The beautiful gay boy like a girl


The beautiful gay boy like a girl
I had long wanted to wear like a pretty little girl or a very sexy lady and have sex toy in the hands of a stallion. I want to wear sexy clothes when this happens. I will be a little girl as much as I can. I flew my face and put on makeup, but not much. And I wore a long hair wig. I put nail polish on my toes and toes. I completely flew over my body to be very soft and put on loaches. Ear earrings, knots and anklets. I even got shaved in the navel for the occasion. I wore the sexy panties and panties and put on fake faux pas to carry the cents. With high-heeled shoes, ankle strap, lace shirt and ankle socks. Finally a short leather dress and a very tight fit. I became a boy with very sexy girls. I can barely stand by to watch myself in the woman.When I stand on high heels, my height becomes 190 cm. Most of this length is from my very own feet. And then it is the turn of Parvan to increase the radiance. I will do everything he asks me. When the moment comes, I will let him take off my clothes and leave me only with cents and panties or if he wants I can wear anything else my sex. I will move slowly and femininity, rub my ass to my penis and let it touch any part of my body. Then I will do what all men love. I will slowly descend on my knees and take out his penis and sensation from head to base before I push his head in contact. I will continue to filter his penis until he asks me to stop. I will choke on his penis, push it in my throat, and swallow it so that I won’t be able to swallow more. Or until he pulls me off my head and tells me that he wants to taste my ass and fuck me in it.I am even ready to enjoy one or two of his friends if he wants this. The joy of playing with three horns at the same time makes me on the frenzy. I will kneel on my hands and knees, I suck zipper, while another zipper is slapping me in the bottom of my ass and my love is filming me and watching me about this situation. I am a girl and I adore all this. I will make them shackle me and shackle me in my place as I cannot do anything while the three guys are lying with me eating their strength and making me wish for more. I enjoy being a little girl. I like the idea of ??a stallion in the mouth of my mouth and in my mouth. Savoring semen, feeling semen on my body or feeling hot semen spewing in my ass. I do not care. I want to try what women feel about sex. I am a boy, with my daughters. It makes me lie on My back attracts both my ankle, my leg splits, and my leg is pushed back until my ass is prominent in the air and I can see nothing but my knee. I feel his toys spit and settle straight into my baby’s perforation and then my tongue starts to feel my senses. I feel his fingers revolving around the perforation of my skin, shaved and then enter the tip of his finger. Close my eyes, sink more as a girl, and start groaning. He licks me for a while and eats my little baby’s perforation, makes it wider and inserts two of his fingers now. It attracts my little penis, puts it in her mouth, takes it out and slaps it several times. My slap slapped me on the floor several times, leaving his hand raised, red and a little burned. He throws my legs and tells me to go down on my knees and cut my back and keep my chest down. He asks me, “Are you ready to feel my cock in your ass?” “Yes.” It’s my time for Ki I feel like nick as a prostitute. I can’t wait until I feel the thickness of his penis and its long height.
He happily took the position he told me and showed him how happy I was by shaking my ass back and forth. He asks me if I want him to put on a condom. But I tell him that he does not need a restless. I quickly turn around and put my erect penis in my mouth until I make sure it is covered with saliva to use as a cream in my cup and then come back to sit on my knees and bend my chest. I can feel it as it puts its pillar in the hole of my goodness and begins to insert the head of it into it. And with every attempt to enter the head of a deeper and deeper penis until the whole head entered into a perforated Tayzai. It is time to get used to the rest of its cock, which is huge. Each small batch of it enters it more In Tizi perimeter. It takes long minutes before I feel his whole penis in my cup and starts to fuck me like a bitch. Initially violently and it takes some time until Tizi Khurram gets used to his huge cock, but after getting used to it I am in heaven. It pulls me from my waist and pushes my body towards me to make sure that I feel my penis deep in my body. I want to toss every time I feel it deep inside. And I love it when it calls me: “Shamroot” and “Banouti” “Manthun”. All this is real. I am a dog for him today. I leave it until my ass drowns in my mouth and only then do I toss me from my little boy. All my life, I have dreamed of a night like this in which I feel like a girl.

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