21st bday


21st bdayLast week my younger sister turned 21, she has just recently gotten engaged as well so since we hadn’t had a chance to celebrate either occasion we decided to celebrate both. My friend Kim and I had special plans for her. My sister Tonya has only been with three guys in her life and she is marrying her third. We decided to give her something she could never dream of.The day of the party we (Five of us girls) took her for a day at the salon for hair, massage, and make over. We then all went shopping for our dresses for the night and some new lingerie for the occasion. By the time we got done we were all feeling very hot and very sexy. So of course it was time to go out. We started with some food and then headed to a few bars.What my sister didn’t know what that all of this was planned. We had all chipped in and gotten a huge suite at a downtown hotel and we just so happened to take her to the bar in the lobby. What she also didn’t realize was that my husband had arranged to take her fiancé Mark out on the same night.After a few hours of drinking it Tonya was getting more than relaxed. We suggested we take a break and that we had a surprise for her, a suite upstairs. She was so excited and we all headed up stairs. The entire elevator ride was filled with giggles and laughing since we all knew what was coming and Tonya had no idea.We were all having a good time when we arrived at the door and Kim pulled a blindfold out of her purse and we put it on Tonya. We entered urfa rus escort the room to find the guys had successfully fulfilled their end of the surprise. My husband and Mark had “just happened” to run into James, Kim’s 6’6 235lbs gorgeous BBC husband and he had joined them. Mark was tied to a chair with a gage in his mouth so he could watch what was about to happen, but couldn’t stop or interrupt it until we wanted him to.The boys stayed quiet as we lead Tonya to the center of the room and began teasing and taunting and fondling her. Each of the girls took a turn kissing her and slowly removing a piece of clothing. As she was finally reduced to her garter, stockings and bra, I came up behind her and held her hands behind her. Each of the girls then took turns kissing her deeply while they ran their hands over her body. We had all grown up with sleep overs so this wasn’t really anything new, accept, it was new for Mark to watch and know this about his future wife.Tonya was going crazy not knowing who was kissing and fondling her, who was sucking her neck and nibbling her ears. Then I whispered in her ear for her to kneel down. As she did, I grabbed her neck and raised her chin up high. When I did, my husband walked up in front of her and pulled his cock out of his boxers and teased her lips with it. She squealed and tried to get up. The girls helped me hold her down as he slowly worked his cock on her lips and mouth, until she urfa rus escort bayan finally couldn’t help it and welcomed it into her mouth. We noticed her nipples get rock hard instantly as she began to suck.She tried to get her arms free as he worked his cock. When he was good and hard, he removed it and she licked it as far as she could. She giggled and asked who it was when he freed her mouth. We just helped her up and walked her to the bed. We laid her down on her back and made sure she couldn’t see through the blindfold as we held her with her arms across her belly and her legs up. As we did, we could hear Mark moaning and grunting from his chair as James walked over to Tonya. He pulled down his shorts to release his huge black cock.He began stroking it slowly up and down her now soaked lips. She struggled realizing what was about to happen so we held her arms tight against her belly. Once his cock was good and wet, James began slowly pressing his tip against her lips. She gasp and tried to squirm out of it, but we held her good. Then, James slowly spread her lips with his BBC and all we could hear was Tonya gasping for air. Kim asked her how it felt, all she could say was BBBIIIIIGGGGGGG. She struggled for a few seconds more, but as James reached about half way in, it was like she was suddenly high as a kite. Her body went limp, her breathing was really shallow and quick, then suddenly deep. As he reached the base rus escort urfa of his cock, she was gasping for air and moaning. Instead of trying to push away, she was reaching for him to be deeper and deeper. Everyone watched as Tonya gave herself to James freely and completely. As we did, Kim and I walked over to Mark and smiled and said now was his surprise. Kim and I knelt down and released his raging cock that was now rock hard from watching Tonya with her first BBC inside her. As he watched James working his cock inside and out of Tonya’s pussy, we worked Marks cock in and out of our mouths. It took Tonya quite some time to realize no one was holding her down and no one was preventing her from removing the blindfold. By this time, Kim and I were working our magic on Mark and the other girls were working on my husband. We all looked over when we heard the squeal when she finally saw who was between her legs, but when her first orgasm over took her, we knew she wasn’t going to care. For the rest of the night, we all took turns with the guys, accept for Tonya, she didn’t want anyone but James. She ended up taking him 5 or 6 times before morning. At which it finally happened. Mark, after having all of us girls at least once, went over to Tonya, his fiancé, and knelt down and began sucking her pussy and clit. It took him nearly half hour before he gave her her next orgasm, but the look on their faces when it happened was priceless. The surprise we all got a few days later was when Tonya admitted that she and Mark had decided they were going to try and have k**s. She hadn’t been on the pill for over two months and considering how much James had cum inside of her, if she was pregnant now, it would be his. It would almost have to be.At the very least, she will always remember her 21st birthday.

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