A Mistress of Dubious Intent


Celesia stepped out of the white pond onto the soft, black ground. Its surface gave in to her weight just a little as she stepped, and she stumbled a bit as her slime-covered feet sought purchase on its near-perfectly smooth surface. Her unfamiliar new proportions and her heavy new breasts weren’t helping much, either. At the thought of her breasts her hands moved to caress them and enjoy their slime-soaked softness…

…and she promptly slipped and fell backwards, right back into the pond, with an enormous slimy slap. A wave lazily rolled out towards the pond’s banks from her splash, stroking the smooth black edge like a lost lover and leaving a shiny strip of slime stain behind.

Celesia’s back, legs, and ass all stung from the impact as she sank into the slime, its thick viscous warmth caressing her form. As her soft round ass came to rest on the bottom, she relaxed, stretching her arms out and letting her head submerge. It was such a warm and luxurious bath, and the sting all over her was awakening something delicious.

She imagined herself bending over in front of a line of uniformed soldiers, displaying her ass and pussy for them as they groped and slapped her all over. Her hands wandered over her slimy body as she daydreamed beneath the surface, one hand caressing a delightful breast as the other reached down to toy with her new clit and labia. She gingerly traced its slime-bathed lips and folds with her fingers. She moaned softly, letting out a bubble of air that sloshed toward the surface and let a bit of the pond slime into her mouth.

She hadn’t noticed before, since her whole existence had been consumed by the enormous cock she’d been sucking, but the pond tasted like cum. Exactly like cum. The realization shot through her like a flash and she got up onto her knees to bring her head above the surface to take a look. Her head and face were completely drenched with slime, and she pulled her hair back with her hands before scooping more goo away from her face so she could see again. She licked her lips clean, and leaned forward to inhale a pungent, vaguely metallic scent. She trembled with excitement. Could it be?

Before she could say anything, she felt her Mistress speak within her mind. “You are in the Twilight Realm of Qu’um. All mortals whose souls have been stained by the solitary perversions of loneliness are connected to this place. As their innate light is consumed by lust and the deepening depravity of their benighted minds, their volume of sexual fluids decreases… because some of it is ending up here.”

Celesia, lost in the dawning realization that she was bathing head to toe in the accumulated lifetime cum of some lonely pervert, was shaking with excitement. She worked her fingers around the hood of her swollen clit, shooting pleasure through her body from deep beneath the slime. She could barely form words, so extreme was her arousal. “This is… all… c-cum? Some random… filthy… pervert…”

“It’s all yours, my pet. This is your spawning pool, and the sum total of your wasted mortal seed.”

The pure filth of that realization hit Celesia like a freight train. She came explosively, convulsing as she frantically rubbed her clit. Her other hand grabbed for her nipple and pinched hard. Anything to bring extra sensation, and at the height of her bliss, she even started craving pain. She dropped her head forward as she convulsed, and her lips touched the surface. She kissed it and licked it and deeply inhaled its stench before plunging her face in and bringing up a full mouthful, letting it drool and ooze out over her face and chest as she lifted her head back and parted her lips.

“That’s my good little whore. You truly belong here, and the depths of depravity you will sink to at my court will be truly delightful.”

Celesia, however, was not listening. She had drooled an entire mouthful of cum all over her face and tits. Now she needed to lick them clean, and revel in their soft beauty. She was overwhelmed with the glorious filth that surrounded her, and could not get enough. Images of her former self filled her mind, a scrawny, pale body full of depraved rage and confused feelings. She wanted him. She wanted his wicked and desperate attempts at domination, just so she could help him cum. She needed it. She needed to help all the cocks she could… she knew what they needed so well… she’d studied it so… much…

Celesia came again now, to the image of her old self spraying her lips with his foul seed, wet and runny after hours and hours of perverted edging, which made her realize anew how completely immersed in that filth she was. Her whole body sang. Cum was her soul’s purpose, and she had never imagined a pool of seed this magnificent.

In reverence to the depraved glory of this enormous pool of cum, she leaned forward, immersed her face, and swallowed a mouthful. She could feel it warming her as it flowed down, and as it hit her stomach, she felt the most wonderful little flare of satisfaction… and a rushing pang of hunger. She bursa escort reached both arms out across the surface of the pond, lovingly pulling a wave of cum toward herself as if to hug it. She splashed the wave all over her face and breasts, caressing herself and indulging in its slimy sensations with a happy giggle. As it dripped down over her she sank lower onto her knees, relaxing a little into her buoyancy until her mouth was just below its surface.

A happy, eager light flashed through Celesia’s sparkling violet eyes as her hands caressed her breasts beneath the slime. With a deep inhale of cum stench through her nose just above the surface, she began to drink.

First, a tentative mouthful. Gulp. Warm, delicious, soothing.

A bigger mouthful. Celesia shuddered a little at how good it felt. Gulp. She was so hungry. Gulp. She started to drink faster. Working herself into a rhythm. It was so good. She gulped and gulped, drinking deeply from the sinful bath that had spawned her.

“What a filthy cumslut you are,” said Mistress. “You had everything you ever asked for as soon as you arrived here, yet still you submitted to me immediately as soon as the first cock was in sight. I didn’t even need to tell you to swallow.” Mistress chuckled as Celesia kept gulping greedily. “I didn’t even need to find someone else’s cock. You corrupted yourself for me the second you saw your own. A cumslut of your depravity has not been seen in a long, long time.”

Suddenly Celesia shook, blinded by a deep purple flash that overwhelmed her with pleasure. It came in waves, again and again, and the center of her chest felt hot. After what seemed an eternity, it subsided and Mistress spoke again.

“I brand thee, Cumslut.” the word hit like a jolt of pleasure, somehow resonating through the pool of cum Celesia bathed in, nearly pushing her over the edge into another shuddering orgasm. Her Mistress continued. “Your eager submission and gluttonous lust have revealed to me your Nameword.”

Celesia, still mostly lost in her personal paradise, didn’t really know what that meant. She was warm and felt incredible. She pulled another mouthful of the pond into her mouth and swallowed it down with a quiver of pleasure. Her hands compulsively explored her tight body beneath the pond, rapidly arriving at her overworked clit again.

On the edge of her comfy little cum pond, just at the edge of Celesia’s vision, a black plant sprouted, and began to grow rapidly. A wet and undulating vine, with a single large flower bud forming at the top, jet black from end to end. As it grew, the flower bud got larger and larger.

Celesia felt a sense of foreboding as the mood of her Mistress – still speaking into her mind from an unknown distance – began to darken.

“How do you not even know what a Nameword is? What kind of worthless idiot taught you sorcery? Oh.” Mistress cut herself off as she casually invaded her pet’s mind and arrived at the memory of Celesia’s self-designed ritual. “Well I suppose we’ve established the ‘who’, at least. What a sad and benighted world you come from!” Mistress’ voice changed from annoyance to pity, and a hint of indignation.

“As a soul of deep perversion is corrupted by indulgence, the indulgence carves away at the soul’s innate light and begins to leave stains. That part, we went over already… but the carving and staining causes scars, which broaden and deepen our desires, and remove our remaining hesitance. If the pervert is corrupt enough, and has little enough of their original soul left, then their soul becomes consumed by, and addicted to, their deepest desire – or in your case, fetish.”

Celesia was listening this time, and rubbing her little pussy for all it was worth. She felt embarassed and a little bit ashamed of herself, and it was driving her wild. She had wanted to be some kind of alpha but she got herself so addicted to bukkake and gokkun porn that it quite literally consumed her soul. She pinched a nipple hard as she gulped from the pond and slid two fingers into herself, pushing herself over the edge into another convulsing orgasm.

Mistress laughed, her voice ringing through Celesia’s mind like reflections through a great crystal chandelier. “So you understand. You revealed this fetish to me like the eager, naïve whore that you are, and now you are mine. I have named you, which in this realm of hunger and depravity has marked your flesh for all to see. Your Nameword has power over you, and since you crave so deeply for such lusciously slutty submission… you will obey the wants of all who utter that Nameword in lust.”

“So rise, cumslut.” The word shot through Celesia like lightning again and she convulsed in twisted pleasure. She felt so warm, and so understood. She gulped yet more cum down her throat, the imperative of the command she’d been given totally lost on her in her bliss.

As her Mistress’ mood darkened once again in her mind, the flower at the pond’s bank bloomed rapidly.

Black, shiny flower petals unfurled, çanakkale escort exposing their slimy white interior. A big, lewd, dripping yellow pussy adorned the tip of its pistil in the center, and a variety of smaller motile appendages extended from the slimy cup of its petals. Some of the appendages were vines, some even looked like they had thorns… and some were tipped with a variety of sizes and shapes of cocks.

In a flash, vines shot out like whips and flying chains, binding Celesia’s arms behind her as a vine lashed around each of her ankles. The vines roughly spread her legs apart and lifted her into the air above the pond. Cum flowed down over her beautiful body in thick globs, dripping from her body back down into the pond.

“You will obey me when I command you, Cumslut.” The vines tightened with malice.

“I’m sorry mistress…” Celesia managed to moan through the shockwave of her Nameword. She felt helpless. She felt like property. For the first time in many years, she felt like she belonged. She also felt weak, and uncertain, and wanted nothing more than a strong hand to serve in her perversion.

“You’ve been a greedy little whore, and you’ve got cum for brains. Now open your eyes and behold the mark of your Name,” said Mistress, in a voice of self indulgent pride.

Celesia opened her eyes, blinking away cum until she could see. One of the flower petals had been bent toward her, reflective like a mirror, and she now saw herself for the first time.

She was thin and lithe, with soft pale skin and long black hair, drenched and dripping in white slime. She gazed into the violet eyes of her reflection, amazed at the happy depravity she saw looking back at her. And on her chest, below her big, soft, swaying breasts, right in the center: a large violet teardrop shape, the same violet as her eyes.

“That is your mark, Cumslut,” explained Mistress, as Celesia moaned and strained against her restraints again from the force of the word. “All denizens of this realm with any learning at all will know exactly what that mark means, and if your filthy body is what they want… they will invoke your Name and you will be filled with the desire to serve them. You will be bound to them until they have been satisfied, and your pleasure will be bound as one with theirs.”

Celesia stared at herself, enamored with her own slutty beauty. Distantly, she remembered her place. “Yes Mistress, thank you mistress.” The tight restraints were turning her on. The smell of the pond below was turning her on. The feel of cum sliding down over her entire body was driving her wild. She bit her lip and started grinding her hips at the air uselessly, imagining herself tribbing with her reflection while bathing in the pool below.

“You have a journey to begin, you desperate fucking whore,” her Mistress said with amusement. “Your first priority: this new body of yours is unfucked. Virginity is a disgrace in this realm. Begin your journey and fuck everything you see. You will not be able to reach my palace without demonstrating your perversion to the realm.”

Celesia panted and squirmed against her restraints. One of the many tendrils in the flower had a big, throbbing equine cock at the end, with some of the plant’s white slime flowing continuously from the tip. Celesia was transfixed upon it, humping the air while gazing at it and drooling a little. “Please Mistress…”

In a flash, the vines holding her rearranged in such a way that she was bent over facing the plant, her ass high in the air and her ample breasts swaying beneath her. One of the slimy vines from the flower came whipping out and struck her across the ass hard.

Celesia yelped in pain, but the rush and the sting quickly turned to pleasure. The plant whipped her several more times, and she was sure she would cum if it continued. It, however, did not.

“Whatever will I do with a filthy cumslut like you,” Mistress said in a seductive and almost threatening voice, the pleasure of Celesia’s Name washing over the remaining sting of the whip, making Celesia squirm and whine as she stuck her ass out for more.

“You have truly found your paradise,” Mistress chuckled. “You genuinely don’t have the willpower to walk away from a cum pond like this without drinking it all first, do you.” Celesia looked down at the pond, shaking her head timidly, feeling awkward and ashamed that her mistress knew how badly she wanted to drink the whole pond.

“Well don’t worry, cumslut,” the lashing of Celesia’s ass resumed, pushing her right to the edge before stopping. “I’ll give you just the kick start you need.”

With that, Celesia’s whole world turned upside down as the vines swung first one way, then swung the other way and loosened, sending Celesia flying high up into the air. She arced up, away from the pond, hurtling over the smooth black hills below. She tumbled too much to be able to see where she was going, but after a few seconds she was filled with terror as she realized the ground was approaching çankırı escort again, very quickly. She tensed up and covered her face with her slimy arms.

The impact wasn’t painful at all – the small hilltop she hit was soft, its surface tough and smooth, but it gave to her weight like a huge water bed. The hilltop bounced and undulated as Celesia came to a stop, resting on her back in a little indentation, covered head to toe in slimy cum. It dripped down her body in tickling globs and had already started to pool around her ass.

She lay there for a moment, a puddle of lust on an unremarkable hillside in one of the many Twilight Realms, and felt a profound sense of peace. Her mortal life had been so full of loneliness, and rage, and confusion. She had just been so lost, and so alone, with nothing but the most bizarre and depraved smut to fill the void. All gone now, though – she relaxed in ways that she never would have guessed were possible. She was never going to be “too weak to be a man” ever again.

Celesia giggled at that last thought. She was weak, and she adored her weakness. It let her be soft and loving. It let her embrace and receive, and surrender herself to the knowing hand of strength. She was a mess, a sloppy and cum-selfish fuck toy, and it was wonderful. She had things other people craved, things that she could eagerly surrender for access to pleasure and safety, or simply just for the fun of satisfying the lusts she provoked.

Celesia hugged herself, her long war of self-hatred finally at an end. As she sighed happily, she noticed the cum pooling between her arms and her breasts, and began scooping it up with her hands, cupping her hands together to drink and lick its sweet pungence. She bathed herself like this, licking up all the cum she could, before turning over onto all fours to lap up the puddle she’d been sitting in.

Already getting worked up from the sheer volume of cum she’d been able to lick off herself, she imagined a group of people behind her, watching her lick and slurp. She wiggled her ass and spread her knees apart a little to give the imaginary crowd a view. She ground her nipples into the smooth ground and idly wondered what they would feel like if they were pierced.

Her reverie was broken by an odd moaning cry, in the middle distance beyond the crest of the little hill she’d landed in. It sounded male. Nervous butterflies settled in her stomach in tempo with the rising heat in her still-virgin pussy. What should she do, she wondered? Social fears from a prior life wafted through her mind like campfire smoke in a breeze, clouding her vision and watering her eyes. What if she wasn’t his type? She was skinny and her ass wasn’t really that big. She timidly crept up to the hilltop to take a look.

As Celesia crested the hill, she couldn’t help but giggle at her fears. Below her, a tall and muscular man, dark and chiseled, was standing, cum-covered at the edge of another cum pond. His cock was at least 12 inches long and rigid with lust. Celesia gasped a little as he drooled his cum-tinged spit generously onto his tool and started to work it up and down with both hands. Big hands. She wanted them to grab her hips and pull her tight cunt down on that tool. She wanted to wrap her legs around that hot muscular waist and paw at his chest hair while he plunged her into the cum pool, mercilessly pounding her into the bottom while she held her breath beneath the delicious slime.

A flash of embarrassment hit her as she realized she’d absent mindedly run halfway to where he stood, and she awkwardly slowed to an uncertain walk. The butterflies surged again.

The man turned as she approached, his beautiful dark eyes glazed over in desperate want. The barest hint of new beard growth on his face was visible beneath the slime that still adorned it. Dark brown hair covered his rock hard chest and teasingly led down in a trail over his rough six pack abs.

They made eye contact.

Celesia blushed and sheepishly averted her gaze.

The man let go of his wondrous cock and began striding toward her like a hungry animal.

Celesia’s breath caught, and her heart raced. Her eager pussy drooled and pulsed white-hot with her heartbeat. Her gaze was transfixed on the stranger’s cock, and as he approached, she sank to her knees and looked up at him with her mouth open.

He reached her and she immediately grabbed his cock with both hands, feeling its weight and girth as she licked all around its head. She slid her hands along from its base to the tip, pulling the lecherous mix of her new playmate’s cum pool and his spit along the length of his shaft into her waiting mouth. She swished it around in her mouth before swallowing it with a moan and gazing up into the man’s deep eyes seductively.

The man was blind with need. His rough hand caressed along Celesia’s neck, while the other reached the back of her head and grabbed a handful of hair. Celesia squealed a little in pain, and he slowly shoved his cock into her mouth.

Celesia opened her mouth and relaxed her throat to allow a smooth passage for her face fucking. The grip on her hair held her firmly in place while his other hand caressed around her face and neck. She opened and relaxed as best she could as his excitement drove him to push faster and deeper.

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