A Fall from Grace


A Fall from GraceAnne-Marie was dressed as neatly as she could be; just back from work she had decided to make her request whilst she still felt business-like and efficient. Now after having removed her jacket she stood in just a pale lemon silk blouse and the short pin stripe skirt which terminated a good three inches above her knee. Her hand shaking just a little she reached her right index finger – it’s nail expertly French manicured – to press the door bell. There was a dull uninteresting electric chime and seconds later a male voice muffled by the door called; “Just a second”. It was not a second that she stood waiting, her confidence draining a little with each breath she took, but eventually after at least three minutes, from within could be heard approaching footsteps and the clack of a bolt being drawn back.The door opened to reveal Daniel Richards, he was still dripping and wore nothing but a towel about his lower portions. As the door was opening he said; “Sorry, was in the shower” but when the door was wide enough so that he could see who it was he blushed; “Oh, Miss Forker excuse me” and he retreated modestly behind the door leaning so that he could still converse with her but not reveal his state of disrobement. Prior to his doing so though she had noted that his shaved head and chin had perhaps a four day growth of stubble and that his stomach though reasonably flat was a good deal flabbier than it would have been with even a modicum of exercise. “How can I help you Miss Forker, is the window in your kitchen sticking again?”Anne-Marie cleared her throat; “I’m sorry Mr Richards, Sir it’s been a difficult month” (Not strictly true; on a whim two weeks ago she had splurged massively on some must have lingerie and now only had enough to pay 60% of her rent.) “I’m afraid I can’t afford to pay you the full amount this month, I was hoping I could pay what I have now and then what’s owing next month.” Daniel’s face was briefly clouded by a look of what could have been anger, but this was quickly gone to be replaced by a smile that obviously was trying very hard to appear kindly but which somehow managed to look hungry. “Oh, of course Miss Forker, you’re my favourite tenant, as long as you catch up next month we’ll say no more about it. I better get back to my shower. Goodbye” and he slowly closed the door. She turned letting out a breath she only now realised she’d been holding, she was happy he’d agreed and smiled to herself but was also surprised to find a familiar but unexpected tingle in her loins. Plus two weeks; Anne-Marie and a female client of the company at which she works, spend a decadent night at a top hotel playing all night. Anne-Marie leaves in the morning aching a little but happy and with memories she will often return to, however the client had not paid the bill when she left earlier, which falls to our sweet heroine. Eventually she manages to convince the company to charge it to expenses – since the client was very, very happy with the service she’s received – unfortunately expenses are paid six weeks in arrears… Plus two more weeks. Anne-Marie finds herself at the door again, she does not have enough to pay a full month’s rent , let alone a full month plus an additional 40%. She is not nearly so composed as she was the last month, though she has managed to dress just as elegantly in a slightly longer plain grey pencil skirt and fern green short sleeved blouse. She rings the bell again.”Just a second”, this time the delay is not much more than that, Daniel wears scruffy jeans and a T shirt of bottle green with the faded neon multi coloured legend; “Kool” at the breast. “Hello Miss Forker, how are you?” His smile is genuine and he seems pleased to see her. Swallowing hard her eyes downcast, her voice unsteady; “Mr. Richards, Sir I’m so sorry I don’t have yenimahalle escort the money again, I can’t pay the shortfall or even for this month. I will get a big pay out in two to four weeks but until then I can only pay half…” Her eyes still downcast she does not see his face twitch and angry clouds pass behind his eyes. His voice is not so kindly as it was before; “You’d better come in Miss Forker”, stammering she tries to explain that she has work for the morning and really hasn’t the time but he is insistent. Her heart full at the back of her throat she follows him in, the door as it closes behind her is very loud when it bangs shut and echoes slightly in the hall. She trails him into a messy study where there is a heavy desk of dark wood and shelves upon shelves of books line the walls. There is no computer on the desk as she had expected there would be, just several note books and a desk set of brass and wood containing an ink well and two dip pens. His lazy twenty first century style looks incongruous behind the ancient desk as he lowers himself into the squeaking leather chair. Though there is another chair she is not instructed to sit so stands before him her hands clasped low on her stomach like a school girl summoned to the headmaster’s study. He merely sits, staring at her for some while, she is just silent and still. His gaze hungrily roams across her petite form; the subtle swell of her breasts, her delicately thin legs, her tiny porcelain hands and the shocking red of her hair. ” You do know I’m fond of you don’t you?” She wasn’t but nods anyway. “That because of this your rent, though it’s for by far my best apartment is a somewhat lower than the amount my other tenants pay?” This was a surprise; if it was true, she slowly shakes her head.”I like you Anne-Marie, may I call you that?” she nods and whispers “Yes Mr. Richards”, the smile he gives to this is warm and fills his face, though this again goes unnoticed by her. “How about this; go on a date with me, and we call it quits, nothing to pay at all this month we’re even? No pressure except upon you to look your best, just you as my companion for the day, but if perhaps you do see fit to show your gratitude in some way afterward that would be more than acceptable. ” She does not feel for him any attraction; he is not her type of man at all – few are – but the offer is very generous and will make things much easier for her. At last daring to look up she meets his gaze in which there seems nothing to fear. “Would Saturday be convenient, Sir…?” The lopsided grin he gives contorts his face into something less pleasant, more predatory; “I think I could fit you in, I’ll pick you up at 10 a.m. no need to dress formally, I look forward to it. ” For some reason she sees fit to courtesy as she leaves, she feels excitement but can’t quite account for it…The next Saturday; he is at her door at a minute after ten, his usual jeans replaced by grey trousers, a terracotta shirt and an embroidered waistcoat in autumn tones. She wears a long flowing skirt of rainbow stripes and a tight fitting vest top with spaghetti straps in a deep blue. They go to two lingerie shops where he is generous with purchases for her, they climb the Monument (He following her up the winding stairs, for safety he says but it also provides a wonderful view of her fundament.). They just catch the matinee of “Woman in Black” where the jumps and scares provoke her into his reassuring arms. Finally eating take away noodles from Ned’s Noodle Bar as they view the darkening city from the Millennium wheel. She cannot deny that she has enjoyed herself and it does seem only correct that after all, once home her throat should be full of him and even the weight of his hands thrusting down on the back of her head choking and gagging her tunalı escort is not too high a price to pay.Plus three weeks; her treasured little runabout is shunted by an errant transit and badly damaged, she is not hurt at all but the repairs are extensive and costly, she needs her car to get to work. Now even after her debts with him were cleared again she cannot pay.As she finds herself again at his door she is now very worried; scared at what she must explain and what she might have to endure as a result. The top three buttons of her blouse are undone and beneath it she wears no bra, nor is there anything beneath the shortest skirt she owns. She has no where else to go, and he must be persuaded again… It is with an odd unaccustomed courage that she rings the bell. The door opens as soon as the chime has died , he can at least manage a slight smile “Oh Anne-Marie I find you here again, I hope you’re not going to disappoint me…” She has to clear her throat twice before she can speak, explaining why she finds herself without funds. Her face is as read as her hair when she suggests “that perhaps some arrangement could be made…?” His face is impassive, he reaches up to scratch the skin in front of his ear and she flinches slightly in reaction, “Okay, come back tomorrow, you’d better dress to impress me though. You should know; I’m a not gentleman, much less a gentle man, you should probably bare that in mind.” He closed the door in her face, her breathing is quick and there’s a heat between her legs she does not fully understand.The next day she is in front of his door wearing nothing more than perfume and one of the negligees he brought on their date, it is light and all but diaphanous, cut to her thigh at the left it surrounds her like smoke. She has never looked more desirable. Her finger has not even reached the button before the door is opened, all he wears as he confronts her is a pair of black Lonsdale boxer shorts, “Come in Anne-Marie”, she does so unconcerned by the spectacle he presents.If she had hoped that their couplings would be gentle and romantic she would have been grossly disappointed, it seems Daniel hadn’t been with anyone since the date. His passion is urgent, direct and forceful; four times that day – a day on which she is not permitted to leave his flat – he forces himself within her, all of her orifices are his for spelunking and use. Between bouts he beats her; her thighs, her pert little breasts, her rump and across her throbbing tortured nether lips. The Lonsdale shorts are pressed repeatedly into her mouth to gag her screams. He plunders her utterly, spending within her with no thought for her pleasure. When she finally leaves in the early evening she is bruised, defiled and sore. Sinking at last into a soothing bath, she strokes herself to the dark brooding memories of the day. Plus four weeks; Stupid bankers! Somehow someone has found her online banking details, her account has been cleared and again she has nothing with which to pay her rent (It crosses her mind that the series of misfortunes that have caused this are connected somehow, but berates herself as paranoid.), there will be an investigation and she’ll get the money back, but not in enough time. Oddly though she’s not scared, not at all, she doesn’t even dress up to confront him. In fact she could almost be said to have dressed down, as she waits at the now familiar door her beautiful hair is uncombed and what little make up she was bothered to apply is sloppy. All she wears is a pair of faded jogging trousers and a red t shirt with a picture of two cherries on it. She doesn’t even reach for the button, just says; “Mr Richards, Sir” her voice is no louder than her normal speech but from within she hears an audible sigh and his voice states with boredom; “Just come back tandoğan escort later bitch”. She doesn’t leave just waits in a darkened corner of the foyer as several hours pass. During this time a handful of men of varying ages and affluence arrive and press Daniel’s bell for entry, she waits another half hour after the last of the men then walks back to his door. It’s already open. Her head bowed she goes in he is nonchalantly leaning against the hallway wall, wearing a tatty light grey suit which is stained in a couple of places. In his hands he fingers a dog whip to which he pays more attention than to her. “Close the door and get out of those rags.” She has removed her t shirt before even turning to close the door, once it is closed the trousers fall unresisting to the floor, beneath she wears lace hold up stockings, there is an obvious run in the right one just below the knee. She stands still, glorious in her almost nudity before him. Taking from his pocket a thin black leather collar he moves behind her to put it on and attaches a ratty lead to the D ring on it. Catching just his little finger in the loop of it he tugs slightly. Not needing any further encouragement she follows him down the short hall to a door, from behind which there is a furtive buzz of male conversation. Once the door is opened a fug of cheap beer and cigarette smoke assaults her, she wants to cough but does not do so. He almost swaggers as he goes through and she can but follow, “Kneel and spread your legs; wide.” She does so, the six other men here don’t even seem to notice her until Daniel coughs loudly to attract their attention. “Here you go gents, anyone want to take a turn?” All eyes are now upon her, head down, abject and utterly surrendered. There is no quick response, a few whispers until finally one voice says; “Well show us what she can do then.” Daniel sighs again, seemingly bored with the whole situation, “Get up bitch and bend over.” She does so, as soon as the position is assumed three rapid cuts cross her back side, she makes no sound above an explosive exhalation at each. “Open your mouth, whore” he is now in front of her already hard, minus the trousers of his suit. Without any protestation she swallows him to the root then starts to work toward his pleasure.Daniel doesn’t even react , it’s almost as though he doesn’t care. Disinterested the slap across her cheek is lazy and not hard “Stop now, save it for your clients.” She disgorges him but stays perfectly still, drooling a little. The rest of the day is a blur to her; she recalls money changing hands all going into Daniel’s pocket much more than she currently owes him in rent. All of the men except Daniel have her in whichever way they desire, she kneels as three of them besmear her sweet face with their loads which she wears in her hair and over her face till they dry. The men continue drinking and get a delivery of delicious Chinese take out, but she is offered nothing, no food or drink and she doesn’t dare ask for any. Her every hole is ravished, ravaged, filled, plundered. No-one speaks to her; it’s as though she is a thing, a delicate porcelain doll devoid of life, thought or feeling which if it is their will they smash. She says nothing, what is there to say? One by one they leave laughing and joking with Daniel they seem happy. She just feels numb. As soon as the last one has left he says; “You’d better go now, you can collect your clothes in the morning if you want to.”She climbs the three flights of stairs to her apartment naked, defiled and covered in bruises, welts and the product of nameless men. No-one sees her but she wouldn’t have cared if they did. The shower she huddles under is painfully hot, but she doesn’t feel that either. Still naked , not even caring to towel herself dry for fear of the pain she would cause. She turns on her computer to check her other bank account. There are a pleasing number of zeroes, easily enough for the deposit on a place of her own. She’ll be gone by the week’s end. Maybe she’ll look up Mr. Richards again in the future, but then again maybe she won’t…

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