409 DAVE`S REASSURING HAND HOLDING409 DAVE`S REASSURING HAND HOLDING PT1This is a story of a woman`s love of masochism and her husband`s journey into voyeurism, if It is not for you, it`s time to leave… I`ve done my humble best to tell of the emotion`s involved, the pain, the distress, and to be accurate with this story, sent me by “Dave” and if comments demand I shall endeavour to do part two as soon as it arrives I hope you enjoy it!“You know what that sadistic bastard wants to do to me don’t you Dave?” she asked, he couldn`t meet her eyes “erm yes dear, he`s told me on the phone, he said you had agreed dear, even begged him for the gang bang and he has told me I must watch this time…”“And I suppose you agreed did you, you said ok, it`s fine your gang may all have my wife and all sleep with her and that’s just dandy but then he them wants to mark me permanently and clearly as their used and owned property!”“Well dear, I felt if you had agreed who was I to say no, it`s your body and you made it clear when I was put in this situation as your cuckold, that whatever you did I was to go along with it and not to argue…so I didn’t!” unable to fault or argue with his logic his wife of 15 years turned, cursed and clattered away to her kitchen, her face red with anger, and perhaps embarrassment as she knew in her heart she was willing for the gang-bang but scared to death of that next step in the game, the door crashed home, and Dave was left with a wide grin that he was glad she couldn’t see.It had all begun just over a four years ago, Gaye had been bored with there sex life, which in truth had become a little lack-lustre at that time. She being the dominant and adventurous one in the couple, had “wanted to spice things up”! she said that and then had tasked Dave with the job of deciding how! Gaye stood 5ft 9, a brunette, reasonably shaped, good legs, pretty, but dominant, Dave`s 5ft11, and if truth to tell a bit wet, an artist, well known and his work selling well, money was not a problem and they lived in a converted oast house near Tenterden in Kent. (Oast houses for those that are not used to them are places once used for drying hops, used for flavour in real English beer. An oast looks like a barn with usually, a circular tower attached some 20 feet high and about the same round which tapers in a tiled cone to a white cowl topping out at about 40 feet from the ground. Smaller farms had just one, larger farms, two three or more towers attached to the barn-like building where the dry hops would be pressed into long but light weight bags)Dave`s oast was a single, long converted to a dwelling, with windows let into the taper, the top level of which he used for his studio. They had converted it themselves, a labour of love, hopefully for a family home though this was not to be, Gaye being barren, perhaps luckily as secretly she was not keen on k**s.The upshot was that Dave one night in bed presented her, as I said at her request, with a few options, well a long list actually; Wife swapping, or taking a third person to their bed, cuckoldry, joining a bdsm group, or getting a dog…a big dog…. being the ones, she whittled it down too. They tried swapping, but it really didn’t suit either of them, and an extra person …well a girl and Gaye would not have been happy, jealous if Dave had the girl, but though not against having a woman as a lover herself, she hardly wanted to admit that to Dave, having said all along that she was against single sex trysts! (methinks the lady doth protest too much!) Dave however admitted he fancied seeing her used by others, which idea gave her a glint in the eye that said there was, well… possibilities…anyway that left k9, and that though it was not abhorrent, in fact it excited her, but it would have meant walking the thing and as exercise was not in her ideas at all there was no chance! that left BDSM, and cuckoldry so they picked a bdsm group near Hastings, to try out the idea, far enough for security but not out of reach for transport.The first few sessions were fairly vanilla, oh they were both erotically whipped, and to Dave`s surprise she loved it, handing over control to another, being whipped, spanked, and the like, well it was exciting. He however was not as keen especially on his being in pain, but watching her revel in the games, had him excited beyond words he had to admit, and he reaped the benefits in voyeurism and again on arrival home! After a few months, the novelty having not worn off porno hikaye especially for her, they had come to the conclusion that this was for them as long as he could watch and not be left out completely!So much so, the big circular spare store-room under his studio, at her request, having solid walls, no windows and only one entry, with no neighbours, it was simply turned into a play-room, an easy conversion that was soon finished, with a St Andrews cross, a lift and 90% of the walls mirrored so the subject could enjoy his or her own discomfort, the effect completed with loads of s**tter cushion seating for spectators was a discrete and very secretive spot.Invited guests, carefully selected and discrete club members came and visited irregularly over the next two years, light bondage, spankings and the like…and it was fun, fun, fun, that was until Dan came on the scene. Dan was 6ft tall built like an outhouse, white but with a tool like a black, Dan it was that befriended them at the club one night, Dan who slowly but surely became her lover and then her dom, and it was Dan that suggested he used Gaye away from Dave`s gaze as in proper cuckolding firstly overnight, then for weekend`s and much later occasionally fitting a rather special chastity unit for Dave while her dom and later his friends were “playing” with Gaye!That first overnight for Dave was the worse, as he remembered it, he had made a sale that afternoon of a big canvas, and the price had been just perfect, Dan came by, just as the client was about to leave, he even helping load the canvas into the guys car. After the buyers departure and over coffee Dan explained that he would be collecting Gaye and Gaye alone, at seven that evening to take her and use her overnight, and that Dave would be expected to have his wife ready and dressed for collection ( he left a bulky sealed envelope with his specifications) and he was to be expecting her return next morning at about 9 am. During the week before Dave had had a conversation about this with his wife, she told him that Dan, her master and lover had suggested it and that as they didn’t want him (Dave) spoiling the night watching and just being there this time, it would be inhibiting, so she had agreed to go on her own. She added, “it`s my body and as you are my husband and my beloved cuckold and I have promised never to leave you, it’s a done deal …if you remember I made it clear to you when we started these game`s, that whatever I decided to do, you were to go along with and not to argue. I promised that I have arranged either to have the action filmed, or I will tell you word for word next day in exchange for your loyalty and discretion, so when he, my master, tells you, you just comply, ok?” Dave reluctantly nodded agreement, then she said, “look my lover, Dan has said that if he has any set plans for me he will tell you in advance, though it won`t be up for discussion mind, and if you`re not included or present he will always share a copy of what happens afterwards!” he nodded again, stuck for words, “This is the next step in the game Dave, this time he is going to whip me for real, not like the club, but properly, he has asked me and I have agreed… no limits … that’s how much I trust him Dave, and he`s promised me he won`t go over the top, but it`s something I must do, if only this once, so trust us Dave…please.It had all been words all just words, but now, dammit, here it was, Dan, big solid, dominating Dan had said that she, his wife, his Gaye, was going away that very night, and overnight, all bloody night, and with him, to be used, whipped and screwed and screwed again mercilessly. And it was not up for discussion!Without more adoo Dan left them to it, blowing her a kiss and saying, “till seven!”Stunned, as the door closed, Dave reached for the big manila envelope, tearing it open he found a two pairs of ordinary clothes pegs, and a single sheet of paper with the words…1 on each nipple, 1 on each sex-lip and only a poncho. Gaye and Dave exchanged glances Gaye even turning the sheet over in the hope of more but … found… nothing.With a worried look they cooked a meal, then ate together like pair expecting the gallows. At five she went for a long bath, at six he helped her dry herself, dusted her with talc, and holding her hand they looked through her clothing for a suitable poncho, a nice knitted one fitted the bill, it reached her knees and at least covered the four places that were to be pegged! They sat on the seks hikayeleri sofa Dave kissing her and generally showing her affection till a car was heard approaching, rattling over the distant cattle grid quickly he had her lay back legs akimbo and on went the lower pegs, then one quickly applied to on either nipple he rapidly attached these while she, wincing threw the poncho over her head and with a face set with discomfort, kissed him goodbye as the knocker rattled.He watched her go, barefoot and naked, bar the poncho and the pegs, moving with some discomfort and getting into his sports car. A wistful look at his drawn face and with a cloud of dust she was gone. Fitfully he watched the television, but couldn’t settle, he tried painting, but that too was hopeless, so it was off to his bed, here he tossed and turned, dozing fitfully, his imagination conjuring up pictures of his beloved wife being ravaged, crying out in pain, screaming in joy, loving every moment or hatEing it, his mind a jumble. He snacked, drank coffee by the gallon, pee`ed, watched the box, read, anything to pass away those hours, at 2am he dozed off on the old sofa, at four he awoke with a stiff neck, he tried to sleep in his bed once more, awoke again at six after a lurid dream that had Gaye dripping with blood, fried and ate an egg sandwich, drank more coffee, then played patience till a quarter to nine. then for the last fifteen long minutes he paced, mind racing till at four long minutes past, near frantic he was relieved to hear that cattle grid and see the car once more, she stepped from it leant back and kissed Dan goodbye still dressed in just the poncho and clutching a video, and a small camera, she staggered bow leggedly indoors as the car turned and sped off once more.The door had barely closed when he was on her, arms round her kissing her and welcoming her home. She grinned, kissed him and then sat gently and tiredly onto a dining chair her body when the poncho was removed, he noticed was a matt of thin red whip marks, her right nipple especially reddened. He asked if she was all-right? She nodded, realising he had been worried, answering, “yes but I am a little hungry and lot tired Dave…, but oh, it was something else…” she looked dreamy eyed, “he is some bull, some cruel master, he used me hard and then fucked me up hill and down, it was awesome, I`m well filled and he has sent you a video. But he says you have to clean me with your tongue and make me climax while I film it, or I am not to show it you till next weekend! It`s your choice, so now Dave, what`s it to be?”By now our man was desperate and without hesitation he knelt, and she removed the toilet tissue plug he saw she was wearing. Never before had Dave seen such a flood, but not wishing to have to wait a week, he set too with a will under the all-seeing camera. After a while his tired wife began to climax, but tiredness had overcome her, and it was only a very small one though she said it “qualified and the film had been taken for Dan as proof!”She thanked him and ate just a bowl of flakes, then with his help she went up to her bed, leaving him with just the video for company.The video was soon in the machine, he unzipped and sat on the sofa tool in hand, and pressed the remote, she was home, now he could watch what had happened and enjoy her night.On the big flat screen, his lady soon appeared full length, still in her knitted woollen poncho, her face a little drawn. Dan appeared, which meant another person was expertly holding the camera. The room a tall white painted chamber lit by a single spotlight. She was told that once the poncho was removed, she would have one peg removed for every orgasm, and that she would not be allowed to have sex proper sex until all the pegs her husband had marked her with, had gone! Before that it would be just by punishment, hard and painful, as they had agreed, did she understand? She nodded her head, eyes wide, but obviously excited. He introduced Mary, who was his camera woman, and they exchanged nods, then as the poncho was then removed by Dan, up over her head revealing her pale body and causing the unseen and silent Mary to draw breath noisily, as she, saw Gaye`s lovely body for that first time, pegged as it was. Placidly on his instruction, the willing victim presented her wrists to be fitted with cuffs, her face showing she fully understood that he would soon have her secured and screaming, really screaming in discomfort and not a little erotik hikayeler excitement.He led her to a lift, a converted car engine lift, where patiently she presented her wrists for attachment, that done, he offered her with a ball gag which again without telling, she opened her jaw wide to allow him to fit. He tied the thing behind her head, and she bit down, then she began to drool uncontrollably. The pegs looked sore, and he tightened the lift till she was on tiptoe. Arms above her head a vision in the spotlight`s pool. Dave`s eyes like organ stops now, as his lovely wife was giving herself willingly to this monster, instructing him to use as hard as he wished. Till now she had given herself to various folk for a gentle erotic whipping, or a spanking, but this was something different, he knew as he watched that she was willing to be whipped, probably till near to death if necessary, for this big and solid sadistic lover. He felt a little sad, a little troubled and a lot excited.Dan presented a whip to her, it was a thin multi strand lash of perhaps 2 feet long, her eyes flicked to it and then wide open now, went back to Dan, he raised his eyebrows, as if in askance, and she slowly nodded, as Dave watched in total amazement as his wife apparently had willingly given her consent for this great ape of a man to whip her, and he had no doubt it would be merciless.He watched with awe, as the great ape swang the leather, and the camera caught her scared look and the sound of the terrible leather swooshing through the air. The woman`s eyes bulged, and a muffled scream rang round that room as the leather wrapped itself round her body. Again, and again that lash fell, then the woman climaxed, the pain, the all compassing pain, had done the business, against all the odds she had climaxed. The lash rested and a peg was removed from her left cunt-`lip. Blood flowed back her wet eyes opened wide again, the he looked at her and again she nodded. Whoosh the lash returned, its leather caress wrapping itself around her buttocks, she was oh so obviously having a love hate relationship with those lashes, her breathing through her nose in short hard gulps, and again she climaxed. Instantly he ceased his lashes, removed the right peg and again approached her, as her heartrate eased, she made him understand by her grunts that she wished to speak.He removed the gag, and she asked if he would not replace it please, she wished to breath-easier, and scream for her husband`s pleasure on the film, he grinned then he threw the ball into a distant corner, before again holding the whip up to get her approval. She nodded, and he hissed for her to “ask then” a slight smile flickered across her face and she quietly said, “please, whip me!” a shudder ran through Dave, his tool as stiff as a poker now, she had asked for more.The lash descended, whoosh, splat, red lines around her soft belly, a grunt, then another whoosh and her scream, louder and clearer now, catching Mary, on the camera, unawares, and unable to quieten the sound take quick enough. The cry echoed round the living room bringing a shudder to his still dressed frame. Whoosh and this time yet again Gaye was climaxing, a huge eye rolling gasping climax that had Dave spewing seed into his hand, amazed that she was coming to such hard and painful treatment. This time another peg went, a close up showed the jaws opening and the colour rushing into that right pinky-brown puffy nipple. Dave heard a disjointed voice distant and begging that he knew was Gaye`s, it whispered “please” and then to his horror he caught the words “that nipple, oh please…harder”That last orgasm was slower arriving, each lash carefully recorded as it hit, perfectly in focus as the leather struck the soft breast and the victim screamed pitifully, four then five times, before her eyes rolled and her head lolled as the climax took her to another world.He ceased once more, and waited, her body glowing pink and raw. He let her down and carried her to his bed. The remaining hours were spent in sex, straight, and hard, the camera set by Mary on a stand before she withdrew, hour upon hour, sex , more sex, a short sleep then more and still more, vanilla, doggy, 69, he on top , her riding him… always hard, always massive and always virginal, no blow jobs , no anal, no funny stuff, and with hands that caressed not pained, like a lover…her lover.Dave watched it through twice more before exhaustion and empty balls had him asleep.It was after dark before they awoke. He knew instinctively it would not be the last time they would sleep like this, together, after, and with her body hot and marked after giving herself completely to her master…Dan.

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