Wife and I Visit A Strip Club


Wife and I Visit A Strip Club
I am one lucky man I met my petite young beautiful wife Carol at an office party. We dated, fell in love and we were married nine months later. We lead a usual life, house, two cars, three k**s, dog and Barbaques with the neighbors. My wife turns head most places we go. She acts and looks the part of the perfect rich suburban housewife. You might even say she is a little snobby about her looks. The truth is she is prim and proper during the day and a whore in the bedroom at night. There is nothing that this woman won’t do, short of BDSM.

At night I enjoyed her mouth regularly. She just loves to work on my cock until I come in her mouth. Then like a hungry puppy she laps every drop of my cum down her throat. When we first met I began eating her pussy and I thought she would have a heart attack. She really enjoyed sex, no two times a week for us, we fucked every night and on Saturday things really got exciting. It took a year or so and some convincing but I finally with some reassurances she let me take her anally. The first few times she tolerated it but complained it hurt. Then after about ten times she became a real “ass whore” and couldn’t get enough cock up her small tight ass”. The only reason I cut back was I heard too much anal sex can screw you up when you get older, so we cut it back to once a week. What she learned to like instead was for me to stick my finger in her ass as I fucked her or ate her pussy. This was her favorite sex act and she only got it when I said she had been a “good girl” that day. But still there is nothing like watching a load of cum ooze out of your wife’s ass.

She also was kind of an exhibitionist at times. Our favorite game was to unexpectedly fuck in public. I would just grab her, pull down her slacks or shorts or lifted up her skirt and filled that pussy with my hard man meat. Her favorite places were of course my car, our backyard at night, at beaches and in public parks. We even fucked in broad daylight under a blanket at an outdoor rock concert.

So my wife had many sides to her. One day we passed by a “Gentlemen’s Club” with a sign that read “Ladies Night Every Tuesday, Drinks Free for Your Lady”. Carol said” hey Ron why don’t you go there next Tuesday and check it out and let me know”. I knew exactly what she was thinking. Well next Tuesday came and I went to “CJ’s Lounge”. I waited until 10:30 because I knew that was when the place would be full. Well “CJ’s” was a very nice place; it looked like a lounge at a fancy hotel. It had a very classy bar with leather booths and fine wood tables. It had a $10.00 cover to keep the riff-raff out.

Two girls were dancing on two of the stages and on Tuesday a third stage in the corner had male dancers. What really surprised me was the turnout for “ladies night” there were a lot of couples sitting by stages one and two and a big crowd at stage three watching the men. Most were housewives “on a girl’s night out”. As usual the women were the loudest and drunkest in the place. But what caught was near stage one were several private booths in the corner. I asked the bouncer what they were. He said, you pay me $50.00 an hour and you can slide the door with the two way mirror closed. I’ll make sure no one bothers you. No fucking, but anything else is fine. I said thanks, got a lap dance and went home. I gave a full report to Carol, and she said “great, next Tuesday, but we’ll have to dress so no one recognizes us”.

We joked all week about how we were going to surprise each other next Tuesday night. Tuesday night came and Carol came down the stairs. As usual she surprised the hell out of me, no cheap disguise, no “fuck me” clothes, but she wore and expensive black business suit, red silk blouse, with a short skirt, and a very short haired wig, dark glasses and makeup that made her look very sophisticated. She looked like a lawyer meeting her boyfriend for a tryst after work. She could never be confused for my prim and proper preppie wife. Carol then said “now you get dressed like a salesman meeting his girlfriend after work. I’ll do your hair and pick out your clothes. We got a rental car that morning so our cars would not be identified at the bar. I told Carol “go in and act like you’re waiting for someone and I’ll come in a few minutes later”.

We arrived at “CJ’s” and went in as planned. Carol was sitting in the private booth and we acted like we knew each other, kissed and sat down. We both were staring at a big titted redhead dancing sensuously on the stage. We ordered drinks and Carol got hornier and hornier as each girl came up and danced. A skinny tall brunette with really small tits danced for us and she went nuts and began talking about what a beautiful body she had, how her small tits looked so “boyish”. The girl did have a muscular body and small ass. The dancer noticed the attention she was getting and began to dance for her. Carol stared at her in awe as her hand went down between her legs as she rubbed herself. The dancer saw this and ran her own finger down her ass crack and past her pussy and held it out for Carol to touch it. I was shocked when Carol got up, handed the dancer twenty dollars and put her pussy soaked finger in her mouth and licked it. She sat down and was panting like she was almost out of breath. Carol exclaimed “God that woman is the most beautiful women I have ever seen”. The trouble was this girl was just average looking but there was something about her that drove Carol wild.

After the dancers set, she was walking around offering customers lap dances. Of course she came to our private booth. The dancer came in and the bouncer closed the door behind her. She said “Hi I’m Amanda, can I give your boyfriend a lap dance, Carol said “no sweetie, but you can give me a lap dance”. Amanda smiled and began sensuously dancing for Carol as she slowly removed her bra. This girl was a good dancer and knew how to entertain a woman. Then she came up close and spread Carol’s legs apart and lifted her skirt up to her waist. Then she slowly unbuttoned Carol’s suitcoat and the top two buttons on her blouse revealing her fine breasts. Amanda started by rubbing her pussy up and down Carol’s thigh as she leaned over and kissed her neck and blew in her ear. Her hand found Carol’s breasts and she began softly massaging her orbs. Her other hand went down between Carol’s legs and began massaging her pussy. After a while all of this was too much for Carol, she whispered “just rub my pussy, that’s all”. Amanda, stared straight in her eyes as Carol was mesmerized by her small firm breasts. Amanda pressed them right on Carol’s face as her hand moved downwards towards her pussy. Amanda so “go ahead kiss my nipples”. Carol sucked on each breast as Amanda’s fingers found Carol’s clitoris. She rubbed two of them back and forth over her clitoris until Carol let out a shallow gasp as she had a quiet orgasm. The music stopped so Amanda had to leave. I handed Amanda $75.00 which was a fifty dollar tip on a lap dance. Carol told Amanda, that was my first time with a woman it was great. Amanda kissed her softly on the lips left and closed the door behind her.

I just sat there in shock, but Carol broke the ice and said “I want some cock honey”. Carol got on her knees in front of me. She undid my belt, zipper and pulled down my pants. She immediate found my rock hard organ and began sucking it. First she sucked just the top three inches like she always did, but this time her head moved much more vigorously up and down my cock. She was crazed with lust from what just happened to her. As she sucked my manhood she made sucking and humming noises like she had never done before. It was like she was devouring my cock. She worked her way lower and lower down my cock until all seven inches were in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down as she ran her mouth up and down my shaft. Occasionally, she stopped to suck just the head of my cock which drove me crazy. The nerve endings in the head of my cock were really sensitive and I was writing in pleasure on the couch. Then she would flick her tongue up and down my shaft to excite me even further.

Carol was really hot from being with Amanda for the first time and grabbed the base of my cock and began stroking the bottom as she sucked hard on the top. The feeling of her hand and her mouth on my cock was unbearable. I arched my back, groaned and began shooting a huge load down her throat. Carol continued stroking my cock as stuck out her tongue and caught my semen with her tongue, and pushed it in her mouth. Then she did what she always did, she smiled, opened her mouth wide to show me the loads of cum in her mouth, took one big gulp and swallowed it all down. Then she opened her mouth again to show me she had swallowed it all. Carol then continued licking and sucking the left over cum off my cock until it was all clean.

Carol got up and we held each other closely as we watched Amanda dance on stage through the two way glass. As she watched, I kissed her and moved my hand down Carol’s underpants to her rectum. I slid my lubricated finger in her ass and began giving her an anal massage. She moaned softly as my finger went slowly in and out of her rectum. Her body began to respond and my anal massage got smoother and smoother until she bit my ear as she came for the second time that night. Our hour in the private booth was up, but we enjoyed the club so much we stayed and watched the dancers for another two hours. Carol paid Amanda for two more lap dances but they were more “subdued” that the one she gave her in the private booth.

Maybe will buy an annual membership to “CJ’s”.

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