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Please Fuck My Mom!Lindsey was concerned!Her father who had always been an asshole had walked out on her and her mom. As far as Lindsey was concerned this was a good thing!That unfortunately was not the same for her mother, Trudy. Trudy had just turned forty and while Lindsey thought of her mom as smart and pretty, Trudy consider herself as unattractive. For the first month Trudy cried a lot and spent most if her time in bed. Lindsey believed this would come to an end but when it did not change decided she needed to talk with her mom.”Mom, you need to pull yourself together. You need to get put. You need to find a guy and go on a date.” Lindsey said”Baby, no man is ever going to want to be with me! Guys do not like old skinny hags like me!” Trudy said as she let tears run down her face”Mom you are pretty and you know how to please a man. There will be plenty of guys that are going to interested in you!”From there the conversation ran over the same ground repeatedly. As Lindsey walked away she was more concerned than ever! She decided she needed to talk with someone so she visited her boyfriend Brian. When she got there Frank was with him.”My mom is a mess! She really thinks that no guy would ever want to be with her ever!” She started”That’ bullshit! Your mom is hot for an older lady” Brian said”Hell yeah! Your dad fucked up big leaving her!” Frank added”I know that but mom thinks her life is over!” Lindsey said”What your mom needs is good hot fuck!” Frank said”Maybe you should go do the deed Frank! You’re always complaining that you’re not getting any pussy!” Brian laughed trying embarrass his friend”Fuck yeah I would love to tap some hot mature pussy! You would too if you didn’t have Lindsey around!” Frank quipped backLindsey listened to the two boys gibing each other but she was wondering whether or not she could work something out. She and Brian had only recently started fucking. He had been so fucking horny that the first several times he only lasted a few seconds. Now she had found ways to take edge off and sometimes they would go at for hours.”Frank, are you a virgin?” Lindsey askedFrank blushed.”Fuck yes he is! The only sex he has ever had is with his hand!” Brian laughed”Shut the fuck up asshole!” Frank replied in a sullen tone”Would you fuck my mom for real if you could?” Lindsey askedFrank looked at her and smiled, “Fuck Yes!”Brian looked at Lindsey and knew she was up to something.Tomorrow I want you both to come to the house and here is what we are going to do….The next day the three were in the living room watching TV when Trudy came in.”Hi mom! Come and watch some TV with us.” Lindsey said”Honey, I’m not all that sociable so I think I will go to my room and you k**s have fun.” She replied”I guess I will just have to fuck both of these guys if you are not here.” Lindsey said”What did you say?” Trudy said in shocked voice”Mom, please sit down!” Lindsey said as he mother joined them on the couch”Mom, I have been fucking Brian and I know how much fun sex is! I think that is what has you so upset is that you think that you are never going to get fucked again.” şişli escort Lindsey said as Trudy just looked stunned”That’s not true Mrs. Barns! You are a real hot mom!” Brian saidTrudy could not believe what was being said by these k**s!”Mom, Frank wants to fuck you!” Lindsey said with a grinTrudy looked at Frank as he grinned and shook his head saying he did. Lindsey decided that there was one more thing to help move things on. She pulled out Brian’s cock and started stroking it.”See what a nice dick I get to play with mom? See what Frank has for you!” She saidFrank pulled his cock out and took Trudy’s hand to it. Trudy appeared to be in a trance as she started to stroke the boy’s cock. Suddenly she grinned and looked at Lindsey who was starting to suck Brian’s cock. She moaned as she watched her daughter take the cock into her mouth.Frank stood up and his cock was in Trudy’s face. He looked down at her and stroked her face. Trudy looked at the young man’s cock literally in her face. She slowly stroked his cock as she listened to her daughter sucking cock a few feet away. “Do you really want this to happen?” Trudy asked as she looked up at Frank“Please Mrs. Barns! Suck my cock! Fuck yes I want you!” Frank groaned“Go ahead mommy suck his dick. Just be careful he will probably shoot his nut! Frank’s a virgin!” Lindsey laughed but then moaned as she pumped Brian’s cock“Ok I will do this some as long as you promise not to tell anyone.” Trudy said as she looked into the boy’s eyes but she knew she was already past the point of no return she wanted his cockShe licked the tip of the cock and then looked at the boy,“Do you like that?” she asked“Fuck yes!” Frank groaned“Is this really your first time?” Trudy asked as the boy’s cock jerked in front of her“Yes! Please I need this so fucking bad Mrs. Barns!”“Ok but two things! First call me Trudy, baby, bitch or slut but never Mrs. Barns and second if you need to cum just do it! You’re young and will hard again before you know. We need to get you settled down before you fuck me!” Trudy said as she kissed his cock and licked the pre-cumTrudy opened her mouth and took the cock into her mouth. It had been too long since she had a cock. The feeling of having his cock sliding in and out of her mouth made her pussy wet. She looked over at Lindsey who was on her knees and was pumping Brian’s long cock. Trudy wondered how long her daughter had been sucking cock but then decided that she had no room to judge since she started at a very early age. Trudy had been quite the cock sucker when she was Lindsey’s age. There was a joke that Trudy blew more often than the wind. Trudy’s mind flashed back to many years before when the friendly neighbor introduced her to the joy of sucking cock. To this day she loved the feel of a man holding her head and pumping his cock into her mouth.She looked up to see Frank with his eyes shut and groaning as his cock was sucked. She knew it would not take long for the boy to fill her mouth. Then it did happen. Trudy’s eyes opened as she looked up at Frank who was moaning loudly.“Shit mom you are making şişli escort bayan him cum already! Do it Frank! Give her a good load!” Lindsey said and then she started working Brian’s cock as she wanted him to cum in her mouthIt had been a while since Trudy had sucked a cock and got so much cum at one time. It reminded her of her High School days. Frank was holding her head and fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. Finally he stepped back and looked down. Trudy opened her mouth and showed him his own cum. Frank groaned as he never expected such kinky behavior from his friend’s mom. Trudy swallowed the sperm and then watched as Lindsey made Brian shoot his cum in her mouth. Brian grunted as his girlfriend swallowed his large load of seamen.“Fuck that was kinky!” Frank groaned as he looked at Lindsey“Damn! Now I know where Lindsey got her cock sucking skill! Trudy really made you pop your nut!” Brian said with a good-natured laugh“Since you guy’s both got a nice cum by us girls how about doing us girls? How about it Lindsey, have you taught Brian how to eat pussy?” Trudy said with a grin but deep down she needed to cum soon herself“Come on guys! Eat some pussy!” Lindsey said as she leaned back and spread her legs openTrudy likewise leaned back and opened her pussy. She was dripping wet! It had been a long time since she had been eaten out and she knew it would only take a little contact for her first orgasm to rock her. Frank lowered his face into her pussy. She felt him kiss her pussy lips. Then his tongue entered her pussy hole making her jerk with pleasure. Lindsey was moaning as Brian began to work her pussy right beside her. Lindsey was holding Brian’s head and was grinding her young cunt into against his face. Trudy looked at her daughter and could see she too was on the verge of cumming. Trudy reached down and spread her pussy open for her young lover. Frank pulled back and looked up at her with his face covered in pussy juice.“Frank, suck on my clit and watch what happens!” Trudy said as she pointed to her pleasure buttonFrank did as instructed and sucked on the clit like it was a nipple. Trudy groaned as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Trudy grabbed her daughter’s firm thigh which was next to her and Lindsey was shocked by the intensity of the grip. Trudy’s other hand squeezed her tit and pulled on the nipple. Trudy was squirting juice all over Frank’s face. Brian watched as his tongue fucked Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey was so turned on by her mom’s orgasm that her own pussy climaxed. Mother and daughter were consumed by lust and had no idea what was going on. When they started to come to, Trudy became aware that Lindsey’s tongue was licking her lips. At first she wanted to pull away but then decided for first time in her life she was going to kiss a girl in a sexual way and it was her own daughter. Mother and daughter devoured each other’s mouths as they felt the two boys start to lick them toward a second orgasm.“Fuck mom! This is so sexy!” Lindsey groaned“Yes baby! How about letting Frank eat you and Brian lick me!” Trudy saidBoth mecidiyeköy escort bayan guys sat back and looked up at the mom and daughter.“Come on Brian eat me!” Trudy saidLindsay watched as her boyfriend moved between her mom’s legs and started eating pussy. Frank looked at Lindsey for only a second before moving between her legs. In a second his mouth was on her pussy. He sucked on her clit and fingered her sloppy pussy. She looked at her mom and could see they were both close to cumming. Lindsey actually screamed and grabbed Frank’s head as she orgasmed. Her mom lowered her mouth onto Lindsey nipple and sucked on her tit which made cum even harder. Trudy was shivering with her own orgasm.As she lifted her mouth from her daughter’s sexy tit she smiled; “It’s time to fuck these guys! Come on Frank fuck me!”Lindsey watched as her mom moved to a doggy position and Frank moved behind her. She watched as Frank slid deep into her mom. Brian and Lindsey watched as Frank started pumping the hot mom. Lindsey moved to the same position so that Brian could fuck her too. Trudy could feel her young but inexperienced lover fuck her with long hard strokes. She knew he would never last and would soon coat her pussy full of sperm. She looked over and saw Lindsey taking Brian’s cock. Trudy could not believe how sexy her daughter was. She was having yet another orgasm as Frank emptied a load of seamen into her. Brian was cumming in Lindsey at the same moment.Trudy jumped as Frank finished and moved behind her daughter. As Brian pulled out she could see the cum drip out. Trudy grabbed Brain’s cock and sucked it. She could taste his sperm mixed with pussy juice.“Fuck that tastes so good!” Trudy moaned as she pumped on Brian’s cockFrank looked at Lindsey and walked over to her. He put his cock against her lips. “Suck his cock baby! I want to see you suck his cock! I want you to fuck him too!” Brian screamed as Trudy worked on his cock that refused to go limpLindsey opened her mouth and sucked Frank’s dick. Just the thought of how kinky this had all become sent her over the edge with another orgasm. When she came to she found herself on her back with Frank fucking her with deep long strokes. She never felt her pussy so wet before and she realized that it was because she was full of Brian’s sperm. She looked over to see her mom being pounded by Brian.“Fuck me baby! Make me a slut! Fuck yes!” her mom was screaming as Brian gruntedFrank leaned forward and was pumping Lindsey. He kissed her ear and moaned “I have always wanted to fuck you. Never thought I would. Thank you.”“Here it cums!” Brian groaned as he filled Trudy with another load of cum.Frank pulled back and stroked his cock and shot sperm all over Lindsey’s pussy and stomach. They all collapsed and no one said anything for a long time. Finally Trudy sat up and looked at the naked people in the room with her and smiled.“Did you have fun mom?” Lindsey said with a tired but satisfied voice“Yes! Thank you for reminding me that sex is still going to happen.” Trudy said“Mom, I think this is a new beginning for both of us.” The end.(A word from the author. As we all get a little older we need to be reminded that sex is still fun but sometimes we need to get a little wild to prove it. Hey if you liked this tale a thumbs up is appreciated and as always messages and comments are welcomed.)

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