part 2

part 2
In part one
I got some pills from Derby & I took my wife clothes off & fucked my wife over the arm of the couch & then fucked her ass-hole then cum in it, I got her on the floor & fuck her mouth with my cock & ram my 2 hands in her pussy & filled her mouth full of cum.

Part two.
After few weeks my wife was going out more with her friends & she would not get back till after midnight, at first I did not think much about it now 5 months later she still goes out 2 times a week, sometimes in the day or some at night at the weekend.
But to me the way my mind was working then, we were doing fine in bedroom so I put it back of my mind.
Then one night in November one her friend’s joy turns up at the door asks if carol was ready for night on the town, I told joy she already gone out to her house about an hour ago.
Joy said I told her I pick her up I said ok must been misunderstanding on her side, Joy said yes & said I call her; she called no answer from my wife by now my mind was working overtime, I asks joy if like a drink she said yes & gave her G&T
My wife called back 5 mines later joy asks where she was wife said at the pub waiting with the guys for her.
I did not know what to say I was in shock hearing what she was said to joy over the phone, after joy come off the mobile & I said tell what this all about joy.
Joy said been meeting up with 2 guys in there 50’s & tonight we going to have sex with them at my place later, I do know about you Allen cannot get full hard-on due to your diabetes.
I asked joy not say anything to carol till I tell her too please, it’s to not sex part, it’s not telling me she going to do it, I would understand why then.
Joy left & said she would not tell carol.
When my wife comes in I was in bed & when she come in the bedroom after getting ready for bed I did not say a word to her what I heard on the mobile.
After she got in bed I ask how it went wife said fine had few drinks & talking about woman stuff you know darling woman talk.
I ask if we were going to play she said not tonight but when I get up then we can.
The next morning I got up at 6:30 I did tidying up down stairs by 9 then watch bit television till 11 am?
I got my wife up with cupper tea thinking did she have sex last night with other guy, and then went in my computer room & doing things.
My wife called me in the bedroom said we going to play I just said not now darling later tonight, she said ok then.
Most of the day she would kiss me or hug me more then she does, after dinner I ask what is up darling you been more loving today than ever.
She said do you mind if I have a other guy to fuck me due to the toys not much I said not stopping you but only if I watch you she said that be ok.
I said when you thinking of she said about mouth time, I said that ok then with me.
We went for a bath together & she wank me off in the bath & I shot on her face & tits, after we got into bedroom she let me lick her out & use a dildo on her pussy for a bit, then went to sleep.
Over next 11 days my wife did not say a word about meeting guy until I ask.
She told me joy has been going on a site for woman called meet me.
We went on find the site many guys on there went look at some of them & she pick out this guy called Tim from derby that he was in his 50’s.
We sent him a massage & left it at that?
Few days later we had one back & sent other back to him asking would he like fuck my wife with her husband watching them & joining in later.
For few days now no massages back from him.
The next day I phoned up Joy ask her 2 question & told her tell the truth.
Question one was what was names of the guys they meet
Question two did she go with him had sex you know off?
She told him his name was Tim from derby & other was Pete & all four of them went back to Joy’s place while Joy & Pete was in the bedroom Tim & my wife was in the living room for 2 hours, when she came in Tim was putting his top back on.
But she had put her coat under her, so I think she did, I said ok may I ask few more lately, she said yes.
Few days went pass & pay day for us so I went to get more pills for me.
I Phoned Joy up ask if she like go for meal with me so we can talk, she said yes & made it for Friday midday.
That night I played with my wife like I did not know anything, was true at that time.
Friday come meet Joy ask her question what happened that night, after we finish out meal & waiting for taxi I told Joy I would love get my own back on her.
Joy asks how I said I think I know away I tell you when we get to your place over coffee.
When we got back Joy place & got our coffee that when I said I may Know away to get my own back but could be dangers.
Then I come out with it
How would you like get £50 for me to use you while my wife watches?
Joy ask how, I said we have meal at my place & I drop a pill in your coffee so you fall asleep for few hours & you would not remember it after, but I am going to put a pill in my wife coffee so she not asleep but cannot move.
Joy said how you going to fuck me I said I do have a pill will get me just hard so I get my cock just in a pussy.
Joy said well no but I do it for £75 you don’t put me to sleep, I said only if you lick my wife pussy out & when would you like the money the day we do it, Joy said yes be fine.
I said we will do it not this Saturday but we will do it Saturday after, so what would you like for the meal, she told me what she likes I said how about brown beef stew with Yorkshire pubbing & dumpling with carrot’s & other veg & cheese cake then coffee.
She said that be fine.
Over next few days keep my eye on emails just in case Tim emails us by Wednesday not one, now it been 3 weeks from time we sent one to him.
I told my wife no emails from anyone yet, ask if she like to look at other person she said yes & we went have look.
She pick guy called Richard in late 50’s from Nottingham so we sent him email asking him tell about himself.
Thursday night had one back telling what he likes & don’t like we sent one back asking him if like use my wife but my husband be watching them & hope to join in later with the fun.
Saturday morning I told my wife Joy here today later for meal to thank her taking you out now & then, she be here about 7 & having brown beef stew with cheese cake after.
We went into town got all the things we needed & when we got back I started it by 4pm most of it was done & washing up, I ask if she was having a bath she said yes so I told her go while I do the table.
Time I got upstairs she just got in bedroom so I pulled off the towel push her to the bed opened her legs went right on her pussy giving it good licking & sucking.
Then after I play with my wife I went for my bath.
When I came back from my bath I ask my wife if she would use stocking she said she would got ready & I did too.
Joy come on time with bottle of wine for us after we all had G&T we sat & had the meal Joy like very much.
I ask who like coffee with milk & we all was having one, when I being mother I put the 2 pills in my wife drink not Joy asks not to, I put 3 of the pills in mine coffee.
After 15 mins my wife was drooping off,
I went my wife to see if she cannot move & she could not by herself.
I got a chair & sat in front of my wife.
Right now you cannot move but you can hear what I am saying Darling you just could say something but I have be close to you due to me putting 2 pills in your coffee.
You are thinking why:
Well like this my wife you broken one of the rules we made, when we find out I am dietetic Do you know which one well I think I do?
Well I had to blackmail Joy a bit to get at the truth out of her.
Tim & You were in the living room for 2 hours, when Joy & Pete came in from bedroom Tim was putting his top back on, But you had put your coat under yourself not on the chair were it was.
But what made this worst the guy you ask me send email to is the guy you were with & I was here when you phoned Joy up telling her you with the guys waiting for her I ask Joy to send Pete email.
Guess what Pete writes back.
Hi Joy thank for great night I hope me & Tim can come again soon I had Great sex with you & Tim said yes I did fuck her & was glad find out she cannot get pregnant.
Now is that all true my wife said yes,
So what are we going to do?
Well not going to tell you all of it but you can guest what going to happen I just made out what she said don’t know.
Well like this I am going to take your clothes in front of Joy then tie you to the couch with your legs wide open then going fuck Joy while she licking you out & when I cum in her she going put her pussy next to your mouth rub it in
After tonight if you like to move out you can & if you like a devoice you can but on my terms.
So here we go.
I took off Joy clothes then mine got joy on her knees & told joy to lick my wife pussy as she did I just slip my cock into her pussy feels so wet already.
I was looking at my wife knowing I am fucking this woman in front of her good as I was feeling Joy ass I know be Cumming soon I ask Joy were she like me shot my cum, she said in her pussy so I can give it to your wife.
Just then I filled Joy pussy up with my cum, soon as finish pumping in her she just got on the couch place her pussy over my wife mouth let it fall in her mouth after Joy finish she push her pussy over her mouth to clean it.
Joy ask if we had any toys I told her we do & I get them, Joy seen male strap-on ask me use it on my wife.
I just got my cock in the strap-on due me being hard, joy said right now you going to push that in her all the way her So she knows she as the strap-on in her.
I wet her pussy with my fingers & place the strap-on by her hole Joy look said now push it in all the way as I did could feel my cock get bit more harder.
When I was in my wife pussy with the strap-on Joy said now you can fuck her as hard as you like, I pulled out to tip of the strap-on push it hard back in I was doing this now for good 5 mines.
I said you know what would like to do right now knowing my wife cannot do anything, Joy said what, I said to fuck her ass with the strap-on, and then she said well make it she your slut for tonight.
I pulled it out place next to her ass-hole & Joy said now push it in it went in first time. I got myself ready to fuck hell out of my wife ass; I was push & pulling full length of the strap-on in & out of her ass & the truth was feeling good about it.
I was doing this without a warning then I stop & cried out yes’s I cum, took good few mines simmer down & I know I cum big time.
Joy ask if she could try it in her pussy so I got Joy so my wife could see me using it on Joy after good 20 mins fucking Joy with the strap-on Joy said stop now I just said like fuck am going to cum now that when I did other cum in strap-on.
Joy look at the time was 11pm, and then Joy put her clothes on said time for me to go, I said ok then I walk you to the door, while at the door I gave Joy her money with £5 more & said worth it.
After I come back I sat in front of my wife.
I told my wife what I did tonight was not for fucking was that you did not tell me about it & she know I would let you go for it.
So I am going untie you take you to bed lick your pussy & ass for you then put you into bed & in the morning we talk.
I sleep down stairs.

Part 3
Morning after
I left my wife in bed till she got up after midday.
After good hour or so she got up & got dress I ask if we could talk about last night.
She ask we could talk about it in few days so she could get her head round it & told her I be sleeping down here till then.
I asked if she was ok she said a bit score from last night but am ok.
A week went pass not a word from her. Now it Sunday week later stills no word.
Just after dinner she said I am ready to talk now I ask her if she like a drink before we sat at the table she said ok then but no pills.
We sat at the table talking ask why I got Joy join in to get your own back on her.
I told my wife the truth
Joy said you have my blessing to go with other guy, was part true but was in front of me for the being.
But darling was not fucking did me was the lies you told me, that why I did it.
So you saying my husband I can go off with other guys I said yes but first I watch you getting fuck till I feel safe with you being fucked.
So you saying my darling I can be fuck by other guy but till you feel ok with it I have fuck in front of you, I said yes.

One other thing
Richard said yes would like to fuck you while I watch you & him & join in later,

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