My Uncle and Me (3)

My Uncle and Me (3)
(Read parts 1 and 2 first…)
(Part 1 –
(Part 2 –

My apologies if this one is a little more exposition than usual – this is just the way it happened, and I’m trying to be true to the order of events. I’d really appreciate comments, and if you do get bored, just search for the text -=[ GOOD STUFF ]=- to jump to the “good stuff”…


My Uncle and Me (3)

After a few weeks, my Uncle splurged (well, for him anyway) and had an above-ground pool installed in the yard behind his trailer. When it was done, he called me on my private phone that I had gotten just for him – when the phone rings, I only ever answer it as Audrey.

Anyway, he called me to tell me about the pool, and he said that he was thinking that this would be a good way for me to not have to bring too much with me – I could show up in swim trunks, Dad would think nothing of it, and once I got there, I’d go in and get dressed the way I was supposed to be. I was very excited to hear this new plan! I asked when I could come over again, and he said, “Today, I hope, babe.” Then we hung up.

I put on my trunks, slipped the ring into my pocket, grabbed a towel, and then found my Dad and told him about Uncle Vinny’s new pool, and asked if he would take me over to visit. As usual, he obliged – he really liked that me and my Uncle were clicking and spending time together – he was worried about his brother after his first wife passed…

We got to my Uncle’s trailer, and his car wasn’t there. There was a note on the door; it said “Hi! I had to run to the gas station. Feel free to get ready and jump in the pool; I’ll be back as soon as I can – Uncle Vinny”. I watched my Dad for his reaction, but he was unfazed, and just said to me, “if your Uncle doesn’t get back soon, just call and I’ll pick you up.” I thanked him and started walking towards the pool.

I was at the top of the ladder when I realized that I might want to pee before jumping in the pool. Only problem was, no key, and so no way in the house. I walked to the door and absentmindedly read the note again, my eyes casually looking around the area while I decided where in his yard to pee. I noticed a dark spot on the note, so I pulled it off the door, and turned it over. There I saw the REAL note for me:

“Audrey – your new house key is under the floor mat at the back door of the Florida room. That’s yours from now on. Just let yourself in. Your dressing and makeup areas are ready, there’s a carton of 120’s just how you like it, and I left a gift for you on the table – Vinny”.

I ran around the trailer, picked up the mat, grabbed the key, and dashed back around to the front door to let myself in. It was already a hot day by 9 A.M., so not only was I glad about the new pool, but I was very glad to see that he finally put the central air on for me! It was much nicer than the last time my Uncle dumped his cum in me, which made me very happy.

I grabbed the box on the table, and made my way to the dresser and vanity in the guest room. I grabbed something sharp and cut the box open, and to my surprise – and delight! – the box had a brand new pair of breast forms in it. My departed Aunt was a thin woman with a flat chest, and there was no doubt now that my Uncle wanted her to have big tits… I pulled the forms out of the box, took them out of the plastic bag, and read the tag – silicone breast forms (with very realistic big nipples and areolae), and the size was 42DD. I wasn’t sure, but I put them on, and they fit perfectly. I guess my Uncle made a pretty good guess about my chest size.

There were also a few brand new bras in the box – as I said, my Aunt was flat, and it was clear my Uncle didn’t want me in her bras with my new big fat titties. I picked a pretty bra and found matching panties, but then I came across a pretty lace lingerie slip of my Aunt’s, so I slipped that on, selected a wig (long brunette tresses this time), and lit the cigarette in my holder and set it in the ash tray. Then I went to work on my makeup. My Dad taught me how to use a straight razor, which I started using to take care of any and all facial hair. By the time I was done with my Aunt’s foundation, concealer, etc., I don’t think anyone would notice. And unless you looked under my slip and noticed my hard little clit, I don’t think that would be obvious either. I took a long drag now and then from the cigarette in my holder, and placed it back down while I prepared myself.

About 20 minutes had passed since I sat down to get ready. My hair and makeup were done, my perfume was on, and I was dressed to receive. I slid my hand in my trunks and grabbed the ring, and slid it on my ring finger. Then I did a few final touch-ups of my lips (I wasn’t as good at it as I am now). I had just stood up when I heard a car pull into the driveway and park under the carport. I looked out; it was my Uncle. I grabbed my cigarettes and made my way to the bedroom, laid myself on the bed, and my pulse quickened…

-=[ GOOD STUFF ]=-

Uncle Vinny unlocked the door and walked in, and called out, “Audrey, are you here, baby?” I told him that I was in the bedroom. He walked in and found me, lying there, in his last wife’s slip – which were barely holding my big fat tits in. He said I looked beautiful – the ONLY possible giveaway was the slight bump between my legs, which I told him was my excited clit (of course in the future, I would figure out how to secure that too).

As I laid back onto the bed, he came up to the side of the bed, and took his hard cock out of his pants. He pushed it slowly towards my red lips, and I reciprocated by moving forward slightly and taking his cock head in my mouth. It was gentle for a few minutes; I looked up at him a few times and saw his eyes were closed. I wonder if he was thinking about my Aunt – but I didn’t care, because if that’s what he wants me to be, that’s what I will be – my Aunt, only with bigger tits.

I stopped for a moment to take a drag on my cigarette, and put my lips back around my Uncle’s cock. I saw him open his eyes, and once they were open, he started moving faster and harder. I was so happy I finally got him going again… I knew what was coming, and before I could even finish that thought, he had his hands on the sides of my head, holding it as he fucked my mouth harder. He was slamming it down my throat – now this was what I needed! He asked out loud if I liked the “breast implants” he got me, and I nodded without losing a beat. He started talking dirtier now. “Oh fuck Audrey, I love your new big fat tits baby…” and “Mmmmmmm my slut wife taking my cock down her throat again…” as he held my head more securely.

My Uncle was slamming totally down my throat now. Every stroke was now making me gag, releasing a sound that we both loved to hear. Even now, almost 30 years on from that first summer, I’ve always been more turned on when I hear a girl struggling with it, than her just taking it like she’s done it so often she’s bored. I think it just says more when a girl knows she has a small mouth, narrow throat, and just doesn’t care – she opens it up for your cock to use and abuse. And that’s exactly what I was doing for my Uncle.

My Uncle moved to a slightly harder slam down my throat, which made me gag harder with each thrust. He was now perched over me, and every thrust of his hard cock was forcing its way between my pretty red lips and all the way down my throat. And every time I felt him bottom out, I would gag. My Uncle was fucking my throat, forcing my head back into the bed. I was gagging so hard that I could feel my eyes tearing and running down my cheeks, and I could hear it, and feel it, and smell it, and taste it. My Uncle kept saying “Oh FUCK Audrey suck it slut!” while slamming my head harder into the bed.

A few more thrusts and I was brought back to reality when I started feeling my head hit the headboard a bit with each deep thrust down my throat. This was more than I could take… not physically, but sexually. I reached down and stroked my hard little clit as I gagged so hard each one of my Uncle’s thrusts were in danger of pushing my gag reflex over the edge…

“Hmmm… I wonder if he’d like his wife to do that…”, I thought. But only for a few moments. My head was hitting the headboard harder now, my only cushioning my Aunt’s wig (which, I guess technically, was my wig now). Between strokes I just managed to squeak out the words, “I’m gonna cum Vinny!”. As I did, his thrusts turned almost to just this side of abusive – a change which utterly sent me over the edge. My eyes tearing, my vision blurred, barely able to breathe between assaults, I squeak out “CUM!” as I pull my hard little clit and shoot and huge load all over; up over my slip and I even came on my own tits!

Seeing this pushed Uncle Vinny WAY over the edge. He didn’t even feel like he had any control anymore. He fucked my throat so hard that there were stretches that I couldn’t breathe at all, and that turned us both on WAY more. He couldn’t stop himself, and I didn’t want him to stop, but he quickly yelled, “FUCK I’M GONNA CUM!” and dumped a HUGE load down my throat. He held his hard cock there for what seemed like an eternity, draining his cum down his wife’s throat, while also blocking her breathing. He slowly pulled out of my throat, mouth, and lips; he looked lovingly at my body coated in my own cum, and my face abused by his cock and cum, and I could tell how much he loved it.

I needed to take a deep breath, but I knew it would be hotter to take a drag, so that’s what I did. And I followed that up with letting my man see me do my first French Inhale for him. He put his hands on my fat tits and told me that his last wife never did things like this for him. I laughed excitedly; and told him that this was the beginning, not the end, of what I will do for him. After all, he put a ring on my finger… and tits on my chest. True, only forms for now, but you never know…

We had heard the phone ring, but I was having my throat abused by an older relative; there was NO way I was stopping! And when we finished that scene, we forgot about the phone. Luckily, my Uncle had locked the door…

Anyway, Uncle Vinny was already hard again, and I knew what he wanted. I stood up, took off my slip, and laid back onto the bed, on my back. I pulled my legs up, and my ass cunt was exposed for my Uncle. My little soft clit and my big new tits were also exposed now, and this was the first time he was going to get to fuck a woman with big tits. I asked my Uncle repeatedly if he liked my “big fat white tits” – and about all he could do was nod and moan. I remembered that Aunt Audrey, in addition to having basically no tits, was also a darker woman, olive skin. I don’t remember exactly what her nationalities were, but she was some type of Mediterranean mix. The forms on my chest perfectly matched my skin tone, and my man was having his mind blown watching my fat white tits bounce around.

I reached out and put his hands on my fat tits. He moaned out load, “FUCK those are BIG FAT TITS!”. I could see his cock was now straining as he touched my big udders for the first time, so I reached down and guided him towards my open hole.

He placed his bare cock head right to my hole. Then with one hand on my tits, he reached for the nightstand and I could see a condom in his hand. I waited to see what he was going to do. He looked in my eyes and asked me if I wanted him to be careful – as a widower, he told me he spends some time in a few of the local adult bookstores and theaters, so there’s never going to be a guarantee that everything is “clean”.

I reached up, grabbed the condom, threw it across the room, and said, “Don’t EVER use that with your wife!”. That was all it took, and he plunged bare and dry all the way in my boipussy. My big tits were bouncing pretty nicely – I could see in the vanity mirror – so rather than worrying about that, I closed my eyes and focused on my own Uncle slamming his potentially potent cock in me, watching as he got ready to plant his potentially potent seed in me. And I was in Heaven.

He was fucking me hard too this time – my balls were taking a little beating, and my little clit was bouncing all around. I took a few drags from my cigarette holder. It didn’t take him very long this time to get there, and before I knew it, Uncle Vinny said, “Here I cum baby!”, and he jammed himself to the hilt, held it there, and dumped a huge load deep inside me. I screamed for him, “YES VINNY GIVE ME THAT DIRTY SEED! PUMP IT IN ME YOU FUCKING FAGBOI FUCKER!”. And with that, my little clit erupted too, without even being touched. Just the thought of my Uncle pumping that seed in me, and letting me take it that way… I noticed he was sliding in and out again, and after about 30 seconds, he was shooting a second load in me. This time, I was in sheer pleasure as I took my third potentially potent load from my Uncle, my lover… the second right in my tight hole!

And my Uncle looked at me as he pumped this second load deep inside me, and he was yelling, “OH MY GOD YES TAKE IT YOU FUCKING FAT LITTLE FAGGOT TAKE YOUR UNCLE’S DIRTY LOADS LIKE THE FAT LITTLE WHITE SLUT YOU ARE!!!”

As he yelled that, and dumped his load in me, there was a knock on the door. I heard my Dad yell, “You guys in there? I figured you’d be in the pool!”. I started to freak out; if my Dad saw me right now, oh FUCK oh FUCK FUCK OH FUCK! But my Uncle gave me his ex-wife’s ring; he would take care of me, right?

What Uncle Vinny did, was zip up his pants, walk to the door, unlock it, and let my Dad in. I heard my Dad ask, “What was all that yellin’?”, to which my Uncle led him down the hall to catch me still fully dressed, soaked in my cum, my Uncle’s cum on my face and neck, and dripping from my hole, dressed like his widow wife. He walked in the room, and my Dad walked in behind him, and looked at me…

I was paralyzed with fear. What will he think? What will happen now?

That’s a story for another post…

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