My wife and I met, fell in love, and married shortly after college. We live in a small house in the suburbs just outside of Atlanta, it’s a nice up and coming area with plenty of other people our age. My name’s Steve, I work in the banking and finance sector. My wife, Stacey, teaches fourth grade at a local elementary school. We aren’t exactly wealthy, but we maintain a comfortable lifestyle and don’t have many monetary complaints. We are both relatively young, I recently turned 34 and my wife is a few months shy of 29 years old. Our parents have been starting to pressure us into having k**s but neither of us feel quite ready, maybe in another year or two. Despite not having any little ones running around the house I do consider our relationship to be pretty special, we share common interests in nearly every social and political category, we’re both a****l lovers, progressive minded, and generally decent people.

In addition to connecting on a mental level, we also click on a physical one. Our sex life is great, we are always teasing each other and we usually find time for sex at least a few times a week. I like to consider myself a relatively attractive guy, nearly six feet tall and with semi-attractive features – growing up I never had a huge problem receiving attention from women. With that being said, my wife is a total knockout. She has an angelic face, light brown hair down to her shoulders, beautiful hazel eyes, large natural breasts, a narrow waist, and a nice, firm, plump ass. She earns stares everywhere she goes, a complete package. I think most people would consider her to be a real life, flesh and blood, ten out of ten. And if her physical appearance wasn’t enough, she also has a bubbling personality. She treats her k**s at school like they were her own, she’s friendly to people from all walks of life, and she’s respectful, intelligent, witty, and caring. I feel profoundly lucky to call her my wife, and I’m happy to say that we are deeply in love.

I do tend to work some long hours, and tonight I was arriving home to the smell of some home cooking.

“Hey baby,” I kissed Stacey on the cheek as I entered the kitchen.

My wife isn’t the type to cook dinner every night of the week, but when she does it’s usually a home run. Tonight she was sporting a sexy little home dress underneath her apron – a glass of red wine was in her left hand as she stirred up some pasta with right.

I suddenly had a moment of panic “Please tell me I didn’t forget a special occasion.”

She laughed “Is a wife not allowed to do something nice for her husband on a whim? You’ve been so stressed this month, I felt like you deserved a nice dinner”

Like I just got done saying, she’s an incredible woman.

Acknowledging that to myself, I leaned in and kissed her deeply.

After a great meal and what most would consider too much wine for a weeknight, we headed upstairs. In no time flat we were naked and pawing at each other. For some reason, tonight more than most nights – I noted how beautiful my wife was. As I gently thrust my six inches into her I noticed her large tits swaying erotically atop her chest. I reached down and clutched her hips, more quickly pumping myself in and out of her gorgeous pussy. When switching to doggy I was captivated by her incredible ass, slapping it lightly and watching the tight ripple along her milky white skin. Her soft moans of pleasure sending me quickly over the edge. I came, faster than normal – luckily she reached a small orgasm right before I erupted. We laid together for a moment, kissing passionately, eventually both heading into the bathroom for a shower.

After cleaning up I took a long look at myself in the mirror – although happy with my life, I couldn’t help but notice that I was gaining some weight, and getting a little flabby. Normally it wouldn’t have bothered me, but a moment of clarity had me feeling that Stacey deserved me at my best. At 29 years old she’d put even the most gorgeous 18 year old girls to shame – she had the perfect body for sex. A body built for fucking, as they say. At that very moment I decided I needed to get back into great shape.

Later that week I decided to sign up for a basketball recreation league. I had played college level basketball for a Division 1 school, and as such was pretty damn good at it. When I told Stacey about the rec league she was excited to learn that I was going to be playing again. Maybe a part of her even looked forward to me toning up a bit. It would also give her a good excuse to come to the park and get some of her own jogging and exercise in during my games.

A couple short weeks later I was on the court, quickly getting back into the swing of things. Despite some rust, I was easily setting myself apart as one of the best players in the league. I made fast friends with one of my teammates, Frank. He was a 42 year old high school coach, also a former college player, black guy, reasonably attractive, tall, very athletic, and skilled – he seemed a bit too talented to be playing in a basic recreation league, but I suppose I did as well. After one of our wins I introduced him to Stacey in the parking lot.

“Stacey this is Frank, dude is amazing on the court. Frank, this is my lovely wife, Stacey”

She smiled as they shook hands, his large black hand engulfing her delicate white one, Stacey replied, “Yeah I noticed, looks like you’ve been playing basketball for a while, nice to meet you!” as always she was beaming with energy. I immediately noticed that Frank was a bit taken aback by her looks, it’s something I saw often when introducing her to people.

“I don’t know Steve you move the rock pretty well yourself,” Frank graciously replied. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Stacey”

“Franks actually in the school system too, he coaches the basketball team at the local high school,” I offered to Stacey, “My wife teaches 3rd grade at Westfield, Frank”

They immediately hit it off, discussing the inner workings and frustrating politics of working within the school system. Stacey was a bit flirty as always, and Frank seemed to be enjoying the conversation – I interjected where I could. During the discussion I couldn’t help but notice Stacey glance down at Frank’s shorts every so often. I looked to see what the problem was. I was surprised to see that Frank appeared to have a massive outline of an appendage running down his basketball shorts. It appeared absurdly big and I couldn’t confirm if it was really a penis or just the parking lot lighting and shadows playing tricks on me. I shrugged it off and after a bit more pleasant discussion we exchanged goodbyes and headed home for the evening.

A couple months went by and my friendship with Frank was proving to be a good one. The two of us would often hit bars after the games, Stacey sometimes in tow – we even had him over for dinner on a few occasions. We learned that Frank lived in a small apartment near the high school, he was currently single – his ex-wife apparently leaving him with very little, taking his two daughters out to the west coast. He was only able to see them a few times a year, which seemed to upset him greatly. Despite that, he retained a positive attitude, and he proved to be an intelligent and respectable man.

After one of our games the three of us found ourselves out at one our usual spots. Enjoying some sliders and two-for-one cocktails as was the standard on Wednesday nights.

“I need to use the ladies room.” Stacey said. She stood and headed down the hall. Frank and I both noticed nearly every guy at the bar-top turn their heads and watch her as she left.

“Man, I don’t know how you do it Steve.” Frank said, sipping on his drink.

“What’s that?” I asked, feigning ignorance. I knew what he was getting at but was interested to hear what he had to say.

“I would go insane with jealousy in your position man. You saw it. Every dude in this place just gave Stacey the stare down,” He said, with a notable tinge of embarrassment.

I chuckled “You’re like 15 years older than me and you mean to tell me you still get jealous?” I responded, jokingly.

Frank laughed “Well, admittedly my ex-wife is nowhere near the beauty that Stace is, so I can’t really speak from experience. I just imagine it would irk the hell out of me”

I nodded “I hear you brother, but it’s something I learned to deal with a long time ago. I guess I don’t get jealous very easily because you’re right. If I was that type of guy, I’d lose my mind. I just got to trust her to be her and deal with the errant disrespect once in a while.” I could definitely think back on quite a few occasions where I’d exchanged words with some drunk asshole.

He patted my back, genuinely “Better man than me”

Stacey returned, the same group of guys ogling her as she sat. I gave her a kiss – marking my territory – and we continued watching the game, all of us throwing back some more drinks – talking, laughing, and enjoying the evening.

We wrapped up dinner and Stacey and I headed home, Frank back to his place. Stacey hugged him tightly as she always did during goodbyes. I don’t know why but in those moments I felt slightly bad for Frank, even though he was by no means a man that needed my pity.

The drive home proved to be a flirtatious one.

“Your wife needs a good fucking tonight.” Stacey teased.

“Oh yeah? I think I can arrange that.” I replied, smiling.

She smiled back, flirtatiously “Good, who did you have in mind?” she laughed – and leaned in to kiss me. Although we never discussed swinging or sleeping with other people – we did joke about the prospect on occasion. What married couple doesn’t?

When we arrived back at the house Stacey immediately hopped in the shower. I was feeling no pain and decided, what the hell – as I threw on a porno. We didn’t watch pornography all that often but when we did it was always a good igniter for even more explosive sex. I blindly selected a title from the on demand menu and joined my wife in the shower. I was grabbing at her ass, kissing her tits, and she was playfully fighting me off. She quickly finished, whispering as she stepped out “I’ll be waiting on the bed.”

I finished up fast and began drying myself off as I walked out into the bedroom. An erotic sight greeted me, Stacey was fully nude on our bed, legs gently spread open, her left hand massaging her D cup breasts as she stroked her beautiful pussy with her right. She spoke in her sultry tone “I was thinking the same thing baby, I’m glad you put this on.” Referring to the porn.

I finished drying and dropped my towel, exposing my already stiffening member. As I got closer to the bedside I glanced at the television screen and was surprised to see a small blonde girl being tag teamed by two men. An averagely built white guy was receiving oral from her as a larger black man pounded away on her from behind. I immediately noticed his huge cock plunging in and out of the girl’s sex – Stacey was fixated on the action on screen as I slowly laid down next to her “Get started without me?” I joked.

“Mmmhmmm.” was her reply through bitten lip. She immediately reached for my dick and began pumping away at my shaft. I couldn’t remember ever watching interracial porn with her, hell, I rarely saw it myself – but she was clearly aroused by the threesome on screen. I quickly slid down along the bed and aligned my face with her sopping wet mound, I met her lips with mine, much to her delight.

“Ohh, fuck yes!” she audibly reacted to my tongue.

Stacey was squeezing her tits, moaning, staring at the TV. All while I was lapping at her sopping wet clit. After a few minutes of oral I sat up and spun around, facing the television again, the actors had switched positions. The white male was now fucking the girl while she suckled on the black actor’s massive organ.

Stacey commented on it “God look at this size of his dick, it’s huge!” I was immediately bit taken aback by the remark since my wife had never made mention of someone else’s dick before. Stacey began to mount me reverse, maintaining her view of the screen, her great ass was now resting on my lower abdomen. Despite my mixed feelings I was extremely aroused by my wife’s interest in the porn, I loved seeing her turned on. She reached back and grabbed my manhood, slowly sinking onto it, she moaned loudly as it slid inside of her.

I grabbed her hips and began thrusting upwards into her. On screen the white actor had apparently already cum, and the black actor took over – lining the girl up on the bed and pounding into her missionary style. Stacey and I looked on as his large onyx tube pummeled the actress into a seemingly huge orgasm. I was finding myself extremely aroused by the video, the girl was cumming violently, combined with the simple fact that my wife was watching an interracial scene – it was a bombardment of sexual arousal. I don’t know where it came from, or what exactly made me think of him, but I blurted out from behind her, “I bet you Frank is that big”

Stacey released a soft moan “Mmm!” she paused for a moment and then spoke “Yeah, I know” she paused again, grinding back into me. “I think Frank’s has a huge cock, it’s clear as day whenever he’s in his basketball shorts.” I nearly came from her acknowledgement. Not only did she admit to noticing our friend’s huge black penis, she admitted to noticing it on multiple occasions. On screen the actor laid back on the bed, the girl now mounting him to ride cowgirl. The camera zoomed in on their mating sexes, the large black phallus clearly coated in the girls cum. She began to bounce up and down, the thick organ stretched the girl’s pussy as it pumped in and out. Stacey began to ride me with more pace “God that looks so hot, I can’t believe she’s taking all of that cock!” she continued “Oh baby fuck me hard!”

I grabbed her tits from behind and began thrusting hard, getting close. I let out a grunt as I unleashed inside of my wife. I felt Stacey clench down, cumming with me “Oh yesss…” she moaned softly as she slowed her pace, my spasming dick finishing its eruption.

On screen the black actor was spewing an incredible load all over the actresses behind, rope after rope coating her milky ass. The white male actor reappeared, slowly making his way back on screen. He leaned down and kissed the woman passionately, just as the screen faded to black with the splash title “Wife Sharing 4”.

I was a bit surprised, not having realized I selected that sort of porn, Stacey noticed too “Oh yeah babe?” she turned and kissed me “A bit kinky tonight are we?” she smiled, jokingly.

I was caught off guard “Uhh, I didn’t even see what I selected, I just threw something on”

She laughed as she stood up, giving me a hard time “Mmmhmm, sure thing. What – were you imagining that was you and Frank, with his big dick, giving me the business?”

My face flushed red, at a loss for words, part of me made awkward by the comment, another part absurdly aroused by her words. She continued, giggling “Well I do have a thing for older men, and that big cock looked exciting.” she laughed “Maybe it would be fun.” Her comment made me swallow a lump in my throat, it also made my dick erect again, shockingly. Stacey continued to giggle as she playfully fell back down onto me, her tits smashing into my chest, hair falling onto my face, she kissed me passionately “I’m k**ding baby, I love you” she said, “Tonight was fun”

“I know, I love you too. It’s always fun.” I replied, smiling – it couldn’t have been more true. We both fell into a deep sleep.

A few months went by, and our basketball season was coming to a close. After one of the last games of the year we found ourselves back at the same bar we had become regulars at. Frank was explaining that he was switching apartments due to an ownership change and he was looking for some hotel recommendations for the weekend. Stacey and I were having none of it and insisted that he come stay at our place for a few days. He’d have to crash on the couch but our second bathroom had a shower, so it wouldn’t be too bad. Frank tried to put up a fight “I absolutely hate imposing on people, especially friends. I’ll just stay at the Motel 6 on 16th”

“Frank, there’s no way in hell we are letting you stay in some shitty hotel, that’s the end of it.” Stacey threw back her drink as she finished her sentence. Frank and I exchanged a glance, I guess she had won the argument.

Frank came over the next evening, he had packed light with only a couple bags. We quickly got him set-up on the couch, offering him some pillows and blankets to use. Stacey also set up some towels and toiletries in the guest bathroom. We picked up some take-out and enjoyed a nice meal and some drinks in the kitchen. Afterwards, Frank hopped in shower while Stacey and I sat down to watch some television.

“Maybe I should ask Frank to clean the gutters, since my husband keeps putting it off.” Stacey offered, sarcastically.

“Yeah yeah babe, I’ll get to it next weekend, I promise”

She laughed “I think I’ve heard that exact answer fifty times. I’ll believe it when I see it”

Frank emerged from the bathroom, donning some shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt.

We all decided to continue drinking since none of us had work in the morning. We were watching a stand-up routine on the comedy channel and all of a sudden an hour had past, many drinks had been poured, and the three of us were all laughing up a storm, feeling a bit loose.

We were joking and conversing about a multitude of topics, Frank sipping on a beer, me doing the same, both of us dressed down in bedtime attire, Stacey was sipping on red wine and still in her work clothes. During a commercial break I guess Stacey felt she deserved to be comfortable too, she got up and headed to our bedroom to change.

A few minutes passed and Frank felt it a good time to offer his thanks, “Really appreciate you guys letting me stay here Steve. It’s a big help.” Frank offered.

“Of course man, it’s our pleasure.” I replied

“I’ll have to think of a way to pay you guys ba…” Frank trailed off, looking up. Stacey was returning to the room in a low cut nighty that really accentuated her breasts. It wasn’t quite lingerie, but it wasn’t quite appropriate either. I loved fucking her in this particular get-up. She wasn’t wearing a bra and it was noticeable, her large natural b**sts were jiggling underneath the thin material, Frank found his voice “… yeah um – pay you guys back. I’ll think of something”

Stacey bounced down on the couch, this time sitting down on the love seat next to Frank, instead of next to me on the sofa. Her tits nearly popping out of her top as she sat, I noticed she was carrying what appeared to be one of our photo albums.

“I wanted to show Frank some pictures of you playing, you know, back in college”

I nodded, and took another sip of beer.

She flipped through the pages, smiling, showing Frank various pictures of my playing days and what I assumed were other pictures of us through the years. I caught Frank stealing glances at her immense cleavage, I couldn’t really blame him – her tits were extremely prominent in what she was wearing, and he was being asked to look past them down at the photo album – a nearly impossible task.

After a few minutes and flipping through some more pages Stacey gasped,

“Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t realize my boudoir shots were in this one!” She apologized, but didn’t seem to make an effort to close the book.

My heart skipped a beat, I guess Stacey had accidentally shown Frank some of her sexy shots that she made for me as a wedding gift. Some of them were extremely revealing, including a couple that featured her fully exposed breasts. The more I considered it the more I wondered if it was really an accident at all.

“Wow! These are amazing. I wish my ex had done something like this for me – Maybe we’d still be together.” Frank exclaimed, a tad flustered, trying to find something appropriate to say.

I couldn’t believe it, I guess it was the alcohol talking, but Stacey actually began to describe the process. She showed Frank the various shots of herself, most of which she was half naked in. The tone her voice was changing, getting huskier, softer – as she described some of the sexier ones. Part of me wanted to get up and join them, but instead I stayed put, glancing back and forth between the TV and the two of them. If it wasn’t for the alcohol I probably would have stopped it, or at least commented on it – but I just stayed put, feeling a tad nervous, and a tad aroused.

A few more minutes had passed, I noticed that they had gotten quiet. I looked back at them, and nearly spit out my beer. Frank had an immense tent in his shorts, it was shockingly big. It was clear that he was fully erect from staring at the scantily clad shots of my wife. Stacey was looking right at it, and she couldn’t help but comment “So I guess it’s safe to assume you like my pictures.” she looked at Frank, brushed her hair behind her ear, and flashed a sexy smile.

Frank looked deathly embarrassed “Uh… Wow, how embarrassing – I’m really sorry about this,” He was looking around for a couch pillow or something to cover up, but there was nothing in reach, he fidgeted with his shorts but his erection was simply too immense to conceal. He attempted to stand up, presumably to head to the bathroom.

Stacey stopped him, placing her hand on his chest “Oh nonsense Frank, it’s a nice compliment.” She let her hand linger on his torso for a moment, my dick was, inexplicably, stiff in my own shorts as well.

Frank spoke up, stuttering somewhat “I uh, I should probably go take care of this, it’s pretty uncomfortable in these shorts”

Stacey had a sexy look in her eyes, she appeared to be breathing somewhat heavily as well “Then we should… let it breathe, I think” My wife, having already placed the album down, reached down at this waistband, she slowly pulled at his shorts. Frank, eyes glazed, instinctively lifted slightly off the couch, allowing my wife the ability to slide his shorts and briefs, simultaneously, down his legs.

I looked on in awe as his humongous black cock sprang into view. It was impossibly big, probably 11 or 12 inches long, with an incredible girth. He had a massive black pouch with nearly tennis ball sized testicles at the base, they rested on the leather of the sofa. His imposing onyx tube was jutting upwards here in our living room, my ego took an immediate hit at the sight of it.

For a moment it was completely silent, I looked on in an indescribable mix of horror and arousal. There was an erotic electricity in the air, and I knew my wife felt it too. Stacey stared on in stunned disbelief. After a while she finally found the words “I… I can’t believe how big it is”

“T-Thank you.” was his hushed reply.

She looked over at me, briefly, I had seen that look on her face many times. It’s the look she always has when she’s aroused, turned-on, and ready to get fucked. I didn’t have any words to offer her, and with nothing to say, she looked back down at it.

“This is all my fault.” she spoke in a sultry tone as she slid down off the couch. She shifted over, kneeling in front of Franks towering black organ.

She gently rested both hands on his thighs, her lily white skin contrasting against his dark complexion, his cock seemed to twitch at her touch.

“Jesus Frank, your cock…” Stacey was in awe.

“You aren’t helping the situation, Stacey,” Frank was trying to keep calm, but he seemed incredibly flustered, and equally aroused, he was looking down at her, her light brown hair d****d down to her shoulders, her beautifully large tits popping out of her thin night dress.

I wanted to say something, do something – but I didn’t. Stacey spoke up again, “In my experience, there’s only one way to solve a problem like this”

With that comment, my wife reached up with her right hand and grabbed Frank’s impressive penis. Her tiny hand not even reaching all the way around the circumference of his member, it delicately encircled what it could of his tremendous black cock, and she slowly started to stroke up and down the shaft.

Frank tilted his head back in disbelief “Oh my god…” he muttered.

My own dick began straining in my shorts, my face flushed, my heart was racing at a ridiculous rate – I wanted to stop her but we were all drunk, and I was too aroused to make sense of the bizarre scene playing out in front of me, for the first time in my life I literally didn’t know how I felt. It was too much, pure insanity.

Without another word, Stacey reached her left up and began to caress his massive balls, she was unable to fit his entire pouch in her hand, and seemed to massage from ball to ball, tilting her head in awe as she massaged his sex organ. Her right hand was still slowly pumping on his cock, it seemed to take an eternity to travel up to the large head, and back down to the base. She dropped his testicles back onto the couch cushion, and began using both hands to stroke his sex.

Stacey turned to me, smiling wickedly “Does this remind you of anything?” I just stared on, unable to grasp what she was asking, what she was doing “That movie we watched baby! It’s like Wife Sharing”

That made my dick strain even harder, I had to adjust myself in my shorts, allowing my straining erection to breathe – but I hesitated to expose myself completely.

Stacey smiled and turned back to Frank, who was now looking directly down at his crotch, totally enamored with the scene playing out in front of him.

“Jesus” he moaned. My wife continued to pump his shaft, she continued to use both of her small hands to cover the enormous surface area of Franks hulking member. She was unable to use both hands for my own dick, not even close – and the thought of that both stung and further aroused my mind state.

She stopped momentarily, and softly spoke “Here – how about this”

She let go of his sex and reached up to her top, she slowly lowered each strap of her nightie, pulling down the front and allowing her massive tits to spill out for Franks feasting eyes, which immediately widened at the sight.

His mouth was dry, and he once again didn’t know how to react “…Those… are amazing,” he managed, breathlessly.

She jiggled them for effect “Big titties for your big cock. Fair trade.” She smiled.

Stacey let go of them and began to stroke Frank again, slowly at first and building to a crescendo – it was obvious that Frank was getting close to exploding.

Stacey sensed it, and altered her voice to assist “Go ahead Frank. Cum for me. I want to see this big dick cum baby.” she spoke seductively, I had heard that tone many times.

I guess Frank was listening, because at that very moment he arched his head back and unleashed, grunting – a torrent of white seed erupted from the tip of his cock, his massive testicles pulsing as rope after rope erupted out of his engorged head. I looked on as my wife’s breasts received splash after splash of another man’s massive cum load. It was a tremendous amount of semen.

Stacey reacted favorably “Oh my god look at thattt, Mmmm. Cum on my tits baby. Cum on these big titties” After what felt like an eon his ejaculation finally subsided, his eyes stayed closed and he melted back into the couch, seemingly spent. “Problem solved”, Stacey said – smiling. As she did, she leaned in and gave the tip of his black cock a gentle kiss. The sight of that sent me over the edge.

I snapped, I stood, and walked over to my wife. I grabbed Stacey by the waist, and hastily shoved her face down into the couch next to Frank. I peeled her dress up exposing her sopping wet sex, opened my boxers, and shoved the hardest dick of my life into my wife’s cunt.

“Ohhh! Fuck! Yes baby!” Stacey’s pussy immediately clenched down on my dick as she smashed her sex back into mine. “Fuck me!” I was way ahead of her, already pummeling away, seeing red, as aroused as I had ever been. For the moment I forgot Frank even existed, let alone was sitting right next to me watching me drill my wife.

I couldn’t take it, it was all too much, I was too aroused for my own good, and I pulled out to try to save my orgasm. No good, I was already cumming. Stacey knew, she felt it coming, she hopped off of me and spun around, exposing her tits to my already spewing load, it wasn’t as impressive as Franks, but I added it to the man seed already coated on my wife’s chest.

Stacey again adopted her sultry tone “Oh yeah baby, cum on your naughty wife. Your friend came on me already and now you get to.” my orgasm was powerful, it felt amazing. Her sexual innuendo enhancing the pleasure, her comments ringing in my ears as it subsided. The final drops spurted out and I stopped stroking myself, falling backwards onto the carpet.

Stacey was breathing heavily, and even though I had just cum she was still an intensely erotic sight, her beautiful breasts coated in cum, her hair having fallen in just the right spots to make her angelic face look even sexier. It was then that we were reminded that Frank was still in the room.

We looked at him. Impossibly, his immense organ was rock solid again. He was standing, looking down at my wife, his huge black cock just inches from her face. My wife was staring right at it, again. She slowly reached up, and for the second time tonight, grabbed his sex. “Wow, I can’t believe he’s hard again.” referring to Franks cock as an entity. She shook him, feeling the weight in her hand.

Frank gently picked Stacey up, sliding her nightie down to the floor in the process. She was now laying completed nude on the love seat. He deftly positioned her so that her legs were splayed open, his hands grazing the lips of her exposed pussy as he maneuvered her into a fuckable position. She didn’t break eye contact with his organ, her eyes appeared to be in a trance. He moved in front of her and put one knee on the couch cushion, his massive black tube only inches away from my wife’s pussy, he leaned forward. Frank grabbed his shaft and slapped it down between her pussy lips, she let out a moan “Ohhh!” He continued to jostle his black sex in between her white folds, stimulating her clit with the underside of his huge meat. “Oh my god!” Stacey instinctively opened her legs a bit more. He continued to tease her, massaging her pussy with his cock. He pulled back and aligned the large head of his member at my wife’s sopping wet opening – and softly spoke “Do you want me to fuck you?” She slowly looked up at him, bit her lip, and nodded.

Frank gently pushed the tip in, my wife screamed. “Oh! Fuck! Frank go slow, you’re huge”

“Don’t worry Stacey, I’ll go slowly.” He pulled out a tad, and then again – thrust slowly back in. My wife was impossibly wet, maybe as wet as I’d ever seen her. Despite his freakish size, it allowed him to enter her with relative ease. On the next push he had close to 5 inches inside of my wife, and she clawed into his shoulders in response. “My fucking goddd. Frank! That feels amazinggg.”

I was still leaning back on the floor, and I had a perfect view of the insane eroticism playing out in front of me. Franks massive black cock was stretching my wife’s pussy out as it invaded her. Her puffy white lips were clinging to his sex as if her pussy couldn’t let go of it, his onyx tube was already coated in her juices. At the bottom of the sexual collision a massive pair of testicles were swaying, mushing up against her perfect white ass. They were colliding with a****l magnetism, it was the sexiest thing I had ever scene – impossible to describe. I was filled with an insane feeling of jealousy, but also an immeasurable level of excitement. It was the most surreal moment of my life.

Just when I was about to lose myself to a state of delirium, the sound of my wife cumming brought me back into focus “Ohhh! Fuckkk! Frank you’re making me cummm!” He was now completely inside of her, 11 inches of another man was deep inside the love of my life, ripping an immensely powerful orgasm out of her. Her legs were shaking as she clawed into his back, nearly in convulsions. “Ohhh, Ohhh, Yes! Mmm my god! I’m cumminggg!!” I had never seen her cum so strongly, it killed me – but my dick was as hard as it’s ever been.

Frank steadied her, waited for her convulsions to stop, kissing her softly on the cheek as her orgasm came to a close. She slowly re-opened her eyes and looked up at him “That was amazing… thank you.”

“Are you ready for more?” he replied. She smiled, and nodded “Yes, I want you to fuck me with that big cock all night!”

Frank stood, lifting her up, and then laying her down long-ways on the couch, my wife placed in front of him. I was staring right at her and her large breasts, still coated in a mix of sweat and seed. He lifted her leg and once again aligned his sex with hers. Stacey looked at me, sex in her eyes, smile on her lips “Are you having fun?” she asked.

I grabbed at my dick, and nodded.

“Kiss me.” she begged.

I leaned forward, right as Frank was entering her, she opened her mouth to moan from his penetration just as I kissed her passionately. Our tongues intertwined. Frank reached forward and grabbed her hips, and began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

I broke away from our kiss, and leaned back. Once again I saw his huge black meat driving deep into my wife’s sopping pussy, he pushed his entire organ in and out until his large black coin purse brushed against her engorged clit, he was holding her inner thigh to keep her sexy leg in the air – allowing him the room he needed to fuck her properly. It was a position we never used.

Stacey seemed to adore his cock, having coated it with her cum already, having had possibly the hardest orgasm of her life while it was inside her, she entered a previously uncharted territory of sexual arousal.

“Oh god fuck me! Fuck my naughty pussy!” Frank continued with his rhythm, I began to stroke my dick to the sight, to her words.

Stacey looked down and saw me playing with myself. She arched her head back in delight, smiling.

“Ohhh fuck! Fuck me Frank! My husband is playing with himself while you fuck his wife! Do you like, Mmm, fucking little white wives baby? Do you like giving married white women that amazing, Ugh!, black cock!?”

I nearly came from the dirty talk, Frank groaned in response.

“Fuck this married pussy baby! Ohhh! Ohhh! Take this married pussy! Make it cum with your big manly dick!”

I was sent over the edge, I erupted – spewing another load all over my stomach, spurt after spurt exploded from my dick. The orgasm was so hard that I blacked out momentarily.

When I came too what seemed like mere minutes later, Stacey was riding Frank cowgirl, her beautiful ass the first sight seen when I regained clarity. She was bouncing up and down on is rigid member with ferocity, egging him on to orgasm. Her labia stretching as she slid up and down the massive shaft, his black tube was coated in a lather of my wife’s essence.

“Cum for me baby, cum,” Stacey was talking in a hushed tone, sultry and engaging. I knew Frank wouldn’t last much longer.

He grabbed onto her ass with his large black mitts, and began thrusting hard.

“Oh fuck! That’s it baby. Fuck this naughty white wife. Cum in my married pussy!”

Frank roared, groaning in unison with my wife, he locked down onto her asscheeks as she clawed into his shoulders. Both of them convulsing as they screamed. Franks massive black balls were contracting as his large member delivered wave after wave of his seed deep into my wife’s fertile white pussy. Stacey’s orgasm was earth shattering, she was screaming in nearly guttural tones. “Cum in meee!!” Her ass was quivering on top of his organ as she continued to mash down into the torrent of his seed. They eventually came to a stop, both of them breathing heavily, coated in sweat.

She took a few moments, but Stacey lifted herself off of Frank, slowly. Gobs of their unified seed poured out of her sex, drenching Franks softening member. She immediately fell to the ground next to me, kissing me deep “I’ve never came like that, my god… That was the hottest thing we’ve ever done. I love you so much.”

Still in shock, still completely delirious, I kissed her “I love you too” I replied.

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