Turned into there Bitch PT2 Gay

Turned into there Bitch PT2 Gay
It had been a couple of months since Ron and Gary moved in downstairs and turned me into their bitch. During that time, my ass and throat were open 24/7 for their cocks and they’d made steady use of both. I never had to go out cruising for sex, I could barely keep up with what I was getting.

One morning, Ron told me to be ready at 9pm that night to go out, that they had a special surprise planned for me. Knowing how their evil minds worked, I spent the day with my stomach rolling and a constant hard on, panicking every time one of them gave me a funny look while fucking my ass or face.

9pm rolled around and we all piled in to my car. They told me to drive, giving directions on where to turn and when. Eventually, they had me pull over and I looked up to see that we were sitting outside of a closed tattoo parlor. “Guess they’re closed!” I said, but Ron just snickered and got out of the car. He went over to the door and knocked and when the door opened, he motioned and Gary grabbed my arm and hauled me out of the car behind him.

The inside of the shop was dark but I could make out someone leading us toward the back, opening a door and turning on a light. When we all were inside the room, he closed the door behind us and I got a chance to check him out. He was an older guy, probably early 60’s with a long braid down his back. He was about 6 feet tall and slim, dressed in a ratty t-shirt and a pair of beat up jeans. I couldn’t help noticing that there was a very sizable bulge in the crotch of his jeans and I found myself wondering what kind of monster was lurking inside.

“This the guy for the special tattoo?” he said and I started to shake. “No way am I getting tattooed!” I said, but Gary wrapped his arm around my neck and said, “Don’t worry, Little Bro, only me and Ron and our friends will ever see it. Now strip!”

I was trembling so hard and my hands were shaking so, I couldn’t unbutton my shirt so Ron came over and practically ripped my clothes off and threw them on the floor. Gary and Ron had made me shave my entire body. So I stood there, naked and shivering while the tattoo guy gave me the once over. “Get him up in the chair,” he said.

There was chair, very similar to a barber chair, in the middle of the room and Gary and Ron picked me up and sat my bare ass on the cold leather. The chair had a stand up head rest and they each grabbed one of my legs and pulled them up and back, so that my ass was spread open on the edge of the chair. Using cords from a table nearby, Ron tied my ankles to the head rest while Gary tied each of my arms to an arm rest. When they were done, my open ass was spread wide open, I couldn’t move and I had a raging hard on.

The tattoo guy sat on a small stool and rolled up so that he was facing me, gave a lever a few pumps to raise the chair and checked out the scene, taking a long look at my defenseless asshole. “That looks like a prime fuck hole you boys have got there.” he said, and I could tell he was stroking the front of his jeans. He reached over and grabbed my hard cock and bent it forward, then let go so it slapped back against my belly. Ron and Gary both laughed and rubbed each other’s cocks through their jeans.

“This is going to hurt at first,” he said, “but it will get better.” He smeared something into my crack that looked like Vaseline, taking his time to work it in. One of his fingers “accidentally” managed to work its way into my butt hole for a brief moment, too, I noticed.

I heard the buzzing of the tattoo gun and when it made contact with my tender ass crack, it felt like molten lead. I tried to jerk up out of the chair but I was so tightly bound I couldn’t even move. Ron and Gary were on either side of the tattoo guy, watching him work on my ass with what felt like a blowtorch. They both had their hard cocks out of their jeans, stroking them. I couldn’t help myself and I started to cry without even knowing it. “Awww, the big baby is crying!” Gary said. “Give him his pacifier, Ron.” so Ron stripped off his jeans, climbed up onto the chair and shoved his hard, uncut cock in my mouth. I have to admit, that did make me feel better and took my mind off of what was going in my ass crack, the pain of which had started to dull anyway. Ron got busy fucking my mouth and I could see the tattoo guy glancing up every second or so through Ron’s wide spread legs, watching that big cock slide in and out of my mouth and Ron’s swinging balls and asshole.

After only a few more minutes, the buzzing stopped and Ron climbed off of the chair. The tattoo guy sat back to survey his work, then held up a mirror for me to see. On either side of my asshole, there was an initial-on one side an R and on the other a G. He grabbed up another gob of Vaseline and coated the new tattoo and said “Be sure to keep it coated with Vaseline the first few days till the scab comes off.” “Don’t worry; we’ll keep his ass well lubed!” Gary said.

The tattoo guy kept staring at my spread open ass. Then started fumbling at his crotch. I could tell he was pulling his dick out and Ron finally said, “Geeze, you need a license to carry that thing?”

The tattoo guy stood up and sticking out of his jeans was the fattest cock I’ve ever seen in my life. It was uncut, the skin open at the top so that part of the head showed through and bigger around than a beer can., at least a good 16 inches around by about 8 long. The tattoo guy slicked the skin back and the shiny purple head popped out, as big as a beef heart with a thin stream of clear cock juice running out of his piss slit. “You ever fuck with that thing?” Gary asked and the tattoo guy stepped forward and rubbed his cock head up and down my crack. “You want to make a trade, a piece of this ass for my fee?” he asked. “Hell, I’d PAY to watch him get split open with that thing!”.

Ron and Gary stripped and stood on either side of my chair, stroking their hard cocks. The tattoo guy positioned his massive cock head against my little pucker and started to push. At first, I thought there was no way he was ever going to get it in my hole so I wasn’t too worried but I guess getting steadily fucked a couple of times a day for the last few months had had an effect. My hole kept stretching and he kept pushing till I thought I’d split open. I was just getting ready to scream when Gary shoved his hard cock in my mouth and distracted me for a moment. That was all it took, my asshole opened up and that monster cock slid all the way in my ass to the pubes. The tattoo guy paused, enjoying the feeling of my tight ass chute gripping his cock. Then slowly started backing it out. .Ron and Gary were both bent over watching as each inch appeared until just the head was inside my hole and he slammed it all the way back in. It felt like my guts were being sucked out of my asshole every time he pulled his dick back but at the same time, my ass felt like it was on fire and I was getting one of the best fucks I’d had in my life. Ron and Gary were taking turns fucking my mouth while they watched the show, occasionally reaching down to slide their fingers around my asshole to feel that fat cock stretching it open and slapping the tattoo guy on the ass.

I could tell from his breathing that he was close to blowing his load and he started fucking my hole with short, rapid thrusts. He sped up, pounding his cock in and out of my ass and I could feel his meat swell up and get even bigger as cum raced up his dick. I felt the hot goo splash inside my guts and I actually passed out for a moment.

I came around to the feeling of the giant cock slowly inching its way back out of my hole and when the fat head finally came out, there was an audible pop. Ron and Gary both hurried around in front of me and Ron held the mirror up so I could see my hole. It was almost purple, like a bruise, and was gaping open with a think stream of cum running out and down my crack. They untied me and helped me up from the chair but I was so weak, I fell forward into the lap of the tattoo guy who was back sitting on his stool. His big cum covered dick was laying across his thigh and I couldn’t resist taking the head in my mouth. Gary crouched behind me and rammed his hard cock up my stretched asshole with no problem and while I feasted on a fat uncut cock that had just wrecked my ass, he hammered away until he shot his boiling juice in my guts. After making sure that every drop drained out of his cock into my ravaged ass, he pulled his dick out of me and cane around in front where I was feasting on the tattoo guy’s monster. He grabbed my by the hair and shoved his wet dick in my mouth. “Clean it up, bitch!” he said and then watched as I slurped up the combined cocktail of his cum, tattoo guy’s cum and my ass juices.

Ron was next in line and I felt his long uncut cock slide into my sloppy hole. By this time I’d spit polished Gary’s cock and I’d worked my way down and was tongue fucking the tattoo guy’s hairy hole, which brought his massive cock back to standing at attention. I got my mouth all the way around his cock head and bobbed up and down, tonguing his piss hole while Ron’s cock slammed in and out of my numb asshole. “Fuck, I’m going to shoot!” the tattoo guy yelled and I felt his ball juice flood my mouth at the same time that Ron rammed his cock as deep as he could in my ass and fired off his own load. I gulped down the delicious cum as Ron slid his cock out of my hole. We dressed and said our thank yous, leaving the tattoo guy sitting on his stool with a massive piece of meat hanging slack and dripping on the floor.

My ass was so sore, I couldn’t wear my pants and Ron had to drive home because I couldn’t sit down…but that didn’t prevent the bastards from each fucking my ass twice more before sunup!

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