A lesbian Prostitute wife


A lesbian Prostitute wifeLife sometimes takes such turns that one can just be a mere spectator and be a passenger in the seats of time. Sometimes, one cant fight or control the situations and could just flow with the directions of time. I choose this platform for tow reasons . first being cant express my self other than this forum and 2 love many a stories in this site.Well, let me start by describing the whole conditions. I am a doctor working as health researcher in a reputed health care organization . My life was perfect . I am married for 5 yrs with a two and half year old k** , a lovely wife, staying in joint family with mom & dad also. By grace of God, I got a stable and decent salary and been lucky enough to work in my native home town.I am 32 and my wife is 27. Ours was an love cum arranged marriage and both the families were happy with this alliance. My wife is good looking. Fair, smooth skin . I am 5\’10 but she was 5’2 . There was a bit of height difference, for which sometimes I pulled and joked about it. She is am amazing woman, and took care of my mom and dad just like her. the best striking feature was her hair. I was naturally straight, shiny, silky , smooth , dense and she maintained it till her ass. To think about it, she looks like Bollywood heroine Bhumika Chawala. She had round shaped boobs an even though not a stunner , she was real good looking lady.Our sex life was good , with around 2-3 times every week. Although, after c***d birth, had many times drunk milk from her breasts too. So in all my life was going on at a good pace, a nice bursa escort career, loving wife, doting parents and a adorable son.Now coming back to the main story , it so happened that our company’s director got retried and in place a new madam joined in the organization .This Ma’am, was around 53 yrs old , fat lady , with height around 5’9 and weight around 72 kgs. Although she wasn’t attractive but she had a certain kind of sexual appeal. the way she colored and straightened her hair, her make up and her gait and posture of sitting was real lady like. She appeared to be a real dominating person. She looked like Bindu of yester years.The day she joined in the office , she sat with all our colleagues in the lunch/ cafeteria. She just sat next to me , and started the conversation of me and my family. I was bit apprehensive in taking to ma’am, but she eased out. My smart phone was in the table and just in time a message came , which automatically turned on the screen light. My wife and my k**s photo was there in the wall paper and ma’am saw it. She asked me to see some other pics of my family, which I did.Then ma’am, made an announcement that on Friday , she is going to host a dinner at her residence to know all staffs personally and respective spouses and c***d have to attain. This was new way of breaking the ice in the office . Just when we were about to leave , Ma’am , called me and asked whether I bring my wife to the dinner or not. When I said , I would have to ask her about it, she was bit fumed , and asked my mobile . She called my wife and personally invited bursa escort bayan my wife for the dinner. I was taken aback with this gesture and ma’am just smiled.On Friday, after noon , Ma’am took my wife’s number from me and called her. I didnt know about the rest of conversation . In the evening I reached home to get ready for the dinner. My wife had already made food for my parents and had made our son ready. She had put on a bule chiffon saree with matching sleeveless blouse and light make up. She was looking great and after shower I couldn’t control myself and had a round of blow job and sex. I urged her to keep her hair open too.We reached Ma’am residence at around 9 . There were around 20 other staffs and their spouses. It was good get together. But all the while I noticed, after I had introduced my wife to Ma’am, she was all the time with her. It was awkward but not strange. Anyways we left the party at 11.30 pm and Ma’am signed to my wife, that she will call her. On way back , my wife told me that Ma’am , had called both me and her to her residence at around 10 am , and had instructed her to bring some other dress too.In the morning ,as directed by Ma’am , we reached her residence at around 10 and were welcomed by her voluptuous maid.After waiting around 30 mins , Ma’am came and asked me to come to her chamber and asked my wife to wait in the lobby.In the chamber she gave me a shocking news. She said that she has received full powers from the higher management to hire, fire , and promote anyone she wanted. And that she has two proposals escort bursa for me. 1. Either get fired or 2. Accept what she had to say. I was stunned on hearing this and asked her what it is she wanted. She then threw a bombshell . She told she and 10 super rich ladies of the town/city/state are a part of an elite group. This group is very powerful and they indulge in Lesbian sex. They have their activity , not amongst themselves but indulge with ladies and women , over whom they can dominate. They share a new girl amongst themselves a for at least a year and they pay 1 lakh per month to the girl . She said till now they share around 15 such girls and all are happy to join them .The two reasons being no man touches them and they get paid a lot. Ma’am told me if I dont agree to it, she can fire me showing some fivulous grounds and if I accept , not only there will be extra income, I might get an promotion. I was literally stunned and speechless. Ma’am, warned me, should I ever say this to anyone, she can ask her other lady friends to get me arrested for offenses I have never done. She gave me 15 mins to talk about it to my wife .It was a very big decision and was in many minds to discuss it to my wife. I didn’t had the courage to say this to my wife, but alas, had no other options than to say. Some how I mustered the courage, to talk about Ma’am’s, indecent proposal . Didnt knew what to expect from my wife after I said her all . I was really in a dilemma, one point was happy to be getting extra income, money, fame, power and other hand modesty and true self respect.Anyways she agreed. She told me she wanted to save my career, and that it was just ladies and third was because she could herself earn high amount of money.I will write about the details of sexcapades , when I continue next.

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