A Black Love Story in Canada


Sliding my dick deeper into Fatima Allemand’s asshole, I let out a sigh of pleasure. Anal sex is one of my favorite things in the world. Right up there with breathing and making money. I was in a funk over losing a ton of money due to identity theft and being forced to postpone my summer trip to my native New England. To get over all that, this big-booty, light-skinned Djibouti woman in her mid-thirties is exactly what the doctor ordered. I have a thing for African women, folks. Makes sense since I’m of African descent myself, technically.

In case you’re wondering who in hell this is, I guess introductions are in order. Time to meet the daring bastard who actually lived this tale. The name is Stevenson Voltaire, by the way. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the town of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I am twenty four years old and I can’t stand the city of Ottawa. I moved there from my native city of Boston, Massachusetts, for school and work. And I’m having tons of fun in this pale, stale and boring little town. Getting pussy in Ottawa is so easy, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Lying on the king-sized bed deep inside her Orleans apartment, Fatima Allemand moans as I work my dick into her asshole.

I hold her wide hips tightly as I thrust into her. I just love banging those African women. Especially African MILF-type chicks like Fatima. I met her at the Career Access Center. She was sitting there, typing something about the rise of African Literature in the New World. I noticed how hot she looked and I just had to holler. It was summer time, you know. I was training for my Security license at the gaziantep escort Career Access Center and I couldn’t help but notice all the sexy African ladies working there.

The Center is full of immigrants, and I really don’t mind. Look where it got me. I pull Fatima’s long, silky Black hair and yank her head back while thrusting my cock even deeper into her asshole. Fatima comes from the city of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. She’s a schoolteacher at a Francophone academy in the city. She doesn’t speak much English, but she knew what was up when I approached her. What can I say? I’ve always had a way with the ladies. I love Black women, folks. Especially the sexy Black MILFs I see all over the city of Ottawa. Mature Black women are seriously hot, folks.

And I simply can’t get enough of them. Just ask Fatima here. Well, I suppose she’s too busy screaming at the moment. That’s understandable since she’s got nine inches of long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock up her asshole. Holler! When I first met Fatima, I thought she was conservative since she’s an African Muslim and all. However, I discovered that she’s a real freak behind closed doors. The stuff this woman is willing to try would make a seasoned hooker flush. She loves to get her hands on me every chance she gets. Oh, yeah. As soon as I get to her place, Fatima just sits me down on a chair and goes straight for the dick. She’s never seen an uncircumcised dick before since she usually goes out with Muslim guys.

I’m uncut and proud to be uncut. The way I see it, why modify what nature has made in the name of religion or some other crap? Nature never escort bayan gives man anything he doesn’t need. Subtracting or adding to nature’s works is just asking for trouble. Fatima is fascinated by my dick. And she loves to suck it every chance she gets. Playing with my foreskin seems to thrill her. Hey, I don’t mind at all. Fatima fingers her hairy pussy while I continue drilling my cock into her asshole. I spank her big butt while fucking her in the ass. I just love the way her big ass bounces under the force of my thrusts. She is screaming obscenities in Arabic and French as I fuck her.

And you know what? I am more than okay with that. If the lady wants to cuss, let her cuss. It’s her right, damn it. I flip Fatima on her back and raise her legs in the air. I want to look into her eyes while I fuck her in the ass. I’ve always wanted to try that. Looking into my woman’s eyes while fucking her in the ass. The problem is that most young Black women are far less inclined to freaky sex than you would think. They act all wild in public but are real shy in private. They balk at the idea of sucking dick, or taking it up the ass.

Fortunately, older Black women like Fatima Allemand definitely are more open-minded. My new lady has an open mind and an open ass. I love that about her! Fatima moans as I fuck her and fingers her pussy with one hand while rubbing her big breasts with the other. I lean over and kiss her, then I suck at her breasts. She giggles and kisses my forehead as I suck on the areolas of her big tits. Man, am I lucky to have found this sexy broad or what? Shoving my dick up the ass of a sexy Black Muslim woman from the Continent of Africa while sucking her tits.

Now there’s a thought to make a young Haitian-American’s day! Hard and fast I pump my dick into Fatima’s still kind of tight but thankfully quickly widening asshole. And she takes all the dick I have to give, and then some. If only my buddies at Carleton University could see me now, folks. Most of them would give their left lung to tap a booty half as hot as that of my sexy Fatima. Word up! I am a really lucky brother, and I know it. Watching Fatima leaning back and taking my dick deep in her ass, I felt beyond happy. Seriously.

I’ve been aching to fuck that ass ever since I first spotted her at the Career Access Center. Sitting at the computer in her dark brown silk shirt and tight Black pants, looking all sexy and stuff. She had an amazing booty and I wanted some of that. And thankfully, she let me have it. I screamed loudly as I came, the rush was that powerful. I watched Fatima’s eyes widen in shocked pleasure ( and pain) as my cum flooded her asshole. Nothing quite like having a dick cum inside of you. That’s what women tell me all the time. A sharp scream escapes Fatima’s full, sweet lips. It mingled beautifully with my own.

Fatima and I remained locked like this in the most passionate of embraces. She had that special afterglow that only a good fucking can give a woman. Trust me, I know. Lord knows I’ve done it to many of them over the years. Fatima and I shower together, then I get ready to head out. I thank her for a wonderful time, and then I give her a sweet kiss before leaving. Women love it when you act all sweet both before and after getting what you want. For them, it makes them feel special. For men, it’s the cost of doing business. But don’t tell that to the ladies. I hope you enjoyed this tale. I gotta get back to work.

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