“Trip to the lake”[ENG]


“Trip to the lake”[ENG]This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “trip to the lake”, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.Trip to the lakeTogether with his colleague in the summer I decided to go for tents for the weekend, to a small forest where there is a pool. In this place nobody goes to “wilderness”. On Friday afternoon I took the tent, fishing rods, packed a few things and rode a bicycle to Paul. He also was packed, so we went on our way. We drove out of 19. I broke my tent and sat down to d ** g, unfortunately, was all torn and he could not be submitted. Paul at the time he went to collect branches on fire when he returned I told him what the situation is and that we will have to sleep in one. We lit a fire and ate dinner took from the house. We lay down after 22, we had such a habit that şişli escort we slept in the nude, I noticed that Paul has shaved what surprised me. We were tired, but I had wanted to have a small why not. With Paul, I’ve done it once already. I moved him, put my hand on his buttock, I began to pat him. Paul lay not paying attention. I licked a finger and started massaging his hole. Slowly I put his finger when he turned and said he did not want to do that. I gave up, I lay down and tried to sleep but the sight of a penis colleague would not let me. I pushed his hand to his penis and gently touched, Paul protested. I turned on my d ** g sideways and fell asleep. On the d ** g day we got up in the morning and we got down to eliminating the brushwood. After the hard work we have learned rods and go fishing in the pond away from the camp about 300 meters. The catch he went we had our own food. The heat was amazing so we decided to bathe mecidiyeköy escort in the pond. I took off my clothes together with bielizno (I saw that it will) entered the water and started to dabble. Paul was laid back, I was hoping that today will be a little sex. Wyszylismy of the water and flopped on the towels, I asked if we do that but he denied it. I thought that maybe we’ll do it tonight. When Paul fell asleep already I started to touch him bent down and licked his testicles. I was not asleep but I was wrong when I took his penis into her mouth awakened to. He looked at me and asked if I understood that he did not want to. I felt a little silly but I started to persuade him. Has, I threw myself at him, I began to kiss him, cover, I had a great desire. Testicles and penis brushed against his chest. I crouched over his his mouth and he began to suck my testicles and make ice cream. Rewarded the same, then esenyurt escort I started to lick his slits. When I nawilzylem picked up his penis and put him. It went slightly because it’s our kilkunasty time. Fucked him with all his strength it was great and when ejaculation was close colleague took out and put in his mouth. His throat was all flooded until he was leaking, but most swallow. I put him again and slow movements was putting and took out a member. Later started a cock colleague. Gladziutka was shaved, great. I was doing him a blowjob dick sucked, trzepalem, Paul closes his eyes with delight. He stood up and started to fuck me hard in the face one member of bouncing off the throat. With eyes began to fly me to tears and then fired. Heat sperm flooded his throat and there was no way to swallow everything so I poured most of leaking his chin. Paul said that he wanted more, licked my pussy and with all the forces he put his cock after the same egg. Fac me for a few minutes and fired again, this time in the middle. I felt the warmth of his semen. When the howling licked my hole with sperm that has leaked. Tired of passionate sex rushed to hug each other and so fell asleep.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL

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