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Double Penetration

wife out”So, did you get lucky last night? Did you get some action?” I asked my wife, as we finally cuddled in bed one Sunday night. She had been sleeping most of the day after returning at 8am from a night out, and there hadn’t been any opportunities to ask my burning question due to the k**s and other commitments. We didn’t have an open relationship, but I felt sure it was a reasonable question to ask in the circumstances.”What do you mean? Of course not,” came her slightly stiff reply. “Like I said, we went clubbing, and it took ages to get home.” It wasn’t usual for my wife to go clubbing. She had been to the theatre with a friend she hadn’t been out with before. He was about fifteen years younger than us and more likely to suggest dancing than her usual friends, but still I wasn’t completely buying the “some club in town” story. She’d previously told me that this guy had flirted with her a few years ago. Now things could have easily gone a step further and my imagination had been doing overtime the night before while I lay in bed with an aching cock wondering when she would return.”But you were looking so hot last night and I know he fancies you. I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want to hear the answer, yes or no,” I said, my cock starting to stir against the small of her back.There was a few seconds’ silence and then she blurted “I’m so sorry, love, I didn’t mean to sleep with him, but it just seemed to happen. It didn’t seem wrong at the time. It wasn’t planned I promise, and I don’t think I can see him again.” My cock responded by doubling in size.”Hey, it’s ok honey,” I reassured her, pulling her warm body tighter into mine. “It’s not a crime to be human. I might have done the same in that situation. It’s not like you tried to hurt me, is it?” Some of these lines I had rehearsed the night before.”No, of course not, and I love you more than ever,” she said turning round, to look me in the eye. Her eyes had welled up but she was not properly crying. “You can sleep with anyone you like, I’m so sorry.””I don’t want anyone else, but if a threesome with twins is on offer in the future, I won’t refuse,” I joked. I kissed her softly on the forehead and pulled her tight again. “So how did it all go so wrong?” I whispered sarcastically into her ear.”Well, we did go clubbing but it wasn’t that great and we left at about 2am. Nothing happened until he hailed a taxi and asked if I wanted to come back to his place until the trains started running,” she explained. “I didn’t have much time to think izmir escort about it but I wasn’t tired and so I got in the cab. Then we were kissing in the back seat, God how cheesy!””Weren’t you flirting before then? At the club?” I asked.”Not really. We were having a nice time. Talking, dancing, lots of eye contact I guess but nothing sexual,” she replied.”What happened next?””The taxi ride wasn’t very long, but we snogged like teenagers all the way. This was the only part of her story that made me jealous. We didn’t get much heavy petting these days. She continued, “He paid the driver and we went into his flat, took our coats off and went into the kitchen. He asked if I’d like some wine and I said yes. While he opened the bottle I was starting to worry about the big mess I might be about to cause. It was obvious sex was on the cards, and I was having second thoughts. Then I figured if things went further I would suck him off and leave it at that. I thought I could tell you about that without upsetting you too much.””Did the plan work out?” I asked next.”Sort of. He gave me my wine as he took me in his arms from behind. I had a few sips but soon we were kissing again and his hands were all over me and I put my hand on his crotch.””Was he hard?” I interrupted.”Yes, pretty hard. I knelt down and undid his trousers and they fell to his ankles. Then I kissed his bulging pants and started feeling all slutty, so I looked up and said ‘I guess you’d be more comfortable if I set this monster free?’ and he nodded yes.””Was it a monster?” I asked.”Yes, well pretty big, a tiny bit bigger than yours,” she replied.”Are you sure, could you just double check?” I said, guiding her hand onto my own rigid member.”I think so, it seemed pretty big at the time, anyway,” she held my cock tightly and began to wank me slowly. “So I got his pants down and wanked and sucked him for a while. He tried to unbutton my shirt but I ended up doing it for him.””With his cock still in your mouth?””Yes, clever girl, huh?”I smiled and added, “So let me get this straight, you were in your bra and skirt on your knees in his kitchen with a cock in your mouth and his trousers round his feet?””Yes, pretty much. He bent down and played with my breasts but that was awkward so it didn’t last long. Neither did he, I could feel he was getting orgasmic, so went all slutty again and asked him which he would prefer, cumming in my mouth or on my face. He said ‘Is both an option?’, and I smiled up at him and said ‘Of course.'”I was almost cumming escort izmir on her hands and the bedsheets as she told me this, so I gently moved her hand away to let me calm down.”So I held the end of his cock in my mouth and wanked him hard until his legs started to shake and he ejaculated in my mouth a few times before I aimed his final spurts at my nose and then each cheek, before putting it back in my mouth again.””Oh my God that’s so hot,” I mumbled. “Was there a lot of sperm? What did you do with it, and what did it taste like?””Yes there was a lot. I swallowed the stuff in my mouth and I don’t know how much was on my face, I never saw it. It didn’t taste too bad, but I was glad to have a slug of wine afterwards.”I had to know, “So what happened to the stuff on your face?””When I came up for my wine, he told me I looked really beautiful, but gave me some kitchen paper to wipe up. The slut in me decided to keep it for a while – we drank some more wine – but I wiped up when it went all runny.””What about Mr Huge-cock?” I asked, “I can picture him starting to drip too.””Oh yes, you’re right. Do you really want every detail?””No, not if you don’t want to, but it’s fun to find out,” I said, guiding her hand back to my cock.”When he realised he was still standing half naked, he reached down to pull up his trousers. I realised my plan to bail out was in tatters because I was feeling so horny and slutty. ‘Allow me,’ I said, squatting down to help him. But instead I helped him remove them completely and while doing this I noticed the drop of sperm forming at the end of his penis. I took him in my mouth and gently cleaned him up.””Wow, what a good girl. Could you show me how you did that?””But you haven’t cum,” she said, slightly puzzled.”No but there’s a bit of precum there. I just want to see your lips around my penis, to be honest.”She gently sucked and tongued my cock and I thanked her for the demonstration.”So that wasn’t it I assume?” I probed.”Um no, we had a shower, went to his bedroom and had sex.””Awesome sex, I hope?” I asked.”Yes, it was a lot of fun, but I feel guilty now.””You shouldn’t, unless you’re planning to run off and have his babies,” I said in jokey tone.”Oh God no!”, she countered, her hand still moving rhythmically on my cock. “Definitely just a bit of fun. I’m so relieved you’re not mad with me.””What was the most fun part?””Ooh, umm, well I guess all of it, but when I came with him in my arse was one of the highlights.”I kissed her on the forehead. “You’re so dirty, izmir escort bayan I love you.” I knelt up next to her and placed my cock into her mouth. She sucked and wanked it for a couple of minutes until I had to stop her. “What about the first time he entered you? Can you tell me about that?””He’d been down on me and made me cum so I was very wet when he put it in. It felt amazing, and really naughty.””With a condom?” I added.”Yes, I didn’t ask but he put one on.” That was a bit of a relief. I started to stroke myself very slowly.”Were you still on your back?””Yes, but we did it pretty much every way after that.””Did he give your lovely breasts some love?” I said, fondling them gently as if to make myself clear.”Yes, especially when I was on top, he loved them in his face, like you do.”She was right, I would have loved to do this now. But I wouldn’t have lasted very long.”Do you know how many times you came?” I asked.”Four or five maybe?””And what about him?””Just the once before we went to sleep. But I gave him a quick blowie just before I left this morning. As I was getting my coat on, he started to talk about next time, and I had to tell him there probably wouldn’t be a next time. I pecked a kiss on his sad puppy face cheek and went out of the door. After he closed it I counted to ten, turned back and knocked on the door. He thought I’d left something behind but I said ‘Unless you mean this next time?’ and I got on my knees again and did the dirty.””Face or mouth?” I demanded with a smile.”Oh, mouth. Didn’t want to make a mess. It was a surprisingly big load though. Then I left without a word.””So did he cum in your arse the other time?””Yes, in the condom. Actually it was the second condom. He wanted more oral in between, so we had to change it.””Who’s idea was it to do anal?” I enquired.”We didn’t talk about it, but we’d fingered and rimmed each other, so it just kind of happened. Could I have your cock in my arse now?””I don’t think I’ll last long,” I warned, but she insisted, rolling over to present her bum to me. I lubed up my cock and eased into position behind her. We had been getting back into anal in the past few months (after a few brief attempts in our younger days), but this was the first time straight in with no vaginal beforehand. I wasn’t going to last more than a minute with all the excitement. However, I eased my cock into her rectum and managed to keep still while she worked her clit, then as she came to orgasm her bucking and shuddering tipped me over the edge and I shot my load deep inside her.After we’d cleaned up I suggested maybe having a fuck buddy would be good for her. “Maybe one or two more times,” she replied, “but it’s not fair if you don’t have one too. Let’s see what happens.”

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