The night shift

Female Ejaculation

The night shift
In tribute to my friend Naughtia_Cox.

“I hate the night shift” She thought to herself. “up here in the wards it’s so quiet, nothing to do but wait for morning and going home!” It was true that it was almost silent now, all the activity occurred during the earlier shifts of the day. But at least she could find a quiet corner in a visitors lounge to put her feet up and maybe read a little light fiction.

At 2am she took her chance. The furthest lounge was always deserted, at 2am not even the other nurses ventured so far. So she settled down in a leather sofa with a copy of “Claiming Sleeping Beauty”, a set of books she’d missed out on when they were first out. Certainly they would keep her alert through the night if not a little frustrated by the sunrise. The minutes ticked on as she started to lose herself in the fiction, the time marked by the moon moving in the sky through the darkened window, alone in a single pool of light in the cosy little hospital lounge. Unwittingly she nodded off, the book dropping from her grip to the floor and thoughts of princes and princesses, slaves and playthings, drifting through her sleeping mind.

She didn’t know what had awoken her, perhaps a noise, perhaps the sense of being watched. She didn’t want to appear startled so slowly opened her eyes. Sat in a facing leather sofa, a sister to her own, was a man she hadn’t seen before, not a fellow hospital employee though. He was barefoot and dressed in loose cargo shorts and a baggy t-shirt. “Ah miss, I see you are awake, I hope I didn’t disturb you” he quietly said in a far from local accent. She shook her head, both in response and in an attempt to clear the sex-ridden dreams and the sleep from her head. “You were quite enraptured in your sleep, and erm… other thoughts” he continued glancing from her eyes, on which he had maintained a still gaze, to her now still breasts. She glanced down herself, only now becoming aware from her sleep that her right hand was within her own uniform top and bra cupping her left breast. Some of the sensations from her dreams had been in actuality been at her own hand, Glancing further down she was embarrassed to discover the bottom of her tunic was also raised slightly revealing the edge of her panties above the tops of her regulation white stockings. She slowly sat up, rearranging herself as the blush rose up her throat and cheeks, wondering what this quiet mystery man had seen of her whilst she slept.

“I’m sorry to have startled you miss, and please don’t blush on my account. Anne Rice books can get people like that sometimes. I still recall first reading Lasher and that pales into insignificance what you read now.” Somehow his confidant, reassuring voice settled her slightly, although the embarrassment did not fade. “Anyway” he chuckled “blushing does compliment you so!” and he smiled at her warmly.

“Sir, are you a patient?” she was finally able to ask of him. “I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I should have done!” He replied. “I’m a lost injured English tourist I’m afraid, I caught a rock to the head when doing something I shouldn’t and am being monitored for 24 hours. But at this hour, at home, I’d be up and about, so you have me haunting your halls rather than sleeping. I’m sorry I disturbed your dreams as I did”. He glanced away briefly then returned to the intense look into her eyes, as if daring her to look away. But look away she did, or rather she looked him over and noted an unexpected bulge beneath his shorts. Clearly his thoughts were of her dreams and the book that her caused them, of her sleeping pleasures, all contrary to the measured calmness of his voice. Suddenly she felt the same sensations within her too, returned from her dreams, almost an aching demand for fulfillment not quite achieved as she slept. He noticed her look, how could he not and it was his turn to be embarrassed. Indeed it seemed deeper than hers if possible. He tried to hide the evidence of his growing manhood from sight by crossing his legs. “Why sir it would appear we are both at disadvantages! She laughed. “perhaps we are both asleep and fantasising.” “That must be it” he replied and stood to leave, or so she thought. Not the end to their brief time she had suddenly and unexpectedly desired. But at the door he glanced through to the corridor and quietly closed it.

Moving back in silence he looked wary and unsure, stopping at just within reach at the sofa she was still sat at, the top of his shorts at eye level. It was impossible to miss the excitement within him being exhibited before her very eyes.

Reaching out she confirmed the hardness within. Snakelike she uncoiled from the sofa, hoping to look sensual, and stood before him, brushing her hand across the restrained manhood in passing. She took his left hand and held it to her left breast, knowing the budding nipple would be hard against his palm through her uniform. He, in turn, gently turned her to face the sofa she had just vacated, keeping his hand on her breast.

They stepped forward as one, no need to even talk now, Bodies touching from shoulders down. He could smell the fragrance of her hair and skin, she could feel the hardness pressed against her, his hardness teasing her senses as it seemed to rest upright against her buttocks. She felt his lips touch her neck. He felt her press herself harder against his pelvis, crushing his manhood between them. She leaned further over the sofa back to push back again, her uniform riding up as she knew it would.

This was the moment they both hoped. He moved her panties aside slightly drawing a sensuous line between her ass cheeks and onto her sex with the tip of one finger. She knew, since she could feel it that she was already wet, that he should know they couldn’t wait. She felt him draw away, dreading that he had lost the will.Only to realise her had released himself for her as she sensed the bulbous head of his cock touch her. She leaned forward still over the sofa back, lifting herself higher on her knees, to welcome him. But he didn’t take the invitation directly and instead slid across her pussy and stroked himself against her clitoris, once, twice and than again. The after effects of the book, her dream and the thoughts flooding her head almost took her beyond to climax and she quickly had to breath to prevent cumming too soon. Sensing this he moved softly and thrust deep into her, teasing her left nipple at the same time. It was too much. She couldn’t help herself. The massive wave of pleasure she had barely been containing exploded through her and around his cock. Squeezing him tight. Which in turn completed him as she felt him jerk inside her, feeling the jet of heat deep within. But they had much to make up for. Their bodies demanded it. The dawn was coming and they only had until the light………….

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