68. Pam`s holiday (3)


68. Pam`s holiday (3)68. Pam`s holiday (3)They took their places at the table Fred newly showered, at the head Jim to his left and then Pam and finally Molly at the tail end nearest the stove.Jim placed the key beside his plate, no one said a thing as Molly related to Fred the afternoon`s adventure, he was visibly excited, but said nothing till Molly told him of the significance of the symbolic key when he nodded and grunted. They ate in silence after that, all eyes straying to the key at some point.Mollies apple pie was to follow, the superb morsel came from the oven a diversion to all, they looked at the pie, followed it to the table eyes and noses devouring the thing long before a spoon touched a tongue. The key had vanished, Pam exchanged glances with Jim who raised an eyebrow and said “it`s what in reality we all want isn’t it?” To which she nodded and silently smiled.Fred began to grin and Molly beamed her best smile saying “they would all enjoy the next few days she was sure.” No more was said on the subject till after the meal and the washing up was done. Pam rang Carl and found all was well at home, he said he was missing her, so she blew him a kiss, said she would make up for it and then rang off.They sat with a cold beer on the veranda, letting the meal subside, Fred asked about what aspects of sex they really wanted to explore most. They really had no hard and fast ideas, though vaigue random thoughts had turned them on, the daughter with the pony, had Pam intrigued, but for Jim, Pam just being used and abused had excited him beyond measure and he wanted to use Molly gaziantep escort if she was agreeable, to just try the power of being master, preferably with the whip she had so eloquently described though not as heavily as her son had. He felt it would be unfair to whip Pam till he was sure of how to use the weapon well.They laughed, Molly explaining that “she and Fred had expected it and discussed it briefly before you came back to tea.” As to the pony thing it was Frieda`s speciality they would arrange that for them for sometime next week and leave that to her. Molly saying that “it was not for her, she limited herself to old Dan here.” And fondled the dog`s ears. Before they could pick up on that she went on “it would be better if we just explored your sub side tonight Jim. That way Pam can rest and watch unless she wants to join in at any time and yes I will let you try being masterful tomorrow evening. Fred and I will guide you. It was agreed and when the drinks had gone, off they went over to the dairy, Jim a little hesitant it must be said but still determined not to run off if only for Pam`s sake. The lights came on, the door bolted as it had been during the afternoon and the men`s clothes came off.Fred stood at the first pair of shackles, resignedly allowing Molly to secured his wrists then his ankles, she them motioned Jim to the second place, securing him as well. She started the air pump and joined Pam on the seats, talking quietly just out of earshot of the two victims who could not properly hear for the pump. Glances at them and smiles told them escort bayan they were the subjects of the discussion but little more. The rattling pump quietened, so did the women, both approaching Jim, Pam with oil and Molly cluster in hand. Within seconds the women had his nipples oiled and the cluster attached, in his case, with neither milk to give or soft pliable tissue to take up the slack it was uncomfortable from the very off, click,… click,… went the cup, click,…oil was now applied to his todger, then to Fred`s, god were these women going to pump his balls dry, he watched bemused as a second cluster brought into use, Fred had his tool slipped into the cups and the machine changed note as the second cup was applied to his own appendage. Click…Click…,Click,.. the suction settled the cup ever deeper over his tool, Click,…Click, it was as good a blow job as he had ever experienced though his nipples were on fire, Click,…Click,…Click the machine knew nothing of his torment, with every regular beat adding to his Pain, his nipples aching from the continuous love-bite of the twin cups. He began to moan, so Molly switched off the nipple cup set, Click, Click, Click the suction on his prick continued, he was being milked, Fred too but old Fred had been here before, click,… Click perhaps if he pissed, his mind told him the machine would be appeased, desperately he tried to pass water but by now the machine had his tool so rigid he just couldn’t do the deed, Click,… he began to squeal, the two women sat impassively watching, “stop the thing please, stop the thing,” Fred too began to moan quietly, the nipple cups having fallen away from Jim with a clatter, its vacuum slowly destroyed, his twin nubs, now red and pointed. Click,…suddenly he came with such force as he could ever remember, two more strokes then there was silence that terrible pump had been switched off, the suction gone, the cup hanging heavy by its rubber neck ring he began to wilt. The cups clattered to the floor, Molly lifting the things to their respective hooks.“Now my lad” she admonished “ firstly the nipples that was to teach you to respect how much pain you inflict, a master must read the signs, I watched you this afternoon you revelled in her pain and if you are not very careful you will overstep her pain threshold so I did that on purpose, so you could see what power a master or mistress holds over the sub, also another minute or two and your balls would have been sucked up that pipe and it could have been the end of your sex- life, so let that be a lesson when you`re playing master be oh so careful or you will regret forever the decision`s you have made. “She left him hanging but released old Fred, saying “that was the pain now perhaps the pleasure. See to Pam my lover I shall look after this lad” She knelt and took Jim`s now sore prick slowly into her mouth; to him her soft mouth was like balm, slowly the pain was forgotten as he reacted to her tongue, “Don`t forget” she said as she came up for air, “tonight your shareing my bed and you will be a busy boy all night or you won`t get me to whip tomorrow night.”At that precise moment his loving wife was approaching her first orgasm of the night, Fred `s tongue was penetrating her rosebud for the first but not the last time that night she began a shuddering climax.

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