The Bar Flashing Wife


The Bar Flashing WifeWhen we planned on going to Spain for a little trip I decided there was a fantasy of mine that I wanted me and my wife to live out.The last time we where there we visited a really nice bar.It was more of a local place than the usual British pubs that are the majority. The atmosphere is relaxed, the alcohol is top quality and the decor is quite sophisticated with its mood lighting and private booths surrounded by string curtains.The plan was for my wife to wear some kind of little summer dress and a wicked weasel sheer white thing that I had bought for her with this bar in mind.When I say this thong was sheer, it was actually more like completely see through. Her pussy in all its splendor was clearly visible for anyone to see, given the chance. The thong itself only her pussy and no more with the top of it ending just above her slit and the bottom coming to a point just beyond her hole. So there was every chance her pussy lips would be slipping out that night too.The actual fantasy was to relax in the bar and teasingly flash her pussy at me and see how far she goes.Usually she would just go without underwear to tease me, but I bought her the thong in the hope that the material against her pussy would make her more relaxed and less conscious that her pussy was on show.The method in my madness being she might be comfortable enough to keep it on show for the bar man or others in the pub to get a good look.Anyway, we headed out to the bar. My wife had decided to wear a little white cotton dress with spaghetti straps over the shoulders, 5 little flimsy buttons to hold it closed at the boobs and it went down to just above her knees.Two of the buttons had fallen off the dress when she got it, and when she was getting dressed a third fell off.I couldn’t have wished for better cos now she was showing even more cleavage, and from the right angle you could see a bit of nipple canlı bahis showing.As we walked to the bar she kept walking in front of me and lifting we skirt to flash me her beautifully rounded ass. Her legs looked amazing too as she strutted in her canvas wedge sandals.Once there, we sat outside and enjoyed a few drinks till the sun went down, then we moved inside.We as in a booth that was central to everything in the bar and that’s when the fun started.Sitting on nice sofas with a low table between us, I sat opposite my wife, for optimal viewing pleasure of course.She started to teas me by spreading her legs as far as she could and teasing the life out of me.Seeing her cute little pussy wrapped snug in that sheer material made me go rock hard instantly.Befor I knew it she was slipping he dress to the side and popping out one of her boobs too. Her big nipples where fully erect and the mood lighting from the bar glinted on both of her nipple rings.She was teasing me more and more by holding that position as long as she could as the bar man was coming to bring our drinks.I thought to myself that this couldn’t get much better… Or so I thought.A couple came in to the bar with their teenage son, around 17-18 years old (around the constantly hard and horny age).The husband and wife where a few years older than us ( late 30’s ) and the wife had a similar dress to my wife on, although a bit shorter and less booby.They took their drinks to the pool table which was just outside our booth and racked the balls for a game.To look at them they looked like the swinger type that where out for fun, but where suppressed by their son.As me and my wife chatted I noticed the other wife line up to break. As she went to take her first shot, she bent right over completely letting her dress ride up, giving the guys at the table behind her the perfect view of what she had under there.Judging by their faces bahis siteleri it was something really good.I knew then that they had the same idea as Us that night.We continued with our drinks and chatting, and my wife continued flashing me her tits and pussy.All of a sudden I seen her eyes widen and her starting to blush. She started giggling and told me that the husband had just been staring at her pussy as she hadn’t realised she was sitting with her legs spread and watching my reaction.I didn’t turn round right away but when I did I could see by the bulge in his trousers that he liked what he saw.I thought by getting caught that it might have put her off, but as she flashed me again, the sheer material of her thong was even more see through due to how wet her pussy was getting.I was so horny at seeing this and knowing she was that turned on by it that I couldn’t help stroking my now throbbing cock through my shorts.My wife caught the attention of the other wife by this time and just seemed to get hotter. She decided to put on a little show for her and “accidentally” exposing her nipples to her while also blatantly spreading her legs to show her what a beautiful pussy she had.The sexual tension was so thick between them. My wife was holding her gaze and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was imagining fucking her. While the other wife was staring at her wile licking and biting her lips.The wife continued playing pool, but was putting on a show for my wife by bending over to flash her back and at one point she was subtly grinding her pussy against the corner of the table In a way that only her and my wife would know.As me, the other husband where all caught in the middle of this, I glanced over toward the teenage boy. He was clearly aware of what my wife was doing and kept having a little sly stare in her direction thinking that I never noticed him.He couldn’t hide the güvenilir bahis fact that he was fully erect and waited for the right moment and dashed to the toilet.While he was in there (for a while) the game of pool ended and the couple went to sit in a booth a bit behind us.At this point my wife was so horny that when I sat beside her, she instantly spread her legs, slid her fingers in to her pants and between her pussy lips ( I could see the show through the material ), then put her fingers in her mouth and licked her fingers clean…. She kept doing this while sitting with her eyes closed and really enjoying it, so much so that I could see her big clit swell up even more. I eventually had to ask her to give me a taste because she was being so greedy for her own pussy juice.As she slipped her fingers from between her pussy lips and in to my mouth, the taste of her pussy pushed me over the edge.I unzipped my shorts and slipped the pulsating head of my cock out enough for my wife to get her hand wrapped around it.She started stroking me while rubbing her swollen clit, and I started stroking her nipples under her dress.She stopped suddenly as she was ready to cum, and the bar man started hovering around.She wanted to get out of there so we could go and fuck our brains out, and I wasn’t saying no!As we got up to leave, we passed the couples booth and the husband and boy where both in the toilet ( no doubt enjoying the image of my wife’s beautiful pussy ).So on the way past my wife smiled at the other wife and pulled down her dress, giving her the perfect view of her big 36DD boobs and hard pierced nipples.The look on her face was orgasmic and I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually came where she was sitting.As for me and my wife….We headed straight for the beach where she lay with her legs spread while I fingered, licked and fucked her pussy till we both exploded in floods of cum and pussy juice.The whole time being watched by a little Chinese man who kept walking back and forth…But we didn’t care. What damage was one more person seeing her pussy going to do.At least he got to see it in action.

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