Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon!


Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon!
Welcome to the Pleasure Dungeon!

The PD is slightly less dungeony than the Triple D, classier and a bit more burlesque. The walls are covered with tapestries and soft hangings. There are Silk ropes as well as chains on racks, stocks, x-frames and spanking horses. There are also couple of cages for display of the subs – somewhere to keep subs somewhere until doms are ready.

“Welcome sir, if you wouldn’t mind stepping this way? You can leave your clothes, you won’t be needing them.”

You step out of your long, dark blue velvet smoking jacket…

Unfortunately, still unused to the role of sub, the Dungeon Master is caught pleasuring himself while watching some of the entertainments and spills his cum on the floor without permission from the Mistress. It was a real gusher so she is particularly annoyed to have missed it and orders there to be a punshment. She sits in a wingbacked chair and watches while you are soundly spanked by Tom, the male Dom who is wearing a half faced gimp mask and tight black leather trousers. The spanking leaves an impressive set of red hand prints on your arse. The Mistress instructs her favorourite female Dom, Stana 2.0 to apply soothing balm… “before you administer the next spanking. With this.” The mistress holds out a short leather covered wooden paddle and the spanking begins again…

Sometime later Mistress Stana leads you over to the large rack and invites you to lay down.

You lie down on the rack with your arms up and eyes closed, treating this like a visit to the spa – this is pleasant I think to yourselself? Gently you feel cuffs fastened at your wrists and ankles. The Mistress is close enough that you can feel her breath and body heat but apart from brief brushes as she fastens straps, but she doesn’t touch you.
Satisfied that you are going no where, she steps away and starts tightening the chains. You take a deep breath, aware this may be the last comfortable breath you take for a while, inhaling her scent mixed with the smell of the oily metal… Your eyes snap open as she starts tightening the chains.

Making sure that there is some play in the chains as she wants you to be able to wriggle, Mistress closes off the winch and just stands there in you eye line, apparently waiting for something. Finally you hear footsteps approach. With a wicked grin, Mistress asks “I hope you are ready for this?”

There is definitely a nervous look in your eyes as you crane my neck to try and see what is going on.
Stana walks in, dressed to perfection in corset and black lingerie. She and the Mistress have a whispered conversation punctuated with knowing looks at you and giggles.

Eventually they kiss and with a wink at you, Stana chains the Mistress to the wall with an excellent view of your body stretched out on the rack.

“You look far too comfortable. I think we should change that.” Stana walks over and tightly fastens a blind fold. You hear her walk away and then the sound of drawers opening and things being moved. What was that rattle? Was that the strike of a match?

You risk asking speaking “I didn’t realise you were in trouble too Mistress!?”

“Did I say you could talk to my slave?” Stana suddenly whispers in your ear.

“Sorry Mistress Stana!” you say quickly and urgently.

“Better.” There is a long pause and then the tip of something soft touches your left wrist and begins slowly teasing down your arm.

Whatever is teasing and tickling your arm begins tracing it’s route back, drawing a wavy line. At the same time, lips nibble your ear.

“Thank you Mistress Stana…” you breathe.

“Good boy.”

The contact breaks for a moment and then is repeated on your right side, the movements obviously very deliberate, but you are totally in the dark as to what she has planned.

She nuzzles in the hollow of your throat as hands wander over your torso, getting maddeningly close to your groin but always dancing away. Soft groans escape your lips…

The Mistress is smiling broadly from her position chained on the wall and wishing she could join in.

“Having fun?” she calls to you.

“Silence or you won’t get to play!” Cautions Mistress Stana.

That cuts off your answer before you can give it voice, but you smile knowing that Stana has both you and the Mistress in her plans.

Stana trails kisses and nips down your body until you feel her hands on your thighs. Gently her nails sc**** the inside of your legs. Again she is avoiding anywhere you want her to be.

“Are you ready for more?”

You give a loud moan as she moves down your body, the sensation of her nails down your thighs has you quivering with antici…. pation!

“Please Mistress!”

There is pause and a sc**** of something being picked up before you are rewarded with a hand on your cock. A low buzz sounds as what is probably a vibrating pleasure wand joins in the teasing.

You can taste the small bead of blood where you have bitten your lip, the buzzing of the vibe causing you to thrust your pelvis out eagerly. There is soft laughter from Mistress Stana as the vibe continues and her nails move back to your thighs. She teases you until you are… oh! So close!

And then stops.

“Not yet…” she laughs.

You let out a very pained groan as the Mistress looks over to see your cock glistening at the tip.

You hear Stana move away and then the Mistress moans, chains rattling. Stana crosses back to you, the heels of her thigh boots clack clacking on the stone floor.

“Open your hand”

You do as you are told and a small object with three buttons is placed in your hand.

“The Mistress deserves some fun. You hold the key to that – push the buttons to decide the vibe setting. There is a price for this power however…”

“I’ll gladly pay the price for my Mistress!” I quickly promise.

“Then,” Stana switches something and there is a distant buzz and moan from the wall, “Have fun.”

You press the first button and wait to hear your Mistress’ reaction, a low moan and a deep sigh as the buzzing speeds up.

“Tell me when you’re ready for me to press the next one Mistress” you smile but you are quickly corrected

“That is for you to decide!” admonishes Stana cutting you off.

“Yes Mistress Stana, sorry Mistress Stana” The soft moaning sounds from the position on the wall continue.

You press the next button and there is a loud rattle and sounds like the Mistress is really enjoying herself. Before you press the last button, the vibe returns to your cock as a drip of something freezing hits your nipple. You suspect she s playing with ice cubes, one of Mistress Stana’s favourite ways to tease.

You give a sharp intake of breath and a slightly cut off pre-orgasmic moan.

“Hmm… Too close…” Mistress Stana muses. The vibe slows and the sting of something hot hits your thigh as what you think must be melting wax, another of Stana’s favourites.

“Ah! Mistress, please Mistress!”

“Not yet.” The hot and cold continues without a pattern all over your body.

“Don’t neglect our Mistress, sub!”

“Sorry Mistresses!”

You finally remember to press the third button and the MIstress practically screams as the vibe chnages to it’s most intense setting.

Still the ice cold drips continue over your body

“She seems to enjoying herself too much…”

You push the second button again hearing slightly calmer moans of pleasure. The sound of the Mistress’ moans are definitely heightening your pleasure. The vibe at your groin speeds up again in response.

Your pelvis thrusts out again, but the hot and cold treatment has done its job and caused a distraction from the impending explosion of cum.

Your thumb is hovering over the third button again, looking for more distractions as Mistress Stana’s work with the vibe brings you ever closer. You press the third button again and concentrate on the reaction of your Mistress still chained on the wall who is sounding a bit frantic and constantly rattling the chains.

In between the moans, you hear Stana eagerly announce it is “Time for the big finish.”

This is perfect timing indeed as you can’t hold out much longer – you can actually feel your balls contract as you blow, letting out an involuntary moan as your delayed orgasm flows out of you rather than spurts.

Mistress removes the vibe from your groin and then the blindfold. You watch as she crosses to me and removes the vibe before releasing her.

“Would you like her to sit on your face?” Stana asks of you.

“Yes please Mistress!” I pant “Thank you Mistress!”

Stana helps the MIstress up as she smiles down at you lowering herself into position.
As you start to tuck in, you feel her reach down your body until she finds what she is looking for massaging your cum back into your swollen cock as you take your time pleasuring her, Mistress Stana continuing to watch you both as you do so…

*Fade to black – scene ends*

Hope you enjoyed this second story in the series, there are lots more to come and they get progressively ‘harder’ as we follow our cast of characters and the goings on in the sex dungeons of Les Hiboux! Do leave a comment in you like what you have read 🙂

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