My Slutty Mate


My Slutty MateAfter my first marriage ended I had lots of freedom to fulfill many fantasies, and a perfect job to do so. As I have mentioned in previous stories, for many years I have been the owner/operator of a high end charter yacht in Alaska, and that gave me many opportunities to have lots of sex with men and women and combinations of both.While that was fun, I still wanted a partner who was sexual, sensual, uninhibited, kinky and free of jealousy. One Winter I traveled to Las Vegas for a convention of yacht and charter boat owners, and met a few friends that I knew form Alaska. Most of them didn’t have the sex life I liked, but one buddy was there who could match me kink-for-kink. He told me that there would be a party in his room later that night. He didn’t know what would happen, but there would probably be some men and women who I would like.I showed up and there was a dozen or so people. Some were in the industry, some were just hanging around because they liked us “sea captains” and they knew there would be free food and booze during the evening.My friend, who knew about some of my “likes,” came by and whispered to me that I might enjoy the first bedroom on the right. I knew that whatever was going on wasn’t for the whole party to know, and when I was sure that I could enter canlı bahis the bedroom without anyone wanting to join me, I had to knock because the door was locked, and then tell whoever opened it that “Rick” had sent me. I stepped in and fell in love.While my cock would raise to the occasion for almost anything, my preference in women has been for those slightly plump….pleasingly plump, as I say…and mature. That doesn’t mean a slim young one isn’t tasty looking, but for a long-term partner I like mature and plump. That goes back to my first sexual experience when it was with an older woman who was mature and plump and loved servicing young cock.On the bed was a woman about 45 y/o, legs spread, and with a nice large cock pounding her shaved pussy. She was stroking two other cocks, one of which started shooting on her tits as I walked up. The woman, Katharine, laughed and said, “More meat!” I was quickly out of my pants and she started stroking me, taking me in her mouth, and talking filthy to all of us. I have been in group situations where guys are freaked out by touching, even accidentally, another cock. These guys weren’t liked that at all. They didn’t even worry about what I might think, they liked cock and pussy and were massaging each others balls and working hard to make each other bahis siteleri cum. I joined in. About that time the guy fucking her started groaning and thrashing and was filling her cunt with his load of sperm. When he was done he pulled out so just his cockhead was splitting her pussy lips and I reached down and squeezed a few remaining drops of cum from his balls. Then the guy kneeling by her face started cumming and she took him in her mouth to finish him off. When he pulled out she put her hand behind my head and pulled my face down to her face and whispered, “Kiss me.” I did. I sucked on her tongue, licked her lips…smelled the smell of his cock on her breath and tasted his cum. She smiled and told me we would get along just fine….and, oh, “by the way…all three of these studs have unloaded in my cunt.” That is all I needed to know, and so I kneeled between her legs and started licking her clit and sucking on it. She had another orgasm, and then I fucked her until I came.She had came to the party with a guy who couldn’t stand sharing her so he had left. I told her I would drive her home when she was ready. She said she might not be ready until she had drained a couple of more cocks. That was fine with me, as I told her.We ended up living together for over 5 years. Her story was a güvenilir bahis bit like mine, She was first fucked when she was young, she liked it, sought out cock when she could, end even at the start of her “sexual career” she loved kneeling and watching guys stroke until their cum was splashing on her face. My early sex was with an older woman who would let me fuck her as long as I ate her cunt after she had been fucked by other guys.For five years Katharine and I played with very, very few limitations. And when I was in Alaska running a boat we would have telephone conversations as she was being fucked by strangers. She liked taking multiple cocks as I listened, then she would send her dirty panties to me so I could stroke and cum in them. I am guessing I probably guided 75 or so cocks into her, and if a guy protested about me touching him, we were done with him and we would send him on his way.She would eat other cum filled pussy and would suck me after I fucked other women. We could talk about any fantasy we had, and nothing shocked her. Occasionally she would tell me, “Don’t you dare to that or I will be visiting you in jail!” And while that was true, she also had a fantasy or two that would put her in jail. But, unacted upon fantasies aren’t i*****l.Katharine was a real slut, as she said, and she enjoyed it. She was open to almost any legal adventure, and some that probably pushed the limits of the law. She started young and viewed it as a good thing. It was a great five years with her!

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