The final of Date night


The final of Date nightAfter our night of sex and fun we were all exhausted. Shawn and the clerk were spent and my wife Debbie was well fucked after receiving her first DP and i was still basking in the feeling of her tight ass, i just couldn’t let it go. Even though we had showed Shawn and the clerk to a spare bedroom and were showering and getting ready for bed our selves i just couldn’t get past that feeling of her tight ass sliding up and down on my hard cock. I still had that feeling of Shawns cock sliding in her pussy right underneath of my cock. I was reliving it all over again in my dreams which were frequent since we were so tired.Somewhere in my dream our beautiful neighbor Sandy showed up to join my wife. Now as far as i know my wife has never been with another woman but i’m a guy so it’s our DNA somewhere i guess for that to be in our minds. To me my wife Debbie is beautiful, 5 foot 2 145 pounds, curves in all the right places to go along with her C cup tits that are just now starting to sag a little that she is in her 60’s. But Sandy is just an absolute hottie. Since i learned long ago never to ask a woman her age i never did with her but if i had to guess she is probably in her late 30’s early fortys. She’s probably around 5 foot 7ish maybe 135 pounds. Awsome curves to her tight ass and judging from her tits in a bathing suit, around 36 C firm titties with these awsome gumdrop nipples that you can see right though her bathing suit. I’m not sure if shes happy to see me or if she just is always perky. I learned from Debbie that Sandy likes to shave her pussy and that she likes to show it off to guys when they go shopping together. Sandy told her that she rarely wears panties because she loves the feeling of air getting up her skirts or shorts and it just gets her pussy hot and readyIn my mind i’m seeing beautiful Sandy lapping at Debbie’s sweet pussy while i’m pounding away at her pussy from behind. Her beautiful pussy is sliding in and out around my hard cock and i play with her shaved clit by reaching under her and by this I feel i’m pleasuring both beautiful ladies. In my dream Sandy stops mouthing Debbies clit and turns and pushes me to a laying down position and quickly engulfs my hard cock with her hot mouth. I can feel her hand pleasuring my balls as her head bobs up and down on my cock. It’s glistening in the morning light with her spit she has it so slicked up. I reach my hand down to run it through her hair expecting to feel her shoulder length hair but i am brought to wake up state when with a jolt the hair i feel isn’t long at all, it’s short like a mans cut and in my waking state i look to see it wasn’t my dreamy neighbor sucking on my hard rod it was my buddy Shawns head bobbing up and down on my hard rod.As the sleep is working from my eyes i’m looking around for my wife and see her in the chair in the corner, still naked and has a leg hooked over the arm of the chair spreading her legs out a little more so she can take in the sight that was in front of her while she was flicking her bean.As my attention went back to Shawn he was grunting and groaning and i finally saw why as my eyes were clearing from the morning mist. Behind him the clerk from the bookstore we visited last night was sliding his cock into his ass! In my morning slumber my buddy Shawn was getting spit-roasted right before me while my beautiful wife was sitting back and playing with herself watching the show.I could hear the slurping from Shawn sucking my cock and as all men know there is pretty much not a better sound in the world when mixed with the feeling of your cock being sucked expertly. The feeling of his lips sliding up and down my shaft was having the desired effect on me. I could feel my head expanding, getting ready to explode. I could hear the clerks pelvis slapping against Shawns ass harder as Shawn was sucking away on my hard cock. Shawn was grunting with every stroke into his ass which was just pushing him farther down on my cock, my mushroom coming ever closer to being shoved right down his throat. UMPH, UMPH, UMPH is all i could hear from him.I looked over at Debbie in the corner, still frigging herself and watching the show. She caught my eye and asked if i was enjoying my wake up. “Of course” i said, only thing better would be her and Sandy slobbering on my cock to wake me up. She just closed her eyes and worked a little harder on her clit. Maybe i hit a hidden fantasy of hers with that. Her breathing was starting to get a little faster and i could see her orgasm starting to build. She had her eyes shut tight with her mind going while her speed was picking up, round and round she worked her fingers on her clit every now and then shoving 2 fingers right into her sopping pussy then right back at her clit.My wife was approaching her orgasm and i could tell by the grunts the clerk was giving as he pounded Shawns ass that he was approaching his blowing point as well. In and out of Shawns ass he pumped and then with a final grab of Shawn’s hips the clerk plunged his cock balls deep in Shawn and shot his load right into Shawns ass. All while the clerk was pumping his cum into Shawns ass he never broke his hold on my cock by his mouth. Up and down his head went every now and then going all the way back to just the head in his mouth running his tongue up the tender bottom of my cock.All the while Debbie was still rubbing away at her clit with noises slowly starting to come out of her mouth. She was bitting down at her bottom lip like she does when she is approaching her orgasm. Faster and faster she was rubbing her clit and her hips were starting to buck in the chair and then all of a sudden she tensed up and i could see her eyes just shoot open as her orgasm just ripped through her beautiful body. She shook and gave out a little wimiper as her hand still moved around her clit, albeit alot slower now.The Clerk was still inside Shawns ass and Shawn was still running his lips up and down on my cock while Debbie was coming down from her Orgasm. She stopped playing with her clit and walked over to the bed where i was laying receiving Shawns awsome blowjob. Debbie told Shawn to lay down on the bed next to me and then had the Clerk start to gobble on his cock so that Shawn could get some pleasure on his cock. Debbie took over for Shawn on my cock. Her lucious lips parting and running up and down my cock, her spit mixing with Shawns all along the skin of my throbbing cock.The Clerk had moved to the other side of the bed and was on his knees between Shawns legs and his head was like a blur, up and down he went, slurping with his mouth while his hand was moving along the bottom of the shaft and his other hand was playing with Shawns balls. Shawn must have been very worked up after his ass fucking because he didn’t last long at all and within probably a minute grabbed the Clerks head and shot his load deep in the Clerks mouth. He tried to hold it all in to swallow i assume but some of it was running out a corner of his mouth. As i watched he crawled up Shawns body and the two of them proceded to snowball Shawns cum. While i was a littletaken aback by this it was pretty hot to see. While this was going on Debbie had stopped sucking my cock to watch the show and was now just stroking away on it. My rod lubed by the combined spit of the two mouths and all the while just stroking the shaft, not going over the very sensitive head.Upon seeing that i hadn’t cum yet the boys stoped there mouth dancing and edged there way over towards my cock. Right there in front of me my wife had her hand around the shaft of my cock and the Clerk was just about to drop his mouth that still had some cum around his lips onto my mushroom head and Shawn was rubbing my balls. That was all i could take, my cock shot my cum probably five feet in the air, spurt after spurt just erupted. Cum flying all over everyone, the Clerk droped his mouth onto my now very sensitive head to catch the last few bits of my cum. After taking his mouth off of my now softening cock i was treated to the sight of the three of them sharing what was left of my cum in another snowball, this time a three way snowball.With some of my cum on her arm from me shooting all over Debbie looked and me and asked if i was ready for a great day!As we were getting ready for the day i gave Debbie a little present, at the bookstore i bought her a wireless remote controlled vibrator that suction cuped right over her clit. I dared her to wear it along with a short skirt and tight top with no underware or bra. The challenge was issued by me and she excepted! We were all getting dressed and having coffee and such and discussing what was gonna be on for the day. We dicided to have a nice little tub party for the 4 of us since we had a secluded back yard with a 12 person hot tub on our back deck. We were all off to the store to get the stuff we needed.As we were walking around the store i was biding my time on when to hit the button on Debbies clit vibrator. The 4 of us were going up 1 isle and down another of course allowing Debbie to be ahead of us so we could watch that awsome sway of her ass that men love so much. At 1 point she realized what we were up to and after looking around to check on her surroundings to make sure we were alone in the isle she got nervy and lifted her skirt just enough to expose the bottom of her sexy cheeks. of course since i was feeling teased by her i decided to give a little back to her. I hit the button on the remote and she just stopped in her tracks, her skirt still exposing the bottom half of her ass checks and all of a sudden she had to steady herself against one of the store shelves. We could all hear the little vibrator working over her clit and we could see that her eyes were closed and she was bitting her lower lip while leaning against the shelf. The three of us guys kinda closed in around her to cover her from anyone looking or coming down the isle and we just let the little machine run for a minute. We started to hear some winpers from her as she was leaning and that was my Q to end the pleasure for her, just like she did to us. Her head snapped back to me and she had pleading eyes, she wanted to cum. But not yet! She wanted to tease us so i was gonna tease her.Being the smart ass that i am i turned the little machine on and off pretty quickly just to tease her a little more as we finished up our shopping. She was starting to get pissed! The way she looked at me i could tell how pissed she was. Of course all men know it’s ok for the ladies to tease but as soon as a man does it they are an asshole.Anyways, she was pissed and she was gonna cum and get even with me no matter what. As we were walking through the clothing section she got a dirty look in her eye. As she approached the changing rooms she grabbed Shawn and the Clerks hands and pulled them into the room with her. As i approached she just looked me in the eye and shook her head, “NO”! She was so pissed she was gonna do two guys in a changing room just to be the bigger tease!I seemed to have some time on my hands so i just sat in the chair reserved for the husbands who have pissed wives, that’s really the only reason guys go shopping with there wives anyways isn’t it? You eithor did something wrong or your storing up the brownie points.While i just sat there wallowing in self pitty i could hear what was going on in the changing room. Two zippers going down and a tight skirt being lifted up. I could just imagine it. One of them just bent her over and lifted her skirt so that he could get easy access to her pussy while giving easy mouth access to the other. That was the time i realized that i still had the remote in my pocket. While probably my best friend was fucking my wifes pussy while he was sending her wet mouth farther down on the Clerks shaft, i hit the button! At that moment i heard a full mouth wimper! I could see it in my mind, a hard cock pumping her pussy while her sweet mouth was being pushed deeper onto a hard cock. Back and forth they went spit roasting her while the little vibrating clit cover was working over her nub. I could hear the slurping of her mouth and the ass slapping of a pelvis hitting her awsome ass on the other side of a wall just sitting in the middle of a super store. Her moans around the cock in her mouth were getting more intense with the virbrations she was getting from the vibrator. The sounds were amazing, grunting, groaning, skin slapping on skin, slurping sounds around a hard cock! I felt i just had too. I got up and opened the door and there in front of me was my beautiful wife Debbie roasted between şişli escort Shawn and the Clerk just as i imagined. As she was getting roasted between them she caught my eye and took her mouth off the Clerks cock and just said, “are you happy now about teasing me?”She put her mouth back around the Clerks hard cock just in time for him to grab the back of head and shove it in deeply and shoot a hot load right in her mouth. As she looked up at me she was starting to loose some of the load and it was running out the side of her mouth. Right then the Clerk just leaned in and did a snowball with her of his own cum. While she was doing that Shawn had grabbed onto her beautifuly full ass and was hammering away at her pussy. He just looked at me and said “thanks for pissing her off for me bud!” With that he gave one last balls deep thrust and shot his hot load right in her tight pussy! Without even thinking he went right down on her and was eating his own load right out of her pussy. With the vibration from the clit stimulator and Shawn eating his own load out of her pussy and swapping spit with the Clerk she tensed up to a HUGE orgasm.After they finished she just looked at me and took off the clit stimulator and flipped it to me and pulled down her skirt as far as it would go and just walked out to the car leading Shawn and the Clerk with her. Of course that means i’m the one stuck paying for everything.Most of the way home Debbie and I drove in silence with Shawn and the Clerk chit chatting in the back. When we were just about home she finally broke the ice and said she was sorry. She didn’t mean to be so pissy and that she loved me but she still wanted just to let loose for a bit. I just thought about that for the rest of the way home. I kept asking myself questions,”what happened to my little beautiful wife?”, “with her being like this last night and today is there something that she feels is missing in our marriage?”, “am i not satisfying her needs?” With all that on my mind once we arrived home i let Shawn and the Clerk go in first and i just looked at her and said “you are the most important thing in my life, you are my best friend, if you need last night and tonight to let loose i’ll go with that but i want my beautiful wife back soon!” She looked me in the eyes and and said “I Love you more than anything in this world!” and “Thank You!” I’ve got a special bathing suit and surprise for you later! And with that she walked into the house to start party stuff and all i could do was watch the sway in that beautiful ass of hers and wonder what she could have as a surprise!As the day progressed my beautiful wife Debbie and our friend Shawn and new friend known as the Clerk were eating and drinking and talking and just randomly being stupid adults. There were lots of shots of Jameson followed by beers. The news that Shawn had to go back to work the next day along with the Clerk. We had an awsome grilled steak dinner while Debbie joked about having meat in her mouth and body along with the Clerk who we know by now is eithor gay or Bi whatever makes him happy along with Shawn which i still find as a surprise as i’ve known him for over 20 years. But as night approached Debbie said she was going to get ready and to start the party!After 20 minutes or half hour not sure which, Shawn the Clerk and I were sitting out on the deck just chatting when my beautiful wife Debbie came walking out. She came walking out in a two piece bathing suit with the holes cut out around her nipples and her pussy was cut out of the bottoms and possibly the ass, couldn’t see that but she also had a see thru cover all over it. She looked absolutly awsome, all five foot 2 inches and 145 pounds of her. Butt shoft smooth skin, a little belly that all of the ladies get when they get into there 60’s. But absolutely beautiful! She walked out and did a twirl for us and we could see that she had a butt plug in her beautifly ass, one that had a fake crystal on the end sticking out of her fine ass. Debbie just took off her cover all, walked that fine ass over to the table, did a shot of Jameson, walked towards the hot tub and just looked back over her shoulder at us watching her fine ass and said “Lets get this night of fucking and fun started!”Debbie walked over to the hot tub and slowly walked down steps, more and more water covering her awsome body. She stopped as her lower body was covered and just sat on the edge. She spread her legs while sitting on the edge and started to slowly rub on her clit. As she continued to look sexy and rub on her clit, Shawn and the Clerk walked up next to her and dropped there bathing suits exposing their semi-errect hard ons. Debbie just on instinct i guess just opened up her mouth and started alternating sucking on there cocks. In no time at all they were glistening with her spit as they just slid in and out of her sexy mouth.I entered the tub on the other side and moved across the water to where my wife was pleasuring our friends with her expert mouth while frigging her clit with her hand. I slowly moved into position between her legs and moved her hand out of the way. I used two fingers and playfully spread her pussy lips and ran my tongue up and down her slit. She was already soaking wet, i could taste her sweet pussy juice as it was running at full force already while she was pleasuring two cocks with her mouth. I was alternating between flicking her clit with my tongue and just licking all around her clit to be a little of a tease to her. She put both her hands in my hair and just pressed my head closer to her sweet pussy. I could hear her moaning while i continued my play on her clit while i dipped a hand into the water to wet my fingers. I slid one then two fingers right into her sloppy wet cunt and just slowly slid them back and forth. I could hear her moaning and wimpering with a hard cock in her mouth from my actions on her pussy. I used my other hand and pushed her down trying to force that butt plug farther into that tight ass of hers. She would alternate which hand was on my head because as she switched between Shawn and the Clerks hard cock she would wank the other with her hand, moving all the way up past the mushroom being sure to give the most pleasure she could with her hand while she was sucking for all she was worth the other and moaning and wimpering from my good work on her clit.She pulled her mouth off a cock and pushed my head away from her sweet pussy. “I need your cock in me now!” was all she could get out before a cock was shoved back into her mouth. She pulled my hair to get me to come up and i complied. I moved her head away from the cocks and just to tease her a little asked what she wanted. She just grabbed my head and planted a kiss with so much passion i almost didn’t know the woman it came from! She broke our kiss and hissed “I need your big fucking cock in my pussy now!” She quickly resumed slobbering all over the two cocks presented to her lovely face.I stood up and lowered my bathing suit which revealed my now hard cock right at her pussy level while i was standing in the hot tub. I moved my mushroom head up and down her wet pussy to get a little slick on my cock then slowly feed her pussy my cock. Debbie just wimpered. Her mouth was assulted by two hard cocks and i was hammering away at her sweet pussy. I could hear her moaning and slobbering at the same time while the cock she was not sucking on was getting wanked by her hand. I kept feeding her extremely wet pussy my hard cock until i was balls deep right in her pussy. I held it there for a second. It’s an awsome feeling, beeing balls deep in a hot wet pussy isin’t it guys? You can feel your balls on her ass checks and the wetness is just awsome.I proceded to slide my hard cock in and out of Debbies wet pussy while she was sucking Shawns and the Clerks hard cocks. In and out i would go in concert with her swithching back and forth between the two cocks presented to her wet mouth. I could hear the slurping from her mouth matching the slurping from her extremely wet 60 something year old pussy. In and out i slid my hard cock into her pussy. She just wimpered around which ever cock happened to be inside her wet mouth receiving her awsome cock sucking skills. Shawn and the Clerk had already cummed two times today so they had stamina to spare but i was teased all day by my beautiful wife. I lasted maybe 5 minutes sliding into her slippery pussy listening to her moaning and slobbering on two cocks right in front of me.I grabbed the outside of her thights as i slide my hard cock balls deep into her pussy and let loose! She could feel it! She took her mouth off of a cock, i’m not sure whos, and said “pump me full of that cum!” Shot after shot of my cum went right into that wet pussy. I could feel it running right out of her onto my balls and running down them right into the hot water of the hot tub. She pulled her mouth off of whoevers cock she had and said “it’s so hot i can feel it running out of my pussy!”After i came down from my orgasm i let myself wilt out of her sweet pussy and move away from the three of them to give myself a little break. I moved to a chair on the deck where i could admire my beautiful wife Debbie with a mouth and hand full of hard cock right in front of me.As i relaxed in the deck chair watching Debbie, Shawn and the Clerk go about fucking any which way you can. Shawn just grabbed ahold of Debbie and lifted her out of the water. Shawn then pushed her into a deck chair since they are so small it was very easy, she was bent over with just her upperhalf exposed. If you were behind her all you would see is her beautiful ass with the butt plug still in her ass with a shinny fake diamond right between her cheeks. Shawn told the Clerk to sit in the chair as he was going to give my wife a good fucking. He said if she’s not walking bowlegged later they didn’t do a good job!As the Clerk got on the lounge chair in front of Debbie, Shawn moved into position behind Debbies ass and with my cum still slowly leaking out of her pussy she was ready and able for that cock to be thrust into her wanton sixty-something year old pussy. The Clerk moved down a little so that his cock was in position to be engulfed by her wet mouth. Just as Debbie was mere inches from the Clerks cock Shawn went balls deep into her sloppy pussy, with a deep gasp and a push from behind by Shawn, her wet mouth was pushed deep on the Clerks cock. Quickly they got a rythem, Shawn hammering his cock into her pussy and that hammering pushing her mouth onto the Clerks now very slick cock. From the vantage point i had on the otherside of the deck, my wife was in her own little world of happiness. The grunts and groans coming from the other side of the deck were getting louder and louder. Shawn was driving his hard cock into Debbie at breakneck speed, while the Clerk now had a hand behind Debbies head and was fucking her face with abandon.While i was enjoying the sight before me of my wife getting her rocks off i was slowly moving my hand up and down my soft cock. Working my way back to life again to join the fun of pleasuring my beautiful wife. As i was lost in the sight and sounds before me I heard a voice next to me. “Need some help with that cock?” I knew who it was from her voice before i looked up. It was Sandy, our beautiful neighbor! Before i even looked at her i could feel life coming back into my cock. As i turned it was like a movie. There she was, she had a haze like thing going around her whloe body, but what caught my eye right away was that she had a big strap-on st****d to herself!I quickly lost interest in what was happening across the deck to Debbie. Sandy slowly walked around the lounge and stood at the foot of it just looking down at me with a grin on her beautiful face. She slowly did a spin so i could check her out while i still was stroking my growing cock. The strap-on was probably about 8 inches long and at least 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide. As she spun around i got a good look at those firm 36 C titties which were sporting her gumdrop nipps already happy to see me. She had a thong bikini on and as she turned it expossed one of the hotest asses i have ever seen. Perfect shape to the cheeks along with shapely legs. She stopped spinning and checked out what was happening on the other side of the deck. “Damn Debbie looks hot with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her mouth doesn’t she?’ That was all i needed to bring me to full life right away! Here was this beautiful woman talking about my lovely wife being spitroasted. She looked back at me and saw that i was back to life and smiled şişli escort bayan “SURPRISE” she said. “I’m the surprise your wife was susposed to tell you about!”She slowly kneeled down on the end of the lounge and just said “let me take care of that cock for you.” As i was looking down at her admiring her beautiful face she kept eye contact with me, something that i think is very sexy when a woman sucks your cock and keeps eye contact with you, it’s a definate point getter.As her lips came closer and closer to my cock i was just kind of realised a little something. If she was the surprise then other things had been going on between these two for a little while at least.She just had a smile on her lips as she moved closer and closer until she just engulfed my cock in one shot! Right to the back of her mouth! As Sandy was sucking my cock i looked back towards Debbie and she took her mouth off of the Clerks cock and mouthed “Surprise” and “I love you” then was right back to slobbering on the cock in her face.Sandy now just took her mouth off my cock and said “tastes just like Debbie, i must have missed some of the show!” All right, now more of the puzzle, Sandy has had a taste of Debbie.I could hear what was going on across the deck, Shawns pelvis slapping into Debbies ass cheeks while the slurping noises coming from her mouth were almost as loud.Sandy was slobbering away and taking my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I had my hand on the back of her head with a handful of her auburn hair pushing her farther down on my cock. She was still keeping eye contact which i thought was amazing. All she seemed to be interested in is pleasing my cock with her mouth and she wanted to watch my reaction. As i was pushing Sandys head farther down on my cock i could feel the head hitting the back of her mouth. She wasn’t stopping though. I could feel her throat starting to open up and with each stroke of her sucking mouth my mushroom head was slipping farther and farther into her throat. Debbie isn’t really into this so this is a very new experience for me. I could feel my head slip into that soft slippery area at the back of her mouth. I could see her breathing from her nose and just keep my mushroom head locked at the enterence and just squeeze the sensative area right under the head while her eyes were locked on mine. All the while one hand was running up and down my shaft and the other was rolling around my balls. I could still hear Debbies ass slapping aginst Shawns pelvis and her sloppy mouth taking the Clerks cock in and out while she also had a hand on his shaft working that cock for him.As Sandy was still working over my mushroom head with the opening of her throat she had moved the hand off my balls and started running a finger around my rosebud. As this is bringing another new feeling i’m hearing that my wife of over s*******n years is doing an awsome job on two cocks only ten feet away from me. As i feel my asshole being played with i hear the Clerk say he’s gonna cum and break Sandys gaze just in time to see him holding her head with both hands and just go completely stiff! Shawn just screams “fill her fucking mouth while i pound her pussy!”Just after Shawn is yelling that about my beautiful wife i feel Sandy work a finger right into my ass. I just lost it and shot my first two spurts right down Sandys throat and upon feeling that she pulls my cock from her throat and leaves my throbbing head in her mouth as i continue to spurt my hot cum right into her mouth along with her finger going farther and farther into my ass.I can hear Shawns pace getting faster and faster as he is pounding Debbies wet sloppy pussy, she has some of the Clerks cum slowly running down her mouth while she just drops to her elbows to brace herself from the pounding she is getting. While i’m wathcing the love of my life getting the pounding of her life i realize that Sandy is still stroking my still hard cock! Even after cumming for a third time today i’m still rock hard. She just looked up at me and said ” you must like something that is happening!”After hearing this from Sandy i hear Debbie exclaim “Fuck my married pussy you mother fucker!” Not sure if it was her dirty talking or since she had shifted her position so now with the angle that she was in leaning on her elbows so his balls were now smacking against her clit but she just went completely still and started shaking visably and screamed “i’m cumming on that fucking hard cock! Fuck me mother fucker!”Shawn just kept pounding her married pussy while she was stiff in her orgasm slightly shaking. We could all hear his cock sloshing in and out of her well used pussy and after about thirty more seconds of this abuse from his cock he held tightly onto her hips and with one final thrust of his pelvis against her ass cheeks held her there with is cock balls deep in her pussy and exploded! Letting out a groan that was almost a****listic he just held his position there for a good thirty to forty-five seconds filling her hot pussy with more cum then she could handle.After we all came down from our sex high and some introductions between Shawn, the Clerk and Sandy we were sitting around drinking and enjoying the outside. Nobody had gotten dressed, the three of us guys were all naked. Debbie was in her thong bikini with the holes cut out of her glorious titties and pussy and Sandy was in her thong bikini with her strap-on still on, I knew fun things were still to cum! Debbie was curled up next to me on a chaise lounge relaxing and just holding each other.She finally looked up at me and said “did you enjoy your surprise?’ Looking over toward Sandy who was over buy the bar talking and drinking trying to catch up with Shawn and the Clerk, i said “I loved it, thank you.” “Have you enjoyed your night to let loose?” Debbie said “I did but it’s not over yet as long as your still willing.” I just looked at her then at Sandy who had her perfect pear shaped ass towards me and i said “For tonight only if we agree it ends here, i’m in.” She just looked me in the eye and said thank you, i’ll tell you all about me and Sandy some time but for tonight we just let loose and back to just us tomorrow! With that she moved a hand to my cock and was shocked to find it already hard as a rock! She just said “I see, now lets have a night for our dreams!”With that she got up from where we were sitting and walked that beautiful ass over to the guys and Sandy. She touched Sandy on the shoulder and told her about our agreement. Sandy just looked at both of us and said she understood and turned so that she could look at the four of us together, grabbed her strap-on cock and a bottle of lube and just said “lets make this a night to fucking remember!” With that Debbie walked over to Sandy and with one hand grabbed her strap-on cock with the other she lovenly place her hand on the side of Sandys beautiful face and started to make out with her. Right before the three of us guys the two beautiful ladies with now drying cum on their faces were working there tongues in and out of each others mouth and Sandy was working over Debbies titties and then moved a hand down to her still sopping pussy. Sandy slid one finger then two finger right into Debbies pussy. She pulled them out and braught them to Shawns mouth for him to lick his and Debbies cum off of her fingers. This was bringing both the other guys back to life in the cock department.I decided to take charge a little. I wanted to see Debbie take that monster strap-on and lets face it, is there anything hotter then a woman being fucked by another woman? So i needed to see this so it’s in my spank bank.I walked over to where the ladies were swapping the drying cum between them and lead Sandy to the a padded lounge. I had her lay on her back so that i could see my wife Debbie ride on that monster! I slapped her fine ass cheek as she walked over and threw her leg over Sandy and positioned herself over that monster. The three of us guys were slowly stroking our cocks to the sight before us. Debbie took ahold of that rubber cock and worked it up and down her very wet and cum coated slit to get it nice and slick for her pussy. She looked to the three of us guys stroking our cocks and just said “is this what you guys want to see?” We just looked at each other for a second then i stepped up and said “it’s a good start for the rest of this night!”She slowly started to lower herself down on top of that monster. With her pussy already haveing two loads of cum already shot into her pussy in the last hour or so she took it pretty easily. She took more and more of it until with a groan she had slid all the way down to the balls! She had taken it all with not very much trouble. She started to move her ass up and down on that slick strap-on. She had her hands on Sandys stomach to keep her balance and she just slowly started to gain speed. While us guys were still stroking our cocks and watching Debbie ride that monster i got the idea of giving her another DP, like i did last night when we got home from the bookstore. I grabbed the lube off the table and heavly put it all over my cock. I positioned myself behind the scene in front of me. I slowly pushed Debbie down towards Sandy while i pulled the butt plug out of her tight ass, I then added alot of lube to her rose bud.While this was going on Shawn and the Clerk had moved to eithor side of the lounge and were still stroking their cocks. As Debbie got closer and closer to Sandy there tongues darted in and out of there sexy mouthes still sharing the cum baths that both mouths had received earlier. As i was lubbing up Debbies ass she was almost in an embrace with Sandy all that was moving was her mouth all over Sandys and her ass that was moving all over that hard rubber cock. I could hear the wimpering that was coming from her mouth as she was making out with Sandy. I don’t know if it was shadows or what but Sandy figured out that the guys were on eithor side of them and she took her hands off of Debbies ass cheeks and took a cock in both hands. There before me was my wife Debbie riding Sandys strap-on while making out in a furious pace at the same time Sandy was jacking the cocks of Shawn and the Clerk.I slowly continued to spred the lube around her rosebud and then easily slid one finger right up to the knuckle. I continued to slide it in and out and then added a second. With this Debbies groans were becoming a little harder. I then added a third finger and this just sent her over the edge. Her uper body just shot up straight like an arrow and she just drove her pussy as far down on Sandys cock as it could go and just held it there. With my fingers in her ass i could feel the muscles contracting, it was a giant orgasm. Her legs were shaking her eyes were closed. Debbie reached behind herself and had ahold of my body and pulled me closer she turned her head towards me and our lips meet. At this point i didn’t care that she had a couple of loads of cum in her mouth today. Our lips meet and our tongues intertwined in a deep passionate kiss. i took my fingers out of her ass and broke our kiss while starting to push her back down towards Sandy who was looking up at us with a giant smile on her face while she was still stroking Shawn and the Clerk.Once Debbie was back down and making out with Sandy again i slid into position by just moving up a little bit and i started to rub my head against her tight rosebud. The girls broke there kiss and Sandy stopped her double hand-job and reached her hands back to spread Debbies ass cheeks for her. With both of the girls mouths now empty the guys saw a chance and acted on it. Shawn reached out his hand and turned Sandys head to where she could engulf his cock and the Clerk did the same for Debbie. Now in front of me my wife Debbie was impaled on Sandys rubber cock to the hilt, she was getting a mouth fucking from Shawn and the Clerk was fucking Debbies mouth. All four were now moaning and groaning with Debbie grinding her pussy on Sandys cock.I reached to her hips and steadied her. I eased my hard cock slowly pushing the head into her ass. As my mushroom popped in she let out a gasp all the while Debbie never missed a beat with the Clerks cock in her mouth. I slowly eased more and more of my cock into her ass. Sliding more in then easing it back out. Then sending more back in. I was before i knew it balls deep in her ass! I’m in pretty good shape so i bend pretty well. I was able to continue sliding my hard cock right into Debbies ass and reach down and use the finger that i was using to lube up Debbie on Sandys tight ass. As i entered her mecidiyeköy escort bayan ass with just a finger i could hear her start to breath and groan more loudly.It was an awsome feeling for me, different than last night cause now Debbie had a huge cock in her pussy while i was sliding into her ass. It was a very tight fit with her pussy stretched so far but i was loving it so i kept at it, in and out my cock went. In and out Shawns cock went in Sandys mouth and the Clerk was fucking Debbies mouth with reckless abandon!I didn’t want to pull out of Debbies tight ass but i wanted to change it up while i had the chance. I pulled my hard cock out of Debbies ass and she gave out a low dissapointed groan. She took her mouth off of the Clerks cock to turn to look at me and i asked her if she was still up to just let loose? She just looked at my hard cock and said “let it loose baby, your driving this night from now on!” I told everyone it was time for a switch. Beer and shot of Jameson break time now.As we were doing a shot and downing beers i had Sandy take off the strap-on and Debbie put it on. Myself, i’ve been eyeing Sandys ass since she and her husband moved in many years ago. I was taking this chance to get it. While the guys and I were doing a shot and having another beer i asked Debbie if she was gonna come clean about her and Sandy. She just said not yet but what did i have in mind. I’m a guy, two very attractive ladies right in front of me of course i wanted to see my little wife pleasuring another woman. Debbie just looked at me kind of unsure. I just said “i’m not stupid, first thing Sandy said to me is that my cock tastes like you!” She just kind of blushed and wouldn’t look at me. I just said after tonight as long as it’s a woman and it’s not permanent and you tell me about it, i’m in!With getting my permission she looked at Sandy and their eyes meet, both of them moved towards each other and then holding each others head in their hands their lips meet and tongues intertwined. Both ladies hands started running over each others bodies. Both ladies had the same idea as each had a tit in one hand and an ass cheek in the other. At this point Debbie now had the strap-on and i was looking forward to the show!As Shawn, the Clerk and I looked on Debbie pushed Sandy down onto the chaise lounge. She got onto her knees at the end of the lounge and teasingly moved Sandy legs apart. Standing behind them it was a real site! Debbies beautiful full ass with a big rubber cock hanging between her legs. She moved her hands up to Sandys slick pussy. Slowly moving her fingers up and down the whole of her slit. Stopping at her i’m sure tasy pussy then just slidding right up to her engorged clit. Once she did this a couple of times she just lingered at Sandys clit. She moved her hands under Sandys legs and w****d them around Sandys thighs. She then dove right in without any thought for us watching her. Debbie moved the tongue up and down Sandys slit, moved her mouth over each of Sandys pussy lips making sure to suck on each one. After doing this a couple of times she hit the spot by sucking on Sandys clit. We could all hear her sucking on it and Sandy suddenly grabbed Debbies head so we could also see that it was the spot! Sandy was just holding Debbies head and grinding her mouth onto her clit. Seeing this gave me the feeling that it wasn’t a first for Debbie. Another signal for me!While Debbie was nibbling away at Sandys love shack her full ass was waving out in the open since she was on her knees. She was face down ass up with a rubber dick hanging from herself. Shawn asked me if he could have another go with her sweet pussy. I just nodded yes and he was at her pussy rubbing his cock up and down her slit to get it worked up but he didn’t have too. She was still dripping cum from being fucked hard earlier. Shawn just stopped rubbing up and down just grabbed her hips and went balls deep in one thrust. He was pounding with reckless abandon this time. It was just pushing Debbies head back and forth into Sandys pussy. Sandy still had her hands holding Debbies head at her slit and Shawn was still hammering away at Debbies pussy. You could probably hear his pelvis slapping away at her ass cheeks across half the block it was so loud. But it is a wonderful sound!While Shawn was hammering away at my wife i looked to the Clerk. He was just sitting and relaxing having another beer. I asked if he was done or something, he said he was just taking a break. So I approached the threesome going on before me and went to the top of the chaise lounge. Sandy had her eyes closed while she was being expertly eaten out by my wife. I leaned in towards her wet mouth with my semi-hard cock and just brushed her moaning lips with it. Her eyes opened and she just grinned. She took one hand off Debbies head and moved it towards my ass to be the guide for sucking on my cock. She moved her other hand to the back of Debbies head so she could control her with only the one hand, intertwining her fingers in the hair on the back of Debbies head to keep her doing what she is doing to her.Sandys mouth just engulfed my cock and in no time i was hard as a rock again. Her hand was on my butt cheek pushing me back into her mouth when i was pulling out. She moved her hand off my ass check and grabbed my cock and started to stroke it when her first orgasm hit. She arched her back and drove her pelvis up higher towards Debbies head and she let out a very low moan that seemed to last for two minutes. As she came down from her orgasm she just pulled my cock back into her mouth and we again got into the rythm of a slow face fucking while Debbie was still at work on her pussy lips and clit and Shawn was fucking the hell out of Debbie. After a little while continuing our fucking and sucking Debbie let out a huge groan and her whole body clenched up in a huge orgasm for her. This musy have sent Shawn over cause he slammed one last time into her pussy and held her hips still and pumped yet another load into her hot pussy. Once he deflated and backed away the Clerk decided to join us and quickly took Shawns place and considering how slick Debbies pussy was with all the cum in it he slid balls deep in one thrust. This caught Debbie by surprise and she let out a quick little scream! That caught Sandy by surprise and she looked down to see what was up. I just looked down at Sandy and said “your’re not done yet sexy, get my cock back in your mouth so i can give you your reward!’ She just looked at me and said “I’m ready for a mouth full of reward from your big cock mister!” and proceded to engulf my cock again.I could hear the Clerks pelvis slapping away at Debbies full ass and also his cock slopping around in her well cum filled pussy. Along with the sucking and slobbering sounds coming out of Sandys mouth on my cock i could feel my cum start to build. The Clerk had both hands on Debbie hips and was just driving his cock into her pussy which was causing her to grunt and groan while she was flicking Sandys sex bean with her tongue. Debbies good work on Sandy was driving her to take more and more of my cock into her mouth. As my cock was entering into her throat for the second time today and she was doing the same trick again! She was stopping my cock head right at the entrance of her throat and closing it around the sensative underside of the mushroom head and driving me nuts!The Clerk having cum in Debbies mouth twice today already has some staying power. He continues to pound her pussy but that’s not stopping her from driving Sandy nuts with the work she is doing on Sandys clit. All this pleasure Sandy is getting from Debbie is making her want to please me all the more i guess. Sandy takes my cock out of her mouth and just says “GIVE ME THAT CUM REWARD!”Upon hearing that the Clerk is pushed over the edge! He makes one last final lound thrust into Debbies pussy and erupts a huge torrent of cum that very quickly starts to run out of her already used pussy and drip onto the deck. With this yet another filling of her sloppy pussy Debbie falls prey to yet another earth shattering orgasm. Debbies whole body clenches up and the only thing keeping her mouth on Sandys clit is Sandys grasp on her head. Seeing Debbie have yet another orgasm sends Sandy over the edge. She grabs Debbies head and drives it tight against her clit in a huge orgasm pmping her sweet lady juice into Debbies mouth.Seeing all this cumming hits the spot for me. I grab Sandys head with both hands both and just give one last thrust pushing my cock as far down her throat as i can. I just hold her head and start pumping cum right down her throat and into her belly. Pump after pump of my man juice went right into her tummy, she didn’t even bat an eye. I could see her nose flaring as she was breathing so i knew she was ok at least.I was thinking all the fun was over, we’re getting older after all and Debbie is in her sixtys after all but she wasn’t done yet! With cum dripping out of her pussy she tells Sandy to lie on her stomach and get ready cause she’s gonna fuck the life out of her with this big dildo.While Sandy is assuming the position she was asked too, Debbie strolls across the deck to get the lube off of the bar. She was a real site. My beautiful real sized wife was swinging her hips as she walked across the deck and of course i was admiring it! She is absolutely gorgeous to me, my best friend, my lover my wife and i was about to watch her drive a hard rubber cock into our neighbor Sandy. While she was readying herself i took the break to grab another shot of Jameson and a beer. While i was watching Debbie stroke that hard rubber dildo with lube i realized i was still hard as a rock!While Debbie was lubing up the monster dildo she was moving over to the chaise that Sandy was now lying face down on. I couldn’t help but watch Debbies full ass. That was all it took for me. I wanted to have her ass for the second time today. Debbie straddled the chaise with the cock right above Sandys ass. She had a little lube on her fingers which she started to rub around Sandys pussy and finally sliding a couple of fingers into her soaking wet snatch. Debbie worked those finger up and down and in and out until she was sure Sandy was ready. She was very motherly to the younger woman until it was time to FUCK! She slid that hard cock all the way to the hilt. Sandy let out a scream and followed that with “FUCK ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER!”With Sandy sayinig that it sent Debbie into overdrive. She was hammering away at Sandy right away. Slamming down on her ass cheeks with everything she was worth. For us guys this was a very hot sight. I looked to Shawn and the Clerk and they were both sitting on lawn chairs with soft dicks, i guess they were fucked out. Not me, i was eyeing Debbies ass moving up and down in and out on Sandy. I got some of the lube and came up behind Debbie and steadied her. She just looked over her shoulder at me and said ” i love you, my ass is all yours!” I lubed up her full sized ass and moved behind her and assumed the position to slowly work one finger then easily two then easily again 3 fingers in and out of her ass. I guess she was still a little stretched out from my assult on her ass at the begining of the party. I place my mushroom head at the enterance to her ass and slowly started to push. She easily opened up and in no time i had my head in her ass and was slowly starting to feed her ass my cock. I inched closer and closer to her ass and she was letting a slow moan out when i finally touched her ass cheeks with my pelvis. I pushed her over and told her to “start fucking that pussy!” When she started to move in and out of Sandys pussy that was pulling my cock in and out of her ass. Even though i had used it earlier it was still tight!As Debbie started to fuck Sandys pussy again i asked her how she liked having the power over a woman in bed? She wouldn’t ansewer and just said ” FUCK MY ASS MOTHER FUCKER! PUSH ME DEEPER INTO THIS BITCH!”With all the skin slapping and dirty talking i didn’t last long this time. After about three to four minutes of Debbie doing all the work i couldn’t handel it anymore. I pushed her down into Sandy and laid all my weight on her back to pin her there and just unloaded my cum right into her ass. This didn’t stop her at all, she pushed me off and said “im not done yet!” She gonna cum again before i quit!” With that statement she started to really pound into Sandy ass cheeks and i was starting to worry about the lounge when Sandy just grabbed the side and just grunted and groaned that she was cumming! Debbie continued to pound her through her orgasm and just slowly ran the dildo in and out of Sandys pussy while she was slowly tireing out.Debbie slid out of Sandy and just looked at the three of us guys and Sandy and just said thank you for making this a Date night to remember!

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