Part 3 June School Holidays

Part 3 June School Holidays
After dropping Cassi off at the mall for her parents to fetch her, I made my way back home stopping at the bottle store where I bought myself and my stepsister a bottle of brandy and a bottle of shooters.
Once home and pulling into the garage I saw that Amy was already home and once inside she had started making dinner. She then told me that she had been seeing a new guy Kevin and that he was going to come over tonight for dinner and asked if I didn’t mind that after I have ate if I could please go out for a few hours to give them a little alone time. I said sure thing and I then made my way to have a quick shower and to put on some smart clothes as I would then go to a night club with some friends.
Kevin arrived at 6 30pm, Amy introduced us and we chatted a bit before eating dinner. After dinner I said cheers and set off to pick up my mate Matt and we then slowly made our way to a night club.
We arrived rather early before 9pm and the club had just opened. We decided to go in so long. We made our way towards the bar when i saw a group of girls who had also arrived real early and there was one girl who was a really pretty red headed girl. After getting a drink Matt and I walked up to the girls and started chatting. I eventually managed to get this redhead alone where we could chat privately. Her name was Jessica she was about 5ft7 very sexy body. We chatted and I flirted with her paying her a number of compliments and eventually buying her a drink. As the club filled up we became more into each other and we were soon on the dance floor having a wonderful time dancing with each other. The DJ randomly put on a rather slow song and Jessica and I landed in each others arms and slow danced together. My hand placed on her back soon moved down to her ass as my lips met her and I kissed this beautiful girl. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me as we kissed.
After the song ended and the music became more lively again, Jessica and myself made our way outside for fresh air. It was midnight and as we stood speaking in the cold fresh winter air she told me as she’s only 18 that she still has a curfew and needs to be home by 1 but she would love to see me again. I told her not worry that I as well still have a curfew but luckily my parents are away at the moment.
I then asked if she would like to meet me for lunch later on saturday and she said that would be lovely. We exchanged numbers as I walked her to her car and before she got in and drove off she turned to me and gave me a kiss goodbye.
I soon left as Matt needed to be home by 1 30 and once home I saw that Kevin had left.
I walked in and saw my stepsister light was still on in her room and I walked in to greet her as she was still awake. I noticed on the table there was a condom rapping and after saying hello to her I told her that she better throw that away before mom and dad get back.
Slightly embarrassed she said she would and then I asked her how was the sex.
She told me that it was good and she enjoyed it and definitely wants him to fuck her again. She then asked how my evening was and I told her pretty awesome and that I ended up cheating on my girlfriend with a redheaded bombshell. Amy called me a naughty boy and then asked me to explain this girl that I had met and kissed.
I told her everything before saying goodnight and heading to my bed for a change. Once in bed I had a message from Jessica saying thank you for the dance and the evening and that she is looking forward to seeing me later this afternoon.
I replied and then fell asleep. The next morning felt a little bad for cheating on Cassi but I still proceeded to go meet up with Jessica for lunch.
She stayed a good 45 min drive away from me but I was more than happy to see her. Once at the mall near to her I called her and she told me where to meet her.
Seeing her in daylight she was even more sexy and we greeted each other with a kiss and a hug before making our way for a lovely lunch.
I payed her a number of flirtatious compliments and she returned a number back to me. After lunch we walk around a little together before I made a sarcastic suggestion which worked in my favour. I said to Jessica should we not just go back to my house and have some fun as my parents are away and it’s only me and my stepsister.
She said sure that sounds awesome and we set off back to my place. We arrived at home just on 4pm and Amy was in the lounge watching series. I introduced Jessica to her and they chatted for a while as it turned out that Amy know Jessica’s brother from varsity.
I poured us all a drink as we chatted for a bit before I lead Jessica to my room. Closing the door behind me, my arms where then soon wrapped around her body as we kissed. I started undressing her taking off her top and bra. Her belly was flat and she had cute firm tits. I laid her down on my bed and moved to suck her pink puffy nipples. I sucked hard on her nipples as she gave off little moans. I then kissed her down her belly and once reaching her pants I pulled them off leaving Jessica only in her thong. She sat up and soon my shirt and pants came off. She removed my jocks as well and she then said nice cock. I placed my hands onto her ass as I looked her in the eyes and then slowly moved to kneel in front of her.
I pulled down her thong allowing my eyes to set sight on her sexy pink pussy that had a landing strip shaved. I immediately pushed her to lay on the bed and made my way between her legs. I ate her sexy puss licking up and down her lips and stimulated her clit as she moaned. She soon orgasmed and afterwards she told me to lay on my back.
She took a condom out her bag and put it on my cock and then climbed on top of me. She lowered her tight puss onto my cock and then started to ride me back and forth. She road me hard as I looked and admired her sexy body. She soon reached climax and orgasmed again. After she finished cumming the 2nd I got on top of her and shove my cock back into her puss and fucked her hard and rough in missionary position. She moaned from the pleasure as I was  fucking her and then my cock exploded shooting my cum into the condom. After I finished cumming I pulled my cock out of her sexy puss and laid down next to her. It was a good fuck and Jessica really had a hot body.
We ended the night by joining my stepsister once we were all cleaned up and dressed and after watching some tv and chatting, Jessica left to be home by midnight.
Once Amy and I were alone she asked how was she and I told her that Jessica was real amazing and has a fucking hot body. Amy had a smile on my face and was real happy for me even tho I cheated on my girlfriend.

End of part 3

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