. A few minutes went by and his cock was still quite flaccid. Vanessa looked down and his member. She needed to think of something and she had to do it quick, young Annie could walk in on them at any minute.
“Do you think you could get hard if mommy lets you lick her pussy?”
She was willing to go trough with this if it meant he would get hard enough where he could fuck her. He started sucking on her lips and tonguing her wet hole. He licked all the way down to her asshole which was now within his reach. Vanessa almost screamed as her son ate her out in front of her sister. Lisa looked at her sister: “Should I be taping this???”
“No, don’t be silly we’re just getting ready for the scene. Is he hard yet?” “Not yet.”
A lightbulb went off in Vanessa’s head”Jack wait.” Jacked stopped licking for a second.
“Honey do you think it would help if aunt Lisa let you feel her too?”
Lisa looked at Vanessa who had a grin on her face like: “What do you think you’re doing?!?!?”
Vanessa smirked back at her: “Work with me here sis, the sooner he’s hard the sooner it’ll be over.”
Lisa sighed as She pulled her sundress up and took Jack’s left hand and slid it down her panties. She didn’t want to show everyone her pussy but had to help her sister somehow. He started to finger fuck his aunt while he ate out his mom’s asshole. Vanessa was surprised at how much attention he was giving her asshole. He went back up to her pussy and found the clit with his tongue. He started sucking on his mom’s clit as her breathing got heavier. He could also feel his aunt getting wetter as his probing fingers were feeling her asshole now too. Jack went back up to his mother’s clit and now really started assaulting it. Vanessa was starting to get way into it as her body began quivering. All of a sudden she was riddled with guilt. She had never planned for this to get sexual and now it was. She decided to put a stop to it.
“Stop Jack…hold on stop.”
Jack pulled his mouth off her. He also took his hand out of his aunt’s panties. Lisa looked down at his still flaccid cock. “He still looks quite flaccid to me sis.”
Vanessa sat up and looked down at it. “I don’t know, it kinda looks harder then before.”
Lisa was losing her patience with this whole i****teous scene. “Why don’t you just give him some viagra or something??”
Vanessa looked at her angrily. “Are you crazy, those are prescription pills for old men…he’s just a c***d. Come here honey.”
She leaned back again and decided to try out his cock. Jack got up and got in between her legs.
“Don’t get the camera yet Lis’ we’re just gonna try it out.”
Jack’s cock looked like it was ready but when his mom rubbed his cockhead over her now wet pussy, it proved them wrong. It was hard enough for the head to split her lips apart but it didn’t have the firmness that was necessary to fuck her. Vanessa realised it quick and got up.
“Here, sit down on the chair sweetey.”
Jack sat down on the chair, he had his shirt on still but his boxers were down by his ankles. His cock was at a 45 degree angle to his right. His mom kneeled in front of it and took his cock in her right hand. She licked the head and put it in her mouth. She started circling his cockhead with her tongue inside of her warm mouth. Jack was finally begenning to relax. Lisa saw some progress so she decided to help. She started to comb Jack’s hair and planted a kiss on his cheek:
“It’s ok baby just relax.” while Vanessa started to bob up and down on his length.
As she felt it getting harded and harder in her mouth, she was surprised more and more. Every time she went down on it it went deeper into her throat till she once choked on it. She coughed once or twice and just kept blowing him. Lisa took Jack’s hand and put it over her right breast hoping to stimulate him some more. “Just relax sweetey you’re doing good.”

Vanessa just managed to hum : “Mmm-hmmm” as she kept gagging on his hardness.
A few minutes later, after an intense blowjob…Vanessa slurped her mouth off his cock making a smacking noise. “I think he’s good to go!!!”
They all got up and ran down into the basement. Jack held his mom’s hand as she dragged him down the stairs, his seven inch cock swinging in the air. The camera was ready to roll and all Lisa had to was just press the record button. Vanessa lied down on the couch and slightly spread her legs, just enough for Jack to get in between them.
“Lis’, now before you start shooting I have to explain something to Jack…..Sweetey when you’re ready to …you know ……. finish, you have to pull out and just shoot it on my stomach, that way it looks good on the video…ok?” Jack nodded: “Sure mom no problem, on the stomach…I got it.” Vanessa scooted up some more and positioned herself. Just before Jack entered his mom, Lisa cut them off. “Jack honey you know the other reason for you pulling out right?” He nodded.
“If you come inside of your mom she could get pregnant. So that’s the main reason of you pulling out. Right V?”
His mom just nodded. She was so horny she couldn’t think straight. How could she have forgotten to point that out. “Your aunt is right honey.”
Lisa pressed the record button and they started. Jack’s cock was pretty wide for his age. As he started to invade his mom’s pussy, he scooted up and positioned himself so he was facing her close. He pushed all the way in, and then pushed out. She whispered to him quietly
“That’s it baby, you’re doing just fine”.
Jack pushed back down but a little bit quicker and harder this time, and soon they were fucking. Their pelvises started slapping against each other and Vanessa’s boobs began to bounce. Jack looked at his mom’s inviting mouth, and naturally planted his lips over her’s. She responded with her tongue and they started making out to the rythm of their fucking. Vanessa couldn’t figure out why he was on her lips, because Lisa had the camera shooting only their privates…but she kept kissing him anyway…it just felt right at the moment. The kiss continued as Vanessa started to humm. Lisa knew when her sister started to hum that she was enjoying it. Jack managed to part his lips from his mom’s and went down to her right breast, putting her nipple in his mouth. He began to suck on it, and started to pull on the entire tit. Lisa moved the camera up to tape this. “He’s doing really good for his first time sis.”
Vanessa’s facial expression was one of enjoyment, and lisa knew it. She locked eyes with her sister and smiled. Vanessa smirked back at her and mouthed like : “What?!?”
Lisa just said “Nothiiiing…”
Jack heard them whispering but kept on pounding away. He decided to change his concistency so he started speed fucking his mom for about 10 seconds then once he was out of breath he slowed down to regain his strength. He rested for another 10 seconds and started pounding away again. Vanessa was having trouble holding in the ecstacy that was coursing trough her body. She wanted to moan but knew it would be completely inapropriate especially in her sister’s presence. She was almost embaressed but wasn’t going to stop now. Jack took his lips off her tit but kept fondling the other one with his hands. He faced his mom again. She could feel his breath on her lips. Their noses almost touching.
“Am I doing good mom?” He managed to speak inbetween breaths.
His mom wasn’t much better either. She was out of breath and barely spoke : “You’re doing…just…fine baby”
Her pussy juice was leaking all the way to her asshole. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this wet. She was so riddled with guilt that she barely spoke, but stayed determined to make the video look as good as possible. “Do you …’re almost…done honey?
“I’m ok mom, I’m pacing…. myself to….make it last…longer.”
She took her son’s face into her hands and pulled him towards her. Jack stopped fucking her but his penis was still pulsating inside of her.
She softly spoke to him. “Do you think you can last another 10 minutes, and do mom from behind?” Jack just nodded. That was all she needed. She yelled “Lis’ Stop the tape.”
Lisa turned off the camcorder and said “What is it?”
Jack managed to put a few more pumps in before his mom gently pushed him off, his cock popping out of her pussy leaving a trail of his precome on her inner left thigh. Lisa looked inbetween her sister’s thighs and saw how wet she was. She couldn’t beleive it but it was kind of turning her on. Vanessa finally spoke.
“Ok Lis, I want you to shoot us doing it doggy style…Jack honey, get off me for a second”
Jack came close to comming a couple of times, but he was confidnet he found a way to keep himself going. Vanessa caught her sister looking inbetween her legs, and Lisa saw Vanessa looking inbetween hers. Lisa wanted to know what was on her older sister’s mind.
“What is it?”
Vanessa wasn’t sure weather to tell her what was on her mind, or not. “I don’t know….I think it would be a good idea if you sit down at the other end of the couch…and spread your legs”
Lisa was outraged. She couldn’t believe she was talking like this in front of her son….let alone asking to eat her pussy. Lisa whispered loudly and even though Jack could hear it she went on… “Are you crazy”?
Vanessa started to defend herself. “Well I’d like them to know that I’m open for all kinds of scenes….if you don’t want to that’s fine.” Lisa thought it was kind of kinky and exciting but said: “Of course I mind. Vanessa honey that’s going a little to far let’s just get this over with.”
Vanessa made a mistake. She shouldn’t have asked her this. She just nodded and positioned herself on all fours on the couch, and Jack positioned himself behind her. Lisa started shooting his cock while he rubbed it up and down his mom’s lips for a bit…and finally entered her. He grabbed her by the hips and started pounding away immediately. Jack put his left hand on the top of her crack and started massaging Vanessa’s asshole. He reached around and grabbed his mom’s tits twisting her nipples. Lisa moved the camera over to her tits and face. Vanessa’s hair fell over the right side of her face and Lisa combed it back over her ear to get a nice shot of her ecstatic face. Lisa knew her well enough to know that she wasn’t acting. She couln’t let her sister eat her out but she was willing to help her sister show the pornographers that she was into girls. She put her middle finger over Vanessa’s lips and put it inside of her mouth. She started sucking on it barely keeping her mouth closed from the punding she was receiving on her ass. Lisa saw her eyes on her pussy but was still skeptical. She looked over at Jack and to her surprise saw him staring at her tits, while he was groping his mom’s. Her full C’s were very round and shapely. She kind of wanted him to see them but wasn’t sure how Vanessa would react to it. Vanessa took Lisa’s finger out of her mouth to get some air into her lungs because she was out of breath. She looked back at Jack and combed her hair out of her eyes to see him staring at his aunt’s tits. She didn’t like the look of that but decided not to say anything. Instead, she looked over at her sister and saw her looking at Jack. She knew that look on her face. “Lisa!!!! What are you looking at.”
Lisa was embaressed. “I don’t know …I think your boy wants to see my breasts….I already let him feel me up earlier but he’s been looking at them a lot.”
Jack stopped fucking his mom because he was sensing she was angry. She thought it wierd that he was looking at his aunt in a sexual way, but then again his rock hard dick was pulsating inside of her warm pussy. She turned around and looked at Jack.
“Do you wanna see your aunt’s breasts honey?”
Jack just kept his hands on her hips. “Sure if you don’t have a problem with it”.
Vanessa thought about it for a second. She really wanted to prove to Mr. Ross she could eat some pussy and the only way was to eat her sister’s on camera right now. She looked at her sister. “Do you want him to see them?” She just nodded trying to look as innocent as she possibly could.
“Ok here’s the deal. I’ll let you show them to him but you have to let me eat you out.”
Lisa knew her sister’s warm mouth would feel great on her wet pussy but was second guessing herself. She decided to make another proposition.
“Ok, I’ll let you eat me if you let me kiss Jack…full on the lips.” “Only if you kiss me too.”
Lisa smiled and nodded. She took her shirt off and slipped out of her bra. She first went over to Jack and closed in on his mouth. Just before she proceeded she caressed the back of his head. “You sure you ok with this sweetey?”
Jack couldn’t wait to kiss his hot aunt. “I’m fine with it.”
He could feel her breath on his wet lips. Meanwhile his cock never lost the hardness and was still pulsating inside of his mom. Vanessa was getting impatient because she almost came earlier.
“Will you two hurry up.” Lisa planted her lips on Jack’s and they were soon kissing. The sound of their tongues clicking against one another was getting Vanessa very excited. She couldn’t wait to kiss her sister. Vanessa turned around to watch. Lisa was a very smooth and passionate kisser. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second. None of them seemed to realise that the camera was temporarily off. Jack groped his aunts breasts while he slobbered all over her. Lisa broke the long kiss and knelt next to the coutch by her sister’s face. She planted her lips on Vanessa’s and they started making out. Vanessa managed to get her arm free and feel Lisa’s ass. Jack wasted no time and gently started to fuck his mom again, making sure not to ruin the kiss. Their lips separated and Lisa slipped her panties off and sat down in front of her sister legs spread wide. Vanessa was now being pounded faster and she had to concentrate on her sister’s pussy. Lisa grabbed the camera again and started taping her sister’s mouth which was now on her mound. Vanessa worked her tongue all up and down the length of her slit. Once she found her clit, Lisa was in heaven. She was now being eaten out by her sister while her nephew was invading her pussy doggy style and she was taping it all. Vanessa enjoyed the taste of her sister’s juice which was now dripping down to her asshole..and every few seconds she went down to give her butthole a lick to make sure none of it escaped. She was gulping it down…and pretty soon it was all way to exciting for her. She exploded in an orgasm which showered her son’s cock with her juices. She took her lips off her sister’s cunt and yelled “OH god I’m comming, JACK SWEETEY DON’T STOP NOW!!” She inserted two of her finger’s in Lisa’s hole and started streching her pussy out as she came. Jack intensified his fucking to the maximum level. He was destroying his mom’s ass and could soon feel his orgasm comming. “Mom I’m about to come.” As soon as Vanessa heard this she pushed herself forward and off his dick, and onto her sister to plant another kiss on her lips…their breasts mashing together. Vanessa could soon feel drops of wetness hitting her back and Lisa felt some land on her inner thighs. Vanessa felt some land on her asshole and pussy lips. The buzz had soon left her head and she was suddenly overwashed with guilt. She asked herself: “What have I done?”

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