Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2

Young bottom fucked by old store owner part 2
This is a continuation story. I had successfully seduced a older store owner into fucking my ass in the back of his store. Since then i kept day dreaming and flashing back to that moment. I remember the fear and excitement. I remember his hard cock in my mouth and ass. But most of all the feeling of his cum load shooting deep into my hole. That day when i went home i remember stripping naked in front of the mirror looking back at my ass admiring my figure and comprehending what i had done. I spread my hole to take a look. It was slightly wet still and a little red. I couldn’t help but think about the load that was inside with sperm swimming aimlessly. I propped my butt on the sink counter in front of the mirror and pushed slowly while looking back. My hole began to open. As soon as it did cum started seeping out slowly. I pushed a little harder and it shot out with a wet fart across the counter. I knew that was all of it. The puddle of cum was clear and quite large. wow i thought…that guy can sure cum a lot. I had to return so i did a week later…

I went to his store early. He seemed pleased to see me. He told me to come by really late that night. His young worker was there this time eyeing me and smiling. I told him that would be no problem. He asked me if i would be okay with a small group of others and possible light bondage. I felt an intense feeling of excitment and told him yes. I prepared as usual and cleaned my hole out completely. I made sure i was pre-lubed prior to leaving for the store. The deal was to show up around 11pm. The store was long closed and i had to park behind the store as he had instructed. I walked up to the loading dock and knocked. His little boy toy opened after a moment and motioned me in. The lights were off in the main part of the store but the stairway was dim lit. For the sake of the story the boy toy was named Jacob. It was not until we started to walk up the stair case that i noticed he was naked. He had a pretty nice ass, tramp stamp and a thin and long cock with piercings on the end.I honestly was a little attracted to him seeing his this way. We walked to a different room this time. THe lights were dim but you could still see everything. There was a lot of dildos on a table against the wall a mat on the floor and several sofa type seats. I spotted Larry sitting with 2 other men. 1 had grey curly hair on his chest and a round pot belly. He had a fat stubby cock. NExt to him was a black one hung almost to his knee also with a slight pot belly. The attention was on the two of us. Jacob told me we would get warmed up and put on a show for the three of them. he grabbed a double dildo and motioned me to the ground. with me on my knees he spread his cheeks and told me to lube him up. I grabbed both cheeks and spit on his hole. I tell proceeded to tongue it. It felt dirty but tasted so good. He was enjoying it and so was i. After a minute he pulled my head away and started inserting the dildo slowly into his hole. His mouth slight open and his head tilted back he pushed the dildo in almost to the halfway mark. I knew it was my turn. I put my butt up in the air and spread my cheeks. He too spit on my hole and gave me a few licks. With the dildo protruding from his hole he brought it down to mine. I grabbed the dildo and helped guide it in. I kept pushing my hole out as we sat down further and further pushing the dildo deeper. He then went down on his knees. I knew exactly what to do.

We start ass to ass slow at first make sure our asses touched everytime before pulling away and then back and forth. The faster we went the more our cheeks smacked together. I looked over at the three men now fully hard slowly stroking admiring the site. the two other men got up each one headed to us. The white man with grey hair, Rocko, came over to me and planted his dick near my face. the guy with the black dick, jay, walked to jacob and dick the same. We did not need instructions at this point. we Took turns sucking each dick. THe black dick was harder to suck due to its size but was at softer. I found myself enjoying it and thinking of the fact that it would probably be in my hole soon. We were then made to get up i was brought to a chair. I sat down and they moved my legs up behind my head. Jacob then proceeded to tieing them together and tie them back to keep my ass up. Rocko went first. He sank his cock in my hole with ease….”yeah bitch….take my cock in your faggot hole” there was nothing i could do but take it as movement was impossible. but man did he feel good. His cock kept pumping me and pushing into my prostate making my cock leak. I looked over and say Jacob being doggy fucked by larry. It was a hot site to see that. Rocko did not take long to empty his load. He made sure it went deep. he pulled out and a minute later jay walked over. I was surprised his giant fat dick fit. It felt even better. Wow i thought i was missing out. JAy pumped me nice and deep. He breathed heavy ”
yeah boy…you like big black dick in your white hole” fuck yes i said. “good cuz ima cum in your white ass too little fag boy” soon enough he came too and it seemed he did for a while. this time i felt the cum squirt in my colon. larry came in side jacobs ass. HE pulled out and walked to me walking over the arms of the chair. His cock was shiny and wet. He stuffed it in my mouth saying “taste that hole boy” I sucked it as hard as i could getting any cum out of his cock. It tasted salty but i enjoyed it. I was then untied and motioned to lay down on the ground face up. Jacob walked over to me and crouched his ass over my face. I opened up and stuck my tongue out. He pushed a farting load out in slow spurts on my lips all over my tongue and in my mouth. His ass still gaping i licked his hole and sucked on it to get everything. Again it seemed like a large load. Its my turn Jacob said. We reversed places. I crouched down and spread my cheeks. ” yeah boy fuck yeah feed him that cum” i heard jay say. I pushed hard and cum shot and splatted on his face. he immediately scooped it into his mouth. there was more as i pushed that made it into his mouth. My hole started gaping even more as i pushed. He was vigourously eating my asshole out from the inside. I felt so freaking good my cock got hard. I began stroking my cock. Feeling my load working its way up i got up and spread jacobs legs. I shoved my cock in and pumped him a few more times before my load shot up his ass. this was the first time i had fucked another guy and i gotta admit i liked it enough to consider doing it again. The night was over after i ate my own load out of Jacob. I went home that night with the taste of cum in my mouth and a throbbing ass.

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