She didn’t know that I knew – PART 9

She didn’t know that I knew – PART 9
EI felt him move away and sit next to her on the bed. They both began kissing as I continued collecting the earlier deposited semen. Once my mouth was full, I looked up at her, yet she was lip-locked with lover-boy. She sensed my mouth’s absence from her cunt, broke the kiss and looked down at me.

“All full?” she asked, adding her beautiful smile.

I nodded, since my mouth was almost overflowing.

“Then come sit beside me” she said, still beaming her smile and patting the bed on the her other side from HIM.

I stood up, turned and sat beside her. There we all were, HIM, my wife and me, all naked and sitting side by side on our bed. Cum slowly dribbled from my lips and my wife put her arm around me and spoke:

“Have something for me?” she asked rhetorically.

“Mmm Hmm” I replied.

“Then kiss me” she said, adding another beautiful smile.

I leaned over and she and I locked lips. I opened my mouth and she actually sucked out all of the contents. As she did, HE sat next to her, watching intently and fondling her breasts. She smiled and tuned her head toward him…. And to my surprise, he leaned over and kissed her and she passed him his own cum that was inside her cunt, my mouth, her mouth and now his! Once the contents were inside of his mouth, she turned to me.

“Any left down there?” she playfully asked. “We might be able to use some more.”

“I’m not sure” I replied, “but I’ll be HAPPY to check.”

With that, I slid off of the bed and back between her legs as the two of them snowballed back and forth. I have to admit; the scene was hotter than I could have imagined. I licked and sucked her pussy as they kissed and I finally offered a progress report.

“I’m not getting much, Baby” I said, “But it might be the angle.”

“Well,” she said, after breaking the kiss, “Let’s have you lay on the bed and get under me. How does that sound?”

“Definitely worth a try” I replied.

I got off of the floor and lay on my back across the bed. My wife then hopped up and off of the bed, walked around to the other side, near my head and leaned down, taking my face into her hands and kissed me.

“Best night ever” she said, adding a beautiful smile.

She then climbed up on the bed, facing my feet and with her knees straddling my head, squatted down over my face. She then reached for my cock and just before she lowered down, added:

“Don’t cum, okay Baby?” she said, “I want this thing IN me later.”

Her hips settled down over me as she lay flat on my torso. I do love 69! I began licking and sucking her drippy cunt as she tenderly licked my cock. This felt wonderful and I’m not sure what HE was doing but I was enjoying this no-end! However, I still wasn’t getting much out of her, but she tasted amazing and I kept at it. Her hot mouth on my cock was very exciting as well and I was really enjoying it. Finally, I heard her ask:

“Are you getting much?” she asked.

“A little, but not enough to share” I laughed.

“Maybe if I sit up?” she queried.

“Aww” I protested, “then you can’t suck me.”

“Let’s see” she replied and giggled.

She then repositioned herself, sitting upright and directly over my mouth and as I started to probe her opening with my tongue, I felt a warm mouth envelop my cock. It felt really good, slow and cautious and very tender. I instinctively moaned up into her cunt.

“Yes baby” she said, “NOW, you boys are playing together nicely.”

My eyes were wide open but her ass was covering my entire face and kept me from seeing anything.

“Probably best”, I thought to myself. “and after all.. a mouth has no gender, so this isn’t bi, right?” I continued thinking to myself – almost trying to convince myself that it was okay.

I continued to lick her, and she then tenderly began to rock and sway, moaning out her pleasure. I recognized the signs and continued what I was doing as her first orgasm, with both of us with her together, shook her core.

His mouth did feel wonderful, but she coached him to be careful:

“He’s not yet cum tonight” she cautioned, “and I can tell by watching that he’s getting close, so go easy.”

“Oh My, he hasn’t yet cum, has he?” I heard him reply, “Perhaps he’s due?”

She lifted off me and lay down beside me.

“Yes” she agreed, “Since you boys are playing so nicely together, let’s try something new.”

She climbed on top of me, this time facing my head. She reached for me, commenting that I was “fucking HUGE” and worked my shaft into her creamy center. She slid up and own a few times and then lay over onto my chest.

“let’s see” she said using her quizzical tone, “TWO hard cocks and I have three needy holes… I think the numbers work!” she added excitedly. She then craned her neck to look over her shoulder at Him and asked:
“Still interested in ass-fucking me?” she asked HIM.

“Of course, I am” he replied with a smile.

“You’d better use LOTS of lube” she warned, “More than you think that you need. It’s on the nightstand.”

What followed next were various moans and contented sighs as he was obviously lubing her ass up for his addition.

“Are you sure that you want this?” I asked, sympathetically from below.

“Never more than right this minute” she replied, a very happy smile spreading across her beautiful face. “You have me hotter than I could ever imagine…. Thank you, Baby. I really….”

Her words were cut off as her eyes went wide, her mouth hung open and her face grimaced in apparent discomfort.

“Breathe” I said as I stroked her back.

After I felt her body shift a few times, and HIS moan of pleasure, we heard him say:

“You’ve teased me with your tight ass for weeks,” HE said, “so there’s no stopping now.”

She began to breathe air, almost pump air in and out of her lungs. I felt for her as she fidgeted above me. I do have to say that all her fidgeting felt GREAT as she rocked on my cock. I had no idea what was going on back there or how HIS entrance into my wife’s ass was progressing… that is until I felt the pressure of his cock head pushing against the underside of my own cock. Where my cock was lodged DEEP int her pussy, I could feel his cock pushing against mine through that thin membrane that separated her vagina form her rectum. It was an incredible feeling and soon my wife‘s breathing turned from a panful pant to a sex-charged moan. Her eyes fluttered open and closed as she began swearing as I’ve never heard her do. As her eyes rolled back into her head, I felt her cunt spasm and she coated my balls with her cream. Meanwhile, I could still feel his cock rubbing the underside of mine with each of HIS thrusts into her anal cavity. I was trying to hold still and allow him to do all the work. She was helpless, sandwiched between us both and she simply submitted to her intense anal pounding. At one point, the expression of my wife’s face did not resemble her at all. She actually looked possessed. WE all have a fuck-face, but this one was totally new to me. She was lost somewhere in her own little, nasty, lust-filled world. Each of her orgasms slid into the next one. I lost count and I was concerned that she would loose consciousness. HE shifted his angle slightly and I was, once again, very stimulated by his cock sliding along the length of my cock, even though we weren’t in the same orifice, it felt like we were. I began to approach the point of no return and threw my head back, told my wife that I loved her and held on tight. My balls tightened and I too almost lost consciousness. I came so hard and emptied my balls up into my wife yet I’m not sure that she even knew. HE kept at it and finally, I felt HIM spasm and then I swear that I could feel stream after stream of his HOT ejaculate shooting into my wife’s bowels. I knew how much he came in the past and I could only wonder how much of HIS cum he was shooing up my wife’s ass! HIS pumping slowed, and he allowed her to rest. Her breathing finally calmed and he supported himself differently so as to pull out of my wife’s still spasming asshole.

An intersecting physiological thing happens after anal sex. The anal ring re-tightens as it tries to regain its previous grip and even thought the post-orgasmic penis shrinks, for the most part, the head of the penis is still quite round and holds it’s shape., even as the penis goes soft. As HE pulled out of her and the last inch of his head got to her anal ring, it pulled her open again and she yelped in pain. I held her tightly and he rubbed her back and finally, she assured us that she was okay. He got off of the bed and went into the bathroom and my wife and I just laid there, my softening cock still nestled up inside her gooey cunt.

I think that she and I actually drifted off to sleep until HE gently touched us.

“I have to go” HE announced, “It’s after 1:00am.”

“Holy crap” I thought to myself, the three of us have been fucking for three hours!”

“I’ll see myself out” he continued, “And this time I have my watch.” HE added with a chuckle.
My wife was motionless, and I lifted my hand in a gesture to either shake HIS hand or waive. HE took my hand and smiled that well-known sexy Latino smile and said:

“You are a VERY lucky guy” HE said, “and you have one-hell of a sexy wife.”

HE turned to walk away and then turned and knelt beside both of our ears.

“Anytime you want” HE added, “Anytime at all. Thank you for an amazing night.”

To Be Continued…

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