My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 2


My Adventures: Mom and Me Part 2Here is part 2 of my true story about the happenings, thanks for the nice comments about my other story (Part 1) i will keep telling you what went on over the few weeks.Message me if you want to know little details, im all for talking, enjoy.————————————————————————————————————-It was the morning after the night of new sights, I had seen my mom in a different way, yes we were close but i never thought we could be nude together, and for her to suggest it, and her to want to stay that way.I woke up wondering what to do, i lay in bed wondering whether to be dressed or not as i go down for breakfast then there was a knock on my bedroom door, it was my mom.”Don’t forget to put your clothes in for washing as you will not be needing them for a while”This sent tingles all down my body and i became instantly erect, i pumped at my erection and cummed into a tissue just so that i would not get hard straight away and so easily today.I walked downstairs and my mom looked stunning, her breasts looked fantastic, i sat down at the table to have breakfast and mom started a conversation.”I avcilar escort hope you were not embarrassed or ashamed of what happened last night”I thought i may have been caught watching her masturbate in her bedroom i feared the worst”Why mom?” i said, not knowing what to say or what the response would be”Well, you had an erection last night, i know you wont like me talking like this but i needs to be said if we are going to try being (nudists) for a week or two, but if you get an erection you are going to have to go to the bathroom and get rid of it””I don’t know what to say mom i feel embarrassed myself by you saying that” “Don’t be, all you need to do is walk off into your room or bathroom and masturbate, then you will be relived””Okay mom..”It got to about 1pm and i decided to go for a swim in the pool, mom was already in the garden, we are quite lucky, our garden is closed off so nobody can really see into our nice garden.I walk out into the garden and mom is just getting into the pool, she asked me to join her, so i did.”Join me, its lovely and cool in here!””On my way mom!”i walked out into the garden, and jumped straight şirinevler escort into the pool, water went everywhere! we were just swimming around the pool cooling down,”Doesn’t this feel good?””Yes mom it feels great””I’m really enjoying being nude, its great, all free and everything, what about you?””I love it mom, not having to keep yourself covered up and let everything out is great””I feel we are coming very close while your D*d is away, very good friends””Yes mom, we are”My mom then got out the pool and sat on the lounger, as she got out i saw her ass wobble in the sun, i started to get an erection, i just swam to the edge of the pool and tried to hide it i did not know what to do, then i got fully erect.”What are you doing? go for a swim!”I started swimming and i try and hide it but it does not work”Looks like you need to go to the bathroom””Oh yes, it does”I get out the pool and walk past mom, I was so hard all 8 inches of me was pointing outwards, i just see her stare at me as i walk past, I was in the bathroom and i just started to pump at my dick, i was so horny, cum then started to spurt everywhere, i kept pumping, i taksim escort kept cumming, i cleaned it all up and went back outside.”Better is it?” “Yes mom, much better””Good, it looked like that was quite a handful!””mom!” ———————————————————————————————————–Later on in the evening, a few hours had passed since the pool and dinner, me and mom were in the lounge she had just put on some crappy tv i was looking at mom and started to get hard, i could feel my dick growing, i said to my mom “I’m off to bed now mom””Okay, make sure you take care of that before it gets out of hand again””Yes mom I will””Good boy”I layed in bed for about 20 minutes over hearing those words in my head, i heard mom go to bed, i thought this would be my chance to really have a good wank, 20 minutes later, i heard moans from my moms bedroom, i walk out to the hallway just to listen and then i see that the door is slightly open again, i look in and my mum is riding a dildo, her as is wobbling up and down, i got so hard, i started to slowly rub my dick, her moaning was sending me crazy.She kept riding and then she squirted, but then kept on riding, i could hear her cunt all wet sliding on the dildo, i was so hard, pumping so fast, i cummed so much, it went everywhere i had to clean it up, mom was still going as i cleaned up, i then went to sleep looking forward to tomorrowTo Be Continued……

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