10 year reunion


10 year reunionI couldn’t belive it had been 10 years since high school already .So I packed a few things and headed out for a 9 hour drive back to my home town .Planned to stay at my moms and get a double visit while there.I got all dressed up and headed over to the school,I was getting caught up with everyone,we did the pic thing had a nice meal and after we all went to the bar just down the street for a few.A couple of drinks later, two girls and I were sitting at the table we started to talk about sex things we’ve done and want to do and the such. They both look at me and say we want to take you back to our house and the 2 of us dominate you,You will be tied up and take punishment from us.I asked what kind of punishment are you into, they said spankings ,rope bondage,candle wax,toys ,clips clamps ,tit and pussy torture whips anything else we can think of to use.So I agreed to be their sexslave for the next 12 hours,we finished our drinks and made seperate excusess,and met up at their house minutes later.I walked through the door was ordered to stand in the middle of the room my hands behind my back,they were cuffed tightly,the cold steel around my wrists making me wet and 1xbet yeni giriş ready or so I thought my feet were pulled wide apart a spreader bar was put on.One of them stood behind me holding me by my sholders as the other one began to rip my clothes off,once my tits were exposed she began to slap them making it sting with every strike then they changed places the other one took a turn on my nipples after they both had taken their turn the spreader bar was taken off Beth turns to Janice and says get the rope, I’m sat on a chair in the kitchen my arms over the back of the chair a pair of handcuffs on each ankle pulled back and cuffed to the back legs of the chair.Janice ties a rope around the cuffs on my wrists and ties it tightly to the rail under the chair leaving my tits out in the open.Beth takes the rope its very rough and begins to tie my boobs up it was hurting me and she loved the pain I was felling was so good I let out a moan and was punished with a slap on my thighs and told to be silent my hair was wrapped in a ponytail with a rope and tied to my hands pulling my head back all I could see was ceiling once my tits were tied I was left there while 1xbet giriş they had a smoke waiting for my tits to turn purple I felt them getting numb after what seemed like forever they came back and put a ballgag in my mouth and then began to whip my tits chest my thighs legs feet I was scarred and so turned on the the pain of each strike making me cry out only to get hit harder they whipped me for over an hour two clips were put on my nipples and hooked up to a electrosex unit and I was shocked still tied to the chair for another hour until I was untied and let go have a pee as I came out of the bathroom I was ordered into the frontroom spread my legs bend over and grab my ankles I did and my legs were tied to my arms from my ankles to my elbows I was put on my knees head on the floor my pussy and ass in the air those clips were put on my lips and shock after shock was sent across my pussy stinging it just as I was getting use to the pain they turned it up and left me there to scream out as they watched then after jolt after jolt surged through me they both began to whip my ass hard inbetween jolts then I felt a tube go in my ass and hot hot soapy water going in and 1xbet güvenilirmi was told to hold it in me 2 quarts later the hose was pulled out and I clenched my asshole as tight as I could then a big buttplug was forced in stretching my ass bigger than it had ever been stretched wow that hurt until it was in then hot wax was dripped on my ass open pussy still getting shocked back legs arms until i was covered untied taken into the bedroom buttplug still in me and clips still on tied face down spread eagle and left to be shocked and full of water while they go back to the bar I was left alone in the dark my pussy was so numb and my ass so stretched I wanted to cum so bad but the clamps are shocking me so much I cant I try to push the buttplug out and I cant move it I watched the clock it was 4 hours later when they got back from the bar they came in pulled the buttplug out wow that hurt I tried to clinched it shut but I couldn’t they laughed shoved it back in took the clips off my aching pussy put a metal speculum right back in my pussy opened it all the way putting pressure on the buttplug it’s 3 inches across and hooked it up to the electrosex unit and my insides are now jolted and stretched in both holes bigger than I’d been stretched before the girls are drunk and more agressive I am whipped some more I was let go after a bit got back to moms later looked at all the damage loved it and havent looked back since

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