The friendly fisherman


The friendly fisherman
It was the summer holidays. Six weeks, no school. I was 12 years old and lived in a English village with my mum, dad and two younger sisters.
My mother was an ex beauty queen and was very fit. How my father got her I don’t know. But as it was post ww2 he had the pick. As there was a shortage of men I suppose.
My passion was fishing and I couldn’t wait to spend my time by the river that was only a short bike ride away.
So my mother packed my lunch and a bottle of orange squash, reminding me to be home before 6pm. And off I went.
As it was summer the banks of the river were very overgrown but I new the spot I wanted. As I approached I saw that the undergrowth had been troden down. I made my way and there was an old man (well old to me, maybe as old as my father) sitting on a stool fishing.
I was as surprised to see him as he me.
But he was kind and said that we could both fish the same spot if I wanted to. I had never had a fishing friend so I agreed, and started to get my stuff together. He said his name was Eric I introduced myself as Peter .
We were fishing and doing quite well, when I realized I was in need of some hooks.
Eric said I have some in my bag over there help yourself, so I got his bag and looked in. Well as I did I found a glossy magazine similar to what my mother had. But this one had a topless lady on the front cover. I was spellbound. Eric was not watching so I pulled it out and opened the page to reveal a naked woman holding her tits and licking them.
I was struck dumb, I had never seen anything like this and worst of all my little cock suddenly sprang to life. I must have gone bright red faced as Eric turned and said ‘ oh you have found my naughty stuff, the hooks are underneath’. He could see I was embarrassed and smiled asking if I liked what I saw. I mumbled a very faint ,yes.
He told me to bring the book over and sit down next to him,which I did. He then took it and turned the pages telling me all about the content, this somehow had such an effect on me I was shaking and my little cock was tenting my thin shorts.
Gently he stroked my bare arm and told me to relax but he could clearly see my stiffy. He asked me in a kind voice if I had rubbed my cock and produced spunk. I told him I had rubbed my self with my mother’s silky slip and made it very wet only a couple of times. He smiled and explained it was quite normal and that he rubbed his.
He then said look and pulled his trousers down. Well I was shocked, his cock (he told me the name he called it) was huge compared to mine. It stuck up so big and had a massive purple head on in it.
He said just do what I do and started to pull it up and down with his fist around it, I did the same. I was looking at the pictures and he said you may like this and put my cock in his mouth. I was so shocked but it felt so good I just let him do it. Then I suddenly spurted in his mouth, it was the best feeling I had ever had, he had to support me as my body shook with orgasm
When I had recovered he asked me if I would like to do the same to him, whithout any hesitation I said yes. He took my hand and made me grip his swollen shaft then guided my head down and told me to lick it as he pushed it in and out of my mouth. Very soon he started bucking his hips holding my head very tight and i tasted several spurts of salty liquid. He held me there, all i could do was swallow the liquid quickly as there was so much of it.
At last he released me and I spat the last bits out, trying to get my breath back.
We both lay back on the grass. He with a huge smile and me in a numbed state of shock and extasy.
Slowly he sat up looked at me and said how was it for you and burst out laughing and so did I.
Eric asked if I would like to borrow his magazine and take it home. On the condition that I hide it from my mum and dad. I really wanted that magazine to look at all the different ladies and their bodies so bad, I jumped at the offer. Eric then said is your mum pretty and I told him all about her. He asked if she had large tits,if I had seen her naked. I told never seen her naked just in her underwear. He asked me to describe her knickers,which supprised me as I never thought about it. So I told him what I knew, but he kept asking more, like we’re they cotton or nylon. Well I didn’t know so he said are they soft and shiney. I said I think mostly like that. He had a big grin on his face and said how about this then.

You like my books,yes I replied. Well how would you like some to keep ? Only naughty ones with pictures of girls privates and girls licking each other ?
My mouth went dry and all his saltyness disappeared, all could do was nod my head at the thought of looking at them. Ok what you have to do is bring me two pairs of mum’s knickers a clean pair from her drawer and a pair from the laundry basket. I suppose you have one at home? I just nodded yes. Well can you do that? I let out feeble yes, not having a clue as to what he wanted them for.
He told me to bring them the next day and then turned a page in his magazine to a woman wearing a pair of blue knickers with Lacy edges, like these but any colour. He then tore the page out and said take this, hide it and you will remember and you can look at her big titties too. I eagerly took it and hid it in my fishing satchel.
That evening not really sure what I was doing I found mum’s clean ones, I was concerned they were not blue but a red pair and a black pair from the laundry basket, and hid them in my satchel. Carefully taking out my prized picture which I oggled as I made myself spurt again in bed.
I found Eric in the same place next day. He was very happy to see me and immediately asked if I had them. He was very excited as I gave them to him and said wow these are better than I thought you would bring. He carefully laid them out on the grass, his hands like caressing them. I watched as he inspected them and then started to sniff the used pair. Inhaling the smudges in the gusset of mum’s knickers. Well done lad have you smelt this? I said no, it had never occurred to me at all. Try this and he put the under my nose, sniff them, I did. That is fresh cunt smell, you like it? Well he had to explain it all to me, and I did like it. He then went on about how these were the best he had sniffed and how sexy they were. Which at the time I really did not understand.
He then produced my reward, a letter size magazine much smaller than the other one. It had foreign writing on it, but it had pictures of actual fucking inside. My little cock was had again. Eric laughed and told me to get it out of my shorts, which I did. He then put my mum’s clean knickers around my cock and rubbed me. Wow, it felt great the smooth material felt so good. Now he said you are going to spunk in mummies knickers, nice spunk for mummy. He opened the new book and as I looked at the pictures he rubbed me, very soon I flooded the soft material around my cock.
After I recovered Eric said now my turn. He took the cum soaked knickers wrapped them around his huge cock took my hand and made me rub him up and down,making me do it slowly. He took the other pair and put them to his face enjoying my mum’s scent.
He seemed to off into his own world saying good boy, dirty boy, wank me with mummies slutty knickers. Make me spunk up her cunt you dirty boy, wank my cock up her cunt, I want her cunt, until he shot so much cum my little hand was soaked so much it ran off my elbow.
At the end of the day he took my mum’s cum soaked knickers and washed them in the river. Told me to put them back where I found them and return tomorrow with new ones. For another magazine.
That summer was my awakening. Lots of wanking and sucking
Thankfully he never tried to fuck me, even though he liked me to wear mum’s knickers and wank me off in them.

I do hope you enjoyed my experience, it is true ! As you can tell I am not a good writer but I have done my best. Please be kind with any comments, thank you.
I do prefer panties to knickers, but that was how it was then!

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