The Office Affair while temping in Belfast


The Office Affair while temping in BelfastI was 22 years old and just started temping in an office in the city centre. As the boss was showing me around the place thats when i saw her, she was tall and tanned with blonde hair down to her shoulders and i guessed she was about 28 yrs old, the first thing i looked for was a wedding ring.. There was none. There were a few temps starting that day and over the next few weeks of lunching and chatting together the conversation turned to women, someone asked what age you reckon the tall blonde is, he said 32 i said 28, we argued for ages so when we went back up i introduced myself to her and asked her to settle the arguement. Turns out she was 34 and very flattered lol. I had broken the ice….A few weeks later it was someones birthday and the whole office was going out for drinks. I was looking forward to getting to know everyone over a few drinks and hoping to get to know someone in particular very well the craic was great all day and we later hit a club for a bit of dancing. Me and the blonde started doing some really dirty dancing, rubbing up against each other, i was sure she could me getting hard as we grinded bornova escort in between each others legs on the dance floor, we seemed to tease each other all night and at the end of the night while she i waited with her on her taxi we had a steamy snog, our hands roaming everywhere. I was hoping she’d take me home with her she didnt ……It was tuesday the following week before we saw each other again at work, but we had been texting over the weekend, turns out she has been seeing someone for the last six years but really wanted to fuck me! Well i told her i’m great at keeping secrets we both stayed late at work that night and when everyone had gone she asked if i wanted anything from the vending machine upstairs – i said sure wait and i’ll come up with ya. We never made it to the vending machine – on the staircase i grabbed her ass and she spun round and pressed me against the wall and we kissed, then she took my hand and led me upstairs and said “come with me, i have an idea….”She took me to a little kitchen type room, once inside she locked the door, there was an armchair, a coffee table and worktop area in the bornova escort bayan room, we stood kissing franticly clawing at each others clothes, we both knew what was about to happen, i pushed her back and she fell into the armchair, i undid her trousers and pulled them off one leg, they were still on the other one lol, i grabbed hold of her legs just behind her knees and raised them up and parted them so i could see her pussy, i could see it was already glistening, her clit was visibly erect and looked sooo goood, i moved my head down between her legs and lightly flicked my tongue over her clit then started to change from flicking it lightly to massaging it in a circular motion soft but firmly so. I let go of her legs and they rested on my big broad shoulders, this freed my hands and while still lapping at her clit i slid two fingers in and out of her pussy, each time i slid them in i would get a little deeper…Just as i thought she was about to cum she grabbed my wrist and said “stop, i dont wanna cum yet, not on your fingers anyway, stand up!” i did as she said and she undid my trousers and freed my cock. She escort bornova grabbed hold of it and started rubbing it slowly from the base of the shaft right to the tip. She pointed the tip of my cock up to the ceiling and started licking my balls, it felt amazing especially when she started to rub my cock again at the same time…..She worked her way up the shaft with her tongue and then took as much of my dick in her mouth as she could fit in and then slowly moved back to the tip before going right back down it again, the feeling was great, she continued to suck me for a few minutes before i stood her up and moved her back agaist the worktop, she opened her legs invitingly and put one foot on the coffee table and one on the arm of the chair to steady herself, i positioned myself between her legs and eased my throbbing erection deep inside warm, wet pussy after a few long, hard, deep, sensual strokes, we picked up the pace, i loved the sight and sound of my rock hard cock slamming in and out of her pussy, i could feel myself getting close “oh fuck, oh fuck i’m gonna cum, i’m gonna cum inside you” i gasped. “not yet, not yet” she replied “i’m gonna cum all over your dick!” just then i felt her body shudder as she came and her pussy contracted tight around my cock, this was too much for and i exploded deep inside her, her tight pussy clamped around my cock squeezed every last drop from my dick. That was just the start of an 18 month adventure 😉

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