Transforming Genevieve Ch 4


Transforming Genevieve Ch 4
Tuesday dawned overcast and dreary the forecast was calling for intermittent rain showers later in the day. It would be a good day to spend my free time between classes catching up on paperwork. I had already decided that I would wear my new grey pinstriped suit with a black silk blouse and the black undergarments Marsha had so skillfully helped me pick out the evening before.

After making a pot of coffee and pouring myself a cup I headed back to my bedroom to dress. The straps on my new garter were still perfectly adjusted from the night before so all I had to do was very carefully slip a pair of hose over my legs and connect the clasps. As Marsha had explained I next pulled the black lace thong up over the hose and smoothed everything in place then slipped into the matching black lacy bra. I slid my feet into the three-inch heels Sara had sold me over the weekend. Surveying myself in the mirror I looked pretty damn sexy. The black lace of both garments complimented each other and I loved how my creamy white skin set off the lace fringe across the tops of my tits. I turned to make sure the seams of my stockings ran perfectly straight down my legs.

I giggled to myself remembering what Marsha had said the night before. What cock wouldn’t become rock hard when its owner got a look at me? I finished dressing sliding my arms into the long sleeves of the black silk blouse slipping the straight skirt up over my hips and reaching behind to zip it closed. I left the top three buttons of the blouse open and slid the matching suit coat over my shoulders. If I buttoned the coat it held my blouse closed enough that all I had to do was lean forward if I wanted to give some fortunate man a look down my blouse at some very seductive creamy white cleavage. I pulled my hair up into a loose bun and held it in place with a giant hair clip.

A little make-up and I was ready to head out onto campus to start another day as the newly transformed Genevieve. Today’s version was sure to attract attention and I couldn’t wait to see what attention that would be.

My walk across campus went pretty much as I’d expected. Heads turned and mouths dropped open. I wondered what thoughts ran through their minds when they got a glimpse of the sexy black seams running down the back of my legs. I was quickly becoming accustomed to having men look at me. Knowing their minds were thinking how incredible it would be to seduce me and have my body for their own sexual pleasures. I smiled to myself knowing the physical transformation I’d wanted was nearly complete, but I still had a few things to experience before the mental or should I say sexual transformation was completed.

As I walked along the long corridor toward my classroom, Bill Franklin turned the corner of the hall midway along the building. His eyes nearly popped from their sockets.

“Genevieve, jesus what an incredible look.” He said.

I smiled and said, “Why thank you, Bill. I’d hoped to run into you today. I’m sorry I missed your call last night.”

“Oh that. I called on a whim hoping to catch you at home. I saw you walking across the commons yesterday afternoon with Dick and couldn’t believe how classy you looked.” He said.

Smiling even wider I said, “So my new look impressed you, Bill?”

“Not nearly as much as today’s Genevieve!” He responded.

I did a pirouette giving Bill a chance to see the back of my skirt and hose.

“I’m so glad you like my new look. I’m looking forward to the dividends it should pay.” I said.

His eyes were glued to my legs, he clearly had a fetish for women in seamed hose.

Bill responded, “Genevieve Walker, are you making a pass at me?”

“Why Bill, what would make you think that?” I replied.

He licked his dry lips and said, “Well you are flaunting one sexy pair of legs at me.”

“Oh my gosh, when did you decide I have sexy legs?” I quickly asked.

Bill laughed and said, “About two minutes ago.”

I liked his honesty. After all, for the three years we’d known each other professionally I’d kept my legs undercover.

“Well, I’m glad you decided because I’ve always thought you were pretty sexy. Now we’re on the same page.” I teased him.

“You do know that I’m married.” He asked.

“Yes, I do.” I said adding, “But what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her?”

He got such a surprised expression on his face. His mind must have been racing with ideas of having a torrid affair with me. A lustful tryst that he and I could share almost anytime we wanted.

He swallowed hard and said, “You’re absolutely right but we’d have to very discreet. An affair like that could land us both in the unemployment line and in my case divorce court.”

“I’m well aware of the consequences, but the transformed Genevieve is more likely to take the risk to quench her new thirsts,” I said quite calmly.

He smiled and said, “I’d be willing to take the risk to just to see where those seams end.”

I was right, he did have a fetish for seamed hose. I was about to offer him an opportunity to find out where they end when the morning class bell rang.

“I’ve got to run, but we’ll have to let you explore where they end sometime soon. Give me a call later.” I suggested.

I started toward my classroom as he said, “You can count on it.”

I gave my hips a seductive swing as I disappeared into my classroom knowing he was watching my every step with his eyes glued to the long dark seams running up the back of my legs.

My first class that day was rather uneventful with the exception of when I turned my back to the assembled students to make a note on the board. I heard a masculine voice from somewhere behind me say, “Sweet!” As I gave them a look at my shapely legs.

I was feeling extremely sexy all day, the gray pin-stripped skirt did little to hide my shapely ass. I’m sure a lot of my male students, and perhaps a few of the females, had fantasies about giving the teacher more than a ripe red apple.

My last class of the day ended at about 2:30. I turned out the lights in the classroom and looked out the window. A light drizzle was falling and the gray sky spread flat light through the windows. I collected my papers and walked through the door to my office, leaving it cracked a couple inches.

I slipped my jacket off and sat down at my desk to begin marking the assignments I’d collected that day. Glancing at my day planner I noticed the entry for 3:15 PM “Mr. Kosmerl, extra help with the assignment.” I’d forgotten that he was coming by for some help. I considered putting my suit coat back on but decided instead to unbutton another button of my black silk blouse. I pulled the material open further exposing the tops of my breasts and the sensual lace fringe of my bra. I’d have some fun with this young stud perhaps. It was 3:05 PM, I had ten minutes to get some papers reviewed. As I read through the third one I heard a light knock on my office door.

“Come in,” I said without looking up from my desk.

The door creaked as it opened.

“Close the door please,” I asked without looking up.

The latch clicked shut.

“Have a seat,” I said still not acknowledging who had entered my private office.

Once I heard him sit down I slowly placed my marking pen to the side and raised my head.

“Now Mr. Kosmerl, exactly what is it I can do for you?” I asked.

Steve’s eyes were as big as saucers. His face flush and his mouth hung partly open.

He stuttered, I ah ah had an appointment to ah ah get some help with your ah ah assignment Ms. Walker?”

I leaned back in my chair and pushed it away from my desk. I arched my back slightly causing the material of my blouse to stretch across my breasts.

“Yes, Mr. Kosmerl you wanted some assistance with the writing assignment,” I said. “What are you having difficulty with?”

He continued to fumble for the right words, “Well do you remember during class you said that truly great authors let the words flow from their body and soul onto the paper?”

“Yes, I recall that.” I offered.

I seem to lose the words that best describe what I’m trying to write somewhere between my soul and the paper Ms. Walker.” He said apparently becoming more comfortable being in my private office.

“So, you’re having trouble with descriptive sentences?” I asked.

“Yes, I think that’s right Ms. Walker.” He answered.

“I think a little practice describing what you see may help Steve,” I suggested.

I stood up and stepped around my desk. Moving between him and my desk I sat down and slowly crossed my legs. He instantly blushed as my long silk covered legs came under his close inspection.

“Now Mr. Kosmerl, I want you to describe me,” I said.

“I ah ah don’t understand.” He said reverting back to stuttering.

“Just describe what you see in front of you forget that I’m your professor, just describe the woman seated in front of you.

He swallowed hard again and offered, “I see a very pretty woman.”

“Oh, come on now, you can use more descriptive adjectives than very pretty. Let the words flow from your soul.” I said.

He tried again, I see a sexy woman.” His words sounded more like a question that a description.

“That’s better, but what about her makes you think she’s sexy,” I said

He relaxed a little and thought for a moment before he said, “Her long shapely legs make her look very sexy.”

“That’s much better Steve see how you’ve described my legs and what effect they give me,” I replied.

Now let’s try having you describe a movement. He got a confused expression on his face, but he began to understand as I uncrossed my legs and lifted one to show him the top of my hose along the underside of my thigh.

“She lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking?” He said almost as a question.

“Very good Mr. Kosmerl, but you could add what effect the movement had on you,” I suggested.

“Do you mean I could say, she lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking causing my mouth to water!” he answered.

“Exactly,” I said.

“Or you could turn the description around and write something in a third-party voice like, she lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking and noticed a sizable bulge in his slacks,” I said.

Steve blushed instantly realizing I’d noticed his growing erection. He shifted in the chair trying his best to hide the fact that he had become completely aroused.

I smiled at him and said, “Let me continue and we’ll see if you get a clearer picture of how this descriptive thing works.”

“If you think that will help, Ms. Walker.” He agreed.

I continued, “As his growing erection pressed harder against his zipper she slid from the desk and turned to bend at the waist over the edge of her desk.” As I said the words I performed the action.

“As she raised her skirt revealing her creamy thighs his cock began to throb,” I said.

“His eyes gazed down the thin black seams of her stockings and he moved his hand to his groin to touch himself.” I continued.

I heard him moan and knew like me he was performing the same action I described.

“She turned to face him again, and with her skirt pulled up around her waist she bent at the knees between his legs,” I said as I did exactly that.

His eyes nearly popped from their sockets, his mouth dropped open and his hand began moving along the length of his hard cock.

“As he unzipped his pants, she slowly placed her hands on the top of his thighs, causing him to groan under her touch.” I described.

Mr. Kosmerl groaned as my hands came to rest on his thighs.

“He slid one hand inside and pulled his mammoth cock from its hiding place,” I said.

Steve paused for a moment, his eyes told me he wanted to perform the action I’d described, but his mind told him he shouldn’t expose himself to his English Lit professor.

I encouraged him with two words, “Do it!”

I had not only aroused him completely but I too was very aroused. The thought of having a student expose his rock-hard cock to me excited me. I knew I shouldn’t be kneeling before him. I knew I shouldn’t be staring at his throbbing cock. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking of taking his youthful erection between my lips.

I abandoned all pretense of showing him how to describe something and just began giving him orders on what I wanted him to do.

“Stroke it slowly,” I said.

He hesitated a second, “Ms. Walker I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong.”

“I want to see you stroke it,” I demanded.

“But…” He started to say.

“Jerk it off for me Steve,” I said almost pleading.

His hand began moving up and down on his throbbing cock. The head swelled and turned a deep purple color as it became engorged with blood. The veins along its shaft stood out hard, pressed against the skin they lay just beneath. As he stroked downward the skin just under the head was drawn taut and his cock head pulsated. His eyes stared past his throbbing member into mine.

My hands slowly massaged the tense muscles in his thighs as he stroked his cock a little faster.

“That’s it, Mr. Kosmerl, jerk it faster. I want to watch the cum shoot out of it.” I said.

His fingers tightened their grip on his cock and he began moving his fist up and down the shaft faster with each passing moment.

He moaned deeply as I leaned forward and blew hot breath at his throbbing cock. His fist became a blur as he jerked off for me.

I wanted to see him cum, I wanted to watch it shoot from his balls toward the ceiling.

“Oh god.” He said as he felt his cum boiling up along the shaft.

“Cum for me Steve!” I begged.

His eyes widened and his breathing stopped as he came. A thick sticky stream of searing hot cum shot out of his cock. It must have shot two feet above the tip of his cock splattering down on his shirt. Another stream shot out and landed directly back on the head. His hand smeared it along the length of his cock shaft and it glistened with the moisture. Still another shot flew from his pulsating cock head landing on his thigh only an inch from my fingertips.

He moaned deeply as his orgasm subsided and his hand slowed as he oozed cum from the slit at the tip of his cock. My fingers inched toward the puddle of cum on his thigh. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to gather it on my fingers and lick it from them. The tip of one finger slid into that puddle of man juice. He watched intently as I collected it along the length of my finger and then raised my hand toward my lips.

I extended my tongue and touched the tip against my finger. His cum tasted very salty, it was thick and sticky on my finger. Steve’s hand still massaging his cock was coated with that thick salty cum. I moaned as I licked the last of his man juice from my delicate finger. He removed his hand from his softening cock and extended it toward me.

I gave in to my lust for the taste of cum and took his hand in mine drawing it to my mouth. My mouth circled his fingers spreading his cream on my lips. I licked and sucked every drop of cum from his hand. Taking each finger inside my mouth to transfer the salty taste of him to my tongue.

Steve moaned as I cleaned his hand with my mouth.

“Damn Ms. Walker you sure have turned into one hot lady.” He offered.

I smiled taking his finger from my mouth and said, “I’ve been transformed Mr. Kosmerl.”

I stood up and smoothed my skirt back down over my legs and then returned to my desk chair. Sitting down I reached for my day planner. Thumbing ahead a few days I said, “Mr. Kosmerl, would you like me to pencil you in for another lesson in a few days?”

“Let’s see, I have next Monday at five o’clock open.” I offered.

“That would be great I’ll practice my descriptive writing till then. Maybe we could work on describing physical contact then?” He said clearly meaning he wanted to fuck my brains out next Monday.

“Ok, let me make a note of that Monday 5 pm, fuck Kosmerl silly,” I said. Letting him know I understood his mention of physical contact.

“Now Steve I have to get my papers graded so if you please would you close the door behind you when you leave,” I asked.

He slid his cock back into his pants and zippered up, standing he said, “Thanks so much for the help.”

I smiled from my desk chair and said, “My pleasure.”

He closed the door behind him as he left.

I sat there thinking what the fuck had you just done Genevieve? You need to get your lust under control. If you continue you’re going to be consumed totally with your desire to experience every cock you come in contact with. I knew in my heart that I had to control my lust. But my brain, my fantasizing mind wouldn’t yet let me stop lusting for every cock. I wanted to make up for all those years of self-induced orgasms. I wanted to experience the feel of as many cocks as I could. I wanted to make each and every one my own personal sex toy. My heart lost out, and I began planning the next experience of my transformed life.

A steady rain fell as I left the English Lit department. It was only a ten-minute walk from there to my flat, but I knew by the time I got home my new suit would be soaked and I’d look like a drowned rat. I cursed myself for not bringing an umbrella with me this morning.

I was rescued from drowning by Bill Franklin, he was leaving at the same time I was and asked if he could give me a ride. I gladly accepted mostly because I didn’t want to ruin my new suit, but I’d also have a chance to flirt with Bill a little. It wouldn’t be much of a flirt since the ride would take less than five minutes.

Bill’s car was parked halfway across the parking lot.

“I’ll run for the car and pick you up here.” He offered like a gentleman throwing his coat over a puddle for me to walk across.

I watched as he ran through the rain, his feet splashing in puddles soaking his trouser legs. It was quite cold and damp and I shivered as I waited just outside the building for Bill to pull up.

His car glided to a halt at the bottom of the stairs from the building. I made a quick dash for his car. As I approached he leaned over and pushed the door open. I almost jumped into the passenger seat not caring how high my skirt slid up my legs.

I started to say, “Thanks,” but held my tongue when I noticed he had his cell phone to his ear.

“Ok Tess, I understand.” He said.

He was talking to his wife Theresa. I’d met her once at the department Christmas party. As I recall she was a rather short woman, somewhat overweight and wore clothing to hide that fact. She was personable enough, but that was with the old Genevieve. I imagined she wouldn’t be so friendly if she met the transformed Genevieve.

“I guess I’ll just stay here and do some paperwork then,” Bill said as he glanced toward me and winked a seductive wink at me.

“I’ll see you around 10 then Tess, Goodbye.” He spoke.

He flipped his phone closed and looked at me. “She’s going to work late tonight.”

The shit eating grin on his face left little for me to imagine what paperwork he was planning of doing until 10 PM.

As we drove the short distance to my flat I didn’t bother to pull my skirt down toward my knees. The darker top of my silk stockings were exposed below the hemline of my skirt.

“What a perfect opportunity for me to find out where those seams end.” He said winking at me once again.

“I couldn’t agree more,” I replied. “Would you like to come up for a drink?” I added knowing his answer already.

“That would be very nice.” He said as we turned the corner and approached my building.

As luck would have it there were no parking spaces near my flat. Bill double parked in front and said, “Why don’t you jump out here, I think I see a space near the end of the block.”

“Thank you it’s best that we aren’t seen going in together anyway,” I said remembering that our impending tryst would have to be very discreet.

“I’ll wait in the foyer for you,” I said as I opened the door and dashed for the cover of the porch.

The rain had picked up and was coming down harder than before as Bill came running up the street and took the stairs two at a time until he reached the protection of the porch roof.

I pushed the front door open and he stepped into the foyer. His hair was soaked, droplets of water dripping from the ends of his now curly hair. His coat was a shade darker having been soaked during his mad dash through the storm. The bottom of his trousers dripped water onto his wet shoes.

“You’ll catch your death of cold if you don’t dry off,” I said as he followed me up the flight of stairs toward my flat.

I was certain his eyes were glued to the back of my legs as we ascended the stairs. Reaching my flat I unlocked the door and pushed it open letting him enter before me. We’d made it to the privacy of my flat without being seen by anyone. So far, our little tryst was completely discreet.

I followed him inside, closed the door, and turning the deadbolt as he looked around my flat.

“Nice place Gen.” He offered.

“Take your coat off I’ll get you a towel to dry your hair,” I said.

I was sure he watched me walk across the living room toward the short hall leading to the bath and my bedroom with anticipation of discovering where my seams ended.

Returning with a large fluffy white towel I reached up and began patting his head dry. His hands instinctively moved to my hips and slid around to cup my shapely ass.

“Whoa, slow down we have all evening,” I said.

He smiled at me as I finished his hair and said, “Yes we do have all evening.”

As I turned from him and walked into the living room I asked, “How about that drink?”

“What do you have?” He asked.

“I’m really not sure I don’t drink often here so my supply will be limited. What I have is in the corner cupboard over there.” I replied pointing toward the large antique cupboard across the room.

“Why don’t you take a look while I hang this towel in the bath,” I added.

As I hung the towel over the drying rod he asked, “Have any OJ Gen?”

“I doubt it, Bill,” I answered as I returned from the bath. “I haven’t been to the grocery since last week.”

“How about some 7-Up?” He asked again.

“I’m sure I don’t have any 7-Up either, sorry.” I apologized.

He laughed and said, “You’re some hostess I’m afraid to ask if you have any ice.”

“Don’t be a smart-ass I’m sure there’s ice in the freezer,” I said sarcastically.

“Good, we can just have Seagram’s on the rocks then. That’ll warm us up on such a damp dreary evening.” He suggested.

He followed me to the kitchen carrying a half-empty bottle of Seagram’s 7. I opened the cabinet door and looked for short glasses as he pulled a full tray of ice from my freezer. My drink glasses weren’t used often and I’d stored them on the top shelf. Reaching up I had to stand on my tiptoes to try and retrieve them.

“I like the look of that,” Bill said as my shapely legs stretched out and my skirt pulled up in the back.

“Aren’t we quite the voyeur?” I teased as I handed him the two glasses.

Bill twisted the ice tray and dropped several ice cubes in each glass. As he poured the liquor over the ice he said, “Say when Gen.”

“When,” I responded before the ice was completely emerged in liquid. He must not have heard me because he continued pouring a second more.

Handing me the glass he smiled and said, “Here you won’t need a refill as quickly.”

Bill filled his glass almost completely to the top and took a healthy swig before twisting the cap back on the bottle.

“My feet are soaked, do you mind if,” He began to say.

But I interrupted his sentence saying, “No go right ahead make yourself comfortable.

Bill placed his drink glass on the kitchen table and reached down to untie his shoes. He slipped them off and put them under a chair. “At least my socks are dry.” He said.

I took a sip of my drink. The liquor burned a little as I swallowed.

I had been leaning against the countertop watching him intently. His curly damp hair almost reached the collar of his shirt. A hint of dark hair showed at the top of his shirt. I wondered if he liked having fingernails run through that hair.

He smiled and said, “What are you thinking.”

“I was just going to say let’s go sit in the living room and enjoy our drinks,” I replied.

I placed my glass on the counter and slipped out of my suit coat, hanging it carefully over the back of a kitchen chair.

“Shall we?” I said as I picked up my glass and followed him to the living room.

He sat down on one end of the sofa and crossed his legs as I flipped on my stereo filling the room with soft jazz. I took a seat halfway between him and the other end of the couch wanting to give myself some time to grow more comfortable being alone with this man.

I did, however, cross my legs allowing my skirt to slide up my shapely thigh exposing once again the dark material at the top of my stocking.

“You know Gen, you’ve got great legs.” He said obviously appreciating the view of my thigh.

“Thank you I’m glad you like my legs. I think they are my best feature.” I replied.

“One of many great features I’ll bet.” He said.

I took another sip from my glass letting the liquor warm my throat. Leaning front, I placed my drink on the glass-topped coffee table. Bill took another full swig of his drink and uncrossing his legs placed his glass next to mine. He turned slightly to face me lifting his leg to sit sideways next to me.

He placed his arm on the back of the couch. His fingertips barely touching my shoulder as he did.

“You are quite lovely Genevieve.” He complimented me.

His voice sounded sincere, not just a compliment to begin his seduction. I smiled at him and snuggled back into the warm fabric of the couch moving an inch or two closer. His hand touched the back of my neck below the loose bun I’d pulled my hair into early that morning.

“May I?” He asked as his hand slid into my hair.

“Of course,” I replied wanting him to let my hair down.

His fingers moved up and squeezed the hair clip. My long tresses now released from their daylong confines cascaded down over my shoulders and the back of the couch.

I leaned forward and picked up my glass. Taking a fuller sip as my throat was becoming accustomed to the slight burn the liquor caused. As I sat back I pulled my hair around and in front of my shoulder farthest from him.

His hand moved from my shoulder and he traced the back of his fingers along my jaw. I was feeling both the effects of my drink and his gentle caresses, becoming more comfortable with his touch and presence.

I turned my head toward him and cooed softly as his hand turned over to gently cup my cheek. Pressing my face against his palm I uncrossed my legs and moved closer to him turning to face him and curling my legs up and behind me on the couch.

His eyes gazed upon me speculatively. He searched my eyes seeking a sign that I wanted our touches to become more intimate I leaned toward him placing my hand on his thigh.

“What incredible eyes.” He said staring deeper into my green pools of passion. I wanted his touch, I needed to know the intimacy of his soft caresses. As I slid closer to him Bill placed his free hand over mine and slowly moved my hand toward his loins.

He moaned softly as my fingers first touched his growing erection. Even though the fabric of his slacks, I could feel his hardness and my hand instinctively moved along the surging length.

His hand moved from mine and slid over my breast softly caressing me through my blouse and bra my nipple reacted quickly becoming harder under his palm. He slid his hand from my breast and around my back to pull me closer to him. I lifted my face to him and his eyes moved to study my lips. Our mouths inched toward each other, our eyes memorizing each other’s facial features close up.

I slowly closed my eyes and said, “Kiss.” But before I could utter the word “me” his lips touched mine. Barely making contact and sending passionate sparks flying between us. His hand returned to softly massage my breast over the material that hid them from his view.

Our lips parted in unison, tongues darting toward their passionate counterpart. It was a beautiful first kiss between two new lovers a kiss that held the promise of many more passionate kisses to come.

As we kissed that first tentative kiss I moved my hand up the length of his growing erection to begin unbuttoning the five buttons that held his shirt closed. My fingers deftly undid each one slowly, building the anticipation of the first time I’d run my nails through the hair that his shirt covered.

As Bill’s shirt fell open and I flattened my hand against his chest. I felt a mat of thick hair covering him. I moaned my approval and arched my fingers to let my nails slide through his thick chest hair toward his stomach.

Bill groaned passionately as my nails scratched through the forest on his torso.

He slid his hand under my blouse and continued his massage of my breast through the lacy fabric of my bra. I wanted my naked nipple touching his palm, I wanted his soft hand all over me. I slid my free hand under his and pushed the fabric up to uncover my nipple. His palm flattened against my breast and the hardened nub of my nipple pressed into the soft skin of his hand.

His touch was so gentle, his hand so soft.

Our lips finally parted and I was able to verbalize my pleasure.

“I love the way you caress my breast,” I said.

“Touch my cock, Gen!” He begged.

My fingers reluctantly left his hairy chest to move down to his now fully erect cock. I pulled down on the zipper of his slacks and slid my hand inside. His cock surged as my fingers traced along its rock-hard length to find two beautiful testicles pulled tightly up against either side at the base of his cock. I moved my hand up again to undo his belt and the clasp of his trousers. Spreading them open I could now slide my hand beneath the elastic band of his boxers and I wasted no time doing just that. His cock was fully engorged it felt blistering hot. My hand slid down the length of his pulsating member to cup his balls and squeeze them gently.

I wanted him, I wanted my newest lover more than I’d wanted any of the men I’d fucked before. My lust for cock once again took control and I wanted to seduce him visually, verbally and physically. I leaned back from his soft touch looked deeply into his lustful eyes and said, “Let me please you, let me please each and every one of your senses.”

Bill instantly understood and allowed me to move away from his touch. I brought my legs back around in front of me. Leaning forward I lifted my drink to my lips and emptied its contents into my mouth. The liquor burned as it drained down my throat. I stood up pulled my bra back into place and turned to stand between his legs.

I smiled and shook my head throwing my hair behind my back.

“Oh My God,” Bill whispered very slowly.

His eyes stared at me burning the image forever into his memory. Sitting there staring up at me his shirt open exposing the thick mat of hair I love so much his slacks open with his twitching member begging for release from the confines of his cotton boxers I slowly began my visual seduction.

My fingers slid up my body, pausing to cup my tits under the silk material that covered them. I pulled the silk open wider at the top and turned the collar up. He smiled as I looked at him seductively and moved my hands to begin unbuttoning my blouse. As each one came undone I pulled the material further apart.

As the third and fourth button came undone the creamy white flesh of my tits and succulent cleavage between were exposed to his lustful stare. My fingers pulled the bottom of my blouse out of the top of my skirt and I undid the final two buttons to let my blouse fall open in front of him.

His eyes moved from mine down across my tits and flat stomach. As he stared at my nearly naked torso I undid the cuff buttons of my sleeves and slowly slid the silk fabric from my shoulders. My blouse fell to the floor behind me.

Bill gasped as my naked shoulders and arms came into view.

“So beautiful Gen!” He whispered.

The effects of the liquor had taken full effect and combined with my lust for him I began my verbal seduction.

“Touch yourself,” I begged.

His hand slid to his cock and slowly began moving along its length outside his boxers.

I brought my hands to my tits and cupped them through the lacy fabric still covering them.

“Show me your gorgeous tits, Gen!” He pleaded.

I moved one hand to the clasp between the cups and with two fingers undid my bra. It instantly fell open exposing both tits to his intense stare. The straps no longer tight slid down my arms and I let it fall from me to join my blouse on the floor behind.

My nipples were rock hard. I pressed my arms in at the side pushing my tits together letting him appreciate the succulent cleavage.

“I can’t wait to feel your cock slide between these soft tits!” I excitedly said.

Bill moaned deeply at the thought of tit fucking my soft orbs.

“Please show me your beautiful cock!” I said using a beggar’s tone of voice.

He slowly hooked two fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and lifting his hips slightly sliding both his boxers and trousers down beyond his knees. They slid down forming a heap of fabric around his ankles. He sat back on the couch letting his hand rest on either side of his legs and allowed his thighs to spread exposing his throbbing cock to my lustful stare.

“Touch it, Bill!” I pleaded.

His trembling hand moved to the hard shaft and he slowly began stroking his solid length.

Watching him masturbate for a moment I said, “I can’t wait to wrap my delicate fingers around your cock.”

His eyes took on a voyeuristic stare as he watched me move seductively in front of him. My hands slid from my waist up to cover my tits and roll my nipples between the thumbs and index fingers. I was saving his fetish for last and verbally teased him saying, “Should I turn around?”

His instant reply was, “Oh god YES Gen.”

As I turned for him I pulled my waist length hair around front to give him a view of my naked back. I knew his eyes were glued to my legs below the hem of my skirt. I knew he was letting the image of my long shapely legs covered in dark silk with two darker lines running up their length burn into his memory. I dropped my hands to my sides and then moved them around to slide up along the back of my thighs over my ass to the clasp and zipper of my tight skirt.

My delicate fingers first undid the clasp releasing the waistline. Clenching the zipper pull between my thumb and index finger I began a slow seductive descent of the last mechanical barrier holding the skirt to my hips. Even with the zipper completely open I still had to peel the skirt down over my hips. I shifted my weight from foot to foot as I seductively worked the material down. I knew his eyes were glued to my ass, and when I felt the fabric only against my stockings I released it.

He gasped as the sexy pin striped skirt slid down my legs and puddled at my feet.

“Oh…..My…..God….” he whispered again as the full length of my seamed stocking, the straps holding them in place and my sexy framed ass came under his lustful gaze.

I turned slightly at the waist to look at his face. His eyes were like giant saucers his lower jaw had dropped open and I thought I detected a droplet of drool at the corner of his mouth.

I whispered, “You like?”

His voice was hoarse as he replied, “Absolutely incredible I’ve never seen a sexier looking woman.”

I smiled as I turned my head away from him again and turned up the heat with my body. My hands slid behind me and over my naked ass. Spreading my fingers wide, I slowly bent at the hips until my hair was hanging around my face touching the floor. I pulled with my hands spreading my ass cheeks so Bill could see the black lace of my thong between my cheeks.

I knew where his eyes were focused. Using one finger I hooked the material and pulled the lacy strap aside exposing my pussy and ass at the same time. I brought my other hand around and reached through my legs to slide a finger along my pussy lips barely spreading them so the lips slid on each side of my finger. I was totally wet my lust for yet another new cock causing my pussy to flood with moisture. Returning my hands to my hips I slowly peeled the thong from my body sliding it down to my heels I released the lacy fabric and slowly let my hands follow the seams in my stockings as they ascended back up the length of my shapely long legs. Once they reached the creamy flesh of my ass I dug my nails in and pulled the cheeks apart spreading myself open to Bill’s lustful gaze.

“A perfect rosebud.” He said describing what my glistening pussy looked like to him.

I straightened up and slowly turned to face him allowing him time to run his eyes up and down my body more than once.

“Tell me what you’re thinking?” I asked.

His eyes were glazed over, filled with a lust for me that no man had ever had before. His hand slowly stroked the cock that I craved so much.

I spoke again, “Bill, tell me what you want?”

It was as if he had been put into some lustful trance by my visual seduction. He finally realized I was speaking to him and he shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs of the trance I’d placed him under.

“I want your touch.” He whispered.

I smiled and moved forward to let my silk covered leg touch the inside of his knees. I slowly bent at the knees until I was kneeling between his legs. My hands slid up his thighs to his waist and continued up until they were entangled in the thick hair on his chest. As I leaned forward to run my fingers up toward his shoulders my own long silky hair dragged along his thighs causing him to moan deeply.

“I love your hairy chest,” I said.

Lightly scratching my nails back down over his chest and abdomen I focused my attention on his rock-hard cock. I finally had what I craved most in my hand. My long fingers circled his throbbing cock. I stroked down its length until my hand pressed against the matching lumps on either side at the base. His balls were pulled up so tightly against the shaft.

“I love the feel of your hard cock,” I said.

His eyes burned into mine as I carefully surveyed the entirety of his throbbing meat. The head was a deep purple color and flared beautifully at the silky flesh of his corona around to the frenulum where his foreskin had been removed when he was circumcised at birth. I couldn’t wait to feel that beautiful flaring corona press through the narrowest part of my throat. Below the head, the shaft was covered with bulging arteries. As I knelt there between his thighs I could watch the blood pumping through those arteries in time with his increasing heartbeat. His seven-inch shaft was perfectly round with the exception that along the bottom the urethra bulged noticeably. That bulge continued down and between his balls.

Bill noticed me studying his cock and asked, “Do you like the looks of it?”

“I absolutely love the look of it now let’s see about the taste and feel,” I replied.

I released it from my grip and it instantly flipped up against his abdomen. Leaning toward him I hooked one finger around the shaft at the base and pulled it slowly toward me. Bill’s eyes widened as I parted my lips and extended my tongue to lick the frenulum. My tongue circled the corona once and then slowly traced its way down along the bulge of his urethra.

“Oh fuck,” Bill whispered as my tongue teased only the most sensitive parts of his gorgeous cock.

I licked at each ball through his scrotum and then back up the length to press the tip of my tongue against the tiny slit at the top of his cock. My oral efforts were rewarded with the sweet taste of pre-cum. I gazed up into his eyes, those deep pools of passion begged me to take him inside my warm moist oral cavity. I parted my lips letting my lower lip rest against the frenulum. Once my upper lip passed above the tip of his raging erection I slowly closed my eyes and tilted my head forward letting him slip between my sensuous lips.

He groaned deeply as my lips closed around the shaft just below the corona. I lowered my mouth another inch or two and sucked hard on him drawing the wet flesh of my mouth tightly in against his manhood. Bill’s cock got incredibly hard. So hard that when my mouth closed tightly around it I could actually feel the pulses of blood flowing through the arteries along the shaft I found that feeling highly erotic.

I moaned on his member as I slowly pressed my mouth further and further down the length of his shaft. His throbbing cock head finally coming to rest against the entrance of my throat I pushed a tiny bit more and allowed myself to gag. Releasing my oral stranglehold on his cock I withdrew allowing the AW sound to escape my lips as it popped from my mouth.

I looked up at his face and smiled.

“You don’t have to,” He began to say but my words cut him off.

“Let me try again,” I said allowing him to believe I’d never taken a man in my throat before.

Again, I pressed his gorgeous cock inside my mouth until the head bumped into the tight opening to my soft throat. I pushed down allowing the head to begin spreading my throat open to accept its size. I let myself gag again but only withdrew until the head no longer was pressing into my throat.

“Gen, don’t force.” He whispered but my actions cut him off.

I pressed down a third time. As the muscles started giving way I lunged down and pushed the throbbing head through.

“Oh god!” Bill hissed.

I let a deep moan escape my throat vibrating my vocal cords along his pulsating cock shaft. With one swift thrust, I engulfed the remaining length of his cock shaft forcing the head to the maximum depth within my throat. My nose pressed against his pelvic bone I slid my tongue between the solid shaft and my lower lip to lick at his scrotum stretched across the base of his beautiful cock.

“OH MY GOD!” He screamed as my oral assault on his throbbing cock brought him untold pleasures.

I loved having a cock stuffed in my throat. I loved the way Bill’s cock filled me. I loved the way it pulsated inside my throat his beautiful cock would be mine to use, mine to experiment oral techniques upon, mine to suck off whenever I wanted.

I began lifting my head and plunging back down on it. Bill reacted by beginning to make short upward thrusts with his hips as my sensual oral cavity descended upon him.

“Fuck me Gen, fuck me with that beautiful tight throat!” He exclaimed.

I throat fucked him for a full three minutes, only allowing the head to slide back through the narrow opening to give me a split second to suck in life-giving oxygen.

Bill moaned and groaned his approval each time I thrust him deep down my throat again.

Finally, he grabbed my head and as he pulled me off his throbbing, pulsating cock he said, “Enough Gen!”

I allowed him to lift my head from his cock and as I released it from my exotic oral grasp I looked up at him and begged, “Please, please fuck me now!”

Bill Franklin is a strong man. His hands slid into my armpits and with one incredible muscular stroke, he pulled me off the floor and into his lap. I let my knees settle in on either side of his thighs and slid my hips toward him. My soaking wet pussy slid along the bulge of his urethra separating the lips and coating his already saliva coated cock with the juices that my pussy had produced.

I lifted my hips enough to allow him to slip his hand between us and guide his cock’s incredible head to the entrance of my soaking wet cunt. I wanted him inside me, filling me with the beautiful length of his cock I wanted to feel his cock rub against my g-spot and slam into my cervix.

I leaned forward and pressed my nipples into the thick mat of chest hair and dragged them down as I lowered my pussy onto his cock. Tentacles of pleasure extended from each nipple as they slid through his hairy chest.

His cock slid deeper and deeper into the searing heat of my pussy until he reached the ultimate goal of complete penetration. I nuzzled my mouth into his neck and moaned in pleasure as his throbbing cock filled me.

Lifting my hips only enough to drag the corona of his cock head over my g-spot and then thrusting down completely over him again. We fucked like that for an eternity. Moaning, groaning, hissing at each other in the pleasure of this glorious first fuck of two new lovers. Sweat poured from our skin. His hands were free to roam over the entire length of my naked sweating back and ass. My hands moved from his neck and face to the back of the couch as I humped his glorious cock, his incredible specimen of manhood, his rock- solid fuck cock. I lost all perception of time. Seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes seemed like hours as Bill and I reveled in the spectacular pleasure of our lovemaking.

I leaned back lifting my tits from his thick hairy and now sweat matted chest. My tits glistening with our sweat. Bill leaned forward to take one hard nipple between his lips. Sucking it, licking it, using his teeth to tantalize my sensitive nipple. My hand circled his head and pulled his mouth tight to my heaving tits.

“Suck them.” I pleaded.

His mouth moved from one erect nipple to the other as his soft hands roughly massaged the fleshy orbs surrounding them. Tentacles of pleasure again spread from my nipples as he assaulted them with his mouth. I loved the way he caressed my tits, I loved the way his mouth pleasured the nipples, I loved the way he pressed them together to lick through the succulent cleavage.

Bill lifted his eyes toward my face. His lust for me almost oozed from his tear ducts. He moved his hands to my head and pulled my mouth toward his. Our lips met in a sensual soul-searching kiss. Tongues intertwining in a passionate dance of lust his soft hands, placed on either side of my jaw guided my head and mouth as we kissed.

Slowly the sensations I was feeling deep inside my pussy began to spread through my entire pelvic region the intense tingling of what I knew would be an incredible orgasm. Tiny rings of pleasure spread from my pussy each time I humped down onto him as his rock-hard cock massaged my g-spot.

“Keep fucking me like that. I’m going to cum for you Bill,” I whispered in his ear.

He groaned as I contracted the muscles inside my pussy to grasp his cock.

It’s so fucking tight Gen. So wet, so fucking hot!” He said. “I want you to cum all over my cock!” Bill added.

The tiny rings grew to waves of spectacular pleasure as my orgasm built. I slammed my pussy down on his rock-hard cock impaling myself on it and ground my clit against his pelvic bone heightening the pleasure of my orgasm. My breath came in short gasps, moaning between each life-giving gasp for oxygen. I grasped at my new lover clinging to him as I rode his beautiful cock.

“Oh god, aw, ohhhh god” I screamed. As my pussy flooded with juices bathing his incredible cock with hot fluid. Bill moaned deeply as he felt my pussy fill with my own hot cum.

White hot blinding pleasure consumed me. I lost total control of my body. Every nerve ending tingled, every muscle twitched as my orgasm peaked.

“Oh, fuck oh god Bill, its so,” I tried to say. But he thrust himself up into me and caused me to lose control of my voice. I could only make inaudible sounds of passion. Grunting, moaning, groaning sounds of indescribable orgasmic pleasure. His arms circled me and pulled my body tight against his. My heaving chest rubbing into the sweaty mat of hair on his chest.

As my orgasm subsided my body went rag doll limp. I couldn’t even hold on as Bill again pulled my mouth to his. We moaned in unison as our mouths crushed together. This kiss even more intense, more passionate than any previous kiss. His tongue gave new meaning to the term “French kiss”

My ability to verbalize was the first motor skill that returned and I broke his kiss to whisper, “Amazing absolutely fuckin’ amazing!”

My pussy still tingled my muscles ached from a build-up of lactic acid. I was sexually spent and needed time to recover. My new lover sensed this and didn’t move a muscle. His raging cock still buried deep inside my flooded pussy had a mind of its own and twitched often sending small shards of pleasure through my body.

I kissed him softly on the ear, extending my tongue to probe the canal inside.

I whispered, “How do you want me?”

Bill didn’t hesitate a second responding, “From behind Gen, I want to fuck your tight wet pussy doggie style!”

I cooed softly in his ear and said, “Oh yeah, I love doggie.”

I slid off his beautiful cock and crawled to the end of the couch resting my elbows on the pillow and lowered my head to the arm. My ass stuck up seductively above the rest of my body, giving him a wet target for his next sexual assault on me. I wanted him to impale me I wanted his cock slamming into me. I wanted his soft hands pulling me back over his beautiful throbbing manhood.

As he moved behind me I reached around with both hands and spread myself open to his impending invasion.

“Take me, Bill fuck me deep,” I begged.

“Geez Gen, do you have any idea how fucking sexy you look right now?” He said.

I threw my head back causing my long tresses to fly over me and spread across my back.

“Pull my hair while you fuck me slap my ass if you like,” I said giving my lover permission to use me as he saw fit.

His left hand came to rest on my ass, while his right grasped his pulsating cock positioning it at the entrance to my swollen wet pussy. Bill leaned forward pressing the tip against my swollen wet lips. They parted and slid over the head as his cock entered me. He paused and then withdrew teasing me with that beautiful cock head.

“I’m going to fuck you so slowly.” He said.

I could only moan my approval as he again slipped the head just inside. His slow fucking would drive me insane and he knew it.

He withdrew again rubbing the tip along the length of my swollen pussy lips. That incredible tingling feeling quickly returned. The next thrust was perhaps an inch deeper, this time my tight lips closed around his shaft just below the corona. I clenched my internal muscles in a feeble attempt to hold his member inside me. He pulled back withdrawing again so that only the tip rested against my lips.

“Oh god Bill that feels so fucking incredible. Fuck me in slow motion make it last forever.” I begged him.

His intent was to do just that, fuck me slower than I’d ever been fucked before. Countless times he pressed his twitching cock into me each time going an undetectable distance deeper. I could feel this throbbing cock shaft pushing my pussy lips in as he pressed forward and stretching outward as he withdrew. That incredible tingling sensation spread deeper and deeper as his cock inched forward.

“Can you feel my pussy molding to your beautiful cock?” I asked. “Are you watching that incredible cock slide inside me?” I added.

“I haven’t missed a single stroke I wish I had a video camera to record the incredible view,” Bill replied.

Slowly Bill’s ever-deepening thrusts reached their ultimate goal, complete penetration. The pace of his thrusts never quickened. I was amazed at his sexual willpower keeping his promise to fuck me slower than I’d ever been fucked before. The tingling sensation slowly turned to throbbing as my pussy swelled even tighter around his beautiful rock-hard cock.

Bill released his hold on my ass and grabbed two handfuls of my long hair. He began pulling me back onto his throbbing cock. I wanted to push my ass back faster but resisted the urge allowing my incredible new lover to continue control of the pace of our lovemaking.

“I’m going to fuck you slowly until you cum again for me,” He said.

Each time he slid into the depths, my pussy throbbed a little more intensely each time the throbbing spread a little wider. I bit my lower lip and began moaning as my impending orgasm slowly built. That beautiful swollen corona rubbing against my g-spot in slow motion having nearly completed its passionate mission.

“Cum for me, bathe my cock with your sweet flood of juices.” He pleaded.

A deep guttural groan escaped my throat as my orgasm intensified. My entire pelvic region throbbed for release. He was dragging me to the absolute pinnacle of sexual pleasure and as I reached the summit my pussy convulsed and a title wave of juices washed over his beautiful twitching cock.

“Oh, my fucking god I’m cumming!” I screamed as the most spectacular orgasm of my life washed over me.

My lover was intent on making this an orgasm we would both remember always. Bill thrust his cock inside me until it pressed against my cervix and held himself there. He flexed his muscles and caused the head to press upward. The absolute incredible pleasure of his movement only served to intensify my climax.

Those inaudible sounds again escaped my throat over and over again he flexed his cock to massage the most sensitive spot of my pussy.

“OH GOD,” I screamed as I rode his incredible cock across a plateau at the peak of intense sexual pleasure. My pussy flooded again with juices which leaked from me and ran down his scrotum dripping between my knees.

I pleaded with him, “Bill please you have to bring me down I can’t take much more of this before I’ll pass out.”

His cock twitched a few more times up against my cervix and then he slowly relaxed and began a slow-motion withdraw from my twitching throbbing pulsating cunt. As his cock withdrew I could feel the intense orgasm I was experiencing mercifully begin to subside.

He slipped from me and knelt back on his haunches. His glistening cock still standing straight up from its base. I turned to look at him he was sweating profusely, drops of sweat dripped from his nose, his chin. He had willed his cock not to cum he had commanded it to withhold the torrid of sperm until I had experienced the most incredible climax of my life.

But now it begged for release, it demanded to be brought to a blistering climax matching my own. His eyes told me that he needed that release. I slipped from the couch to kneel beside him as he collapsed back to lay flat on the couch. His cock glistened with the fluids it had been bathed in moments before.

I didn’t speak a word, knowing my mission was to bring him to a swift intense oral climax. His cock was a deep purple color from the tip of his head to the base of its shaft. His balls swollen with the cum. I reached out with one hand it twitched as my fingers touched it a droplet of pre-cum appeared at the tip and I quickly leaned in and licked it from him.

He moaned deeply as I closed my hand around the rock-hard shaft and positioned my open mouth above the glorious head. I stroked it once slower then he had fucked me earlier my hand came to rest at the base of his shaft and I squeezed it tightly. I slowly lowered my mouth over this incredible man’s cock.

It slipped easily through the narrow part and deep down the hot flesh of my throat. I wanted him to cum I wanted his cock to fill my throat with his seed. As my lips touched the base Bill placed one strong hand on the back of my neck.

“Take me, Gen,” He hissed.

I swallowed hard squeezing my throat flesh tightly around his throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck YES.” He screamed.

His cock exploded. Cum shooting in an almost constant stream of hot sticky sweet tasting fluid. I swallowed once, twice a third time accepting every incredible drop down my throat. I pulled up wanting him to give me a mouth full of his beautiful sweet cocktail.

“Yes baby, suck me, suck every drop of cum from me.” He begged.

My tongue circled the head as he oozed still more sweet cum for my eager mouth. I licked at his cock, sucked on its incredible head until his balls had drained themselves of every ounce of cum they held for me.

As I withdrew his cock from my mouth I slid my hand up the shaft collecting the last drops of his sweet man juice. Forming an “O” with my lips I sucked the pool of cum that formed on the tip of his head as my fingers reached the end of an incredible ascent along my lover’s shaft.

Bills arms went limp at his sides. I lay my head down on his belly and slowly gently stroked his cock staring intently at it. It had become my sexual god to be worshiped, to be idolized.

After what seems like an eternity he spoke to me.

“Gen tell me something.” He said.

“Anything, ask me anything you’d like,” I replied.

“Am I a good lover?” He asked. His voice almost sounded like he expected my answer to be negative.

I turned my head and looked into his eyes. They were glazed and watery.

“You’re a very good lover,” I responded.

“Are we going to continue this affair?” He asked.

I hesitated a moment not to think but to let him think before I said, “We just shared the most incredible sex. If I were to base my answer solely on that I’d said absolutely we’re going to continue this affair.”

“I feel like there’s a but coming,” he said.

I continued, “We should get to know each other better before we commit to a long-term affair.”

“I’m not going to leave my wife she’d never survive without me,” he admitted.

“Do you love her?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said.

“I hope there’s a but coming Bill,” I said giving him a chance to expound.

He smiled and said, “There is. I love her because we’ve been together for twenty-two years but I’m not IN love with her. I’ve never lusted for her the way I lusted for you today, sex to her is something like a chore. And lately, that chore only gets done once a month.”

“You only fuck her once a month?” I asked.

“Yes, and that lasts maybe five minutes. She’d never go for doing it doggie, and I can count on one hand the number of times she’s given me head. She’s never let me cum in her mouth either.” He explained.

I full well knew what kind of woman Bill was married to. Hell, up until three days before I would have fallen into the same category.

“Does she let you go down on her?” I asked.

“Oh my god, Gen never!” He exclaimed. “That’s disgusting according to Tess.”

His admission surprised me, but also made me think. This incredible fuck, this slow-motion passion machine is a novice at giving head. I instantly knew I had a challenge before me. I could train him to eat me the way I wanted.

“Do you fantasize about eating pussy?” I questioned him.

“All the time.” He said.

“What other things are disgusting to Tess?” I asked.

He laughed as he reached out to play with my hair. “It would be easier to tell you what she thinks isn’t disgusting.” He said.

I revised my question, “Okay, so what isn’t disgusting to her?”

He laughed again, “Intercourse in the missionary position with all the lights out and under the covers.”

“That’s it?” I asked surprised.

“Yep, that’s been my sex life for twenty-two years.” He admitted.

“No oral sex, no anal sex, no mutual masturbation?” I asked.

“Nope” He replied.

No dressing up, no role play, or bondage, not even a little titty fucking?” I continued.

“None of that either Gen.” He said.

I lifted my face from his belly and moved up toward his face so I could look directly into his eyes with a wicked grin and said, “Bill you’re in for the time of your life.”

He smiled and offered, “I’m already having the time of my life.”

I wanted to admit to him that I had only discovered the sensual side of lovemaking three days ago, but I decided not to mostly because I wanted to become his sexual professor. I wanted to teach him how to experience all those things while I myself was learning right along with him.

“Bill I’m going to shower. I want you to listen for my bedroom door to close and then shower yourself. When you’re done I’ll be waiting in my bedroom for you.” I instructed him.

He smiled and said, “Yes Madam.”

I giggled as he said that word. A word that four days ago I found so displeasing. It had taken on a whole new meaning now and I loved the new meaning.

As I walked away from my new lover I knew he was watching me. I walked with an accentuated swing to my hips. One that sent him the message that the time of his life was only beginning.

The hot water of my shower soothed my body. I shampooed my hair with a strawberry scented shampoo washed my body with strawberry gel paying close attention to make my loins as clean and fragrant as possible. Wrapping a big fluffy towel around my body, I opened the bathroom door. Stepping out into the hall I glanced toward the living room Bill was sitting up on the couch he looked toward me but I turned and quickly disappeared into my bedroom.

A minute later I heard the shower. I lit several strawberry scented jar candles turned down my bed and walked to the closet. My feet slipped into the four-inch stiletto heels I’d purchased over the weekend. Silk stockings run very easily and I already had two pairs that had been ruined. Retrieving them from the wastebasket I carefully tied one stocking around each of my wrists and one around each ankle.

My hair still wet hung down my back touching the crack in my ass. I walked over to my bed and reclined with my head resting on one soft white pillow. I pulled my hair around one side and placed the long-wet strands between my tits then bent my legs slightly at the knee and to one side. I was ready for my new lover. I was ready to have him share a mutual fantasy with me.

The sound of water running in the bath ended. It seemed like hours until the doorknob turned and the door began to slowly open. He entered my sanctuary, his body wrapped in a white towel his thick chest hair fluffy and curly again.

He closed the door and stood still waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dim light.

“Come stand at the bottom of my bed,” I said.

He slowly walked across the room and came to a stop facing me. A noticeable bulge began showing in the front of his towel.

“Drop your towel,” I instructed.

A flip of his thumb and the towel fell to the floor.

His cock was beginning to get hard. His eyes now fully adjusted to the dim light stared intently at me.

“God Gen you look so beautiful. I love the way your hair accents your lovely breasts,” He said.

“Do you want me?” I asked.

His instant response was, “Absolutely!”

I slowly lifted both legs keeping my ankles locked together my stilettos pointing toward the ceiling. The silk stockings tied to my ankles dangling down the back of my legs. I spread my arms toward the corners at the headboard. Once I’d fully extended my long shapely legs I knew he could see my pussy between my tightly clenched thighs. I unlocked my ankles and began spreading my legs.

As my legs parted and his face came into view I could again look into his eyes. That incredible look of lust was all I saw. His eyes drank in the image before him. I slowly spread myself open to his voyeuristic gaze wider and wider until my legs reached the horizontal plane of my bed.

“Bind me, Bill tie me to this bed and pleasure me and yourself as you see fit,” I begged.

My body trembled and my mind raced as I surrendered myself to this incredible man’s sexual will. His nibble fingers made quick work of binding my ankles to the corners of the footboard. He checked the knots at my ankles before slowly walking to the right to stretch out my left arm and bind it to the headboard. I thought for a moment he was going to leave my right arm free, but I was mistaken, he moved around the bed and tied my remaining free arm to the opposite corner. I pulled with one arm and then the other. Neither would be freed by simply pulling them I’d have to be untied by my lover after he’d finished with my body.

His cock now fully erect stood at attention from his groin. He walked to the foot of the bed again and stared at me I shuddered in anticipation of what I knew was about to happen.

Bill grasped his cock in one hand and staring lustfully at me he said, “Do you want me, Genevieve?”

“Yes, Bill!” I replied.

“Wrong answer!” He hissed.

“From now until I tell you otherwise you will address me as Master William. Do you understand Genevieve?” He said. “If you fail to address me with the respect I demand I will be forced to gag you.” My master added.

“I’m going to eat your pussy will that please you?” He asked.

“If it will please you, Master William,” I replied

Will it taste good?” my master asked.

“Oh yes Master William, I’ve washed my pussy clean for you,” I replied.

He crawled between my legs and leaned down to kiss along the naked flesh of my inner thigh his soft lips made my skin quiver with anticipation. As he neared my loins he inhaled deeply.

“It smells very sweet Genevieve.” He said.

Bill’s lips moved to the other thigh and kissed from my knee up toward his ultimate goal.

When he reached that goal, he lifted his head and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Do you want me to lick it?” He asked.

Oh god please, yes please Master William lick it.” I whispered.

I wanted to lift my thighs to expose myself more to him but the bounds held me firmly on the bed. He lowered his mouth toward my swelling clit and extended his tongue. The tip of his tongue touched my clit causing me to gasp in sexual delight.

“Suck it, Master William!” I pleaded.

He lifted his head and with a demeaning tone of voice said, “Don’t instruct your Master on the proper way to eat pussy. Speak to me like that again and I will gag you.”

“I understand Master William,” I whispered subserviently.

I decided to only speak when spoken to. Allowing him to control his oral actions. I knew he hadn’t had much experience with eating pussy, but I was sure he would please me all the same.

His tongue circled my clit a few times and then he took it between his lips to suck hard on it. I moaned as he sucked it between his teeth he bit gently on it and flicked his tongue against its hard nub behind his teeth. Releasing my clit Bill lowered his mouth and began kissing and licking around the outside of my pussy. His tongue spread my lips and slid up to again flick at my clit. I wanted that tongue inside me, I wanted it coated with my wetness.

His tongue probed my slit slowly at first but with increasing pressure as I began to rock my pelvis to meet his tongue as it entered me. Bill was learning quickly what oral techniques pleased me most. His fingers slid between my thighs and spread my lips open wider to his oral advance. He lapped at my pussy like a wild a****l that hadn’t been to the watering hole for days his tongue worked faster and faster on my swelling cunt.

“Yes, Master William, keep licking my slit that way,” I said.

Long slow strokes with his tongue sent chills up my spine. I began feeling the tingling sensation deep within my loins. My body began to shudder as he continued his oral invasion of my now dripping wet cunt.

I wanted him to intensify the Master-slave role play we’d entered and encouraged him saying, “Does my pussy taste good Master William?”

He didn’t answer but just kept licking the lips sucking my clit and driving his tongue into me as deeply as he could.

I spoke again, “Do I please you, Master William?”

Again, he remained silent. His mouth too busy to speak.

I wanted him to make me cum. I wanted the first time he’d eaten a woman to be something he’d remember always. I wanted to flood his mouth with the sweet nectar of total sexual pleasure. But his inexperience didn’t allow him to recognize that I was quickly approaching a beautiful oral climax.

He lifted his head from my loins, our eyes met, and his glistening mouth spoke saying, “Your Master wants his cock sucked slave.”

I hesitated for a moment unsure if I should beg him to bring on my impending orgasm or submit to his own oral desire. I opted for the latter and said, “Oh yes Master William please let your slave suck it.”

Bill moved slowly up over my body, his cock dragging along my naked flesh and slippery hair as he did. His knees pressed into my bound arms as he settled in above me. He reached to his left and grabbed the second pillow stuffing it under my head and bringing my mouth closer to his raging cock.

“Let me suck it Master William,” I begged trying to reach the head with my lips.

He leaned back away from my mouth and said, “Your master will decide when you will be permitted to suck it slave!”

“Yes, Master William,” I replied

My master used his hands to press my tits together his thumbs reaching in to pull his rock-hard cock between them and into the succulent cleavage. I pressed my chin down into my neck and extended my tongue so he could fuck my tits and let the head slide over my moist tongue.

My hard nipples pressed into his palms his thumbs held his throbbing cock firmly between the soft orbs he was about to fuck.

Looking down at his cock he spit on it lubricating the succulent cleavage. He thrust forward. The head appeared from between my tits and touched the tip of my tongue. He pulled back until the sensitive corona of his cock head slid into the slippery flesh between my tits. I felt his knees press harder against my arms as he positioned himself to better reach my mouth. He thrust forward again this time his cock slid onto my waiting tongue. He moaned deeply as the frenulum rubbed across my moist tongue.

“Does my mouth please you, Master William?” I questioned him.

Bill clearly was enjoying our role play taking on the character of my sexual master. He responded to my question saying, “Shut the fuck up slave and suck my cock!”

As he thrust forward again through the succulent cleavage of my breasts he released his hold on the quivering orbs and leaned forward placing his hands above my head on the top of the headboard. His hard member slid along my tongue and deeper into my wet mouth.

I closed my lips around the shaft of his throbbing cock. He moved one hand to press his cock down tighter against my tongue as he withdrew rubbing his frenulum roughly against the hot flesh of my tongue. He moaned again.

“Suck it, bitch!” He hissed.

My master thrust his beautiful cock deep into me pressing it against the back of my throat. I gagged involuntarily as the angle of his assault on my throat stretched the flesh in a way it was not accustomed to moving.

He withdrew until the corona of his cock head was rubbing against my lips and then thrust forward again. I tried to resist gagging but my throat would not accept his penetration from this angle. I gagged harder.

Realizing the discomfort his assault from this angle was causing he withdrew and leaned back on his haunches.

“If I release your bounds Genevieve do you swear to obey my every command?” He questioned.

“Master William, bound or not I am your sexual slave. I swear to obey your wishes my master.” I replied subserviently.

He reached for my wrists and quickly undid the silk ties of my bondage.

“Thank you, Master William,” I said as my hands were now freed to follow his lustful commands.

He pulled one pillow from under my head and dragged it with him as he dismounted me and slid off the bottom edge of the bed. His fingers undid the stocking knot around one ankle. As he reached for the second he paused.

“If you try to escape slave I’ll be forced to bind and gag you to this bed and leave you to be used by the other lords of the land.” He warned.

The idea of that kind of excited me, but I offered, “I am your slave Master William, I swear to obey your every command. If I fail to please you master I would happily accept any punishment you see fit.”

Having offered to allow him to punish me if I failed in my sexual promise to satisfy his every wish he undid the final silk strap of my bondage.

I submissively remained in the spread position awaiting his next command.

“I want you to place your head upon this pillow, Genevieve.” He said as he lay the pillow between my legs at the edge of the bed.

I quickly followed his command. As my head nestled into the soft pillow I slid my hands behind my back to pull my hair from under me and let it hang down over the bottom edge of the bed.

“Now tilt your head back slave.” He demanded.

I did as he demanded knowing he was positioning my mouth and throat for a straightforward invasion of my oral cavity. He was about to fuck my throat, and I prepared for his assault by licking my lips moistening them with hot saliva.

“Take my cock in your hand slave.” He commanded.

My delicate fingers surrounded his throbbing member and pulled it down positioning the tip just outside my mouth. I hadn’t been instructed to take it inside my wet mouth but I moaned in anticipation of my master making that demand.

His hands came to rest on his hips. I studied the length of his member along the bottom of the shaft. His bulging urethra and pulsating arteries clearly visible to my lustful stare. His balls hung below the beautiful shaft of my master’s cock. I knew in a moment those incredible balls would be resting against my face.

“Open your mouth slave.” He finally demanded.

My lips parted and his oral assault began. He slid the head between moist lips. I kept my lips parted widely as he pressed forward. Inch after glorious inch of his throbbing cock slid between my moist sensual lips. The head reached the entrance to my throat. I relaxed my muscles knowing he would continue forward. We both knew this is the perfect angle for throat fucking I moaned deeply as his head easily slid into the hot flesh of my throat. He pressed onward, another inch disappeared between my lips another inch of my throat expanded to accept the beautiful head of my master’s cock.

He groaned as I swallowed gripping the head tight with the hot wet flesh beyond the base of my tongue.

As he reached maximum oral penetration his balls came to rest against my nose. I found that I was able to breathe easily in this position and I inhaled deeply sucking in the intoxicating scent of my master’s loins.

He slowly withdrew bringing the head completely outside my slippery mouth a trail of saliva hanging from the tip back to my upper lip. It broke and landed on my cheek.

“Your throat is very wet slave.” He commented. “You’ve allowed others to fuck you this way haven’t you slave?” Bill added.

“I have,” I admitted. “But none as deeply as you Master William,” I added allowing him to think he’d entered virgin throat tissue.

His hips moved forward pressing his throbbing cock into me once again. My throat accustomed to the size of his head easily expanding to accept his quicker advance. I could feel the bulge his cock head caused as it moved deeper inside my soft moist throat. I knew he could watch that bulge move from the outside also.

His hands moved from his hips to slide along the sides of my neck with his thumbs stretched over the top. I felt him press the skin down ever so slightly as if he would choke me. He didn’t press hard enough to cause me any pain or concern that he was actually going to choke off the life-giving breath to my lungs. Instead, he just let his thumbs rest there as he began a quick series of short withdrawals and thrusts. His thumbs pressing the moist tissue of my throat firmer against the corona of his cock head as he fucked me.

I moaned deeply as the additional pressure caused my throat to begin tingling. His balls slapped against my nose and face. I love the feeling of being throat fucked almost as much as having a cock stuffed inside my pussy. There is something highly erotic about giving yourself to a lover in this way having your salvia escape and run down over your face to moisten your hair.

Before my transformation, I felt that oral sex was something a woman was required to perform to be considered a good lover. But in the last several days I’ve discovered that it is something to be reveled. Being pleasured orally, and giving oral pleasures would be a sexual activity I would experiment with all my future lovers.

Bill’s hands slid from my neck as he withdrew again another trail of saliva dripping from his cock across my face. His hand slid down to my tits, as he thrust into my throat again he began massaging the fleshy orbs of my tits. His hands didn’t concentrate on just my nipples, they explored every part of my tits softly caressing them for a moment and then becoming rougher as they squeezed the flesh he paid as much attention to the whole tit as he did the hard nubs of my erect nipples.

I moaned in the pleasure of his touch and the feeling of having his manhood stuffed down my throat. He leaned forward reaching one hand to my pussy. His middle finger finding the throbbing erect clitoris he rubbed it roughly sending me into a sexual shudder that expanded outward from my loins.

His finger slid inside to find my pussy pulsating and soaking wet. A second finger joined the first. My pussy twitched under his sensual probing. Leaning this far forward he was barely able to withdraw his beautiful cock more than an inch or two from my throat. I slid my hands to my neck and massaged the head of his cock through the skin as he had done with his own hands earlier.

He groaned deeply as my fingers pressed the hot flesh of my throat against the corona across the top of his cock head.

“Your pussy is wetter than your throat slave.” He said.

I could only moan in agreement.

“Do you want your master to fuck this hot wet pussy?” He asked.

I moaned again.

“Do you want your master to fill this pussy with his cum?” He said.

I moaned again.

“Do you swear to cum at the exact time your master fills this hot wet pussy with his cum?” He demanded.

I groaned deeply.

He withdrew his fingers straightened up and quickly pulled his throbbing cock from my throat. My vocal cords now free to express my desire I begged, “Oh god Master William please fuck me, fuck me fast and hard master. Fill my cunt with your seed please Master William.”

He moved quickly between my thighs. Grabbing me by the ankles he helped me slide up so my head was resting comfortably on the pillow. Lifting my legs, he brought my hips in line with his cock. With one incredible thrust, he buried his beautiful throbbing cock deep inside me. I squealed in absolute delight as he stuffed my aching cunt full with rock-hard cock. My hips arched to meet his second plunge into the steamy depths.

“Oh god Master William your cock fills me so well, it fits perfectly inside my wet cunt,” I exclaimed.

Time after glorious time he slammed his throbbing cock into me. My pussy tingled more and more with each successive thrust.

“Hmm… You’re pleasing your master Genevieve.” Bill whispered almost coming out of his master character.

I smiled at him and said, “And you’re pleasing your slave Master William, pleasing her beyond belief.”

Bill reached behind his back and unlocked my ankles that had been pushing him toward me. He brought my legs up and spread them holding the pointed heels of my stilettos for leverage. His pulsating cock entered me at an angle that caused the head and his luscious corona to rub against my g-spot before it slammed against my cervix.

Sweat poured from every pore on his body dripping from him onto my tingling flesh. Waves of intense sexual pleasure spread from my loins throughout my body. I closed my eyes and let my sense of touch control my impending orgasm.

“Fuck me, Master, fuck your slave bitch harder Master William!” I pleaded, no begged him.

He released my feet and leaned forward placing a hand on either side of my shoulders. The pace of his fucking increased, the strength of his thrusts intensified as we both rode his incredible cock toward the summit of pleasure.

He moaned deeply as the orgasmic waves of pleasure spread from my pussy to his loins through his beautiful fucking cock.

“Yes, baby!” He screamed abandoning the pretense of being my master. His mind only concentrating on bringing us to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and beyond together as it should be with new lovers.

“Fuck me, Bill,” I screamed. “Make me cum with you!” I hissed feeling his cock begin to swell to orgasmic size.

It crashed into me catching me off guard and I reached up to claw at his sweaty flesh as my orgasm peaked.

“I’m cumming NOW!” He screamed as his cock pumped the first stream of hot sticky cum inside me. The searing heat of his thick sperm caused my pussy to flood with juices trying to extinguish the heat of his orgasmic flood of cum.

“Yes, Master I’m cumming with you fill my cunt with your beautiful hot cum!” I exclaimed.

His cock spewed cum into me for an eternity. A flood of our mixed fuck juices flowed from me and ran down between my ass cheeks to wet the bedding.

Our bodies melted together, just as our orgasmic flood of cum and pussy juices mixed within my throbbing cunt.

“Oh god, Master William what a beautiful climax!” I whispered as the waves of ecstasy returned to ripples of sexual pleasure within our loins.

My master didn’t speak. His breath came in short gasps as his own orgasm slowly subsided. I clung to him my legs wrapped around his waist. My arms closed behind his neck. Sweat dripped from his face splashing on my chin neck and heaving chest.

He finally moaned deeply and collapsed on top of me, his elbows keeping the full weight of his body from crushing me.

His glassy eyes searched mine deeply. Our mouths met in a passionate kiss intensified by the afterglow of an incredible sexual experience. Tongues intertwined in a passionate dance.

I whispered, “Master?”

“Yes, Genevieve?” He replied.

“Master, may I use your first name now?” I questioned.

Bill’s eyes opened, he smiled and whispered, “Genevieve you can call me whatever you like.”

I kissed him softly on the lips before I said, “You’re an incredible lover Bill.” I’m certain you and I will share countless fantasies together in the future.”

My newest lover slid off to my side his beautiful cock sliding from inside me. Bill rolled over to lay on his back his eyes staring up at the ceiling. I cuddled in next to him dr****g one leg over his. My fingernails slid into the sweaty mat of curly hair on his chest. I rested my head on his shoulder and he pulled me tighter against his body.

He held me this way for the longest time as we talked quietly about the experience we’d just shared.

I said, “Bill it is such a turn on being bound to the bed and having you treat me as a sexual slave.”

“You’re not the only one who was turned on,” He replied.

“And when you untied me and had me lay down with my head hanging over the bed. I could have cum just from the sensation of having you fuck my throat that way,” I admitted.

“Really Genevieve?” He asked.

“Words can hardly express how erotic it felt when your cock was stuffed down my throat I suppose I’m somewhat of a submissive, and what better way to submit to your lover than to allow him to fuck you that way,” I explained.

He seemed a little surprised, but admitted, “I loved the sensation, but I was afraid I’d hurt you if I pushed any harder.”

“Next time I want you to cum in my throat. I want to feel your hot cum shoot down my throat.” I said reinforcing my complete passion for having a hard cock stuffed in my throat.

He could only reply, “Oh god!”

He was quiet for a long time. I assumed he was thinking about what I had just asked him to do.

“Genevieve?” He said.

“Yes?” I replied.

“How often will we be able to see each other?” He asked.

I smiled and after softly kissing his shoulder said, “As often as possible.”

“We’ll have to be very careful, we can’t let anyone find out about us,” He said.

“I know, so we’ll have to make every time we’re together as special as we can,” I said.

I added, “I want you to be totally open with me Bill. If there is something you’ve fantasized about I want you to tell me your fantasy and we’ll bring them to reality.”

He grinned and suggested, “So we’ll be each other’s fantasy lovers. I like that idea.”

“Fantasy lovers I like the sound of that too,” I replied.

Bill glanced at his wristwatch. The reality slapped him squarely in the face.

“Oh shit, it’s nine-thirty I better clean up and get ready to head home,” He said most sorrowfully.

“I understand, it’s best that you don’t give her any reason to question where you’ve been tonight,” I said.

He smiled and said, “This is going to be the hard part of having an affair. Leaving when I really want to stay and fall asleep with you in my arms.”

“That would be wonderful, but in the morning we’d both regret it,” I told him.

“I’m sure we would,” He said.

“Go shower, Bill. I’ll wait here for you to come back and kiss me goodnight” I said.

He released my shoulder and I rolled over onto my belly as he slid off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. I was totally exhausted, my body limp from the incredible lovemaking Bill and I’d shared. The pillow cradled my head and I drifted off into a deep restful sleep my last conscious thoughts were of my new lover and how much he’d pleased me.

To be continued.

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