The Wife’s New Trainer


The Wife’s New TrainerYvonne walked into the living room were Jim sat in his recliner drinking a beer and watching the game. He looked up at her and said;”Hi there baby! Give your old man a kiss.”Yvonne leaned over and kissed him on the lips. She felt him squeeze her tit while their tongues played. Yvonne did like the attention but she knew what was about to happen and it kind of made her sad.”Mm mm baby you sure can make me horny! How about sucking my cock? You know how much I like that!” Jim saidYvonne slipped to her knees as Jim pulled out his cock which was ready for her. She opened her mouth and started to suck. She could feel her pussy getting aroused but then she reminded herself how this was likely to end.She looked up at her husband and could see the beer gut he had been developing. He had gained at least twenty five pounds since they got married. Worse he seemed to be happy with the way things were. It had not always been like this. When they were dating they had been very physical and that was especially true when it came to sex!Her mouth pumped on his cock and he moaned. Then she felt the cock jerk and her mouth fill with his cum. Yvonne actually enjoyed giving blow jobs and swallowing sperm. It always turned her on.”That felt great baby! Hey, what’s for dinner and would you bring me another beer?” Jim said as returned to the gameYvonne brought him a beer and gave him a kiss on the head.”I’ll pick up a pizza on the way home after I go to the gym. Is that alright?” Yvonne said”That will be great.” He replied”Maybe you would like to work out with me? Unless you would rather just go make love?” Yvonne said but with little hope that he would do either”Naw, I want to see how the game comes out. Maybe we can fool around later tonight.” He repliedYvonne went into the bedroom to change into her work out clothes. When she did she noticed that her pussy was sopping wet. Yvonne thought what I really need is to be eaten and fucked hard! She allowed her fingers to stroke her hot pussy for just moment before putting on her exercise clothes which were a pair of tight yellow shorts and yellow and black t-top. Yvonne admired how good she looked. She had also started to put on some weight after the wedding but had started to work out a few months before. She had lost those extra pounds and really felt her energy return.The gym was only a few minutes away and Yvonne liked going this time of day. Usually the place was empty except for the trainer who was nice lady by the name of Kathy.Yvonne walked in and was surprised when instead of Kathy there was guy in her place. Other than a brief hello Yvonne started to workout. She şişli escort was working with some dumbbells when she noticed that the guy was standing nearby.”I don’t mean to disturb you but I could not help but notice that you are not getting all the benefits from your reps. Here let me show you.” He said as he smiled at herHe quickly gave a couple of tips on how to do her weights.”That is much better! Have you ever considered using a personal trainer?” He said”Not really. I really can’t afford to spend much money.” Yvonne replied”The benefits can be much better and really it is not that much. By the way my name is Carl and I am new here. Perhaps I can show you few things today that will encourage you to give me a try.” He said as he smiled at herYvonne looked into the attractive looking guys face but then at his muscular body. Finally she glanced at his crotch and wondered if Carl had a nice cock. Yvonne blushed as she wonder why her mind turned to sex so fast but he was so fucking hot and she was so fucking horny!Yvonne realized she had been lost in her thoughts when she heard Carl say “is there something wrong?””No I was just daydreaming but I think it would be nice to give it a try.” Yvonne said with smile while she thought how nice it would be to get a closer look at the hot studAs they started to work out he would show her how to do the exercise and then she would try it. He often would put his hands on her to correct her posture. Each time he did she felt her pussy drip with sexual desire. At one point she was squatting in front of him and she could see his cock was getting hard as he looked down her top.Next he had her do some crunches. He was watching her and as she came up she could see his cock was sticking out tenting his shorts. She looked up at him and noticed that he was looking between her legs. She stopped and they looked at each other.”I think I see a problem but perhaps I can help you with that too.” He said as his hand moved to her wet crotchYvonne knew she was stimulated but had no idea that her shorts were soaked with her pussy juice! She jerked as Carl rubbed her pussy. Her body started to shake and Yvonne knew she would cum soon. She looked into his face and she knew it was wrong but her body needed to release the sexual frustration built up in her. She felt her breath quicken and her hips jerked as she involuntarily pushed against Carl’s hand. Her eyes rolled back as her pussy spasmed with pleasure. Carl was grinning as he rubbed the married pussy.Yvonne slowly felt the orgasm begin to fade and suddenly she was aware of what had just happened. She jumped up and started to stutter trying şişli escort bayan to think of what to say.”Slow down Yvonne its ok. You just had little fun.” Carl said with a grin”No it is not ok! I’m married! I should not be doing anything like this!” She said in near panic”Listen, I may not know you well but your husband must not be doing much for you otherwise you would not have cum so fast. I bet he hasn’t fucked you in a month!” Carl saidYvonne blushed because it had actually been closer to two months. Her pussy was already getting excited again just hearing the word “fuck”. Suddenly she felt his hand guided her hand onto his cock. Yvonne gasped for air as her fingers closed on the stiff cock. He looked her in the face and then kissed her. Yvonne’s heart was racing. She wanted to have real sex so bad!”I bet you are a great cock sucker!” He said as he pulled her top off.Yvonne felt her knees bend as she went down. “Oh fuck, I want this so bad!” She thought as her lips wrapped around the cock.The taste, width and length just reminded her that this was not her husband’s dick in her mouth. Her pussy was on fire as she started to show Carl that she loved sucking. She looked up and Carl had removed his shirt and she could see firm abs. Her hands massaged his muscular thighs as her mouth pumped in his cock. She could taste his pre-cum flooding her mouth and giving her a preview if what his cum would taste like when she swallowed it! Then she remembered that she wanted most was to fuck!”Carl! I will suck you as much as you want and when you want but I need this cock in my pussy! I need it right NOW!!!!” Her voiced screamed”Not yet!” He groaned”Please! I need to get fucked so badly!” She pleaded with years starting to form in her eyes”Not until I eat that pussy first!” He said with lust in his eyesYvonne did not need to be told twice as she laid back and opened her legs. Carl lowered his mouth to her underused pussy. He sucked on her clit while Yvonne groaned. His finger pumped her pussy while his other hand squeezed her tits. Yvonne was in heaven as this man she had only met a short while ago played her body as if he could tell ever feeling and thought that went through it. In moments she cumming again and this time there was no reservation on her part. She wanted him to know her pleasure and already in her mind she ready to do anything he wanted. She was fuck him dry!She looked down as Carl crawled between her legs and positioned his cock at her opening.”Still want to get fucked?” He breathed as he rubbed the head along her pussy lipsYvonne shuddered as she looked at him. She could not talk but her eyes burned mecidiyeköy escort bayan with passion! She felt his cock head enter. Carl teased her by pushing in and pulling out but only the tip. Yvonne wiggling her hips trying push herself on to the dick. Carl had her pinned by the shoulders and looked down at the tormented and very horny wife. Then he pushed and his cock buried into her. Yvonne groaned with pleasure as he slammed into her cervix.He started to pump his cock in and out of the sexually frustrated woman. Yvonne could not think straight but her body was going crazy with passion the walls of her pussy was tightening on the big cock. Carl had never seen a woman get so hot so fast . It was all he could do not to shoot right away. Then Yvonne grunted as another orgasmed rocked body. She could hardly breathe but she determined that she was going fuck this stroke for stroke.”I want fuck you from behind! That fucking ass has been killing me since you walked in.” He said as he had stand up and bend overHe re-entered her in one long push. Yvonne could not believe how deep he went in. Then he began to fuck harder than she had ever been fucked. If someone was watching they would have thought he was assaulting her! Yvonne was living it all! She wanted to pounded senseless! Then she had another orgasm and practically collapsed.”Come you can ride my cock like a whore now!” Carl said as he lay back and had her straddle the cockYvonne fed the cock into her burning pussy! She ride him like he had been pounding her. She could hear the slapping sound as their bodies slammed together. She wondered how much could she take and then decided she would fuck till she collapsed and then he could fuck her passed out!It did not come to that as he lifted her off of his cock. He pushed her to her knees and grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. Yvonne loved the feeling if being used and dominated. He was pushing his cock into her throat and her tongue could touch his balls as he used her. Yvonne furiously rubbed her clit. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.”Open your fucking mouth I want watch as I cum in it!” He saidYvonne’s pussy convulsed on her fingers as she watched Carl stroke his dick. The first several ropes of cum filled her mouth but then more if it landed on her tits and pussy.After that they both took a shower. Yvonne realized that she needed to be getting home. She was starting to come back to real world as her sexual high began to fade. As she started to leave she looked at Carl now sitting at the reception desk.”So Yvonne when should I put you down for a personal training session?” He asked with a smile”Yes!” She said with a smileThe end(A word from the author. This was cautionary tale to spouses. If your significant other gets in shape in maybe for someone else’s benefit. If you enjoyed a thumbs up is appreciated. As always comments and messages are appreciated.)

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