secretaries first week (for women)

Cartoon Sex

secretaries first week (for women)
Sally had only had her job for a week when she was called into her bosses office. Her boss, Mr. X, was sitting at his desk while she strolled in. “Have a seat Sally” he instructed her. Even though she didnt want to admit it, she found Mr. X for attractive. His deep voice sent shivers up her spin every time she heard it. As she sat down, he noticed he was looking her her exposed legs in her modest dress. “Shit, am I dressed too raveling? Its this inappropriate for the office?” she thought to herself. Mr. X got up out of his seat and walked over to her and asked her if she knew why she was here. Again, his voice made her feel aroused and guilty. How would her boyfriend feel knowing she was secretly attracted to her boss? As Sally began to explain that she had been working hard, Mr. X interrupted her and commented on her legs, which made her feel really uncomfortable. “I knew it! its this slutty skirt!” but he complimented her instead.

“Youre legs are so shapely, do you work out?” he asked her. Sally shot up to attention, realizing what was going on. This was seriously wrong for her boss to comment on her like that. As she was sitting there, she muttered out “y-yes, I do” as Mr. X slowly walked behind her. He gently places his hand on her neck and said “yes what?” in his commanding voice. Her stomach dropped, but without thinking she said “yes sir” what was happening? She knew how wrong this was, that she had a boyfriend.

Sally felt so confused and guilty that she stood up to walk out of there, but Mr. X put his hands firmly on her arms, holding her there. “I think you know exactly why you are here sally” he said as his hands slowly made there way to her blouse, slowly ubottoning each button. “Is this really happening?” she thought to herself. She felt her stomach drop, but for some reason, she didnt resist. Like a deer in the headlights, she just stood there as her boss began to slowly feel her tight little stomach and move up to squeeze her small perky breast. She was paralyzed as his right hand slowly made its way into her skirt, her mouth dropped. As Mr. X forcefully pushed his fingers through her cotton panties, inside of her, she couldnt hold it in any more. Sally moaned in pure pleasure. She had never felt so aroused in her life. as she moaned, Mr. X placed his other hand forcefully over her mouth. Calmly he explained “not so loud sally, we have people working” Oh god he was right. Just outside the office, everyone was working. This entire situation was so wrong, but it felt sooo good. Her moans muffled but Mr. X hands, he told her”you want this” as he took his hands away from her mouth she said without hesitation “yes”. “Yes what?” said Mr. X. “Yes sir”

It was so perfect. Sally had completely submitted to him. She was his play thing to do with as he pleased, his submissive little slutty secretary. She was so aroused, so hot, and so wet that the fact that this was her boss, or that she had a boyfriend meant nothing in that perfect moment of ecstasy. Soon, Sally felt Mr. X’s cock begin to swell up, pressed against her back as he continued to forefully play with her dripping wet pussy. She couldnt hold it in any more. Her body began to shake, he knees giving out, she was about to cum. “You are only allowed to cum when I tell you to, do you understands?” Mr. X asked her. “Yes sir” but oh god, she was right on the edge, she couldnt hold it for much longer, her body burning up, the only sound she heard was the wet mushing sound of Mr. X fingers going in and out of her. Finally he started to count down from 5…4….3…2… he stopped there, just to play with her. Her body in a state of so much pleasure that she couldnt take it, her eyes rolled back, her moans were so load he had to muffle her again. She began to beg Mr. X for an orgasm. “please sir please sir let me cum!” she managed to make out. “and…one. CUM” a wave of pleasure washed over sally, an orgasm of such magnitude she had never felt before in her life. her legs gave out, she was only held up by Mr. X as her body convulsed and shaked as her mind went blank. After she had come to, Mr. X raised his dripping wet hand out of her soaked panties. “now clean up” Mr. X said as he held his hand in front of her mouth. Without thinking she licked his fingers dry. “good girl, now why dont you take the rest of the day off”

“What happened?!” Sally had no idea what to make of it. She quickly got dressed again, and nervously made her way out of the office. “oh god, do they know?” As Sally got home, her boyfriend asked her how work went. She had no idea what to say and went into the bathroom to shower. As she was showering her mind was racing with only one thought, Mr. X. Her body still tingling from the orgasm, her pussy was so sensitive that the water from the shower felt good. the next day as Sally was eating dinner with her boyfriend, her phone chimed up. A text from her boss asking her to come into work today. It was the weekend so it would be just the two of them. “its your boss, asking you to go to work huh?” her boyfriend asked. “are you going to go in” without hesitation, Sally texted back “yes sir”

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