White Sissy, Chocolate City

White Sissy, Chocolate City
This northeastern city was a world away from the two stoplight Oklahoma town where Bon-bon had grown up. The population in this metro area was a little over four million while his hometown could boast no more than three thousand residents. Back in the O.K. state, there were no Black residents, here almost half of the folks were Black. It would have been a culture shock for most people, but the O.S.U. Cowboys fan embraced it.

Bon-bon’s government name was Andrew Conway. He had recently celebrated his twentieth birthday after having moved to the city just eight months ago. He had attended classes at a local community college back home while working as a server at a popular barbecue joint. He saved relentlessly and bought a one-way bus ticket to the chocolate city. Everyone understood because he never fit in growing up. Now, he was living life to the fullest.

Bon-bon turned off the shower. Instead of toweling off, he picked up a bottle of emollient rich bath oil and began rubbing it all over. The result each and every time was soft, smooth, supple, skin. Bon-bon had learned this helpful hint from a Miss Rashan not long after moving here. As he stepped out of the tub and onto the floor, he thought back to that fateful night when he began to dream of this city.

He had been working. A crew of construction workers were passing through for the night and were told that the barbecue restaurant was a good place to eat. Bon-bon was the server for the table of twelve. All night the patrons laughed and traded jokes and jabs about their sissy waiter and which one of them would have to “hide the sausage” in the little bitch boi to take care of the bill. Bon-bon took it all in good jest. Unbeknownst to him, over half of them were rock hard thinking about sliding in those tight cheeks. But all of the excited ones knew that if only one faggot was available, it would end up with Moe.

Moe was the only Black dude in this crew and he was the group foreman. The forty-three year-old was almost like a father figure to the mostly younger men. The fit, six-inch-three, two-hundred-twenty-six-pound, dark-skinned brotha had been exposed as a “sissy lover” a couple of months previously when they were in a tiny Indiana town. A few of the team was out in the parking lot that morning when they spotted a slender, blond-haired white twink exit Moe’s room. The guys just looked and shook their heads. Throughout the day, the rumor spread. Also, three of them approached Moe to ask for clarification. Moe explained that he and every other straight Black man had some “femme fag booty” on the side.

It was no secret now that Moe would fuck a sissy. And, he had set up sissy booty for a few others on the team when they were in Dallas.

Bon-bon, or Andi, as he was known then brought over three more pitchers of beer. Moe called him over and whispered in his ear. Everyone at the table knew what was up.

Moe was asking to get some weed. Andi agreed and was given fifty bucks to score some.

Around 10:00 p.m., Andi arrived at the motel where the construction guys were staying. They were all standing outside. A couple of the white dudes whistled just in case the waiter hadn’t noticed the conspicuous group. Andi walked up the stairs and handed over the green. A Salvadoran man disappeared and came back later with several joints. Andi was already having a beer with the guys at this point.

“You know some chicks round here,” Moe asked Andi aloud.
“Yeah,” answered the femboi.
“Call ‘em over.”
“I’ll try.”

Andi had luck with only one lady. She came over and ended up with the tall, athletic red head. All the others were disappointed, but growing tired. They dropped off one by one.

Moe leaned in to Andi and said, “Come to my room. I wanna tap that.”

Andi simply affirmed. He was slightly worried. He had never been with a Black man before. He had heard they were all hung, but how could he know for sure. The biggest he had been with was Buck – an older white guy with seven-and-a-half thick inches.

Moe told Andi the room number and walked behind the slutty bottom. He studied the cute little apple butt covered by the light wash skinny jeans.

In the room, Moe and Andi conversed. Andi asked where he was from and Moe shared the name of this city. Moe advised him that there would be a “shit ton” of Negroes ready to fuck Andi’s cute little white ass every day. Andi was intrigued. He filed it away mentally before pulling out Moe’s nine-inch shaft. Andi sucked it for a good ten minutes before Moe bent him over.

“Take dis dick, faggit,” Moe yelled.
“Oh, baby,” wailed Andi.
“Call me ‘daddy’!”
“Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”
“Hell yeah, sissy bitch. You mah li’l punk ass limp-wrist hoe!”
“Oh, Daddy!”
“Take dat dick!”

Moe pummeled Andi a bit longer in doggy style before flipping the five-foot-four-inch pussyboi on his back. Moe pushed the punk’s legs back. Then he got on his feet in a squat position. He hammered away froggy style as he remarked, “Damn, you a good little sissy butt pussy bitch!”

“Thank you,” cried Andi.

Moe’s anal assault continued into the wee hours of the morning.

When Andi was getting ready to leave, he and Moe had a bit more conversation.

“I really would like to get outta this place,” Andi started.
“You should move to my city,” Moe said.
“It sounds cool.”
“You’d love it. And niggas there would love you too.”
“Really,” the sissy beamed.
“Hell yeah! Just need to change yo’ name.”
“Hold on,” Moe held up a finger while grabbing his phone. “You should call yourself ‘Bon Bon’.”
“Ooh I like it!”
“Yeah! It’s a good fag name!”

That night was forever emblazoned in Bon-bon’s memory. Now, he was living out his fantasy. He sprayed a waft of cotton candy scented body spritz and twirled through it. He took a minute to admire his juicy cakes that were the product of him getting pumped two months ago. The ass injections cost him a stack, but he and the men thought it was well worth the price. Just above his round derriere was a large black spade tattoo that had “Bon Bon” written in pink script letters. It was his signature feature and went along great with his amateur porn sites username of ‘BonBonOfSpades’.

Bon-bon put on a pair of pink sweat shorts from H&M and a gray tank top. He slid his painted toes into flip flops and picked up his cheetah-print pouch with shoulder strap. He walked outside of the motel room he rented by the week to head to the corner store. On his way, he smiled at passers-by and walked briskly.

As he selected the items he needed, he was approached by one of the men that had been standing outside.

“Sup,” inquired the slim, brown-skinned dude.
“Hey,” grinned Bon-bon.
“What’s yo’ name? I been seein’ you around.”
“I’m Bon-bon. And you?”
“Dey call me Chug,” beamed the sexy thug.
“Nice to meet you.”
“Yeah! You too! What you bout to do?”
“After I pay for this, I’m going back home.”
“You smoke?”
“I got some loud. Can we go to yo’ place and roll up.”
“That’ll work!”

Heading back to Bon-bon’s place, Chug was a couple of steps behind watching that big ass shaking in the tiny shorts.

When they walked inside the room, Chug asked, “Where can I roll up?”
“Right over here,” Bon-bon pointed at the table.
“One second,” Bon-bon paused his guest. “Here,” the host offered a paper plate to use for rolling. “Thanks,” Chug acknowledged as he dropped his basketball shorts and boxers.

Bon-bon stood there admiring Chug’s lengthy rod.

The man said, “Let me see what dat mouf do.”

Bon-bon eased to the floor and began licking the shaft.

Chug ordered, “Get naked!”

Bon-bon stood up and disrobed. Chug grabbed the massive butt cheeks and opined, “Damn! You got a ass!”

“Thank you,” Bon-bon giggled.
“I’ma fuck da shit outta yo’ ass.”
“Hell yeah,” purred Bon-bon.
“But first suck on dis dick some mo’.”

The sissy returned to his knees. He slid his mouth all the way down the nine-inch cock. Chug groaned with pleasure as his head tilted back.

Slobber was running down Chug’s balls and Bon-bon was delivering some wonderful head game.

Chug barked, “Get up and ben’ ovah!”

Bon-bon complied with the order.

Chug grunted, “Got damn I love big booty faggots!”
“I’m glad,” Bon-bon winked as he climbed on the bed.
“Dat ass so pretty,” Chug shared. “I gotta fuck you.”

Chug slammed his dick inside of Bon-bon’s little pink hole.

“Take dis dick, you faggot bitch,” the former inmate yelled.
“Yes, Daddy! I’m your little faggot bitch! Fuck me,” screamed the effeminate man.
“Oh, you nasty li’l fag hoe! Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. You mah bitch!”
“Yes, Daddy! I’m your freak nasty faggot bitch!”
“Damn straight. Ride mah dick!”

Bon-bon and Chug changed positions. The femboi was now going ham on the dick in reverse cowgirl. Chug was loving it. He smacked the gigantic butt cheeks repeatedly. He moaned, “Yo’ li’l faggot pussy is so soft!”

“You like it, Daddy,” Bon-bon checked.
“Hell yeah! Love this boipussy!”
“It’s all yours!”
“Damn straight. You like mah big nigga dick in yo’ white ass?”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me with that big ass dick!”
“Oh shit! You finna make me nut!”

Bon-bon rode harder. Chug tensed up as he spewed forth a major load.

“You mah bitch fah real now,” Chug announced.

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