My Teacher


My TeacherI sat there transfixed on the sight before me. Mrs. Farr was leaning over talking to me and I could see right down her shirt, those large melons calling for me. I could see her nipples! This was not the first time for this to happen as she wore loose fitting tops all the time. Mrs. Farr is no super model sorry to say. But for a eighteen year old k** that has always struck out with the ladies this is just as good. Mrs. Farr is average height, curly brown hair with some gray. Big warm brown eyes. Freckles, on her face and chest. A small pot belly and maybe her ass was nice when she was younger. I think she was in her mid fifties. We had moved every year for the last six years. Some schools placed me in honors classes and others placed me in with the slow k**s where I was bored to death. That moving around a lot and being in a different school every year is why I was eighteen and still had a year of school left. Mrs. Farr taught the slow k**s. This was 1980, things were different then. Anyway, I was in after school detention and Mrs. Farr was pretty upset that I was checking out her tits. “Go to my office, I am going to fix this little problem of yours.” She yelled. I went to the office which was a closet at one time, no windows and small. Mrs. Farr came in right after me and closed the door and locked it. Strange I thought as I sat there really not too worried about what she might do to me thinking that I might be in for some swats. She stood facing the wall with her bolu escort back to me then took a deep breath and pulled her top over her and off. Then Mrs. Farr reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra and let it drop to the floor. Then she turned to face me and squeezed those fine melons together and yelled “there you go! Is this what you want? Like what you see!” Then she pushed them right into my face and held my head there. I inhaled her aroma and loved the feel of those great tits against my face. My cock got so hard so fast. I was afraid to say anything as She was pretty mad. She finally stepped back and I got a great look at the full package. Her hair was messed up which made this more hotter. She was tan in a “v” on her chest where the sun had shone. Her tits must have been a “C” cup but maybe a “D” with great big dark brown nipples. “How bout we sit in here and I can do my work and you can stare at my tits for the rest of your detention.” Mrs. Farr said. “Okay” I replied. I watched her closely as she graded papers. Those wonderful tits would jiggle as she moved causing me to have nasty thoughts and made my cock to grow harder and harder. I started to squirm from the pain. “What is the problem now?” She quizzed. “Stand up, are you hiding something from me?” Mrs. Farr exclaimed. I stood up, my boner making a massive tent in my pants and a huge wet spot from the precum dripping out. “Mrs. Farr, I am sorry but you are making my Winnie hurt!” burdur escort I said to her playing dumb. Mrs. Farr looked at me with a pained look on her face. “I am trying to teach you a lessen to not look down women’s shirts.” She exclaimed. Thinking that I had her on the ropes I replied “Yes I get it but now I hurt, real bad, can you do something to make this stop.” I cried. “Take your shirt off and your pants and lets see what is causing this.” She said. Bingo! I thought to myself. I took everything off and stood there with my cock sticking straight out and dripping with precum. “PLeas Mrs. Farr it hurts so bad!” I pleaded. I was hoping for my first blow job. Mrs. Farr looked at my dong and then looked around the small room. “You have to promise me to never ever tell anyone about what I am about to do.” She said. “I promise! Please do something quick!” I begged thinking that she was going to suck me dry. Then with her back to me once again she dropped her pants and panties. She turned towards me, I eyed her pasty white legs, wide hips, little pot belly, and big brown haired beaver. She had me move the chair and lay on the floor. There was barely enough room. She positioned her cunt right over my cock and lowered herself onto it. I could smell her cunt and it made me even more horny. My cock slid easily into her, she was wet, very wet but tight. Once she was all the way down on my cock she sat there and stared at me. “I love the way your cock feels bursa escort inside of me.” She said. “I love your pussy feels around my cock.” I replied. “Is this your first time?” She quizzed. “Yes it is.” She began to move her pussy around my cock slowly. I listened to her breathing and watched her pussy and tits move. I had been on the edge for the last hour so it did not take much and I exploded a huge load deep inside her. I am pretty sure she came also. When things finished we sat up and talked for a few minutes. She sat on the floor across from with her legs up, her beaver on display. As she talked I could not help but to keep looking at her cunt. My cum was leaking from it. My cock got hard again within a couple of minutes. “May I fuck you again? This time with you on your back?” I asked with a smile. “Well of you course you may.” She said as she laid back and spread her legs. I mounted her and started to fuck her. This time I lasted much longer as her pussy was so sloppy. “I am going to cum!” I said. “So am I” she replied as I buried my cock deep inside and flooded her womb with my spunk. She worked her pussy milking my cock for all the sperm. I thought I would never stop cumming. We fucked every chance we got for the rest of the school year. Too bad it was only another two months. But I fucked Mrs. Farr every chance I got till then. We moved away right after school was out. She never sucked my dick, but I did get to eat her out. I think I have fucked a thousand women since then to now. But I will never forget my first taste of pussy. Mrs. Farr’s wonderful pussy and those amazing tits will always hold a special place in my memory, I would love the opportunity to drain my balls in her again. A man never forgets his first fuck.

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