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Tech Support 1 by loyalsock”What’s the matter? Can’t you find the hole?” Sarah teased Ben from the office across the hall. He wadded up a piece of paper and made another attempt at her wastepaper basket. It was short again by about a foot. It was nearly noon and Ben was enjoying watching his pretty, brunette co-worker tidy up her office before going to lunch. Sarah bent over to access the lowest drawer in her file cabinet and Ben slowly crushed another piece of paper, watching the stretchy fabric of her skirt gradually draw up the back of her thighs as she searched through the file drawer. He took aim and launched another shot, this time hitting Sarah’s backside, right between her round cheeks. “I found that one,” he commented, proud of his achievement from a range of nearly twenty feet. “I don’t know how you could miss; it’s a pretty big target,” she said, deprecating her slightly plump behind. She was in her late twenties and had a little more back there than she used to. “No, it’s just right,” he said, intently watching her ass change shape as she stood back up. “I bet you say that to all the network specialists.” In fact, Ben flirted with a number of women on their office floor, but Sarah was the most fun—probably because she could dish it back to him as if she were the office skank. Ben knew better, though. He knew the real Sarah. He’d been the one that got her to come out of her shell when she joined the company as an intern, shy and quiet. They became good friends, albeit a little naughty in their demeanor towards one another, despite the fact that Sarah was married and Ben had a serious girlfriend. Their boss had taken the day off and there was always a different mood in the office when she was gone. The phones were quiet that morning and Sarah and Ben had taken their casual flirting a little further than usual, playing, as mice do, while the cat was away. Some of their playful banter was getting personal, dipping into the subject of their sex lives at home. Sarah was happily married to Aaron, going on their third year, but she had recently begun getting a little anxious about their life in the bedroom. Sex was okay, but it wasn’t knocking her socks off. She didn’t feel comfortable talking candidly with Aaron about it; it just wasn’t normal conversation for them. Aaron was from a very conservative family, who barely acknowledged the existence of sex, let alone discussed it openly. Repressing that carnal instinct was all he knew before he met Sarah. He was still a virgin on their wedding night. Sarah was not so pristine, but was by no means a harlot. She’d had a few boyfriends, but only one or two long-term relationships. Her limited sexual experiences before marriage seemed to fade away after marrying Aaron, burying themselves under the safe and comfortable shroud of conventional marital intercourse. Aaron seemed content with doing things they same way they always had, reluctant to try anything new or risky. They made love in the missionary position almost exclusively, and Sarah could predict his orgasm nearly to the second. Never in a million years would she have thought she’d be telling details like this to a coworker, let alone a male one, but Ben had a way of getting her to open up about very private things—probably because he was so forthcoming and vulnerable when it came to talking about his own sex life. He made the topic seem natural, even fun. She was thankful she had an oddball friend like Ben to confide in, but she would never tell her husband about the things she and Ben talked about, or the mostly innocent flirting that went on in the office. She knew it would never go beyond flirting. It wasn’t in Sarah’s nature to cheat on her husband; she’d never cheated on anyone. Neither had she ever really been much of a flirt. Sarah was what most would refer to as a “nice girl.” But flirting and talking sex with Ben was an exhilarating guilty pleasure. It wasn’t cheating as much as it was pretending to cheat, but it felt so good! Sometimes she would play Ben’s sex games; sometimes she ignored him. Today she was in the mood to play. “Where are you going for lunch?” Ben asked her. “Probably just the cafeteria today.” “Me too,” he said. “Care to join me?” she asked. “Sure; I’m always up for a nooner,” he said with a sly grin. “I’m talking food,” Sarah corrected, even though she knew he was k**ding. “Oh, okay, we can eat I guess,” he said with feigned dejection. They sat down at a two-person table in a corner of the cafeteria, neither of them wanting to chit-chat with the others. The sexual tension was ratcheted up today and Sarah decided to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Ben some seriously personal questions. There were things she always wanted to know about what men thought of sex, but had never had an opportunity to ask. She’d never talked so frankly with anyone before she and Ben became friends. She felt like avcilar escort she could bring up any off-the-wall subject and he would talk candidly. “Can I ask you a very personal question?” she asked, priming him up. Ben’s expression grew eager. “Only if it involves somebody being naked.” Sarah took a bite of her club sandwich and just let it right out. “Do you like to masturbate a lot?” Ben had just taken a bite of his own sandwich, and immediately wished he had waited until after she asked her question. He nearly choked trying to get it down. Taking a big gulp of his soft drink, he finally recovered enough to speak. “Yes, you?” he said in response, as though she’d just asked him something as banal as whether he’d filed his tax return yet. “Well, I’m a girl,” she evaded. “Yeah, I know,” he said with lustful eyes. “What I mean is, is it something men do all the time or just like every few weeks?” “Oh! Well, somewhere in between, I guess.” “So, how often do you do it?” she pressed. “Three times a day, baby! I’m a sexual dynamo!” Sarah continued to look at him, unfazed, waiting on a real answer. “Okay, honestly? It depends on how much my girlfriend is around. A couple times a week. Maybe more if something turns me on.” “Like what?” “Like a sexy coworker with a sweet ass and tight skirts.” Sarah gave an enlightened, but evil smile. “You think about me when you jerk off, don’t you?” “I will tonight for sure. Unless Sherri gets off early.” He laughed at his unintended pun. “Gets off,” he repeated with a giggle. “You’d better not think about other women when you’re making love to that sweet girl,” she chided. “Never!” Ben implored. “Well, it depends on what you were wearing that day.” “Stop!” she exclaimed softly with a smile. “So, what is Sherri’s favorite thing to do?” “Now, we’re talkin’!” Ben exclaimed, sitting up in his seat and getting more comfortable. He leaned in to speak, and lowered his voice. “I think, but I’m not positive, that she might really like anal.” Sarah’s eyes grew wide as she covered her mouth. “You guys do anal?” “We have a couple times. She seemed to really get into it. I can’t believe we didn’t try it until now.” “Oh my god! What’s it like?” This wasn’t a question she had thought of asking before, but now Sarah really needed to know. “Oh, it’s such a wicked turn-on sticking your dick in a tight place that wasn’t meant for that.” “Yeah, sorry; I can’t relate,” she commented dryly. “I mean what’s it like for her?” Ben wasn’t exactly sure. “I know it kind of hurt and it took a while to get it in. But once we got going, oh man was she into it!” “Did she ask you to, or did you just do it?” Ben thought for a moment, reliving their first time in his head. He spoke softly, just above a whisper. “I was doing her from behind and pulled out for a break. Before I put it back in, I just started casually rubbing my cock between her cheeks. Pretty soon I was trying little pokes at her ass, but with no real penetration. She didn’t protest, so I kept going, fingering her a little between tries at insertion.” Sarah felt herself get a little flush, imagining it was her ass getting sampled. Just listening to Ben recall the encounter was getting her hot. She cleared her throat, which had gone dry. “She was okay with you doing things like that to her?” “She didn’t tell me to stop. I think she was as curious as I was. She bent over a little more for me, but didn’t say anything, so I kind of took it like she was into it. I prodded and played with her ass some more and after a while I managed to wiggle the head inside. Before I knew it, she was moaning for me to push it all the way in.” Sarah swallowed hard as she squeezed her thighs together, feeling the first bit of wetness in her panties that had started to emerge from listening to Ben talk sex. She couldn’t imagine Aaron ever trying something like that with her. “You’re a bad boy, Benny.” “You don’t even know, baby,” he said seductively. “So what else do you guys like to do?” Now she was hooked on this new d**g of honest sex talk, and needed more. Ben looked up for a moment, considering what would be the next most erotic thing he could convey to his beautiful friend. “Well, we both like oral, giving and receiving.” “You like to give it to her?” she asked, a little incredulous. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” “I don’t know; I don’t think Aaron does.” “Is he gay?” “No, it’s just that—” “Then he likes it. Trust me.” “But, he never does it,” she implored. “Do you ever ask him to?” “Well, we’re not like that,” she explained. “Sex isn’t something we explicitly talk about; it just happens.” “You k**s need to get over being so repressed. Loosen up! Have some fun and communicate!” Sarah smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Now Ben had a question for her. “Do you ever go down on him?” he asked. Sarah gave a sheepish grin. “Sometimes. Not very often. I don’t think he şirinevler escort enjoys it much.” “Well, then that’s your fault.” Sarah frowned at him. “Seriously, it’s not just about putting it in your mouth and sucking away like a lollipop. You gotta learn how to take that thing deep, stroke it with your wet throat like you’re making love to it.” “I know how to suck a dick,” she scolded coolly. “Mmm, look me in the eyes when you say that!” Sarah ignored his tease. “It’s just that we seem to avoid doing anything…dirty,” she explained. “Like, we only make love; we don’t ever ‘just have sex.'” “Ah, we want to dirty up our tidy lovemaking with a little extracurricular activity?” he summed up. Sarah glanced to her left once to reassure herself that nobody was listening, her face becoming flush again. She nodded slightly with a guilty smile on her face. Ben sighed and reached down and attempted to discretely adjust his pants to relieve the pressure from his growing erection.”What are ya…doing there, chief?” Sarah asked, glancing down and then back at him with a sly grin. “Just looking for my napkin,” he lied. “My advice to you is to let him know you can sometimes be a dirty girl.” He looked around and lowered his voice. “Start by pulling off of him during sex and having a taste of his tool, dripping wet with your juices. I can say this with absolute certainty: We men love that! And I mean that with a capital L-O-V-E.” Sarah grimaced at the suggestion. “Oh, come on!” he pleaded. “You don’t really think it’s gross, do you?” A smile crept onto Sarah’s face. “Aren’t I supposed to?” Ben grinned at his beautiful colleague. “Ah, I can see it in your eyes, baby! Let go of those hang-ups. Pretend like you’re a porn star when you’re fucking him. Be his little slut in bed. He’ll start doing things that you never expected.” “Yeah, like asking me what I did with his sweet, little Sarah. I couldn’t bear to freak him out, Ben.” He shook his head and smiled. “You’re not listening to your old pal, Ben. He’s waiting for you to find your inner slut. Put sweet little Sarah on the shelf for a while.” Sarah smiled uncomfortably at her drink while she stirred her straw. Ben didn’t feel like he really convinced her, but it sure had been a fun conversation. Their discussion turned to more pressing issues that needed attended to that afternoon. The rest of their day was busy answering calls for help from the payroll department, which suffered a network failure at the worst time of the day, but Sarah’s mind never wandered far from sex. After the morning flirting and the sexually charged lunch with Ben, her libido was in overdrive. She found herself daydreaming of seducing her husband, surprising him with a little slutty behavior, undressing seductively in front of him after work, or grabbing his crotch at their hello kiss. Unfortunately, every fantasy ended with Aaron freaking out a little bit at her abnormal behavior, repressing her back into good-girl mode. While she daydreamed away, her work problems weren’t fixing themselves. Sarah needed to get her mind in gear if she was going to go home before midnight. She pulled out her phone and relieved some tension by sending a message to Aaron, “I luv you.” She put her phone away and got down to business. Despite her distractions, Sarah managed to troubleshoot the network back online by six o’clock. The wetness in her panties persisted, even on the drive home, prompting Sarah to remove them at a red light to get some relief from the uncomfortable dampness. But the thought of not wearing any underwear in public was a turn-on in itself, and soon Sarah could feel the wetness building again. She hoped to find Aaron home when she arrived, anxious to be close to him, to give him a little taste of naughty Sarah. But he had worked late that day too, having been in meetings all day, disrupting his usual routine. His phone had dinged at a quiet moment while in a committee meeting, reminding him he forgot to silence his phone. Pulling it out of his pocket, he read the sweet message Sarah had sent, but couldn’t reply. It was odd of her to send such an unnecessary, mushy message during the day. Normally she would have said something like, “Pick up some milk.” But today it was “I luv you.” It felt good to read it, and made Aaron want to be home more than ever. One little message got the wheels turning in his head. They hadn’t been intimate together for more than a week, their hectic schedules simply not permitting any time to do anything other than sleep when they went to bed. Aaron made it point to find time for them tonight. He arrived home to find Sarah’s car in the drive. He couldn’t wait to kiss his pretty wife. Sarah considered giving him a nice tongue kiss on their greeting, setting the loving mood for some fun that night, but as her mouth approached his, she faltered and gave him nothing taksim escort more than their usual peck on the lips. It would have seemed odd to show affection so early in the evening. “How was your day?” he asked, hanging up his jacket in the closet. “It was a zoo!” she said, focusing on the afternoon and avoiding the mention of their slow morning. Telling him she had a sexually charged lunch with her flirtatious co-worker would not be a good start to the conversation. “The network was down half the afternoon, but we got it all running again.” “Oh good,” he replied. “I know it sucks when everything breaks at the wrong time.” Their daily greeting was already headed down its normal dull path and she knew they needed to change course. Sarah decided to plant the lovemaking seed in her usual way. “Are you, uh, busy later?” she asked, hooking a finger in his belt loop and kissing him gently. It was their little code for letting the other know they were in the mood. Aaron looked at her with a smile, happy that they were on the same wavelength. He was pleased to answer that he was free. Sarah smiled back and went to the kitchen to reheat some leftover lasagna for dinner. Still pantiless, she reveled in the feeling of her skirt rubbing on her bare ass. She hoped Aaron didn’t notice that her panty line was gone. All that Aaron had noticed was how amazing she looked today. He replayed in his head Sarah touching his waist as she subtly asked him for sex. He could still smell her breath, taste her lips, feel her soft breasts briefly press against him. It wasn’t even bedtime yet and he was already wanting her! “You look really pretty today,” Aaron said on impulse while they ate their dinner. He didn’t know why he would tell her that today over any other day. She always looked really pretty to him. He felt he didn’t tell her enough anyway. He watched her a few seconds while she ate. Something was different. Was it the little smile she was wearing this evening? Was it the cute way her hair was hanging more to one side than usual? “What?” Sarah finally giggled when she could take his staring no longer. Aaron shrugged, embarrassed. “I don’t know. You look like you had a good day.” “Eh, it was okay,” she lied. At that moment, she knew she would tell Aaron at some point about the friendship she shared with Ben—just not tonight. This was a night to reap the benefits of their enlightened conversation, not spoil them. After dinner, Sarah went to the bathroom to freshen up and decided that a shower was what she really needed, considering all the moisture her vagina had been generating for most of the day. She started the hot water and looked at herself in the mirror, turning around and looking over her shoulder to see how she looked without the panty line. She liked what she saw, but didn’t think she could go pantiless all the time. Maybe just with this skirt, she thought. She unzipped the skirt and watched it slide off her hips, immediately exposing her naked lower half to the mirror. She twisted around again and looked at her naked ass. Ben knew what he was talking about; it was just right. She was actually pretty happy with her posterior. She hoped Aaron was happy with it. He generally didn’t directly compliment her on her body. She quickly removed her blouse and unhooked her bra before throwing it all in the hamper. Her nipples were feeling extra sensitive, just like her clit, and she rubbed them gently, watching her naked profile in the mirror. She couldn’t wait for Aaron to fill his hands with her soft tits! Normally, when Sarah took a shower while in the kind of mood she was in right now, the hand-held shower head would eventually find its way to her lower half, gently imparting its pulsing vibrations to her labia, spreading them apart to find her firmed up clitoris nestled inside, ready to be tickled and teased by the wonderful torrent of massaging water. It was how she achieved most of her orgasms. But today she was careful not to stimulate herself too much. She wanted to preserve the blessed tension she’d been saving up all day for her husband. Maybe this would be the night he would try something naughty with her. He seemed quite responsive when she subtly suggested they make love. Instead of masturbating in the shower, Sarah tried something different, but equally erotic. Examining her vagina, she got a crazy idea. She’d never trimmed herself down there before. After shaving her legs as usual, she let the razor creep off her thigh and onto her mound, whisking away a corner of her pubic hair. She did the same to the other side. Before she knew it, she had narrowed her normally wide area of hair. She shaved a little more off the sides, then across the top, and then rinsed the soap off. She opened the shower door and looked in the mirror. “Oh, baby!” she thought to herself. Suddenly she looked like a porn star. Her pussy looked much smaller, much prettier. She continued to watch in the mirror as she slipped a finger across her remaining hair and dipped it between her labia. She felt the seemingly ever-present moisture and pulled a thick, slippery line of fluid from her vagina. The shaving had turned her on even more!

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